400 Best Battle Axe Names That You Will Like

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Here we have shared some cool and creative battle axe Names that you will like. Over the last year, we have helped thousands of people name their businesses, characters, and pets.

You can also choose a good name from the below list of battle axe names. But make sure to select such a name that will impress your friends and family.

Let’s dive in.

Battle Axe Names

Here we have shared some of the best cool and catchy battle axe names:

  • King’s Legacy
  • Frost Obsidian Edge
  • Flimsy Bone Battle Axe
  • Dusk’s Edge
  • Oathbreaker, Defiler of Magic
  • Doomblade
  • Dawn’s Edge, Butcher of Timeless Battles
  • Slice of Life, Soul of the Basilisk
  • Windsong Iron Greataxe
  • Restored Ivory Broadaxe
  • Trickster, Doomblade of the East
  • Possessed War Axe
  • Twilight’s Mithril Battle Axe
  • Misfortune’s Battle Axe
  • Second Chance, Token of Unholy Blight
  • Storm-Weaver
  • Raging Greataxe
  • Renovated Ironbark Chopper
  • Soul Infused Battle Axe
  • Despair, Doomblade of Redemption
  • Wit’s End, Oath of the Sky
  • Epilogue, Axe of Agony
  • Savagery, Chopper of Lost Voices
  • Shadowfury, Last Hope of Eternal Damnation
  • Convergence, Dualblade of Lost Comrades
  • Loyal Titanium Greataxe
  • Midnight, Favor of the Moonwalker
  • Wind’s Adamantite Crescent
  • Apocalypse
  • Rapture, Prophecy of Grace
  • Finality, Secret of Mercy
  • Dawn, Incarnation of the West
  • Foul Steel Reaver
  • The Light, Favor of Wizardry
  • Lustful Maul
  • Lich Chopper
  • Nirvana, Carver of Trembling Hands
  • Supremacy, Call of Mourning
  • Banished Bronzed Axe
  • Gladiator’s Bone Broadaxe
  • Deserted Maul
  • Echo
  • Blood Infused Silver War Axe
  • Dancing Ravager
  • Barbarian Cleaver
  • Oathkeeper, Tribute of the Occult
  • Hopeless Bronze Dualblade
  • Ruby Infused Reaver
  • Supremacy
  • Hungering Crescent
  • Frozen Cleaver
  • Dominion, Great axe of the Cataclysm
  • Terror Crescent
  • Vacancy, Pledge of the Day walker
  • Edge of Reason

Cool Battle Axe Names

Below are some of the best cool battle axe names that you will like:

  • Thunder guard Iron Great axe
  • Angers Edge, Tribute of Mountains
  • Party Pooper, Hope of the Immortal
  • King’s Legacy, Promise of Lost Voices
  • Fate, Slayer of the Insane
  • Terror Maul
  • Massive Bronze Edge
  • Phantom Cleaver
  • Warlord’s Crescent
  • Forsaken Bronzed Edge
  • Wit’s End, Ender of Blessings
  • Wind reaper, Crescent of Summoning
  • Chance, Destroyer of Denial
  • Orbit, Reach of the West
  • Suspension
  • Defiled Bronzed Cleaver
  • Gleaming Adamantine Great axe
  • Red Dwarf, Crescent of Unholy Blight
  • Treachery’s Ivory Ravager
  • Moon cleaver
  • Legacy, Defender of Nightmares
  • Refined Silver Great axe
  • Mourning Chopper
  • Hateful Obsidian Ravager
  • End bringer
  • Grim Mithra Axe
  • Blind Justice, Breaker of Mystery
  • Storm Ivory Broadaxes
  • Edge of Time
  • Renovated Steel Greataxe
  • Renewed Edge
  • Knight’s Honor, Wit of the Basilisk
  • Blood-Forged Titanium Edge
  • Restored Bone Cleaver
  • Spiteful Edge
  • Witherbrand
  • Windreaper
  • Crescent Moon
  • Magma, Crescent of the Lionheart
  • Dawnbreaker, Call of Truth
  • Twilight Bronze Axe
  • Soul Breaker, Slicer of Honor
  • Stormedge, Dark Blade of Twisted Visions
  • Scar
  • Destiny, Wit of Eternal Justice
  • Ghost-Forged Adamantite Crescent
  • Thirsty Bronze Cleaver
  • Last Chance, Runed Blade of Trials
  • The Oracle, Butcher of Cruelty
  • Extermination, Razor of Horrid Dreams
  • Restored Ravager
  • Spectral-Forged Silver Maul
  • Bloodrage
  • Hungering Maul

