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Brow Business Names: 400+ Best Eyebrow Salon Names Ideas

Here are some of the best and clever brow business names. These eyebrow salon names can be used anywhere you want for yourself and also for others.

You can use them for your business and also you can share them with anyone. When thinking about a name for your new business, there are some important considerations.

You want to choose a name that reflects your products or services, without being too hard to pronounce or spell. It’s important to select a name that will be memorable and that will help you stand out among your competitors and clients.

A catchy name is also a good way to help your business get established as a leader in your industry.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the list.

Brow Business Names

Here are some of the best and cool brow business names that you will like:

  • The Pretty Eye Marker
  • Blush and Brow
  • Black Odyssey Tattoo Studio
  • Cartridge Brows
  • Brow Barbershop
  • Braided Eyebrow Designs
  • The Brows Stylist
  • On Fleek!
  • Browsing Your Brows
  • Ink Machine
  • Best Microblading Brow Specialist
  • Busy Bee Brows
  • Microblatholic
  • Beauty Microblading
  • Natural Beauty
  • Brow Zone
  • Un-furrowed Brows
  • Pretty Eyez with Me Microblading
  • Ink Me Tinted Beauty Gallery
  • The Right Brow
  • Browtiful
  • Perky Eyebrows Polish & Spa
  • Confidence Brow
  • Almond Eyeliner
  • Your Personal Brow Girl/Boy
  • Pink Bunny
  • Brows on Fire
  • Creative Touch Microblading
  • The Brows Company
  • Brow Strokes
  • The Fine Art of Microblading
  • Firehouse Eyebrows ‘N’ Cuts
  • Microblading Beauty & Brow Artistry
  • Blush Beauty Brows
  • Microshademakers

Eyebrow Salon Names

Following are some best and cute eyebrow salon names you can use:

  • Long-Lasting Beauty
  • Easy On The Eyes
  • Eyebrow Wows
  • X-Cellent Eyebrows
  • Little Miss Eyebrow
  • Eyemazing Artistry
  • Abracadabra Microblading
  • Faithful gaze
  • Sharp Looks
  • Wild Brows
  • Perfect Microblading
  • Glitter Eyebrows
  • Eyelash Factory
  • Beauty Salon
  • The Eyebrowing Club
  • Brow Brow
  • Bush-B-Gone
  • The Brows Place
  • Wax Wonderland
  • Pedigree brows
  • Brow Pros
  • Luscious Microblading
  • The Eyebrow Factor
  • Perfect Stroke
  • Lovely Brows Please
  • Hipster’s Eyebrows
  • Pretty Tresses
  • Perfect Line
  • Effortless Brows
  • Browsonic
  • Electric Brows
  • Baby Blading Boutique
  • Filled and Fleek
  • Designing the Perfect Eyebrows
  • Any Kind of Blading

Lash and Brow Business Names

These are some best and funny lash and brow business names for you:

  • Eyebrow Diva
  • Brow Behavior
  • Flawless Look
  • Predictable Brows
  • Eyebrow Heaven
  • Luxury Brows
  • Eyebrow Boutique
  • Wisdom Wax
  • Expressions Microblading
  • Brow La La
  • Microblading With Heart
  • Fairy Tale Magic
  • Eyebrow Masters
  • Brow Tinting Studio
  • Moving Brows
  • iBrows
  • Fabulous Hair Designs Microblading & Beauty Service
  • Eyelash Philosophy
  • Brow Girl
  • Eyebrow Physicians
  • My Beautiful Brows
  • Brow & Brush
  • Wowie Browie
  • Stylist
  • Diamonds & Needles Tattoo Studio
  • Brow Buds
  • Royal Brows
  • Wonderful Brows
  • Flutter Fix
  • Eyebrow Salon
  • The Shining Brow
  • Beauty Is in the Eye of the Microblader
  • Eyebrow You?
  • Brow Boutique
  • Eyebrow Obsession Inc

Catchy Brow Business Names

Below are some best and catchy brow business names you can use:

  • Indulge Microblading
  • Brow Potion
  • Brow Outrageous
  • Highness – for Microblading High Profile Clients
  • Brow Brothers
  • Brows On Fleek!
  • Eyebrow Specialist
  • Rhombus Inc.
  • Extreme Brows
  • Filled and Fab
  • Eye Designs
  • High Brows
  • The Complete Brow Solution
  • Browology
  • Brow Techniques
  • The Art of Eyebrows
  • Wowzer Brows
  • Beauty On The Tip Of Your Ink
  • Microblading Brows
  • Quick & Easy Eyebrows
  • Eyebrow Rescue
  • Brows by the Sea
  • On Point Tattoo Studio
  • Brow Lustre
  • Nice Brows
  • Do You Need A Brow Raise?
  • Love Your Lines
  • The Passionate Brow
  • funfair brows
  • Coco’s Eyebrow Studio
  • Eye Buds
  • Idyllic Eyes
  • Sweet Brows
  • Meow Brows
  • Eye Catch Inc

Catchy Names for Eyebrow Business

These are some best and creative catchy names for eyebrow business for you:

