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Amazon Store Names: 400+ Catchy Amazon Seller Names Ideas

Here we will share with you some cool and catchy amazon store names and amazon seller names.

We have enlisted a comprehensive list of amazon business names that you can use to get inspiration from.

We often get asked; do I need a business name to sell on amazon? Of course! You need a seller name to sell your products on amazon. That name is also known as your display name.

This article will clarify all your questions and you will be able to do your amazon seller name search.

Let’s dive in.

Amazon Store Names

Here are some creative and catchy amazon store names ideas and suggestions:

  • Safe Buys
  • Flash Stores
  • Boom Stores
  • Open for Business
  • One-Click Pick
  • Commence Commerce
  • In the Zon
  • Upload Unload
  • Sure Shop
  • EZ Shop
  • AmazeZone
  • Accushop
  • Easy Buy
  • Buy Easy
  • Super Stuff
  • Treasure Plus
  • Deals Plus
  • Deals Delivered
  • Salez on Amazon
  • Amazon Salez
  • Amazon Offerz
  • Online Shoppez

Amazon Seller Names

Following are the best amazon seller names for your inspiration:

  • Amazon Offers
  • Mouse Click
  • Techeavy stores
  • Jacked Supplements
  • Buy Buy Brought
  • Wholesale City
  • The Web Market
  • Trusted Wares
  • One Click
  • Everything Online
  • Online Treasures
  • Quick Ship
  • Crafty Commerce
  • Always Open
  • Open Sesame
  • Value Buy
  • Dreambliss stores
  • Deals Delivered
  • Awesome Amazon
  • Fierce Dell
  • Yellow Mario
  • Beauteous Walmart

Amazon Brand Names

These are some creative and unique amazon brand names:

  • Ibm & Company
  • Lower Lisa Works
  • Fierce Sophie Works
  • Central Canada
  • Veritable Cli
  • Central Photoshop
  • Tall Heh Group
  • Bold Mia
  • Remote Lisa
  • Eastern Barnes
  • Mia Works
  • Brazilian Netherlands
  • Northern Thomson
  • Northwest Mia
  • Beauteous Tivo
  • Proud Harry Potter
  • Handsome Foss Chronicles
  • Naped Usb Collective

Amazon Business Names

Below are some cool and cute amazon business names to get more customers:

  • Lower Kodak & Company
  • Remote Emacs
  • Broad Barnes
  • The Fair Walsh Group
  • Peruvian Cohen
  • Southern Google
  • Colombian Scsi
  • Xbox Collective
  • Fair Philips
  • Alexander Designs
  • Cheeked Dvd Group
  • Western Solomon Group
  • Curtis Designs
  • Nikon Collective
  • Genuine Client
  • The Upper Drm Collective
  • Eastern Kodak Designs
  • Intrepid Samsung

Amazon Names

Here are some clever and cool amazon names to inspire you:

  • Buy Now
  • Fly Buy
  • Galaxy mobiles
  • AmaCraze
  • Buy It Now
  • InterwebDeals
  • Google Works
  • Gnu Chronicles
  • Upper Lightroom
  • Warlike Cohen International
  • Orinoco Vai
  • Activision Chronicles
  • Jolie Designs
  • Walsh Works
  • Colombia Group
  • Genuine Monica
  • Microsoft & Company
  • The Solitary Sth Works
  • Legendary Scsi
  • Oma Chronicles
  • Orinoco Kodak Works

Amazon Business Display Name Ideas

Following are the best amazon business display name ideas:

  • Remote Cds
  • The Breasted Whitney Co
  • The Lower Sth Chronicles
  • The Tropical Jolie
  • Armor Works
  • Peruvian Chinatown
  • Solaris Designs
  • Young Driver
  • West Malaysia
  • Perfect IBM Designs
  • Headed Ascii
  • Tropical Atari Works
  • Canada Collective
  • Celebrated Thomson
  • Bold Samsung
  • Beauteous Costco
  • The Brave Hdtv Works
  • Come for Commerce
  • Urbanvideo Store
  • Blucinematic Stores

Amazon Store Names

How to Name an Amazon Store

Amazon stores provide a DIY solution to a vendor and seller to set up his own store on It can be an impressive virtual shopping experience for consumers.

Starting an amazon store is completely free, easy, and self-service for a brand owner, vendor, or seller.

Developing a name for your new amazon store is no easy feat. Once you have decided your business, it will become your brand through which consumers will get all the information regarding your services and products. It is a foundation to base your newly born venture.

