60th Birthday Slogans: 200+ Funny 60th Birthday Sayings

Here we have shared some cool and catchy 60th birthday slogans and sayings that you will like.

Wishing a 60th birthday to a friend or loved one is a splendid opportunity to show them your love and respect, which you have given them in these 60 years.

The best 60th birthday slogan can fulfill your desire of wishing well. So, you have to find the right slogan to enhance your wish.

And we are here for that to provide you with 60th birthday slogans that are unique and catchy. Keep reading.

60th Birthday Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy 60th birthday slogans:

Funny 60th birthday sayings

Here are some cool and funny 60th birthday sayings:

60th birthday sayings for her

Following are the best 60th birthday sayings for her:

60th birthday sayings for him

Below are some interesting 60th birthday sayings for him:

Funny sayings about turning 60

Here are some unique and funny sayings about turning 60:

How to Write 60th Birthday Slogans

Slogans are few words phrases. It is the best way to influence and draw the attention of the people towards the event, company, business, or any other purpose.

The best birthday slogan is that one which attracts and impresses the people on this occasional day. People are trying to impress their beloved and dear ones by their birthday by providing precious gifts and some impressive and catchy words.

Turning 60 is a milestone because people are getting retirement, and the new life starts. People at the 60 are thinking about to add more fun to their lives. That’s why celebrating the 60th birthday matters the most, and it’s a significant event in some cultures. So, writing the best slogan for the 60th birthday is essential.

The 60th birthday slogans, which are tedious and meaningless, can’t impress and attract people. So, we are providing some special tips that will help you in creating and writing the splendid slogans for the 60th birthdays. Keep reading.

Brainstorm and Make a List of 60th Birthday Slogans

Brainstorming is a remarkable way of creating slogans. It is the technique based on free writing of ideas related to the purpose, then getting outcomes from these ideas. How to do it?

Take a pen and pages and sit comfortably. To keep the focus on your subject, take a cup of coffee or tea. The sugar in tea and coffee can increase your glucose level, and that will help you in thinking.  Close your eyes and start thinking. One can invent more effectively with closed eyes.

For better results, not to limit your ideas, write all your ideas and thoughts, and create the slogans based on them. And make a list of them. Add more birthday slogans and shorten your list with the following tips.

Ask Family and Friends

You can get ideas for slogans by asking your family members and friends. Maybe they wished the 60th birthday to someone and have created some words or phrases for it. Ask them and get the best slogans.

Keep it Simple and Sweet.

You are writing slogans for wishing birthday. It’s understood; you will create a simple and impressive slogan. Why will you write a dull and hard-to-understand slogan? To impress your loved ones, you have to write a simple and engaging slogan.

Finalize your Slogan

Create a poll on Facebook or ask family members and friends to determine the best one and finalize your slogan.


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