450 Attractive Boutique Names Ideas and Suggestions

Here we will discuss boutique name ideas and suggestions for your business. Most boutique owners suggest finding simple boutique names that drive more customers.

Over the last week, we have visited more than a hundred boutique, studying and analyzing different boutique names. and finally, we are here with some of the simple and creative boutique name ideas for you.

But before diving into the list, let’s discuss what exactly a good name is:

Let’s dive in.

Attractive Names for Boutique

A name’s first impression is often its lasting impression, and the name you choose for your business can have a significant impact on its future success. Having a beautiful, catchy, and memorable name is a major advantage, one that businesses have been taking advantage of for years.

Finding a name is a lot like finding a mate in a bar: it’s a lot easier to find a good one in a good bar than a good one in a bad bar. It’s just the same in business. If you build a company on a weak foundation, it’ll be doomed to failure. These are the most simple and attractive names for boutiques to inspire your ideas:

Simple Boutique Names

You are probably here because you want to open a boutique. Or maybe you have already opened it. Good move! Boutiques are earning good revenue nowadays. But a successful boutique starts with a catchy boutique name. Because it’s the first impression on the customers.

Following are the simple boutique names to help you name your startup:

Successful Boutique Names

When I started my blog, I chose to call it WorthStart because I felt it was a name that summed up what I was trying to accomplish – to share success stories, to help others in their own endeavors, and to become a destination for people who are seeking to take their own business to the next level. I also chose the name because it is an acronym for “Worthy Start” – which is how I feel about my own journey.

Here are some amazing successful boutique names to inspire you:

Southern Boutique Name Ideas

Following are some of the Indian boutique name ideas for you:

Creative Boutique Name Ideas

Being creative is the most important part of any business. As a boutique owner, you have to think very creatively to name your boutique.

Following are the most creative boutique names you will ever find:

One Word Boutique Names

A lot of entrepreneurs prefer to use one-word names for their businesses. This is because it is quite easy for them to turn their businesses names into a brand this way. If you believe the same, you will like the below list. Check out the below list of one word boutique names:

Boutique Name Ideas

Here are some creative and unique boutique name ideas and suggestions:

Sister Boutique Names

Below are some creative and attractive sister boutique names:

Cute Boutique Names

Here are some clever and cute boutique name ideas and suggestions:

Girl Business Name Ideas

Below are some of the best girl business name ideas and suggestions:

Instagram Boutiques Names

Here are some unique and attractive Instagram boutique names:

Fairytale Boutique Names

Below are some amazing and fairytale boutique names for you:

How to Create Attractive Boutique Names

Choosing a name for your boutique can be a hard task for you. So we have researched some ideas that you should keep in mind while choosing a boutique name. We will also tell you how to finalize your boutique name. Just keep reading.

There are hundreds of boutique names to choose from when naming your startup, but are you sure you are choosing the right ones? If you are, you are not alone…Choosing a name for your boutique can be a challenge, but there are some factors to look for in a good boutique name:

Use Human Emotions & Thoughts Based Words

What does that mean? Well, you should choose a name that has something attached to the customer’s hearts. The Customer should feel something while looking at your name i.e. they can feel happy or they should think of any specific moment. For example “Red Dress Boutique” is just a name. But when we hear that we think about colors. It doesn’t mean that the boutique is just selling red colored dresses but it means that the boutique is full of colorful dresses. So it’s a human nature to get attracted towards color. And the word Red shows that every woman looks beautiful in red.

Choose different & unique Names

If someone in your premises is using a really good name and his boutique is really successful. There is a good chance that you are going to choose a name similar to him. Well, that’s not a bad idea at all but that will not let you make your own brand just like he did. So it’s better that you choose a unique name instead of going for similar names. There are more chances of success if the business name is unique and memorable.

Choosing too trendy name? Wait for a Second!

Trends come and go in life. A lot of entrepreneurs make the same mistake. They just choose the name based on present trends. But you will regret that name after 5 years. Too trendy names are no longer cool once the trend is over. So make sure to keep this in mind.

Check the .com domain Availability

Online businesses are working more than offline businesses. So before finalizing your boutique name make sure to check the .com domain availability of it. This will help a lot in driving traffic to your boutique.

Is your boutique name Easy to read?

It’s a terrible idea to choose boutique names that are difficult to read and remember. First, you should not do that. But still, if there is any good reason behind that then you should buy simple name domains too and redirect your traffic there.

Can you use That Name legally?

Business names can be registered only once. So before finalizing your boutique name make sure to check its availability on copyright.gov

Things to do while naming your boutique

There are several factors that you should keep in mind while choosing an attractive boutique name:

Consider using your own name.

A lot of entrepreneurs use their own names in choosing a boutique name. One should consider using his name so that he can make it a brand later.

You own the boutique and you are really proud of that. Let the world know who the boss is! Also using your own name gives customers the idea that the stuff they are going to buy is personal, unique, and selected by you carefully.

Use Fashion Terms in your Boutique Name.

Use fashion words to give customers an idea about the product they are going to buy from you. Before walking into your store, the customers already have made their mind about buying the stuff you are selling.

Use Incorporate Location.

If you have rented or purchased your location, use it in the names. Not only this type of name will give the customers an idea about your location but also give the feeling that the products that you are selling belong to their own locations, place, or market.

Consider Your Audience.

If you are opening your boutique for a specific age or gender, consider adding that into your boutique name. Let say you are opening it for kids, then the name should have the words kid included so that customers can have an idea from outside that kids’ clothes and stuff are being sold.

How to Finalize Your Boutique Name?

Here is the step by step process to finalize your boutique name:


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