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Business Name Ideas: 400+ Clever and Catchy Business Names

How to come up with a business name? This is the most asked question from our branding specialists. Whenever someone starts a business, the first thing that they think about is the investment and the second thing is business name ideas. Here we will help you with that. We will share with you more than 400 attractive, unique, and creative business name ideas and suggestions.

You will never need to ask anyone how to come up with a good business name? What should I name my business? Over the last year, we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs name their businesses and companies.

Startup Names: A Short Intro.

There are an estimated 300 million companies in the world, which means there are 300 different brands with different business names. They are as humongous as brands like Nike, Coca Cola, and Apple to as small as one-man-company. With gazillions of brands and companies around the globe, it is quite a task to come up with the competent company name ideas that will stand out among all the brand names.

It should have to be catchy and captivating to grasp the attention of customers and potential customers. Before initiating a startup, thinking of bewitching brand name ideas is equally important as deciding the amount of investment.

Your company name should have to be hypnotizing enough to catch the attention of all the consumers through every means, in advertisements, in stores, or even online. So, definitely you have to play safe and win the name game.

Coming up with a great business name idea for your startup is incredibly important because it not only creates first impact or impression on people but it something you own.

It depicts your personality as well as your intentions and enthusiasm related to your business. It’s definitely not something that everybody else can have. So, coming up with a powerful business idea have strategic importance which with your business to grow efficiently.

First thing first, let’s have a sneaky idea.

What is in a brand name? What is its significance?

A brand name is not merely a name to your startup but more than that. The following mentioned points will help you understand what does a brand name represents and what is its significance.

An impression of your brand.

The first thing that you have to keep in mind before formulating your business name is that this eon of millennials has everything to do names, tags, labels, and titles. So, all the masterminds who had put forward the theory that we should not judge something on the basis of its cover or title, have failed by this innovative new world where impression lies in a title or name. So, your brand’s name requires a significant deal of time and heed.

Acknowledge the fact that your brand name is going to be your introduction in the market and among consumers. The ratio of your potential customers is directly linked to the intriguing capacity of your business name. Let it be something, which attracts consumer’s attraction the moment he gets his eyes on the name. It’s definitely crucial to come up with a name that has all the properties to wangle attention. We’ll discuss the properties of the brand name as well.

It’s your brand communication.

A name cannot comprehend each and every aspect of the business but it does have some share in the reflection of your business. In simple words, it’s more like a source of communication between a business company and customers.

Your name depicts an idea and your tagline comprehends it. Let’s look it another way around, what are the most important credentials in the branding of a company? It is its logo, slogan and tagline, and voice.

These all three things collectively communicate a lot about a business idea more than anything else. Is it possible to formulate a slogan or a logo without the name? Definitely not. So, the name of your business company is the basis of its branding, upon which its growth relies.

And branding is undeniably the best way to communicate with the audience. It communicates a lot about what you are offering.

It is the identity of your business.

The name of your business is something upon which the identity of your business is wholly dependent.

A good business name can attract investors and do wonders in the market. It is the identity of what services do you provide, what products you sell, all the qualitative and factors, and your business potential. For instance, when we think of any business name, let’s say, “Maybelline”.

You can easily guess the product quality, its price range, its demand and is it a drug store product or high- end makeup brand. All its properties can be estimated by just its name.

The name of your brand is synonymous with your brand’s quality. So, a business name should not only be chosen carefully but it should intend to satisfy the reputation of your business as well.

The name of your business/brand is its ambassador.

There is no doubt that the name of your business is the first thing that you tell to others when you are introducing your business or definitely the first thing when someone hears about your business.

It should be intimidating and impactful enough to communicate well about your business along with tagline and logo.

The name should not lack vision and relevance otherwise it can damage your business progress despite being efficient in all other factors.

A good name that has been formulated with a deal of thought and time can give competition to all other brands or businesses in the market.

Your business name can tell a whole story.

