400 Creative Animal Zoo Names Ideas

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Here we have another list of fun animal zoo names and animal zoo businesses for you to consider if you want to create a fun and entertaining business.

If you are a creative person who loves animals and likes to spend time with them, then owning an animal zoo business might be perfect for you.

Animal zoos may be popular or small, but they have many variations. The kind of zoo you own will depend on what kind of business you would like to run. You can also consider opening an animal rescue zoo where you could help rehabilitate injured, unwanted, or sick animals and make them adoptable again.

Below you will find a list of animals zoos and their business names. Make sure you check out the list, and if you see one that you think would work, you can use it to create a new business!

Animal Zoo Names

Animals in captivity usually need more space and facilities to live in. Zoos are considered to be one of the most profitable animal businesses. Their revenue is based on ticket sales, merchandise sales, and donations.

According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, a zoo can earn about $2.3 million annually. The following are some name suggestions for an animal zoo. Feel free to come up with your own names and ideas to grow your business.

  • Catsville Pet Store
  • Raptor’s End
  • Kakao Zoological
  • Moon Wildlife
  • Untamed Kingdom
  • Bird Brain
  • Lanzengeke
  • Zoo Up
  • The African Eye
  • Hail Name
  • Eleven Lions
  • The Snake Factory
  • Magic Zoo
  • The Girly Place
  • Bee Wildlife
  • Reptile Treasures
  • Peachy Peacock
  • Wildlife Gold
  • Nameporium
  • Wildlifevio
  • Family Of Furballs
  • Angry Panda
  • Critter Corner
  • Wildlife Friend
  • Zooza
  • Animal Mall
  • Fierce And Furry

Zoo Name Ideas

People love animals! They do not only have feelings but they also have unique characteristics that make them so special. You don’t need to be a veterinarian to understand that every animal species needs specific care and attention. We need to make sure that our furry friends always stay in good health.

We spend quite a bit of time, energy and money taking care of our pets. Pet owners love to take care of them and ensure their happiness and well-being. To help out pet owners and keep their animals safe and healthy, many zoos are set up. You can get started as an animal zoo operator.

One of the advantages of being a pet owner is knowing how much time and money you will save. Here are some great animal zoo business names you can use:

  • Quaint Quadrupeds
  • Fancy Furbabies
  • Fur Real
  • The Poodle’s Strudle
  • Doggy Doo
  • Pet To Person
  • Furry Friends
  • Jaguar Raptor
  • Pick A Lick
  • Zoo Centric
  • Animates
  • Zoolada
  • Calming Critters
  • Cleveland Monsters
  • Acres Of Animals
  • Foster Care
  • Barking On A Hill
  • Macushla
  • Quirky Cats
  • Dogalore
  • Gandalf’s Treasures
  • Wildlife Eco
  • Lemongrass Zoo
  • Terrain Name
  • The Big Red Barn
  • Ape Not To Worry! (Get It?)

Good Zoo Names

Animals are among the most popular pets. They provide love and companionship, as well as entertainment. But owning animals can be expensive. Even if you have enough cash to spend on them, there’s no getting around the fact that they require a good deal of upkeep. A great way to get a pet for less is to open a zoo.

As it turns out, opening an animal zoo is relatively simple. You just need a building that’s large enough to hold your collection of exotic creatures. Of course, you’ll also need to pay for things like veterinary care, food, and electricity.

While it’s possible to save money by taking care of your animals yourself, it might not be as easy as you think. Animals need specific food, medical attention, and other services.

They also tend to be very territorial and need some exercise. You can look at these animal zoo name ideas and decide which one suits your budget, personality, and lifestyle.

  • Zoocabulary
  • My Chimpanzee Parlor
  • Zoogoing
  • Amazing Animal Babies
  • Zoo Burst
  • Pet Pampery
  • Vegas Valley Zoo
  • Wildlife National
  • Red Lion Wildlife
  • Reclaim Wildlife
  • The Savannah Zoo
  • Zoo Balance
  • Fluffy Touch
  • Zoonomy
  • Loyal Bark
  • Critter Play
  • Dog Den
  • Zoo Gems
  • The Pet Emporium
  • Hikers Logo Mockup
  • Fuzzy Friends
  • Four Legged Luxuries
  • Pampurred Pets
  • Scaly Claw
  • Mountainview Zoo
  • Eli’s Safari
  • Social Paws Cafe

Cool Names For Zoos

A successful zoo will attract visitors from across the region, but the success of the zoo also relies on the quality of its marketing strategies and the efficiency of its employees. It will take time and patience to build a profitable zoo, but the rewards are well worth it.

Here are some name ideas for your zoo business. You can use them to help inspire you to write a business plan or start the zoo of your dreams.

  • Wildlifehut
  • Zoofluent
  • Pets & Mutts
  • Beary Badger
  • Wildlifeops
  • The Big Cat Lodge
  • Ape King
  • Wildlifeomatic
  • Raw Name
  • Aquarius Animals
  • Critter Nest
  • Furever Friends
  • Amazing Animals
  • Wildlife Focus
  • Friendly Beast
  • Giraffe Family
  • The Buffalo Zone
  • Petlicious Food
  • Zoo Point
  • Amplify Wildlife
  • Critter City Zoo
  • Saved Ideas
  • Mother Name
  • The Critter Corner
  • The Doggy Den
  • Conservation Birds

Fun Zoo Names

An animal zoo is a facility where people can interact with animals. They provide a habitat for animals that do not have natural homes and they give the opportunity to see them up close.

