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Architecture Firm Names: 400+ Architecture Company Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy architecture firm names ideas and suggestions. We have also mentioned some attractive and famous architecture company names that will inspire you.

Let’s dive in.

Architecture Firm Names

Here are some creative and catchy architecture firm names:

  • Powerhouse Designs
  • Pangaea Group
  • Sleek Architects
  • Ridge Associates
  • BuiltIN Studio
  • Infinite Sky Design
  • Reddymade Consulting Architects
  • Heliotropic Grade
  • Steelman Partners Inc.
  • Imagine This
  • io
  • Pure Structure
  • Stronger Solutions
  • The Obstacle is The Way
  • True Roots Studios
  • Emporium Design
  • Well-Drafted
  • Drafting Table
  • Architect Alliance
  • Archer & Buchanan Architecture
  • ArchiSense Architects
  • Architectural Nexus

Architecture Company Names

Below are some cool and famous architecture company names:

  • Chipman Design Architecture
  • Clark Nexsen
  • Cuningham Group
  • Goettsch Partners
  • Goody Clancy
  • Graham Baba Architects
  • Lord Aeck Sargent
  • Mane Elegance
  • Marvel Architects
  • MASS Design Group
  • Richter Architects
  • Rockwell Group
  • Rust Orling Architecture
  • Tetra Tech Inc.
  • THA Architecture
  • The Portico Group
  • Gannett Fleming
  • Kevin Kennon Architects
  • Aero Crest Architects
  • Rafael Vinoly Architects
  • Atkins
  • Mane Elegance
  • Patty East Architects

Architecture Team Names

Here are some creative architecture team names for you:

  • Goettsch Partners
  • Smith Consulting Architects
  • Rockwell Group
  • Olson Kundig
  • Brooks + Scarpa
  • Legacy Group
  • One and Twelve
  • Cuningham Group
  • Jacobs
  • Architectural Nexus
  • Michels Corp.
  • Studio E Architects
  • Studio Blue
  • Interloper Partners
  • Goody Clancy
  • Creative Haus
  • Ratcliff
  • King + Cave
  • Bold Structure
  • Ennead Architects
  • Your Vision Industries

Architecture Project Names

Below are some cute architecture project names for you:

  • Archetypes
  • Better Building
  • Structure Services
  • Successful Structures
  • Structure Success
  • See Success
  • Construction Instruction
  • Foundation Founders
  • Foundation Fortitude
  • Architexture
  • Overarching Architecture
  • Smart Architects
  • Beautiful Architecture
  • Able Architects
  • Beautiful Buildings
  • Structure Safe
  • Allied Architecture
  • Fine Form Architecture
  • Best Architectural Services

Architecture Names

Here are some cute and attractive architecture names:

  • Building Bricks
  • Antique Architecture
  • Artistic Architecture
  • Blueprint Basics
  • Back to Basics
  • Back 2 Basics
  • Sturdygood architecture
  • Abernathy architecture
  • Métier architecture
  • Partners by Design
  • OZ Architecture
  • Nelsen Partners Inc.
  • Dazzle Berry
  • White Square
  • MInute Fusion
  • Signature Design
  • Amenta Emma Architects
  • Perkins Eastman
  • Oppenheim Architecture

Design Business Names

Below are the best design business names for you:

  • Brandon Haw Architecture
  • Function & Form
  • Archaeo Architects
  • Zago Architecture
  • Emporium Design
  • Tetra Tech Inc.
  • Klopf Architecture
  • Stantec Inc.
  • WRNS Studio
  • Cove Architecture
  • No Half Measures Inc.
  • Johnson Fain
  • P-Daddy T-square
  • The Pritzker Prizes
  • The Gehrys
  • ArchiPark
  • Bluarch
  • Helix Architecture + Design
  • SmithGroup
  • Fentress Architects

Architecture Firm Names

How to Name an Architecture Company

Architecture Company is hard to manage but a booming business. A professional architecture is responsible for making thousands of critical decisions to complete an assigned project successfully.

Most effective business strategies invest a lot of time on relationship building and other proactive business plans. It also takes an ample time while designing an advertising or marketing strategy.

Before opening an architectural company you need to pick a fascinating or a fictitious name for your business. A business name carries a big scope.

It carries the potential to make or break a company. Naming a business could be a daunting target to accomplish but after you have developed a fascinating name, it will be able generate a handsome profit.

A good brand name carries all the details related to your products and services. It creates interest and curiosity which in turn carries the capacity to allure a number of potential customers. A great name reveals your purpose and values clearly. You can’t judge a book by its cover but here, the name tells all about your business concept and mission as well.

Business name is the first impression of your brand or company. AND, first impression makes your business able to stand out among many of your firm opponents.

If you are facing any difficulty while developing architecture firm names for your business, follow the given suggestions.

Consider the Architecture Type

Architecture covers a lot of styles like Tudor, neoclassical, Gothic and Islamic. You should think of giving a hint of any style if you are specialized in any of these. In this way, customers who are interested in that architectural style, will approach you or think of availing your services.

Think of a Modern Catchy Architecture Firm Names

A traditional business name can also work for your newly born venture. If you find it difficult to develop a traditional name for your business go for a catchy name.

Most of the architectural firms create formal architecture company names, don’t carry any inspiration or give a sense of what the company specially does. So, try to develop a catchy and attractive name specific to your mission and ambition.

In case you don’t want a catchy name then just use your area or city’s name or you can also blend two names to form a unique business name. A catchy name makes an architecture logo catchy and attractive too.

Avoid it

It would be very handful if you use the words like architect and architecture in your business name or as a business name.

In this case there are some legal issues or considerations. A business that added these words must have a related license or have a registration.

If you use these words in your business name you can find yourself in trouble, you can face legal penalties. On other hand, a chartered architect can also use these names for his company’s name.

Check the availability of Your Name

After you have finalized a name for your business entity, check if it is already taken or not. It will be useless if someone has already taken your name. In this you will have developed another name.


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