400 Unique Burger Restaurant Names Ideas

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Have you thought about starting your own burger restaurant? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a list of great names to help you out in your search for a perfect restaurant name.

Restaurant names can be tricky to nail down. You might think a simple, plain name will be easy to remember. However, many restaurant names are very difficult to understand when people try to spell them out loud.

Burger restaurants are the most common type of restaurant chain that serve hamburgers and other burgers. While there are many burger restaurants around the world, the United States is home to the most popular ones, and they dominate the market.

For this reason, you’ll need a catchy name to make sure your potential customers will be able to pronounce it correctly. In addition, the name should also be easy to spell.

Here’s a list of our favorite burger restaurant names:

Burger Restaurant Names

Burger restaurants have been an American staple since the 1960s. They have become a staple across the country as the population has grown. As a result of the popularity of the burger, it seems that every restaurant in America is now offering some variation of the classic burger.

The burger business has grown rapidly over the past decade, and many small businesses have decided to enter the market. However, the competition can be fierce. You may have a great product, but if you aren’t willing to spend money advertising to get people to come in, then you will be at a disadvantage.

  • Cool Breeze
  • First Class Burger
  • Atomic Burger
  • The Burger Joint
  • One Brother Beef
  • Butterfly Verde Llc
  • Bohemian Kreations
  • Crush Burger Shop
  • Gypsy
  • Burger On The Move
  • Smokey’s Burgers
  • Urban Diner
  • Aroma Steamers & Candle Making
  • Kommer Bros Burger
  • Sloppy Joes Burgers
  • The British Bulldog Burger Shop
  • Burger Plus Restaurant
  • Street Burger
  • The Wanderer
  • Charming Touch
  • Bs Burger Cafe
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Burger 123
  • Burgers Only
  • Robert’s Hamburgers
  • Earthly Delights
  • Beef Bunch
  • Grindhouse Burgers

Catchy Burger Restaurant Names

With thousands of restaurants in the country, you need to make sure you stand out and set yourself apart from the crowd. Fortunately, there are plenty of burger restaurant business names to choose from. Some of them have a long history, while others are newly created.

Burger Restaurants are a great source of revenue, but they don’t necessarily require a large amount of capital investment. If you are thinking of starting your own burger restaurant, then you can use the following burger restaurant business name ideas to get inspiration for your brand.

  • Secret Kitchen
  • Hawk Farms & Hayleys
  • Cornflower Creamery
  • George’s Burger Stand
  • Bites Diner
  • Burger Cafe
  • Double Decker Burgers
  • Sparkles And Butterflies
  • Woodchuck Marketing
  • Burger Party
  • The Burger Grill
  • Thick And Juicy Burgers
  • Bismuth Bangle Incorporate
  • Earth Child Natural Products
  • Salty Dogs Bbq
  • Big Burger
  • Burgers & Brews
  • Smokin’ Buns Ii
  • Blaze Burgers
  • Jamie Oliver’s Burger Palace
  • Burger Hero
  • Cheesy Burgerz
  • Burger Bites N Grill
  • Hamburger Paradise
  • Burger Snack
  • Cheesy Burger
  • Winning Grills
  • Fierce Bee Organic Soap Co.
  • Fattboy Burgers
  • Hot Cow

Cool Burger Restaurant Names

Burger restaurants are very popular now. They have become almost an everyday lunch or dinner option for many people. From local, family owned establishments to major chains, they are everywhere.

Although the exact number is unknown, it is estimated that there are over 16,000 burger restaurants in the U.S., a 50% increase from 1996. It seems like every time a new restaurant opens up, someone asks, “Are you open for lunch?”

