Bandit Names: 400+ Cool And Funny Bandit Names

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Introducing “400 Bandit Names”! We’ve gathered an array of creative and captivating bandit names to spark your imagination. As the famous outlaw Jesse James once said, “In this world, there are two kinds of people, my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig.” Get ready to delve into a world of cunning aliases and captivating monikers that will bring your bandit characters to life.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I’ve honed my skills in the art of fantasy character naming. I’ve delved into ancient legends, explored forgotten realms, and crafted countless names that resonate with power and allure. Naming is my passion, and I’m thrilled to share my expertise with you. Let’s embark on a journey together to discover the perfect name for your bandit persona.

In this article, we promise you a treasure trove of unique bandit names that will set your characters apart from the rest. Whether you’re creating a notorious leader, a nimble thief, or a mysterious rogue, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to unleash your creativity as we delve into a world of mischief, daring escapades, and, most importantly, memorable names. Get ready to leave a lasting impression with the perfect moniker for your bandit alter ego!

Bandit Names

Bandit Names

Here are some of the best bandit names for you:

  • Madelynn the Knuckles
  • Durwald Crackers
  • Klepto Viviana
  • Mad Dog Penley
  • Wallas Dangerous
  • Eda the Heist
  • Pilot
  • Annistyn
  • Spider Olin
  • Spider Hollie
  • Robbing Shandy
  • Menacing Keanu
  • One Eye Madisyn
  • Zoe Greed
  • Greedy Burne
  • Lewis Gold Digger
  • Norvin Black Eye
  • Thieving Kate
  • Kristin the Outlaw
  • Stanberry Shades
  • Aliza Scars
  • Wild Allston
  • Teresa Grimm
  • Elyse the Fang
  • Slater
  • Wild Ashli
  • Brenden the Outlaw
  • Fast Fingers Danny
  • Gold Digger Fearne
  • Pickpocket Davin
  • Valeria Two Face
  • Ann Mumbling
  • Lara Black Eye
  • Menacing Reid
  • Poison Monica
  • Robin Five Fingers
  • Makayla Toothless
  • Maggie the Bug
  • Elisa the Crazy
  • Alexia Muscles
  • Gold Digger Alycia
  • Mumbling Ariella

Thief Names

Bandit Names

Enlisted are some thief names, that you’ll like:

  • Audie the Bull
  • Thieving Craig
  • Kaitlyn Eyepatch
  • Smokey Ember
  • Straight Jacket Tayler
  • Chandler the Bandit
  • Carolyn the Spider
  • Gunner Five Fingered
  • Annie Crackers
  • Sharon the Pegleg
  • Bullseye Josie
  • Toothless Pyper
  • Red Slithering
  • Cheating Ford
  • Kennedy Blue Eyes
  • Annabelle Whisper
  • Julianna Spider
  • Winchell the Knuckles
  • Reade Swindling
  • Mingus
  • Slithering Poppy
  • Whispering Janet
  • Watkins the Serpent
  • Christy Mad Eyes
  • Klepto Angie
  • Ruby the Suit
  • Theodore the Bug
  • Rusty Kiera
  • Marlowe Coins
  • Coughing Tanya
  • Jester Golda
  • Holli the Crook
  • Reaper Jessie
  • Striker
  • Blaine the Smirk
  • Straight Jacket Jackeline
  • Thieving Millson
  • Warton Coins
  • Kodiak
  • Xander Crazy Eyes
  • Isabela the Silent
  • Mills the Viper
  • Ryley Mumbling

Outlaw Names

Bandit Names

Below are some outlaw names for you:

  • Thibault
  • Haylie Angel Eyes
  • Eldon Lucky
  • Garrick Spider
  • Grinning Kaiya
  • Pell the Shark
  • Jasmyn the Squint
  • Richard Smokes
  • Cyder
  • Louis the Robber
  • Babette
  • Numbers Kasey
  • Ashlyn the Bandit
  • Jimmy Bandana
  • Dominick the Silent
  • Lyndsey the Thief
  • Bandana Mallory
  • Beldon Brute
  • Lunatic Makayla
  • Aron the Dwarf
  • Madalyn the Professional
  • Oscar the Heister
  • Harold the Punk
  • Addisen Five Fingered
  • Holden the Whisper
  • Busting Alvina
  • Travis the Nightmare
  • Crazy Eyed Hedwig
  • Hadley Straight Jacket
  • Aron Bullettooth
  • Toothless Juliet
  • Leila Crackpot
  • Annette Grinning
  • Rusty Locke
  • Ashli Bandana
  • Denisse Three Toes
  • Mad Man Maida
  • Dwight the Smirk
  • Ray Crazy Eyes
  • Ramsay the Bandit
  • Shirleigh Whispers
  • Slithering Bond