  • Paradise gaze
  • Microblading Planet
  • Eye Buddies
  • Endless Line Microblading Studio
  • Makeup for Eyebrows
  • Good Vibes Only Ink
  • Microblading Morphsuits
  • Elegant Eyebrows N More
  • Flirty Brows
  • Curve Appeal
  • Eyebraws
  • Fierce Brows
  • 24/7 Microblading
  • Perma-Brow
  • Narelle’s Eyebrows
  • Microblading Time
  • Heartwarming gaze
  • Blink and Miss Tattoo Studio
  • Eyebrow Artist
  • Touch Up
  • Alluring Eyebrows
  • X-treme Eyebrows
  • Browy Wowy
  • Creative Curves
  • Game on brows
  • Waxing Wonderland
  • Ample Arches
  • Bump it Up Permanent Makeup
  • Eyebrow Instincts
  • On Fleek
  • Mesmerizing brows
  • Brows My Way
  • Curves and Lashes
  • Browz Creme
  • Wax Wonders

What are some confident eyebrow business name ideas?

  • Brow Queen
  • Best Brow Artist
  • Shape All Brows
  • Professional Eyebrow Threading
  • Enchanting Eyebrows Microblading
  • Eyebrows on Fleek – Little Time, Big Money
  • UniBrow
  • Sweet Lashes
  • Elfin Brows
  • Sharp gaze brows
  • Eyebrowiana
  • The Great Eyebrow Article
  • Cantina Loco Permanent Makeup
  • Impressive Eyebrows
  • Micro Chic
  • Brow Masterpieces
  • Eye Candy Microblading
  • Brow Know-How
  • Eyebrows first
  • Waxing Wisdom
  • Whitened Up Cosmetics Store
  • Perfect Crown Eyebrow Salon
  • Wax World
  • Wax Me Bab
  • Eyebrow Threading Salon
  • Wisdom Waxing
  • Even More Eyebrows
  • Fascinating looks
  • Black Work Skin Art
  • Brows Just Got Better
  • The Eyebrow World
  • The Perfect Pluck
  • Richey Manicured Brows​​​​​
  • Eyebrow Experience
  • Oh, my Eyebrows!

What are some attractive brow business names?

  • Pretty Feather Hair
  • Wonder Brows
  • Brow Lipsticks and Liners Cosmetics Store
  • Just Fabulous Brows
  • Eyebrow Image Consultant
  • Brow-nificent
  • Free Spirit Ink
  • Eyebrow Friend
  • Magic Microblading
  • The Eyebrow Empire (trendy/hip)
  • The Furrowed Brow
  • Eyebrow Architect
  • The Happy Brow
  • Brow Bar Salon
  • Skinny Brows (street/urban)
  • Brow Appeal
  • Strong Brows
  • Bubbly Brows
  • Ink Me Spots and Dots
  • Inspidenta Microblading
  • Spider Brows
  • Get Carried Away
  • Beautiful Brows
  • Highbrows
  • Radical Eye Candy
  • Little Piggy Microblading
  • Brows to You
  • Brow & Co
  • Stunning Eyes Inc
  • Narrow Eyebrows Company
  • Brow Waxers
  • LuxeBrows
  • The Black Brow
  • Brows Are Better!
  • Microblading Studio Pop

What are some beautiful eyebrow business names?

  • Black Label Brow Bar
  • Brows for Geeks
  • Black Swan Tattoo Studios
  • Brow Art studio
  • Sunflower Microblading
  • Can’t Stop Looking at My Eyebrows
  • Fleek for Weeks
  • Always Arched and Ready
  • Eyebrow Makeover
  • Pluck ‘em Right Out!
  • Eyebrow Girlie
  • Brow Love
  • Calligraphy Brows
  • Skin Boundaries
  • Tied with a Brow
  • Brow Dojo
  • Botox and Beauty Lounge Brows
  • On Pointe N Slightly Upforneh
  • Eyebrow shapes
  • Inked eyebrows
  • Eyebrow Entrepreneur
  • The Brow Bureau
  • The Beauty Spot
  • Doodles
  • Classic Brows – The Beauty Spot For Elegant Brows
  • Instant Beautification Solutions
  • Hair That Suits You
  • 9 to 5 Brows​​​​​
  • Brow Arch Avenue
  • Regal Brows
  • Microblading Loyalty
  • Little Patch of Beauty
  • Ink Nook
  • The Browing Stop
  • Brow Lines

Brow Business Names

How to Name Your Own Brow Business

In this part of the article, you will see some cool tips that will help you in naming your own business.

These tips are surely effective and very simple to use. So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the list.

Brainstorm and make a list of Brow Businesses

The first thing that is necessary and should be followed in naming your own business is to brainstorm. You have to search a lot and use your brain to make a list of some best brow business names.

You can take the help of the internet and also you can explore near markets and parlors.

Conduct a thorough internet search

The second thing is to search through the internet. Nowadays everyone knows about the internet and also there are a lot of online stores on the internet.

So most of the people use to buy things online. That’s why you must have to conduct an internet search and see what people like more.

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