Because of the popularity, competition is fierce. There is no shortage of business name possibilities for this industry. You can come up with names such as:

  • Catch N’ Eat
  • Scratch The Taco
  • A Dash Of Pink
  • Hometown Burger
  • My Dinner Your Bun
  • Jalapeno Thickburger
  • Whisper Dreams
  • Suck It Burgers
  • Waffle On The Side Burgers
  • Burgers And Beer
  • Bite Binge
  • Bite Me Burgers
  • Local Legend Burgers
  • Fries Burgers
  • The Great Burger
  • Krazy Burger
  • Bobby’s Burger Palace
  • Red Rooster
  • Jersey’s Favorite Burger
  • Burgess Burger And Sandwich Bar
  • Sliders Downtown
  • Boneyard Burger
  • Big Mouth Billy’s
  • Pile Em Up! Burger
  • Burger Rehab
  • Backyard Burger
  • Wild Grill
  • The Honest Burger Company

Funny Burger Restaurant Names

Burger restaurants are all over the place. They’re found in local restaurants, burger chains, and even fast food chains like McDonald’s. In this article, we take a look at different business names and restaurant names for burger restaurants.

A quick glance at the business name suggestions below will help you come up with an idea for a unique burger restaurant. You can always change the wording to make it fit your personality.

  • Cream Dream
  • Breakfast Of Burgers
  • The Diner On Wheels
  • Burger ‘N Biscuits
  • Cheese Please Burger Co.
  • Fat Man’s Burger
  • Burger Me Up
  • Burger Snacks
  • Cheesy Buns
  • Burger Fusion
  • Bruh Now
  • Bite It Burger
  • Big Burgerfresh Meat & Bread
  • Hugs ‘N’ Kisses Burger Shop
  • Cute And Silly
  • Greasy Burgers
  • Bite & Eat
  • Bunch Of Burgers
  • The Great Burger Bar
  • Slash Run
  • Crazy Burger
  • Burger Bounce
  • The Local Burger Bar
  • Slapdash Burger Bar
  • The Bitch Burger Hut
  • Burger World
  • The Burger Boss
  • Hungry And Hungry
  • Satisfying Burgers
  • Street’s Fine Chicken

Unique Burger Shop Names

If you’re looking for a name that will help increase your brand awareness and attract more customers, the burger restaurant business name is for you. It’s a great choice because the name “burger” already carries a positive connotation.

This is good news, since it means that there’s no need for you to spend any money to promote this type of business. With your name, you’ll be able to tap into a huge market of hungry customers without having to spend any cash.

A burger restaurant name can either be generic or specific. A generic name implies that there is only one restaurant with the same name. A specific name identifies a particular restaurant, such as a fast food chain.

  • The Scent Of Sunshine
  • Logan’s Grilled Subs
  • The Bun Is Redder
  • Chow Down Burgers
  • Citrine Gemstones
  • Coco Burger House
  • Mountain Top Sunrise
  • Bacon Burgers
  • Cheeseburger In Paradise
  • Scorchie’s
  • Chuck Wagon Burgers And Fries
  • Bee’s Knees Hamburger House
  • Lovely Garden
  • Burgers, Fries And Shake
  • Classic Burgers
  • Sizzle & Spice
  • First Street Burgers
  • Goldie Gatekeeper
  • Smoke’s Fire And Ice
  • Pilot’s Pride
  • Good Eats Grill
  • Black Star Burger
  • Whopper`S Grill And Chill
  • The Fast Food Kitchen
  • Coq Cent
  • Kitchen Sink Burger
  • B-Luv
  • Quick-Burger-Shop
  • Sliced & Swirls
  • Killer Burgers

Best Burger Names

The burger restaurant business is booming. According to research, there were nearly 6,000 burger restaurants in 2010. This number is expected to double by 2015. There are so many options, such as fast food and sit-down restaurants that offer burgers.