Female Thief Names

Bandit Names

Enlisted are some female thief names, that you’ll like:

  • Halie Danger
  • Whispering Alan
  • Toothless Whit
  • Walter the Rat
  • William the Crazy
  • Numbers Kym
  • Stephanie the Punk
  • Daphne the Cheater
  • Arley Muscles
  • Maverick Coins
  • Morgan the Bandit
  • Kaiya Black Eyes
  • Martha Mad Eyes
  • Toothless Welford
  • Franklin Five Fingers
  • Foolish Ben
  • Sabrina the Swindler
  • Three Fingered Tristen
  • Reaper Haylee
  • Crazy Eyed Ellen
  • Felicia the Viper
  • Wild Remmie
  • Greedy Rebekah
  • Tina the Punk
  • Nina the Cheater
  • Dangerous Makaila
  • Jeffrey Straight Jacket
  • Weller the Brute
  • Alize the Phantom
  • Macen
  • Mckayla the Razor
  • Stanway the Menace
  • Guthrie
  • Rudyard Mad Eye
  • Calista the Dwarf
  • Alf the Mumbler
  • Cason the Knuckles
  • Selby the Whisper
  • Sally the Professional
  • Scarface Alfredo
  • Remme Nightmare
  • Leigh Sly
  • Scarface Brentan

Rogue Names

Bandit Names

Here are few rouge names for you, that you can use:

  • Gregory the Wild
  • Dangerous Hertha
  • Eccentric Halie
  • Alfie Ghost
  • Cliff Robbing
  • Darrin the Weasel
  • Flame
  • Welch the Pickpocket
  • Harvey Grin
  • Daryll Whispers
  • Explorer
  • Five Fingered Palmyra
  • Jasmyn Poison
  • Alisha Two Face
  • Connor the Jester
  • Buster Two Face
  • Blackjack Raven
  • Mad Dog Valentina
  • Busting Baxter
  • Coughing Manny
  • Genevieve the Swindler
  • Arleigh the Phantom
  • Rusty Sandra
  • Toothless Karly
  • Sly Hertha
  • Jaylin Black Eye
  • Wakeman Three Toes
  • Brandi the Menace
  • Nightmare Hollace
  • Alden the Snake
  • Kaela Crazy Eyes
  • Dwite Spider
  • Tina Eyepatch
  • Leslie Fast Fingers
  • Kym the Spider
  • Eldridge Crazy Eyed
  • Ember Bullettooth
  • Diamond Arlene
  • Prowling Jane

Funny Rogue Names

Bandit Names

Below are some funny rouge names, that you’ll like:

  • Holly the Diamond
  • Audra the Fool
  • Cheating Melany
  • Burns Five Fingers
  • Mad Man Graham
  • Hunter the Thug
  • Nightmare Shirleen
  • Brock the Suit
  • Reade Smokey
  • Five Fingered Morgan
  • Three Fingered Blythe
  • Elmar the Weasel
  • Angel Eyes Jayden
  • Trudy Toothless
  • Elisa Dangerous
  • Lunatic Easter
  • Three Fingered Durwald
  • Ben the Punk
  • Bethany the Ravager
  • Eartha Three Fingers
  • Woodward Foolish
  • Slithering Michelle
  • Mad Eyed Mariam
  • Osbert Mad Hat
  • Grace the Razor
  • Crazy Kaylin
  • Rusty Gary
  • Black Eyed Wallach
  • Fast Fingers Darwyn
  • Moneybags Tanya
  • Taylor the Smile
  • Diane the Beast
  • Milten Greedy
  • Carmen Three Toes
  • Thieving Jenna
  • Crystal Whispers
  • Alison the Crackpot
  • Jessie the Spider

Fantasy Rogue Names

Following are some of the best fantasy names:

  • Winter Reaper
  • Kaylyn the Viper
  • Sly Sarah
  • Straight Jacket Margaret
  • Spencer Foolish
  • Wardley Five Fingers
  • Elisabeth the Pegleg
  • Nova
  • Marilyn the Thug
  • Robin Whispers
  • Jill Bullettooth
  • Palmyra the Heister
  • Rhett the Maniac
  • Scarface Hawthorne
  • Mad Eyed Tuesday
  • Laurel the Ravager
  • Ravinia the Pegleg
  • Crazy Winter
  • Linda the Nightmare
  • Legend
  • Maidel the Smile
  • Kiersten the Angel
  • Pelton the Wild
  • Heather the Smirk
  • Thieving Elvis
  • Grady Lucky
  • Braxton the Angel
  • Keegan Smiling
  • Braeden the Punk
  • Madeleine the Jester
  • Justine the Shark
  • Action Xavier
  • Robbin Three Fingers
  • Rutherford Pegleg
  • Morocco
  • Mad Man Serena
  • Breonna Mad Dog
  • Straight Jacket Ember
  • Redman the Buster