 Viking Battle Axe Names

In this list, I have shared some of the best Viking battle axe names for you:

  • Renovated Titanium Dual blade
  • Forsaken Iron Greataxe
  • Polished Reaver
  • Wit’s End, Cry of the Caged Mind
  • The Facelifter, Carver of Wasted Time
  • Harvester, Chopper of Immortality
  • Corpsemaker
  • Firesoul Ravager
  • Oblivion
  • Shadowsteel
  • Hatred
  • Humongous
  • Stormedge, Might of Deception
  • Peacemaker
  • Last Laugh, Doomblade of the King
  • Storm-Weaver, Battle Axe of Stealth
  • Reaper’s Toll
  • Warp Ebon Axe
  • Stormbringer
  • Zealous War Axe
  • Worldcarver, Doomblade of the Stars
  • Widow Maker, Betrayer of Time-Lost Memories
  • Sharpened Ravager
  • Undoing, Dualblade of Infinite Trials
  • Blackout, Annihilation of Shadows
  • Diabolical Obsidian Broadaxe
  • Last Rites, Dawn of the Leviathan
  • King’s Legacy, Token of Titans
  • Oathkeeper, War Axe of Stealth
  • Malice, Betrayer of the Flame
  • Dawn’s Edge
  • Chieftain, Bond of Dragonsouls
  • Catastrophe, Pledge of Subtlety
  • Spectral-Forged Ravager
  • Skullcrusher, Whisper of the Moon
  • Hatred’s Blade
  • Conqueror’s Ravager
  • Soul Infused Edge
  • Crimson
  • Abomination, Dark Blade of Fools
  • Misty Ivory Cleaver
  • Soul Breaker, Wit of Bloodlust
  • Deluded Titanium Dualblade
  • Stormrider, Maul of the Moon
  • Ghost Obsidian Maul
  • Devine
  • Eternal Rest, Razor of Ending Misery
  • Spiteful Battle Axe
  • Venom Glass Reaver
  • Arcane Golden Battle Axe
  • Chieftain, Hope of Shifting Worlds
  • Recruit’s Chopper
  • Harbinger, Greataxe of Sla

 Famous Battle Axe Names

In this list, I have shared some of the best famous battle axe names for you:

  • ughter
  • Shadowsteel, Reaver of Ashes
  • Peacemaker, Sculptor of Lost Voices
  • Pride, Maul of Eternal Glory
  • Baneful Battle Axe
  • Gleaming Golden Axe
  • Vanquisher, War Axe of Pride
  • Fancy Axe
  • Faith’s Cleaver
  • Savage Chopper
  • Warrior’s Adamantite Ravager
  • Sorcerer’s Broadaxe
  • Judgement Chopper
  • Stormfury Titanium Cleaver
  • Bloodlord’s Reaver
  • Improved Ravager
  • Misery’s Edge, Terror of the Forest
  • Armageddon, Soul of Grieving Widows
  • Desire’s Chopper
  • Orbit
  • King’s Defender, Chopper of the Wind
  • Doom’s Edge
  • Grieving Crescent
  • Due Diligence, Promise of Eternal Bloodlust
  • Ashrune, Protector of the Victor
  • Requiem
  • Soldier’s Skeletal Ravager
  • Rising Tide
  • Night’s Fall
  • Perfect Storm, Terror of the Light
  • Undead Ebon War Axe
  • Willbreaker
  • Stalker
  • The Ambassador, Axe of the Storm
  • Dark Ironbark Crescent
  • Nirvana
  • Midnight
  • Knightfall
  • Fearful Steel Edge
  • Tyrannical Glass Cleaver
  • Ash
  • Shadow Strike
  • Eternity, Cleaver of Slaughter
  • Wicked Maul
  • Rage, Protector of Eternal Glory
  • Night’s Fall, Boon of Pride
  • Infinity, Broadaxe of Dark Magic
  • Sinister Axe
  • Alpha, Memory of the Light
  • Firestorm Axe
  • Supernova, Crescent of Assassins
  • Dominance, Call of Insanity
  • Persuasion

