Craft Business Names: 450+ Names For Craft Business

We have listed craft business names that will inspire you to name your crafts.

They say “A name can make or break your business”. And they are right! A crafter should name his business as unique as his crafts are. When it comes to crafting, there are so many things to consider. From the type of craft you are making to the materials used, there are so many aspects to consider. And if you are looking to start a small business selling crafts, then you should know that coming up with a name for your business is no easy task.

Crafting is a very broad term. It includes everything from sewing to woodworking to knitting. The key to having a successful business is to find something that sets you apart from the rest. This means that you need to pick a niche that you can specialize in. For example, if you are interested in creating custom jewelry, then you might want to go with a name like Jewelry Designer.

When it comes to naming your business, you need to think about what makes your business special. What does your business offer? Is it a hobby? A passion? Or maybe you are trying to build a career around your craft. Whatever the case may be, you need to figure out what makes your business unique.

Once you have figured out what makes your business special, you can move forward and brainstorm some cool names for your business. To help you brainstorm, let’s take a look at some cool craft businesses and see what they did to get their name.

But, before that, you should understand what a catchy business name is:

Let’s dive in.

Craft Business Names

When it comes to coming up with business names, imagination is important. Some craft business owners like the tried-and-true, while others enjoy puns, fun, and new letter combinations. Whatever your taste, you’re not alone if you’re struggling to come up with a distinctive name for your company or blog name ideas.

Following are the best craft business names that will bring you more customers:

Craft Store Names

Not all craft business names are short, crisp, and memorable. The longer and more complicated your name is, the more difficult it is to remember as well as type and spell. Stick to a basic and memorable name and resist the desire to opt for a fancy craft store name.

Here are some catchy craft store names that will inspire your ideas:

Handmade Craft Business Name Ideas

The usual handcrafted product, which comprises the goods we use on a daily basis, maybe a fantastic source of money for you and your business. We frequently purchase these products in order to maintain our houses neat and tidy – and we frequently realize that these items may also be used to make a lot of money. But to start a successful business, a creative craft business name is important.

Here are some best names for your handmade craft business that will help you:

Cool Craft Names

Following are the most creative and cool craft names for you:

Craft Company Names

Following are the best craft company names that you will ever find:

Catchy Craft Business Names

Following are the best and catchy craft business names for you:

Pun Craft Business Names

Here are some funny craft business names that have puns:

Art Business Names

Here are some unique and catchy art business names for you:

Wood Craft Business Names

Following are the best wood craft business names for you:

Cute Business Names for Crafts

Following are some of the catchy and cute business names for crafts:

Catchy Craft Store Names

Here are the most unique catchy craft store names for you:

How to Choose a Name for Your Craft Business?

When considering business names, first consider whether your business is a “one-man-band” or a group effort. If it’s the former, then the name should reflect the fact that only one person is behind it.

However, if you are planning to form a group, then you might want to consider a name that is more catchy.

Sometimes coming up with a business name isn’t that hard as we think. It’s quite simple to come up with a good name for any business. Here is how:

Consider adding your own name;

To personalize and uniquely identify your business, one should go for his own name in his business name. Artists should be known by their names. So consider your own name.

This is a perfect option if you are the only person behind your crafts. If your crafts are produced somewhere else, or produced by somebody else, then you should not use your name in your business name.

Use Your Specialty.

Before coming up with any business name for your crafts, make sure to think about this a little bit. It is a great idea to put a specific word about the type of crafts you make so that people can have an idea about your work by just looking at your name.

This will also help you a lot in making your own specific brand. For example, if you are making wooden toys and you are looking for a business name for your new shop, consider adding something like toys in your business name.

Add Puns or Rhymes.

Business names that have puns and rhymes in it are very easy to remember. They are also memorable and this helps a lot in growing business.

Let’s take an example of famous snacks sellers, OTPT, which stands for one potato, two potatoes. This business name has potatoes included along with a rhyme.

So we can clearly understand from the name that something related to potato must be served there. And we are right!

Check If your Business name is available or not?

Before finalizing your business name you should check it if it’s available or not. A business name once taken cannot be registered twice. So go to Copyright.Gov.

Let’s make it a little simple. Grab a pen and write all the names one by one that comes into your mind regarding your business. Don’t worry if the names seem silly. Once you are done writing all of them, start shortlisting them. Now you will come up with a perfect name.

Choose Your Location Wisely

The location where you set up your craft business can greatly impact your success. In fact, there are certain locations that are better than others. For instance, if you live in a rural area, you may want to open your craft business in a small town. However, if you live in an urban setting, you may want to locate your craft business in a large city.

You should also consider the demographics of your target market. For example, if you plan to sell handmade jewelry to women, you should probably locate your craft business near shopping malls and other places where women spend money.

Think About Your Target Market

If you plan to sell your products online, you should consider the demographic makeup of your target market. The majority of customers who buy handmade items from Etsy are female. Therefore, if you plan to run your craft business through Etsy, you should select a craft business name that appeals to women.

If you plan to operate your business locally, you should consider the demographics of your local community. Are there any specific groups of people who would be interested in buying your handmade goods?

Consider Your Craft Type

Once you have determined the location where you plan on operating your craft business, you should think about the type of product you plan to sell. Do you plan to sell only one type of craft? Or do you plan to offer multiple types of crafts?

For example, if you plan on selling both handcrafted jewelry and home décor items, you should choose a craft business name that includes both words. On the other hand, if you plan on specializing in just one type of craft, you should choose a name that focuses on that particular craft.

Pick a Name That Conveys Quality

Finally, you should pick a name that conveys quality. A name that sounds generic won’t attract potential customers. Instead, you should choose a unique name that reflects the high quality of your products.

Here is the list of tasks to do after coming up with a craft business name idea.

How To Pick A Good Craft Business Name?

To sum it all up, here is what you need to remember when picking a craft business name:

  1. Make sure that your craft business name has at least three words.
  2. Consider the location where you plan your craft business.
  3. Choose a name that conveys high quality.
  4. Select a name that will appeal to your target audience.
  5. Think about the demographics of your target audience.
  6. If you plan to sell your handmade products online, make sure that your craft business names include keywords.
  7. Don’t use a common word as your craft business name.
  8. Avoid using a name that sounds too similar to another company’s name.
  9. Be original!
  10. Don’t overuse abbreviations.


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