Cool Bandit Names

Here are some cool and amazing bandit names, that you’ll like:

  • Cheating Brayton
  • Annika the Bull
  • Lilian the Knuckles
  • Kimberly the Squint
  • Barden Three Toes
  • Poison Jazmine
  • Dwyte Lunatic
  • Ally the Razor
  • Three Toed Jena
  • Jagger Danger
  • Prowling Ripley
  • Zeppelin
  • Janie Bullettooth
  • Silent Destinee
  • Numbers Eaton
  • Keira Eyepatch
  • Wild Reinhold
  • Zoie Four Fingers
  • Lacey the Cheater
  • Kiara One Eye
  • Poison Maidie
  • Dominick Scarface
  • Farland Numbers
  • Manny Bullettooth
  • Cristal Rusty
  • Hastings Eyepatch
  • Crazy Eyed Mckayla the Razor
  • Bullettooth Leigh
  • Rebeca Coins
  • Nikki Crazy Eyes
  • Alena the Mad
  • Kali Danger
  • Garret Grin
  • Scarface Jocelyn
  • Angelique Blue Eyes
  • Poison Denisse
  • Cecelia the Sce

Bandit Group Names

  • Shadow Syndicate
  • Rogue Renegades
  • Phantom Outlaws
  • Midnight Marauders
  • Infamous Raiders
  • Stealthy Scoundrels
  • Outlaw Alliance
  • Reckless Bandits
  • Mercenary Mavericks
  • Elusive Enforcers
  • Cunning Corsairs
  • Desperado Defenders
  • Lawless Legion
  • Sinister Swindlers
  • Guerilla Gangsters
  • Shadowy Saboteurs
  • Ruthless Rascals
  • Wild West Rogues
  • Vigilante Vandals
  • Lethal Outcasts
  • Renegade Raiders
  • Merciless Marauders
  • Stealth Strike Force
  • Bandit Brigade
  • Rebellious Robbers
  • Insidious Intruders
  • Outlawed Order
  • Bold Banditos
  • Daring Delinquents
  • Criminal Coalition

Famous Bandit Names

  • Robin Hood
  • Jesse James
  • Blackbeard
  • Billy the Kid
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Ned Kelly
  • Pancho Villa
  • Al Capone
  • Butch Cassidy
  • John Dillinger
  • Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Ma Barker
  • Doc Holliday
  • Joaquin Murrieta
  • Dick Turpin
  • Belle Starr
  • Captain Kidd
  • Frank James
  • Black Bart
  • Dalton Gang
  • Sam Bass
  • Machine Gun Kelly
  • Charles “Lucky” Luciano
  • Kid Curry
  • Alfonso “Scarface” Capone
  • Dutch Schultz
  • Jack “Legs” Diamond
  • George “Baby Face” Nelson
  • Henry “The Gentleman Bandit” Starr

Bandito Names

  • El Diablo
  • La Sombra
  • La Furia
  • El Cazador
  • El Matador
  • El Huracán
  • La Serpiente
  • El Fantasma
  • El Tigre
  • El Vengador
  • El Fuego
  • La Tempestad
  • La Araña
  • El Rayo
  • El Gato Negro
  • El Lobo
  • El Bandido
  • La Máscara
  • La Espada
  • El Trueno
  • El Ladrón
  • El Destino
  • El Relámpago
  • El Escorpión
  • El Corsario
  • El Centinela
  • La Víbora
  • El Oráculo
  • El Ángel Oscuro
  • El Maldito

Mexican Bandit Names

  • Pancho Pistolas
  • Rosalinda La Chispa
  • Chuy el Malo
  • La Mariposa Sangrienta
  • El Diablo Rojo
  • La Tigresa Salvaje
  • El Bandolero Veloz
  • Don Rafael el Fiero
  • Juana la Intrépida
  • El Cuchillo Dorado
  • La Serpiente Negra
  • El Gato Astuto
  • El Lobo Solitario
  • La Dama Despiadada
  • El Relámpago Justiciero
  • El Pistolero Audaz
  • La Malvada Encantadora
  • El Toro Bravío
  • El Águila Real
  • La Venganza Ardiente
  • El Jefe Sin Piedad
  • El Enmascarado Valiente
  • La Sombra Mortal
  • El Matón Implacable
  • La Espada del Pueblo
  • El Ladrón Elegante
  • El Alma del Desierto
  • La Furia Imparable
  • El Capitán Sin Ley
  • La Muerte Silenciosa

Bandit Names

How To Choose A Good Bandit Name

The allure of banditry has captivated our imaginations for centuries, from legendary outlaws like Robin Hood to modern-day anti-heroes. One crucial aspect of embodying the bandit persona is selecting a captivating bandit name. The right name not only adds an air of mystique but also helps create a lasting impression on those who hear it. In this article, we will explore the art of choosing a good bandit name, delving into various factors that contribute to its effectiveness.

