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Artificial Intelligence Names: 400+ Good AI Company Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy artificial intelligence names that will inspire you. All the AI company names that we have enlisted are free to use anywhere you want.

But make sure to select such a name that will bring more customers. Usually AI names that are short and simple bring more attention and users.

Let’s dive into the list of such creative ideas.

Artificial Intelligence Names

Here are some cool and catchy AI names to inspire your ideas:

  • Go Experts
  • Creative Graphic
  • Innovative AI
  • Brainanza
  • Gediyo Solutions
  • Artificial Minds
  • Your Web
  • Lumos
  • Created Brains
  • Core Solution
  • Web Creation
  • Artificial Aptitude
  • I Spy AI
  • Nino Technologies
  • Superhuman Intel
  • AI Answers
  • Web Hosting
  • Intelligence Forever
  • Redmond Pie
  • Early Rise AI
  • New Age Thinking
  • Dream
  • Formula Tech
  • Data Planet
  • AI home
  • Computer World
  • Digital Tech

AI Company Names

Here are some creative and unique AI company names for your inspiration:

  • CyberBrain Inc
  • Cloud Secure
  • Competent AI
  • Private Host
  • Hosting Ultra
  • Techy Brain
  • Artificial Brain
  • Alsensio
  • Carer
  • Global Cloud
  • Big Data Made Simple
  • Hex
  • Hosts Honored
  • Smart Data Collective
  • Core Encode
  • Hosting Gate
  • Prized AI
  • Smartificial Designs
  • Ultimate Hosting
  • True Host
  • AI Spy
  • Free Host
  • Artificial Mindz
  • Advanced Intel Co.
  • Care
  • IT Point
  • Master
  • Sky Tech
  • Real Smart Systems
  • Digital Aware
  • Elivate
  • IT Theory
  • GeekWire
  • Epic Server
  • AI Secrets
  • AI Time
  • Codec
  • Tech Note
  • Share Host
  • Dimension

Good AI Names

Here are some cute and good artificial intelligence names that you will like:

  • Cloud Sync
  • Essence AI
  • AI Visions
  • Analytics Vidhya
  • Artificial Perfection
  • Real-World Ready
  • Digital Crop
  • Guard
  • Data Science 101
  • Dataconomy
  • Hosting Cloud
  • Created Intelligence
  • Hortonworks
  • Web Mart
  • Dynamic Designs AI
  • Dreams of Reality
  • Guardian
  • Fezo Technologies
  • power AI
  • VentureBeat
  • Tableau
  • Artelligence
  • AI Innovations
  • Planet BigData
  • Verisimilitude AI
  • AI Agents
  • About Bots
  • vision
  • The Smart Box
  • VirtuaBot
  • Digi Touch

Spy Company Names

Below are some creative and unqiue spy company names for you:

  • Techmeme
  • Next-Gen AI
  • Applied AI
  • Internet Sizzle
  • Created Beings
  • Real Intelligence
  • Intellect & More
  • Machina
  • Smart Reality
  • Connect High
  • Droid Life
  • CreAtIons
  • AI Machines Inc.
  • Technosapiens AI
  • Successful Developers
  • Unit
  • Amazing AI
  • AI 4 Life
  • WP Hosting
  • Cloud On Demand
  • Logo Element
  • Inventive Innovations AI
  • Host In
  • Thing
  • Nexero
  • Life Cloud
  • MobileSyrup
  • Artificial Alliance
  • Sventko AI
  • Advanced Logic Co.
  • Predictive AI
  • Mother
  • Beta News
  • Saturnring AI
  • BrainComputations
  • New Innovations AI
  • Micro Source
  • Bot Systems
  • Insight
  • Greenbot
  • Cool Tech
  • Sky High AI
  • Beta IQ

AI Bot Names

Here are some cool, cute, and creative AI bot names that you will like:

  • Take Five Cognitive
  • Unique Web Design
  • Lifo Technologies
  • Response
  • AI X-Perts
  • Hunch
  • Generation Next
  • Humanity AI
  • Recode
  • AI Dreams
  • Real Identities
  • Future Forces
  • Original
  • Severo
  • A-Intelligents
  • Rise AI
  • Bot Spot
  • Brain
  • Tech Connect
  • Host Connect
  • Robo Advantage
  • Horizon Cloud
  • Inventive AI
  • Web Solutions
  • Web Hoster
  • Native Cognitive
  • Evolution AI
  • Vibe Creation
  • Machine Learning Mastery
  • Cognitive Tech
  • ExtremeTech
  • Trace Theory
  • Magic Host
  • Extreme Intelligence
  • Server Cloud
  • Trevero
  • Real Innovations
  • Humanlike Lowdown
  • ArtIficial
  • Ultra Host
  • Different
  • infusion Ai

Chatbot Name Ideas

Following are the best and creative chatbot name ideas and suggestions that you will like:

  • Datafloq
  • DataTau
  • Artificial Perception
  • Self-sufficient Designs
  • Synapse
  • Future Digital
  • Artificial Brilliance
  • IT Elements
  • How to Geek
  • TechSpot
  • Digital Upload
  • Smart Visions
  • Cyber Source
  • Creative Storage
  • Bigbrain AI
  • Cerebro AI
  • CreAtIvity
  • Best Host
  • Great Creations
  • Auto Mate
  • Cloud Life
  • Monolith AI
  • AI Creations
  • Beta Choice
  • Spirit
  • Cloud Line
  • Best Hosting
  • Intellectuals
  • Tool Tech
  • We Host
  • Revolution Analytics
  • Cloud Point
  • IT Solutions
  • Artificial Creativity
  • Max Host
  • Nemo
  • Technologist
  • Micro Tools
  • Intra
  • Fruit
  • Artificial Intelligents
  • Visionary AI
  • brAIn power
  • Doctor Coding
  • Noft Digital
  • Beauty
  • Fastml
  • X-Treme Intelligence
  • Memovolve AI
  • Virtualtour creations
  • Artificial Reality

Artificial Intelligence Names

How to Name An Artificial Intelligence Business?

Artificial Intelligence normally develops the software which makes the various machines work like human beings to solve many of their problems.

With the advent of modernization in the world, millions of people are interacting with artificial intelligence by working as virtual assistants or using different technology come under its umbrella.

If you want to come up with your own business, an Artificial intelligence business can be the best opportunity to earn a handsome profit. Artificial Intelligence came into being in 1956 but it took decades to diffuse into human society.

After you have decided to start an Artificial intelligence business, you need to develop an attractive and catchy name for your business. your artificial intelligence business name should have some potential to encourage the masses’ awareness to get their attention.

Keep in mind that your business name recognizes your brand and is an identification among your targeted audience. It carries the potential to make or break the business.

So, before designing a marketing or advertising strategy, you need to create a fascinating name for your newly born venture. And, creating the right name for a business is the first step of branding strategy.

Following are some best tips that can help you to create a perfect name for your business.

A good brainstorming

Brainstorming normally worked as a backbone of your business naming process. Its goal is to develop an attractive name for a new venture. Start brainstorming with visualization. Think about the words that can effectively describe your business. Write some adjectives carrying the capacity to tell the customers about your business.

Make a list of some random words popping unpin your mind. Keep in mind, these words should also be able to reveal the mission and objective of your business. Keep writing the words, don’t think whether these words are good or bad. The purpose of this exercise is to spark some ideas.

After you have developed a list of words related to your business. Think about the ideas of how you can use these words to develop a catchy name for your business.

Add some rhymes

Using rhymes is also the best idea to add some creativity to your business name. Words having similar soundings can be a great source to create rhymes related to your business. For example, if you are creating a name for your bakery you can name it “cake a bake”.


Most attractive and perfect names are normally developed from Synonyms, carrying the potential to describe your business with the help of more unique words. You can do this by searching the suitable words on Google that can easily explain all about your business, product, or services. For example, if you are going to start a salon you can add the words like beauty, glorious or gorgeous.

Make it user-friendly

Make sure your business name is easy to say, spell and remember. Remember that a difficult or hard-to-remember name can break your business in weeks. The more your business name is difficult the more it will be fatal for your brand or company. So, it is of great importance to create a simple and easy name for an artificial intelligence business.

Secondly, if your business name is hard to pronounce or remember, the customer will not be able to find you on the internet and their research will end up on finding someone else or another artificial intelligence business name.

Here, word-of-mouth is the best term to explain the importance of an easy business name. It is the most powerful term used in marketing.  This term means, you can’t develop a successful business of customers’ mouth feel any hurdle in saying your business name perfectly.

If you have generated a tongue twister or hard to spell or speak the business name, you should avoid using this name and move to develop a new business name.

Look at other AI names

While developing a name for the artificial intelligence business, you can also take the ideas from the names of other businesses working well in the market. It will help you to know what type of strategy is being used by them or what is the main aspect in their business names.

In this process pay special attention to specific ideas, phrases, and a number of the words in the names of other AI businesses. Some businesses develop one-word brand name, such names are specific for the businesses related to social media. If you are going to start your own social media company select a one-word name for it.

Also, pay heed to the symbols or special characters. For example, “&” and “Inc” are the symbol and characters mostly used in business names.

Search the ideas on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or another medium

If you search Google, Facebook, or Twitter to get some clever ideas regarding your artificial intelligence business name, you will have the right artificial intelligence names at the end.

During this process keep the following points in mind.

  • Whether any other business has already taken the name you have selected or not?
  • The names you have searched are the large and well-established business or small ventures (Facebook Pages)
  • Are the results of your searches related to the market you have targeted?

For you, it is a point to ponder if your search results don’t match your targeted market. It means your targeted audience is not interested in the terms you have searched. If it happens, it will be very difficult to attract them easily. You can solve this problem by replacing it with the terms which are searched by your targeted audience.

Check for language translation

Make sure that your business name is not something that gives a poor result when it is translated into another language.

You love it or not

While designing your artificial intelligence business name, make sure you love and feel confident while speaking or putting it in front of the targeted audience. Don’t expect that you will get successful in a single night in developing good Artificial Intelligence Names.


400+ Tech Company Names

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Mubashir Rafique, founder of Worth Start, a young and energetic entrepreneur. He has been working as a Branding Specialist On different platforms. He shared a lot of Business Name Ideas and Slogans on this site.

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