App Name Ideas: 400+ Best Mobile App Names

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Here we have shared some cool and catchy app name ideas and suggestions. We have enlisted the best app names that will inspire you.

Developing a name for an application is not as simple as it sounds. Knowing how to name a mobile app is another gut-wrenching process but it’s not an ultra-difficult process at the same time.

Remember, if you pick the wrong name for your mobile app, it could backfire or carry the related negative connotations. That’s why it is important to consider a number of other aspects before finalizing a name. Let’s dive in.

App Name Ideas

Here are some catchy and creative app name ideas and suggestions:

  • Harvester
  • Abilogic
  • Vividly
  • Farmeron
  • Breathe In
  • Acoustify
  • TechSphere
  • Overdrivers
  • Pixolation
  • Bits & Bytes
  • SkyNet
  • Tech Tock Bots
  • Testerix
  • GigaCell
  • TechniQ
  • Webdomus
  • Digitalix
  • Aspirion
  • TechnoPark
  • Reventure
  • Soft Solutions
  • Tech Savvy
  • Tech Giants
  • Software Support
  • Soft Support
  • Nebula Web
  • Quest Web
  • Ring of Fire
  • Info Web
  • Ringer
  • Cryptware Tech
  • TriTech
  • Cryptical
  • Software Seniority
  • Soft Touch
  • Fiscal Analytics
  • OmniSoft
  • Iron Clad
  • AddTek
  • Praying Mantis
  • Safe Seal Technology
  • Cybill
  • Vintage
  • Radiance
  • Vantage Point App

Music App Names

Following are the best music app names of all time:

  • Wire Smart
  • Swipe App
  • Live Box
  • Web Group
  • Basket case
  • New dimension
  • Cemetery of the living
  • Library of liberty
  • Hold the phone
  • Doctor in the house
  • No comment
  • Bonus
  • Blissful ignorance
  • Just a tease
  • Zero experience
  • Curves
  • Pushing up daisies
  • Dark matters
  • No boundaries
  • Bed of roses
  • No guarantees
  • No discounts
  • Favoritism
  • Curiosity
  • Basket case
  • Kicked buckets
  • Nine yards
  • Missed the boat
  • Circle of death
  • Badge of honor
  • Beads
  • Bed of roses
  • Curtain fall
  • Bittersweet
  • Battleground
  • Cobweb of lies
  • Long story short
  • Glass shoe
  • Birthday suit
  • Library of liberty
  • Take cover
  • Big bad wolf
  • No foundations
  • No justice
  • Link App
  • One Click
  • Meet All
  • Momy App
  • Ovockia
  • Slordi
  • Trahei
  • Peomn
  • Ixeab
  • Apliest
  • Upeliphone
  • Fenpipe
  • Jaiqeaklo
  • Akliadilm
  • Stad Violin
  • Tepagla
  • Yiolpeh
  • Ukule
  • Flultio
  • Fliortie
  • Clocs
  • Siack
  • Iflior
  • Xalphone
  • Girg Guitar
  • Ugiyepra
  • Zolpan
  • Ireopei
  • Otaiqu
  • Klayie
  • Xost
  • Udow
  • Fliong
  • Ivliewhorn
  • Astefia Organ

Funny App Names

Here are some cool and funny app names for you:

  • Dusk Ancients
  • Deathlord Cyborgs
  • Majestic Chimeras
  • Fury Pegasi
  • Spring Unicorns
  • Rainbow Valkyries
  • Yellow Kobolds
  • Jasper Succubi
  • Pixy Sandmen
  • Supreme Phoenix
  • Thistle Liches
  • Sand Corruptions
  • Mire Oxbeast
  • Isolated Walkers
  • Odouart the Merciful
  • Acur the Demon
  • Henricus the Omen
  • Rolandus the Grand
  • Simonnet the Wild
  • Dread Giants
  • Hairless Bogeymen
  • Rainbow Doppelgangers
  • Sabre-Toothed Bunyips
  • Daue the Weak
  • Jamys the Brilliant
  • Gib the Gentleman
  • Willelm the Truthful
  • Bertrant the Heroic
  • Aldus of the Ice
  • Jasmine Souls
  • Two-Headed Phantoms

Mobile App Names

Below are the best mobile app names ideas and suggestions:

  • Airian
  • Chase
  • Rath
  • Cloud
  • Daimon
  • Welcome Dancer
  • Burning Shadow
  • Shrieking Groom
  • Welcome Reaper
  • Standing Appearance
  • Undy
  • Defi
  • Airin
  • Undy
  • Guya
  • Welcome Prisoner
  • Whispering Kid
  • Shy Shadow
  • Pleasant Orphan
  • Shy EyesRemane
  • Harth
  • Spryth
  • Aberra
  • Aethe
  • Fat Patrol
  • Noisy Teenager
  • Staring Butcher
  • Burning Shadow
  • Violent Shepherd
  • Undine
  • Ligh
  • Strey
  • Ener
  • Aeren
  • Marching Prisoner
  • Mourning Dancer
  • Garden Torturer
  • Snoring Hunter
  • Welcome Apparition
  • Artheur the Protector
  • Hick the Fearless
  • Garnotin the Reckless
  • Norman the Warrior
  • Mighell of the Snow
  • Wauter the Gentleman
  • Aunger the Poor
  • Federic of the Spring
  • Reinfrid the Brown
  • Hammond the Paladin
  • Jamys of the River