This kind of facility also promotes education about animals. There are plenty of reasons why a person should be interested in such facilities, including animal welfare, wildlife conservation, entertainment, and the desire to help animals in need.

  • Barkery Food
  • Wildlife Wildlife
  • Zoo Cart
  • Solar Name
  • Pet Palace
  • Wildlife Lookout
  • Flame Wildlife
  • Biznamewiz Writer
  • Bossy Beaver
  • Reptile Trail
  • Montreal Gardens
  • Happy Bark
  • Pawardise
  • Namadri
  • Zoo-Phreak
  • For Furry Friends
  • White Lion Habitat
  • Fancy Fur
  • The Canary’s Perch
  • Furturistic
  • Dogsville Shelter
  • Animals Amok
  • Animalus Sanctuary
  • Chill Critters
  • Monkey Orchard
  • Cats-A-Million
  • Zoobies
  • Recover Paws Care
  • The Gorilla Forest

Planet Zoo Names

The zoo industry is very diverse. Some zoos are for public education, while others provide only private entertainment. Zoos are a good source of income for any entrepreneur.

The most profitable type of zoo is the ones that promote education and research. This type of facility attracts more visitors, especially children. You can find plenty of name suggestions for a zoo below.

  • Adopt And Adore
  • Zoo View
  • Freedom Farm
  • Wildlife Creation
  • Zoo Return
  • Atlantic Name
  • Awe Name
  • Rati’ Lao Gummy
  • Famous Furbabies
  • Meadow Wildlife
  • Mollycoddled
  • The Great Pandas
  • Cat Culture
  • Moon Name
  • Nameish
  • Bonsai Wildlife
  • Redtail Creek Zoo
  • Apex Wildlife
  • Champ’s Creatures
  • Chow Critters
  • Wildlife Observe
  • Froggie Nibbler
  • Animal Appeal
  • Monroeville Wildlife
  • Amaze Wildlife
  • Monona Zoo
  • Shore Company
  • Voodoo Hens
  • New Congolese Vegan

Zoo Name Generator

There are thousands of zoos around the world where humans pay to view animals in their natural habitat. Some zoos have been around for centuries while others have been started as recently as a decade ago.

Zoos and aquariums are businesses and have a huge amount of profit potential. There are currently over 7,000 accredited zoos, aquariums, and animal parks in the United States. However, it is not a simple task to start an animal zoo. Below are several ideas you can use to help you start your animal zoo.

  • Rock Name
  • Love And Licks
  • Laurie’s Rescue
  • Furtastic Corner
  • African Lion Habitat
  • South Park Mall
  • Nature Name
  • Wood Wildlife
  • The Pet Cure
  • The Pretzels Zoo
  • Petology
  • Yellow-Bark Canyon
  • San Tan Zoo
  • Zoopad
  • The Sugar Plum
  • Apex Zoo
  • The Rescue Box
  • Zoo Sustained
  • The Litterbox
  • Beasts Of Beauty
  • Four Your Pet
  • Coos And Claws
  • Uncle Big Catz
  • Wildlifeadri
  • Find Your Fur Friend
  • Namhut
  • Ample Animals
  • Mystery Rescue Team

Animal Zoo Names

How to Name Your Animal Zoo Business

A zoo is one of the most popular attractions and businesses around the world. People love visiting zoos because they provide a home to animals from different places. You can start your own zoo by opening a small one. But if you plan to make a bigger business, then read on!

Here we will tell you the best animal zoo business name ideas you can use to create a successful animal zoo.

Name Your Zoo Based On Animals You Love

This is a simple and effective strategy that will allow you to create a name that is easy to remember and spell. If you really love animals and want to build a zoo based on animals you love, then opt for the names that include your favorite animal. For example, if you are a huge fan of elephants, then you can name your zoo Elephant Safari.

If you love monkeys, you can name your zoo Monkey Town. Make sure to choose the right name for the type of animals you’re going to keep in your zoo.

Name Your Zoo after Animals You Wish You Had

The animal zoo business name that is named after your favorite animal can be a great inspiration. If you have a pet, then you can name your zoo after it. If you have a friend who loves animals and is a great inspiration for you, then you can name your zoo after him or her. It will give your zoo a personal touch and help it stand out.

Name Your Zoo Based On Popular Animals

This is another simple yet effective strategy that you can use when naming your zoo. If you’re starting out and don’t have enough money, then you can start your own zoo with small animals like fish and birds. But if you plan to grow and invest more money, then it’s best to get big animals such as lions and tigers.

Name Your Zoo after Places That Have Similar Animals

If you love animals and you want to start a zoo, then you can go for this strategy. Many people name their zoo after their favorite place or city. If you live in the US, then you can name your zoo America’s Zoo. If you live in Europe, then you can name your zoo Europe’s Zoo.


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