If you are looking for a name for your restaurant, then you should consider these burger restaurant names:

  • Patty Stop
  • The Hippy Gypsy Burger Shop
  • Truly Burger
  • The Burger Shack
  • A&W All American Burger
  • Burger Mania
  • Zoodles Grill
  • Chunky Monkey Burgers
  • Chunk And Chip Burger Co.
  • Burger Joint
  • Joey’s Burger Kingdom
  • Blue Cheese Burgers
  • Rollie’s Original Burger Basket
  • Old Fashion Burgers
  • Hot Kitchen
  • The Juicy Double Cheeseburger
  • Deep Dish Pizzeria
  • Red Hots Restaurants
  • Aquarian London
  • Mom And Pop’s Burger Shop
  • Red Robin Gourmet
  • Hittin’ The Grill
  • Bull’s Delight
  • Burger X
  • Dolphin’s Finest
  • Awakening Beauty
  • Original Patty Men
  • Spicy Burger Shop
  • Giddy Up

Best Burger Restaurant Name Ideas

The first thing you should think about when choosing a name is what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you making a burger joint that sells hamburgers and fries, or are you trying to make a quick-serve burger joint that can sell burgers and sides at lunch?

Do you want to be a restaurant that does a lot of carry-out or do you want to be a sit-down restaurant?

If you know what kind of restaurant you want to have, then you can narrow down your search and figure out which options might work for you. Here are some burger restaurant names and suggestions for you to use.

  • Burgers And More Burgers
  • Original Bitez
  • Big Bad Beef Burgers
  • Green Earth Trader
  • Habibi Burger
  • Yeah! Burger
  • Furious Burrito
  • Burger Bar
  • Diner On Wheels
  • Roast Burger Company
  • The Shady Corner Burger Shop
  • Big Daddies Burgers
  • Platter Pixies
  • Fatty Patty
  • Kettle Burger
  • Furious Burgers
  • Burger-A-Burger
  • Choppy Burgers
  • Chunky’s Burger
  • Cheesy Willy’s
  • Peri Grill
  • Bud’s Hot Dog
  • Beaded Green
  • World Famous Hamburgers
  • The Habit Burger Grill
  • Beers And Bets
  • Rouge Burger
  • Bitin Burgers
  • Cabin In The Woods
  • The Juicier Burger
  • Silk Cocoon
  • French Fry Burger
  • Büü Burger
  • Deuce Burger
  • The Paddy Wagon Burger Shop
  • Burger Hut
  • Hamburger Charlie’s
  • Bite Me Burger
  • Le Hot Burger
  • Burgers And Fries
  • Burgers And Shakes
  • The Cheese Burginator
  • Big Bertha Hamburger Shack
  • Burger Crush
  • Good Vibes

Cool Burger Names

Burger restaurants have been part of the American diet for decades. The popularity of this style of food has grown and grown over time, making it one of the fastest growing food chains. From the very first burger stand to the most luxurious gourmet restaurants, there is now a whole spectrum of burger joints available.

This is why starting a burger restaurant business can be very profitable. Not only can you offer customers burgers at affordable prices, but you can also add other dishes to the menu to help attract more customers.

But what kind of burger restaurant should you start? Below are some burger restaurant names and business concepts that you can use as inspiration.

  • Tasty Treats Burger
  • Patty Shack Burgers
  • Three-Alarm Fiery Burger
  • Best Buns In Town
  • Paper Heart Originals
  • 5 Guys Burgers
  • Sea Glass
  • Lacy Cupcakes
  • Chicken Burger
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Burgers
  • Hangover Burgers
  • Burgers Go Here
  • Best Urban Burgers
  • The Pecan Express
  • Confetti Creativity Co
  • Big Bite’n Burgers
  • Big Bagel Burger
  • Burger Time
  • Dash Of Darling
  • Furious Burger Shop
  • Grill Master Burgers
  • Good Burgers For Good People
  • Lily Of The Valley
  • Smells Like Freedom
  • Gassy Burger
  • Cakes & Burgers
  • Kimchi Burger Shop
  • Bloomy Thing
  • Cowboy Burgers
  • Hamburger Moments!
  • Cupbearer’s Burgers And Fries
  • Swishing Silk
  • Airport Burgers & Dogs
  • D-Town Burger Bar
  • Blinders Burgers
  • Lucky Buns
  • Fatburger
  • Billy Burger Shack
  • Bun & Steak
  • Phoenix Rising
  • Moonstone Magick
  • Earth And Sky

Funny Burger Names

Restaurant names are a tricky business, and many entrepreneurs fail to come up with the right ones. The name they choose is important because it will make or break them at their very first customer interaction.

