Bike Slogans: 200+ Bicycle Slogans and Cycling Slogans

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Here we have shared some cool and catchy bike slogans to inspire you. We have also mentioned some cycling slogans to increase your motivation.

Our world is advancing day by day; companies are making new cars, traveling in the car is much comfortable, but still, people don’t leave preferring two wheels traveling on four.

People are purchasing bikes, and day by day, its uses are increasing.

According to statistics, Japan exported 3.1 million units of bicycles in 2019 and about 2.4 million in 2010.

There are many bike sayings about bike popularity and biking, but one of my favorites saying about biking is “Learn to ride a bike. You will not regret it if you live.”  

Apart from bike traveling, people use bicycles and bikes for biking sports. According to Statista, cycling is one of the most popular and liked sports in many countries, especially in Italy.

In Italy, there are 629 cycling clubs registered in 2020.

Why is the Slogan Important?

Now it is crystal clear how biking and cycling are famous in the world. Cycling is a splendid activity for health, that’s why doctors consult a fatty man or woman to do cycling.

There is a slogan for bicycles that “A bicycle keeps the doctor away.” And I know you are pretty sure that it’s like that.

When it comes to bike selling, the bike companies are struggling to come up with new designs and pieces to sell more and earn more.

They need better advertisement and to improve their marketing strategy. The slogans are the essential aspect of the marketing strategy.

If you have a bike company or want to open a bike company, you will have to sell bikes more. And for that, it is mandatory to write splendid bicycle slogans to persuade and attracts the people towards your company.

Writing a slogan for bicycles is an intricate part of the marketing strategy, but don’t worry, we are here for that. We are providing you with 200+ bike slogans. Choose the best one for your bike company. Keep reading.

Bike Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy bike slogans:

  • A bicycle keeps the doctor away.
  • Learn from a bike. Move over all the hurdles.
  • The journey of bicycles never ends.
  • A healthy journey is a bicycle journey.
  • No pollution. And save money.
  • Beat your friend on the race. Buy the bike full of grace.
  • Enjoy avoiding traffic jams.
  • Always move like a bicycle.
  • Now it is here. Come!
  • Ride on the side. You are the mom’s pride.
  • Bike for entertainment.
  • Time saver. The bicycle.
  • Money saver. The bicycle.

Cycling Slogans

Following are the best cycling slogans to inspire you:

  • Buy bike. But be on the side.
  • You like our bike. Come here and buy it.
  • The children first hope; the bicycle.
  • Buy the best one. All are speedy.
  • Love bikes because it gives no financial bite.
  • Cycling is a gift; don’t waste time and do it.
  • Keep your heart healthy.
  • A bike is the fastest in a rush.
  • Why every house has a bicycle?
  • Ride if you can’t drive.
  • Speed matters.
  • Move with waves.
  • Press the pedal and left the jungle.
  • Don’t forget the helmet; otherwise, your bike will be a hell mate.

Mountain Bike Sayings

Here are some unique and cool mountain bike slogans:

  • Wear helmet. Avoid a hospital bed.
  • It helps in burning fats.
  • Stay safe. Look twice. It’s your choice.
  • The bikes are cool but on the journey, keep the necessary tool.
  • Lose weight. Buy a bicycle and don’t hesitate.
  • Come and get it.
  • Ride a bike to save the earth.
  • Bicycle! The pollution-free.
  • Ride with your friends. It’s happiness.
  • Your dream comes true.
  • Biking is a thrill. Still, be safe. It kills.
  • Want to fit yourself? Buy a bicycle.
  • The safe way. The bikeway.

Cycle Phrases

Here are some unique and attractive cycle phrases and taglines:

  • We care about you.
  • Give a gift of a bike to your loved one.
  • The bike which you are looking for is available here.
  • Come Here and Avoid Fear. Buy the Bike and Run-On the Side.
  •  Time to buy a bicycle. Your desire, don’t hide.
  • A bike gives a ride, health, and pride. Is not that enough?
  • Know what your heart wants.
  • Love bikes? Come and get it.
  • Bikes adorn the look.
  • Bright Your Personality with a Bike.
  • You can go everywhere on it.
  • Come! It’s here.

Badass Cycling Quotes

Here are some of the best and badass cycling quotes:

  • Use less oil and go anywhere on the soil.
  • We are here for you, Biker!
  • Don’t need to go to the gym if you are riding on a bicycle.
  • Tension-free ride.
  • You can part it everywhere.
  • Make your life smart with a bike.
  • Biking is passion and fashion.
  • Feel and live every moment on the bike journey.
  • Don’t care what is behind. Look what is on the way.

Bike Slogans

How to Write Bike Slogans

Slogans are few words phrases. It is the best way to influence and draw the attention of the people towards the event, company, business, or any other purpose.

The slogan impacts the selling of the company. It attracts clients when it is splendid and attractive. Tedious and irrelevant slogans distract the clients from the business.

We are here to provide you with some tips for bicycle slogans. Keep reading.

Brainstorm and Make a List of Bike Slogans

Brainstorming is one of the best ways of creating slogans. Take a pencil and a page and write all your ideas about bicycle slogans. Create slogans for bicycles based on your ideas. And make a list of them.

Ask your Family and Friends

You can get the ideas of slogans for bicycles or direct bicycle slogans by asking your family members and friends. After hearing from family and friends, if their ideas about bike slogans are splendid, then add them to your list and choose the best one.

Tell your Specialty

You have a company of bikes and selling bikes, so tell your specialty in your bike slogan. Ask yourself that: what is your strong point in selling bikes. And in which way your bikes are better than your competitors.

You can mention the benefits of cycling; people love those things which are healthful. And cycling is a splendid activity for health. One of the bike sayings explained it well that “biking is a good alternative. Use the city as your gym.”

Keep it Simple and Sweet.

You are here to create and write a bike slogan to attract and influence people for your selling. If you create an arduous slogan for bicycles, then people will find it tedious and hard to understand.

How will they concede it? Therefore, keep your bicycle slogan simple.


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