Brandings of a name (name, slogan, and logo) can convey the whole story, and undeniably the name of the brand can anticipate and formulate the logo, slogan, and voice behind the name. Your name is the foundation for all the branding of your business and your branding should have to be so intimidating that it will convey the whole story to the consumers, potential consumers, and investors as well.

Investors are the most important factor or body that might influence business enormously.

The name, the logo and the tagline says it all. Always remember that an investor is more than someone who just provides your capital or invests in your business but it can be your resource of marketing and socializing as well. So always put an effort to come up with a bewitching business name idea.

Business Names

Here are some cool, unique and creative business names to inspire your ideas:

Now let’s move towards the characteristics of a good business name or what to keep in mind while thinking of business name Ideas.

How to Come Up With a Business Name

While thinking of extremely innovative brand name ideas that can be alluring and catchy, it’s very important to study the characteristics of a good name.

Looking into the bits and details of all the factors that should be kept in mind before coming up with a good name for your business company, can actually turn out to be beneficial.

Here is how to come up with a creative business name:

It should not be too long.

It is very crucial that you should come up with a name for your brand which is not too long.

The reason behind not encouraging long names is that they require an effort to be memorized by the customer or anyone who reads (that could be the potential customer) your company’s name.

So, the name of your brand should have to be ideal in terms of length to be remembered by the customers easily. Its obvious that when your customer remembers your name vividly, it can help you with marketing and advertisement.

It should be easily pronounced and it should not have any linguistic barriers.

This is the most important thing that should be kept in mind before selecting a suitable name for your business.

Your name should have to be one that can be pronounced easily.  This means that the more concise it is, the more preferable it would be. This means that it should not have more than 3 syllables.

If the name of your business hampers your customer to pronounce it well, then it’s is doubtlessly a drawback to your business. Your name should be something that it can work and the reader can memorize it even if he hasn’t seen it before in a written form.

Another important thing that should also have to put under consideration is that your name is your identity. It shouldn’t be something that is difficult to understand (in terms of language, meaning, context).

Make sure that the fact that it is going to be pronounced by everyone (Native or non-native) does not make any difference to the reputation and market worth of your business (product and services).

It should be Concise but unique.

Try to keep your name as concise as it could be possible. So that, when a customer or a potential customer should hear or read the name, he can easily comprehend what products you are selling or which services you are providing (implies to the businesses which are new).

The name of a business is always vague and the slogan or tagline makes it clearer but the fact the name should have to be somehow relevant to your business, ought to be never overlooked.

Next comes the uniqueness of your business name, the certitude of uniqueness of your business is actually something which makes your business stick out among all other merchandising of this globe.

So, it should be unique enough to entice investors, customers, and potential customers to invest in your business or be a consumer to your product.

It should be legally available.

The most thing that encompasses the great deal of importance is the legitimacy of your business name.

Make sure that your business name should be legally available. It will ensure the ownership of your business company and furthermore, it will help to enhance the repute of your business and your customers can trust you more easily.

Once you have selected a suitable name for your business, it is extremely important to register it, so that you can claim your business. The legal authorization may not sound crucial for low-key online businesses but if you are up to something in which you want to secure the individuality and specialization of the nature of the work you do (products you sell and services you provide), then legal authorization marks its importance.

It should not be abbreviated.

As mentioned in the first point, it should be scrutinized while coming up with different brand name ideas that your name is not very long.

What actually happens when the name of your business company is too long then it lends itself to be abbreviated. Let’s say you have a business company (Textile Company) in partnership with your brothers and you want to name it after your father.

So, you fix upon to call it “Chandler Smith and Son’s Textiles”. Sounds good enough for you because your legacy has some share in the name but to costumers, if your name is not short and easy enough to be memorized then they will try to cut it short by themselves by abbreviating it.

They will prefer to call it CSST or CST for their comfort which might not turn out to be favorable for your business.

So, try to avoid names that will lend themselves to abbreviations.

 It should be expandable.

Your name should have to short yet expandable and flexible. This is to say that perhaps your name is most of the time define what you actually do. So, in case if you intend you expand your business in the future, your name and slogan should have the capacity to be expanded.

This characteristic is favorable for the future growth of your business.