The best place to look for a name that is not only catchy but memorable and different is the restaurant’s menu. You can also ask customers what they like, and then add it to the menu.

  • Easy Diner
  • Burgers ‘N Fries
  • Big Boy Burger Place
  • Stacked Fresh Me
  • Burger Shack
  • Avenue Bites
  • The Salt Line
  • Melt Burger Company
  • Dry Creek Rocks
  • Sugar Rush
  • Backyard Bbq Burger Shop
  • Grilled Steak Burger Club
  • Night And Day
  • Le Roi Du Roi
  • Cheeseburger Shop
  • Union And Bread
  • Smash Burger House
  • Berger Fresh Burgers
  • The Shmoov Bar
  • Caveat Emptor
  • The Meaty Madness
  • Blissful Baskets
  • Furious Burger Ii
  • Grilled Pleasure
  • Hot & Juicy
  • Gorilla Burgers
  • Just Burgers
  • Boulevard Burger & Chili Shack
  • Spice In The City

Burger Restaurant Names

How to Name Your Burger Restaurant

Have you been searching for burger restaurant names? If yes, then you came to the right place. If you’re looking for burger restaurant names then you should follow some steps before deciding which one to choose. By following these steps and tips you can easily come up with a catchy burger restaurant name.

Get The Best Burger Names

The burger restaurant name should be creative and unique. You must consider the customer and target audience in mind. This is why a catchy name is the best option to attract and retain customers.

You must pick a name that is fun, catchy, and different. Choose a name that attracts the customers and keeps them coming back to your place.

Think about the Burger Brands

To come up with a great name for your restaurant, you must know what burgers means to people. You can create your own burger brand and come up with a great name for it. Think about what makes burgers special and unique. Once you have an idea for your burger brand name then come up with a name. You must come up with a name that is catchy and unique.

Take Care of Naming Rules

Naming rules are one of the basic and important factors in naming your restaurant. These rules are simple but effective. Follow these rules when naming your restaurant to come up with a catchy and unique burger restaurant name.

Avoid Using Punctuation Marks

Punctuation marks, such as “-ing”, “and”, and “+”, should be avoided in the burger restaurant names. Using punctuation marks in the names makes them confusing and difficult to remember.

Pick Names That Are Different

In order to make your burger restaurant name stand out then pick a name that is different. For example, if you think that burger restaurant names are boring then you can come up with a different name. Pick a name that is unique and original. Try to come up with names that have a special meaning.

Pick Names With A Unique Tone

A unique tone is essential for the burger restaurant names. The tone of your restaurant name should be unique. For instance, if you choose to name your restaurant “Dive In” then make sure that it sounds different.

Pick Names That Have A Fun Element

If you’re looking for a burger restaurant name that sounds catchy then pick one that has a fun element. For instance, if you plan to name your restaurant “Shrimp Shack” then you should pick a name that sounds catchy. Choose a name that has a fun element and sound.

Make Sure To Consider The Name Availability

Before finalizing the name make sure that the name you have chosen is available. Check if the name is registered and if it is, then check if it is free or paid. You need to take care of this as it will affect the quality of your name.

Consider The Name On The Package

Another thing to keep in mind is the name on the package. While naming your restaurant make sure that the name is also displayed on the packaging. This helps to attract more people to your business. The more attention you can get the more sales and profit you can generate.

Come Up With A Unique Burger Restaurant Name

Don’t be too lazy and think that you will never come up with a unique and memorable name for your restaurant. You can always come up with a unique burger restaurant name.

Choose The Perfect Name

If you are a newbie in this business then you don’t have any experience with the name selection process. Make sure that you go through the above-mentioned steps and tips to come up with the perfect name for your burger restaurant.


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