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Advertising Company Names: 400+ Advertising Agency Names

Here we have shared some cool and creative advertising company names to inspire you. We have also shared some cool agency names along with some marketing firm names that might help you.

Over the last year, we have generated thousands of business names for our users. And now, here we are with another magnificent list of marketing agency names that will help you a lot.

Before you finalize any name, find out what exactly a good name is. Here are some of the qualities of a good business name:

  • It is short, simple, and unique.
  • No one has used it before.
  • The name is easy to understand.
  • It’s creative and memorable.
  • The name tells a story about the business.

Let’s dive in.

Advertising Company Names

Here are some cool and catchy advertising company names:

  • Excellence Advertising
  • Exclaim LLC
  • Fish in a Bottle
  • Jump Tap, Inc.
  • Latin Works
  • Love Advertising
  • Share Your Story
  • Brand & Beyond
  • In Design
  • Brand Wave
  • Vividly Marketing
  • Target Advertising
  • Multi Marketing USA
  • Taktical Digital
  • PBJ Marketing
  • Chatter Buzz
  • Ironpaper Marketing
  • Mind & Metrics
  • fishbat Media, LLC
  • 325 – A Digital Brand
  • EUKU Agency
  • Where Is My Brand
  • Blue Fountain Media

Agency Names

Here are some creative advertising and marketing agency names:

  • Reprise Digital
  • HUNTER Ad Agency
  • Sheng Li Media
  • Reload Media Advertising
  • Slinky Digital
  • Impressive Digital
  • Active Internet Advertising
  • Coast Digital
  • Digital Agency Network
  • Snap Source
  • Vision Trade Ltd
  • Digital Parent Company
  • Mass Appeal
  • Kent House Digital Marketing
  • SQ Digital
  • Zool Agency
  • Glow Creative Ltd
  • Digivate Agency
  • Taylor and Goes
  • Wonderful Creative Agency
  • Marketing Weapons
  • Mahon Digital Marketing

Advertising Agency Names

Below are the best advertising agency names ideas and suggestions:

  • Beyond Interaction
  • Big Eye Creative
  • Big Spaceship
  • Click Equations
  • Ghost Media
  • Enigma IT Solution
  • Boucher + Co.
  • Courtside Consulting
  • Critical Mass
  • Stinkdigital
  • Storeboard Media
  • Strawberry Frog
  • Infinite Exposure
  • MUSE Ads
  • Yellow Leaf Agency
  • Demographify
  • Go Ads
  • GeeksChip
  • The Digital Exposure
  • Zone One Digital
  • Yung Media
  • infiniX
  • DigiPanda
  • Web Hitters

Marketing Company Names

Here are some unique and clever marketing company names:

  • Social Media 55
  • TechWyse Internet
  • Bluetrain Inc.
  • Hagadone Digital
  • Novag
  • Squad Marketing
  • Pagoda Marketing
  • Ninjonics
  • Manifest Marketing
  • Good Gravy Associates
  • Reset Marketing
  • Mystic Marketing
  • Creatus Marketing Agency
  • Optimal ROI
  • AdRace Agency
  • Story Share
  • Organic Crowd
  • SEO Kings
  • Procreatus Media
  • Promoverra Agency

Advertising Names

Below are the best advertising names that you can use anywhere:

  • Marketing Monsoon
  • Advertising Academy
  • Accolade Advertising
  • Plain of Promotion
  • Prized Promotions
  • Marketing Mastery
  • Lead the Pack
  • Ad Nation
  • Selling Solutions
  • Rapid Response
  • Response Rates
  • Digi Direct
  • DigiEngage
  • Mindrex Advertising
  • Mind Level
  • Proferlo
  • Collo Motiva Advertising
  • Grand Mark
  • Alpha Roots
  • Means What Advertising
  • Boom Buzz
  • Choco Melt

Marketing Agency Names

Here are some cool and creative marketing agency names:

  • Know Knett Advertising
  • Quick Jumbo Creatives
  • Blue Jade Advertising
  • Robbin Roo
  • Steve hobb
  • Ying Yang
  • More Mist
  • 4th Screen
  • 72 And Sunny
  • Ad Ready
  • Eight Partnership
  • Entercom
  • Epic Ad Group
  • Vantage Advertising LLC
  • Wikreate
  • Wingman Advertising
  • Billboard Agency
  • Sprint Media
  • Dexon
  • Socialfly
  • Digital Natives Group
  • Earn SEO

Marketing Firm Names

These are the best marketing firm names ideas and suggestions:

  • Hybrid Art Director
  • Investis Digital
  • The Spark Group
  • Major Tom
  • Sanborn Networking
  • MultiVision Digital
  • Mind Digital Group
  • Pure Digital
  • Assemblo
  • Fresh Digital
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Inform Group
  • Digital Media Stream
  • Bravr Digital Marketing
  • Harvest Digital
  • Giraffe Social Media
  • True Digital
  • Bulldog Digital Media
  • Digital Search Group Limited
  • Air Social Marketing Agency
  • SEO Leaders Ltd



How to Create Advertising Company Names

An advertising company is a productive business. It can be referred to as a creative or an ad agency. Advertising agencies create, plan, and handle for their clients. It designs a marketing and advertising strategy for other companies.