These are a few of the characteristics which are an essential component of how-to-write-a-business-name -list.

We have discussed all the important necessary characteristics of a suitable business name and what does it represent. Now let’s move forward to the methodology of writing a perfect business name for your business company.

How To Name a Business

What do you need to start your startup? First an idea and then passion and enthusiasm along with an investment for its proper execution. What else do you need to make it fall into the criterion of the market and to attract consumers and investors?

A name and logo along with a catchy tagline. Here we will see how to name a business company. What are the few main steps that we have to follow to select an appropriate business name for your startup ideas?

Understand your business.

Understanding your business is just like a foundation for your startup idea. it’s so integral that you cannot even take a step forward without apprehending that do your want from a business, what are your goals, what services are you going to provide, what products are you aiming to sell, who would be your targeted audience and how you will be going to introduce your start in the market and every single step you are going to take in regard to its promotion.

In the selection of your business name, a complete understanding of your business plays a vital role. You need to understand first that are your goals and aims for your business and what do you actually want to do.

The fact that you might expand your business in the future or you might change the nature of the services you are going to provide, after few years, could possibly affect the way you decide the name for your business. So, understand your business completely and then jump on the business name ideas.

Think of cool descriptive words that define your business.

Your business name definitely should have to be a one or a two words brand ambassador which is catchy, appealing, and easy to understand and comprehend.

When a consumer listens to your name or sees it somewhere, he can at least get a vague idea about your business that what is it about. So, to select a suitable name for your business you should definitely think of some vogueish yet sophisticated words that describe your business.

Let’s say, you have a start-up idea to inaugurate an event planning/organizing company.

And now you are all equipped to introduce it into the market by selecting a suitable name. So, you will definitely want to have a name that is all related to event planning, something like Pro Planners or Party Pies.

If its more of economical event planning organization, then you will want to name it something which explains the nature of the business.

Choose the style of your name.

Here comes the main point which requires a lot of brainstorming and your preference as well.

It all depends on the fact that how you want it to be. Either one word or two words. Either you want it to name it after your name or your forefathers or founders. You can add your keyword (descriptive word) or use a metaphor to explain the nature of the work you do but make sure that it is in the domain (the category of your business).

Pondering and heeding upon choosing the perfect style for your business name that can satisfy your preference and market standard is extremely important. Do a lot of research and try to prefer the local style.

The name of your business startup should have to be according to the style of the local market if your targeted consumers are not international but local.

You can create mashups.

If you are finding it a bit hard to think of a one-word name that can describe your business wholesomely then you can go with some creativity. By being creative, I am referring to creating mashups.

Think of two or three words that describe your start-up business idea completely and then merge them into a fancy catchy word. Just like Netflix came out of the Internet and Flicks and just as IKEA came from its founder name and his homeland name.

While naming your business, there is always a room to play with different words and come up with different names that are creative and appetizing.

Your business name should tell a story.

While deciding a suitable name for your business, you always have to keep your consumers in mind that what would they think when they first hear your business name? What story does it tell? What emotion does it awake?

The name of your business company should be something through which the consumer or customer can associate or relate. It should be selected by keeping in view all the priorities, desires, and demands of the consumer.

It should tell a story that consumers want to listen to and it should be the best fit for your services and products too.

Register your name.

Once you are all done with the procedure of formulating or selecting a suitable name for your business and there is no room for any sort of amendments, then comes the process of registering your name.

At an initial level, go for a trademark search to check whether the name you have decided upon is available or not.

You have to keep another fact in your mind that the process of registering a name may vary from one business to another depending upon the domain of your business. When your name will be registered, you are all good to go

These were few ultimate business name ideas that would definitely help you find a suitable and voguish name for your start-up.

Creative Business Name Generators.

If you are not into much of brainstorming or you cannot find any perfect match for your idea then you can get your work done online by business name generators. There is a never-ending list of websites that can provide you appropriate business names according to its domain. You can try it.

Here are five great business name generators to play around with.

Let’s dive into some creative business name suggestions.

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Good Luck!


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