App Name Generator

Here are some app names suggested by the application name generator:

  • Tockieglu
  • Gucsaiy
  • Uvossu
  • Flalkeo
  • Manard the Rich
  • Lewis of the Snow
  • Hudd the Shepherd
  • Mikael the Loner
  • Sym the Sentinel
  • Symounde the Reliable
  • Tiftie
  • Useag
  • Lum
  • Ures
  • Leoms Accordion
  • Wuppipe
  • Delic
  • Gray Demon
  • The Jolly Lover
  • The Wandering Soldier
  • Hostile Force
  • The Screaming Curator
  • Qisuvlo
  • Bockiork
  • Dieskei
  • Klolfea
  • Biardei
  • Veld
  • Isleols
  • Rog
  • Cliaxphone
  • Viemsea Violin
  • Prefteatia
  • Kegush

Check this App Name Generator for more ideas.

App Company Names

Here are the best app company names ideas and suggestions:

  • Handheld Help
  • In Your Palm
  • For Your Palm
  • Develapp
  • Fingertip Freedom
  • Winning Widgets
  • Tap Into Apps
  • Fit For Fingertips
  • Fingertrip
  • Tap To Begin
  • Tap Into Digital
  • Fingertip Tech
  • Dare To Design
  • Pocket Pros
  • Digit Widget
  • App Flower
  • App Dog
  • Advance Apps
  • Chatter Apps
  • Network Moment
  • Major Connection
  • Billing Mobile
  • Metreality Games
  • Hovertec Games
  • Helicion
  • Play Monkey Studios

App Name Ideas

How to Name an App

Before our arrival in this world, even our parents pass through a hard process of selecting a perfect name. Whatever your name is, people remember you from your name. The same is the case when you go to develop a name for your mobile application. It is like naming your child. Your app name will always follow your brand.

A good name carries the capacity to differentiate you from other mobile apps. An interesting name attracts the masses more than any other simple or generic name.

According to Google’s research, 31 percent of the customers download the app because of its interesting and catchy name.

Before coming up with a mobile app, keep in mind that the name of an application is the first thing that a potential consumer consults before downloading it.

Now the question is, how you would create a clever and catchy name for your mobile app. How you would use a simple but fascinating name like Google, Instagram, Nike, and Netflix.

If you are worried about how to develop a name for a mobile application, here are some tips that can help you in this daunting process.

Reflect Your App’s Core Features

Naming a mobile app is different as compared to developing a name for a business. While choosing a name for an application, make sure it describes all that the app does.

App names should speak themselves, like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger apps names are revealing that these are messaging apps or has to do with messages and video chats.

In the case of mobile applications, the name is the first impression that can compel a user to install it without reading its description. It can provide you with a great if a user easily understands all about your mobile app after reading its name.

Build a Connection With Your Consumer’s Emotions

Emotions in a name carry the potential to pull on the heartstrings. Adding the emotions can give you an edge or can also be a handful when it comes to deciding a good name for a mobile app. Use a related word fraught with emotions in a name which in turn immediately pulls on the emotions of users.

The name shouldn’t be extremely clever

You can add some humor or can make your app name ideas creative but it should not be so clever which can be sometimes confusing or complicated.

Try to keep a name simple and easy to remember, making it able to express the autobiography of your app easily. When you choose an appropriate and simple name for your app, there are ample chances that it can be ranked on top of the list.

Try to keep the name short. A name with a number of characters can lose its strength and in this case, a user may forget your app name.

On another side, a short name with minimum characters can be memorable and catchy which in turn makes your app rank high among the other related apps.

For example, Skype, Netflix, and Google are globally top brand names but are simple in their looks. If You become able to sensitize such an approach, it will be extremely handful for your mobile app.

Kill your darlings

Don’t fall in love with your app name right away. It is possible that a name you have chosen for your mobile app might only be understandable to you, not the potential users. It might already be chosen by another mobile app or trademarked. If it happens, you have no other choice else to change it.

So, do some research before finalizing the list of app name ideas for your mobile app.

Modify the Words

It can be the most interesting part of the name developing process. Here you have the chance to mix two different words to form a single interesting word. A mixture of two related words sometimes results in a unique and catchy word. You can mix ‘ey’ with the word smile to form another word ‘smileey’.

Instagram is a mixture of two words ‘instant’ and ‘telegram’. While Pinterest is formed by smashing the word ‘pin’ and ‘interest’. Here, you can also play with vowels by omitting or doubling them. It’s all about creativity, how to modify or play with words.

Find the right keywords

Using keywords can be the best idea but it is not like a walk in the park. Don’t use every keyword you think can be useful. Instead, make a list of apps related to your niche, note down the keywords used in the names of these apps. After preparing a list of the keywords, focus on relevant ones, and choose three of them.

Remember, excessive use of keywords can spoil your mobile app name. On other hand, if you excessively use the words like fun, best, good and effective it will also be a bad thing for your name and search engines as well.

Think beyond the App Store

Keep in mind that there are many more things other than an App Store. You will need Social media handles and a URL. Make sure you have chosen effective and clever suffixes and prefixes.

Mistakes you should avoid

While developing a name for your mobile app make sure you have not committed the following mistakes.

First, don’t be a copycat. These days there is a big competition prevailing in the market. If you try to copy the name of any well-established company, you can find yourself in hot troubled waters. You can’t even stand out with a copied name.

Don’t ignore the research process. Try to conduct your own research to make your app name a brand.


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