It also handles the overall branding strategy of a business. Advertising agencies are hired by different businesses to produce television, radio, and online advertisements. Big businesses and corporations approach such agencies for their promotion.

Advertising a business is not like a walk in the park. Generally, it requires multi-faceted approaches and many campaigns to yield good results. thus, it needs a lot and lots of effort to deliver an appropriate message to a targeted audience.

However, one can advertise his business through newspapers and magazines, radio and podcasts, direct mail and personal sales, social media ads (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), and product placement.

This is because, In recent years, video advertising has seen incredible growth led to the rise of digitalization of business facilities. Thus, it is largely attributed to a hike in digital ad prices to 10x the cost of average display ads.

You can start your own advertising company if you have a passion for it. If you don’t have a big investment. Don’t worry! You can start an advertising company even with a modest investment plan.

Before coming up with an advertising or other marketing strategies, you have to decide on a lucrative name for your company. Name is a critical part of your business.

It carries the capacity to make or break the business. Creative and cool names have great potential to attract customers as compared to simple, boring or confusing names.

Styles of Effective Names

While deciding a name for a new business, it is very daunting to decide exactly where to start. Before you start to think about a name for your business, first define the tone of your brand. Make sure to match your business or brand with the targeted audience.

Then you have selected the style of your business. Always prefer a name that suits your business, its values, and services. Here are some types of names.

  • Classic Names
  • Clever Names
  • Emotional Names
  • Pragmatic Names
  • Modern Names

Classic Names

Classic advertising company names are preeminent and timeless. You may find a classic name varying from industry to industry. For example, Ford and SpaceX are two classic brands but one of them is related to space technology while the other is in the Motorcars business.

Clever Names

If you want to add some fun and humor in your business name, you can go for a clever name. Humor or fun in brand name attracts more customers than a serious name. It sounds cute and is unexpected in nature.

Emotional Names

A brand name reflecting some emotions is the best strategy that can stand out your business among the others. It makes your business memorable. Emotion gives extra power to a brand name. Road Prince’s motorcycle name is an example of an emotional brand.

Pragmatic Names

A pragmatic name carries a description in it. It is a popular naming style that helps you to describe your brand through your brand name, also leading to reducing the marketing cost. Netflix is a common example of a pragmatic name.

Modern Names

Modern names are fresh, different, and very popular in nature. Such names are mostly used in tech-businesses and fashion brands. They carry the potential to drive interest and excitement in the customers. Amazon and Levi’s are two examples of modern names.

On other hand, we have also suggested some creative ideas which can help you to make your business name catchy and attractive.

Determine goals for your business idea

You must determine some goals regarding your business. You should have an efficient strategy to target your desired potential customer and market. A business owner should be aware of how his business is perceived by the public? How he would appeal to his clients or consumers.

Use Your Business Location in your name

You can make your brand more effective and successful if you add your city name. The city’s historical, funny, or nickname famous among the community can also be used to define your business location. It can be of great advantage for a new business.

Name Game

Naming a business is not an easy task. You can take different directions while naming your new business. It will become easy if you use your own name. Here, you also have a choice to honor someone in your family, your grandmother, or your father. Celebrity or public figure names can also be used in this process.

Don’t narrow it down to few ideas

The best brand names have the capacity to define your future plans. Don’t narrow down your new business name to a few ideas. Make sure it is reflecting a positive effect because it will be displayed on your products.

Prevent misinterpretation in your business name.

Your business name should be simple and easy to pronounce. As a name with difficult and confusing words may create a misinterpretation which in turn can deliver a wrong meaning. If it happens. It could be an upheaval for your brand.

While naming your business try to build long-lasting and strong relationships among your brand and clients.

Word Combination and Alliteration

Brainstorming for a business name can be a daunting process, try to make it not a stressful or boring thing. Creating puns can add some fun in brainstorming. You can join two words or can combine two interesting or fascinating ideas to make a name more attractive.

Every business starts with the first impression

Keep in mind, the brand name is the first thing that attracts a potential customer. Besides, your business name creates the first impression.

Generally, this produces a powerful impact on your business. If your business name becomes able to convey a right and appropriate message, it will be very helpful in making your business successful.

Thus, selecting a name for an advertising company is a different game. It should be able to reveal many things regarding advertising and marketing.


400+ Digital Marketing Company Names

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