Legendary Battle Axe Names

In this list, you will see some useful and simple legendary battle axe names:

  • Corruption, Reader of Phantoms
  • Vengeance, Ender of the Insane
  • Wind song Dual blade
  • Banished Golden Edge
  • Purifier, Carver of Giant slaying
  • Cataclysm, Might of Broken Families
  • Ancient Steel War Axe
  • Warrior’s Ravager
  • Hero Maul
  • Shamanic Glass Battle Axe
  • Heartseeker
  • Gladiator Bronze Greataxe
  • Twilight’s Crescent
  • Enigma, Crescent of the Forgotten
  • Oathkeeper
  • Remorse, Chopper of Eternal Struggles
  • Hell’s Scream, Destroyer of Giants
  • Ragnarok, Cry of Broken Dreams
  • Knight’s Honor
  • Shadowsteel, Jaws of Power
  • Epilogue, Destroyer of the Queen
  • Stormbringer, Reach of the Oracle
  • The Oculus
  • Interrogator, Pledge of the Storm
  • Hope’s Axe
  • Bloodweep, Whisper of Wraiths
  • Windslicer, Runed Blade of Eternal Sorrow
  • Prideful Reaver
  • Judgement Ebon Battle Axe
  • Blazeguard
  • Justice
  • Treachery’s Broadaxe
  • Hollow Adamantite Broadaxe
  • Worldslayer
  • Harmonized Skeletal Edge
  • Stormbringer, Dualblade of Hate
  • The Chancellor, Heirloom of Eternity
  • Nethersbane
  • Bloodsurge Mithril Dualblade
  • Desolation Obsidian Broadaxe
  • Blazefury
  • Braindead
  • The Chief, Vengeance of the Earth
  • Atuned Broadaxe
  • Cometfall, Sculptor of the Stars
  • Bloodlord’s Crescent
  • Malicious Dual blade
  • Glinting Chopper
  • Perfect Storm, Warblade of the Summoner
  • Worldcarver, Dark Blade of the East
  • Hope’s End, Crusader of the Void
  • Epilogue, Breaker of Blood
  • Bloodvenom Obsidian Cleaver

Battle Axe Names

How to write battle axe names

Have you ever tried coming up with a good name for a character in your favorite book series? If you’re like, me, then you’ve probably spent hours trying to come up with a battle axe name, but you still end up with the same boring name every time.

I’m here to help you with that problem. I’ve collected some battle axe names from different sources, including novels, movies, and comics, which you can use to come up with a name for your characters is your favorite book series.

Here are some tips to create battle axe names.

Keep it Short and Simple

Have you ever tried to come up with a name for a character in a roleplaying game? If so, you know how hard it can be. You begin with a pile of names and eventually you find one that you like, but getting it right the first time is a challenge.

This is because they are long and boring names. You should find names that are short and simple.

It’s a pain to have a long, unwieldy name. You can’t just be Kaitlin or Jane or Taryn. You need something specific and not too common.

Make it memorable.

Battle axe names that are short and sweet are usually memorable too. To make a name memorable, make sure it is easy to understand and say aloud. When a name is easy to understand, it automatically fits in the subconscious mind of people and thus cratering a memory in their mind.

To come to know whether your selected name is memorable or not, say it a few times loudly and you will come to know if it’s memorable or not.

Avoid Difficult Names

Some names are creative but difficult to understand and memorize. Although they look cool, they should be ignored. This is because they aren’t memorable. People try to avoid all the dwarf names that include hard to spell words.

When a name has hard to understand and memorize words, it becomes quite impossible for the audience to understand it.


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