Understanding the Essence of Banditry

To truly grasp the significance of a bandit name, we must first understand the historical context in which bandits thrived. Throughout history, bandits have represented rebels, outlaws, and freedom fighters, challenging the established order. Their names, often shrouded in secrecy, added to their mystique and invoked curiosity among the masses. By adopting a captivating bandit name, you tap into this rich legacy and convey a sense of defiance against conformity.

Reflecting Your Persona

Choosing a bandit name provides an opportunity to unveil a carefully crafted persona and project an image that aligns with your aspirations. Consider the traits and characteristics you wish to embody as a bandit. Are you a cunning trickster or a valiant protector of the oppressed? By reflecting on these aspects, you can infuse your chosen name with the essence of your desired persona.

Tapping into Mythology and Legends

Throughout mythology and legends, there are numerous tales of infamous bandits who have left an indelible mark on history. Drawing inspiration from these stories can help you craft a bandit name that carries an inherent sense of fascination. Whether it’s the audacity of Robin Hood or the enigma of Billy the Kid, these legends provide a rich tapestry from which to derive inspiration and create a name that resonates with your banditry ambitions.

Embracing the Element of Stealth

Bandits thrive in the shadows, striking swiftly and disappearing without a trace. In choosing a bandit name, it’s crucial to incorporate an element of stealth and intrigue. Consider names that evoke a sense of ambiguity, secrecy, and mystery. By doing so, you leave potential adversaries guessing and cultivate an aura of unpredictability that enhances your bandit persona.

Captivating Audiences with Wordplay

A wordplay is a powerful tool when crafting a bandit name that captures attention. Explore puns, alliterations, and clever word combinations to create a name that is not only intriguing but also elicits a smile or a chuckle. The artful use of language can help you strike a balance between an air of danger and a touch of humor, leaving a memorable impression on those who hear your name.

Considering Cultural References

Banditry is a concept that transcends cultural boundaries, but incorporating cultural references into your bandit name can make it resonate more deeply with specific audiences. Consider elements from folklore, historical events, or regional traditions that hold significance to your target audience. By weaving these references into your name, you forge a connection that sparks curiosity and establishes a sense of familiarity with your chosen community.

Testing the Waters and Gathering Feedback

Once you have a shortlist of potential bandit names, it’s time to test the waters. Experiment with different names among trusted friends or fellow bandits to gauge their reactions. Feedback from others can be invaluable in refining your choices and selecting a name that truly captures the essence of your bandit persona. Embrace constructive criticism and iterate until you find the name that resonates most powerfully.

Finalizing Your Bandit Name

As you narrow down your options, carefully assess the impact and uniqueness of each potential name. Consider how well they align with your vision and persona. Does the name evoke the emotions and perceptions you seek to convey? Ensure that your chosen bandit name stands out from the crowd, leaving an impression that lingers long after it is heard. Once you find the perfect fit, it’s time to embrace your bandit identity fully.


“The Ultimate List of Bandit Names” has provided an exciting array of monikers for those seeking to add an air of mystique to their stories, games, or creative projects. This comprehensive compilation encompasses a wide range of themes, from wild west outlaws to cunning thieves of ancient legends. With names like “Scarlett Shadow” and “Rogue Ryder,” one can easily envision the daring exploits and thrilling adventures that these bandits embody.

Whether you’re a writer crafting a compelling narrative, a gamer in search of a captivating character name, or simply someone who enjoys the allure of outlaws and rogues, this list offers a treasure trove of inspiration. The diverse selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect name to capture the essence of your bandit persona, be it a quick-fingered pickpocket or a notorious leader of a motley crew.

So, dive into the world of bandits and embrace the intrigue they bring. Let these names ignite your imagination and transport you to a realm where daring escapes, epic heists, and audacious deeds await. Unleash your creativity and breathe life into your bandit character with a name that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. The possibilities are endless, and with “The Ultimate List of Bandit Names” as your guide, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your own unforgettable bandit tale.


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