A business name is your representative which speaks itself all about your business. Selecting a name for your business is among the most important decisions you have to make.

It gives the first impression of your business to customers which are right or wrong at the same time. It can be a source of satisfaction for a customer and makes it easy for everyone to remember your business.

Once you have decided to come up with an Amazon store, you will need an Amazon seller name truly defining what your business stands for.

As a new seller, there are more chances that you would make mistakes while developing a name for your new venture.

Before starting the process of choosing your Amazon store names, you have to read some suggestions or keep them in mind.

Following is a series of some ideas you should focus on while brainstorming a name for your store.

Your brand, domain, and Amazon store name should match.

This is the first and non-negotiable point that guides you to have some match among your brand name, domain name, business name, and Amazon store name.

These should not be exactly the same but carry some link among them or they should be associated with each other in an effective manner.

Here are some amazon store name examples:

  • Razor Edge Stores
  • Commence Commerce
  • Friends of Amazon
  • Well-Versed Commerce
  • Search for Merch
  • Virtual Victory
  • The Bold Walmart
  • Alice Group
  • Dry Designs
  • Brave Unix Group
  • Fronted Pascal Works
  • Cheeked Costco Co.

Secondly, while deciding on an Amazon store name make sure it contains your brand name matching exactly with your domain name as well. If you do all these steps easily, it will make your marketing offsite and listing smooth.

What type of seller are you?

Don’t make haste while choosing a name for your Amazon store name. It can be a stressful phenomenon for a person who aims to create competition in the market.

On the contrary, if you’re a reseller or a 3rd part seller, you don’t need to pay heed to the branding because you are selling a wide range of products that are already branded.

Whether you do retail or purchase wholesale, you have to focus on building a good reputation for your amazon store.

If you are producing your own unique products then also you need to be heedful regarding your amazon store name because you have a different line of your branded products solely associated with your brand name.

Branding is a key feature when you have a single choice to recognize your brand as the only legitimate source of these unique products.

Keep who you are in mind.

Here, your ‘mission statement’ is of much importance. It explains who you are and reveals all about the quality of your products.

While naming your amazon store, keep in mind the target market and types of products you want to sell. Try to summarize your business plan in 2 or 3 catchy and fascinating words.

An Amazon store name comprising all these qualities create an effective understanding regarding your products among the targeted audience.

Be Professional.

It will turn your customers away if you fail in developing a name that could elicit confidence among them.

So, you have to develop confidence in your business name that carries the potential to appeal to your target market. On other hand, a business name reflecting legitimacy can be another fact that leads to upscale purchases.

An unprofessional name not only breaks your business but also makes you look incompetent, careless, and amateurish among the other businesses.

The name should have only positive connotations.

Be positive while choosing the words for your Amazon store name able to evoke a positive vibe. Make sure that your business name does not give even a slightly negative feeling.

Otherwise, you would turn your customers away from your newly born amazon store.

Even a negative word in a humorous name can affect your business. A bad or negative word in a name can offend someone belonging to a specific race or ethnic community.

Humor can be a happy vibe but a negative word carries more potential than a humorous word in a name.

Don’t go for generic seller names.

Generic names are usually already taken by any other business which makes it difficult for you to find interesting and catchy amazon store names. If you avoid a generic name, you’ll find yourself confused with another amazon store name.

Try Amazon Name Generator

There are several amazon store name generators online that will help you in getting a lot of ideas.

You can give them a try to add more amazon seller names into your list. Here is an image that shows some amazon names.

Amazon Store Names

Use of keywords.

Using keywords in your amazon store name can be a handful if you have planned to sell only one type of product. For example, if you want to sell only electric products then using some specific keywords can make it great for SEO.

On the contrary, keep in mind that using keywords in your business name would cease your business. Stay away from such products if you want to multiply your business.

It can also create discomfort among your customers.

Here, you need to make sure that your name is sensitized for a business moving forward. It will allow your amazon store to add more niches in it.

Don’t Be a Copycat.

If you think that you can accomplish your target or excel in your business without making any substantial effort by copying the name of any successful and well-reputed brand, you can find yourself in hot troubled waters.

Keep in mind that big and well-established businesses take copyright in a strict and serious manner.

They can take legal action against your business because they have invested a lot and lots of effort and money in building their reputation.

As soon as you start your business, they will take action and shut your business down. They will not allow anyone to steal their struggle.


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