Cancer Slogans: 200+ Slogans on Cancer to Create Awareness

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Here we will share with you some cool and creative cancer slogans to create awareness among people.

Cancer is a worldwide prevailing disease. Its patients are rising at a higher pace. Cancer is globally ranked on the second number among the most fatal diseases.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, 1 in 6 deaths is because of cancer. The death rate due to cancer is high in low-income families. Obesity, a very low intake of fruit and vegetables, a lack of daily exercise, and tobacco are some major causes of cancer.

Lung cancer came as the most lethal type of cancer. 1.76 million Deaths cause due to lung cancer. Smoking, alcohol, and tobacco use shares the risk of lung cancer. On other hand, stomach and Breast cancer can be a result of hereditary imperfection.

Due to a lack of awareness, there is a need to create some awareness regarding precautionary measures of this fatal disease. AND, slogans can be the best technique in this process. We can use this approach to dispatch this disease, killing hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Here are some slogans fraught with public awareness messages and supporting all those living with this disease. You can display these in different pictures, placards, and posters to generate awareness in masses about cancer. This will help people to gain hope and courage against this disease.

Cancer Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy cancer slogans for you:

  • Save your life.
  • Have a fight, you will win.
  • Be Serious and survive.
  • Fight and find a cure.
  • Tell cancer to step aside
  • Hope, Fight, and Win.
  • Brave wins the fight.
  • Save them All.
  • Cancer survivors are HOT.
  • Every ribbon has a Life.
  • Wear pink to support them All.
  • Cancer takes everyone.
  • Every day is Breast Awareness day.
  • Have a hope, let the fear go.
  • Set goals and fight against the evil disease.
  • He believed he could so he did.
  • Daily Walk finds the best cure.
  • Find cures and have hope.
  • Think positive, you’ll have a LIFE.
  • Hope gives the strength to fight Be Hopeful.

Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

Following are the best breast cancer awareness slogans:

  • Don’t Loose, Losing is not the best option to survive.
  • I can Fight, I will Fight.
  • Live a Happy Life.
  • A win is in my DNA.
  • Live it, fight it, Cure it.
  • Fighting for a cure.
  • Refuse to lose your strength.
  • Don’t Let Cancer steal your life.
  • You are not alone in this fight.
  • Real women love PINK.
  • Stay strong and fight for life
  • We play, we WIN.
  • Say yes to HOPE.
  • Together We Fight, Together we RISE.
  • You can make a big difference.
  • Early detection saves your life.
  • Be positive in this fight.
  • Show care and be aware.
  • Have a HOPE, have a strength.
  • Never give up.
  • Kick cancer out.
  • Your fears will starve to death, once you feed your faith.

Breast Cancer Slogans

Here are some breast cancer slogans that you will like:

  • Join this fight and live a LIFE.
  • It’s all about you and your Loving ones.
  • Fight for your WIFE.
  • ‘can’ in Cancer builds hope.
  • Hope, Fight, and cure.
  • Endless hope saves you from a hopeless end.
  • Educate yourself and cure cancer.
  • Cancer does not have you, you have cancer!
  • His fight is your fight.
  • First, treat your mind and then treat the Cancer.
  • Never lose heart in Illness.
  • Cancer doesn’t mess with me.
  • Optimism limits cancer. Optimism is built with Education.
  • We can fight cancer, it’s in our Soul!
  • Everything is Possible if you don’t lose hope.
  • Support them, admire them, and Honor them.
  • First deal with rain to see a Rainbow in Life.
  • It can’t scare you.

Cancer Slogans

How to Write Slogans on Cancer to Create Awareness

Writing slogans for a cancer campaign is a different job as compared to writing a business slogan. Keep it short and simple, show some honesty in your slogans, clear and easy words, etc. are the rules we normally follow for each slogan. But a good slogan to beat cancer is an excellent way to attract people to your event.

Before an event, must design a catchy slogan to get people excited about your campaign. Therefore, in case of Cancer slogans, you must follow the followings tips.

1. Decide the type of cancer

First, you have to decide the type of cancer for which you want to write a slogan. Read and understand other related slogans online. It will make your job easy to do. Once you read the slogans from other sources, make a list of all the slogan ideas after deleting all the unwanted slogans.

2. Clear your mind about the type of Cancer

Once you have selected the type of cancer, clear your mind regarding the type of cancer. AND, Try to create a slogan accordingly. Like, if you are writing for Breast cancer, make sure to mention ‘women with pink ribbon’ here. While creating a slogan for Lung cancer, your slogan should contain words highlighting lung cancer awareness.

3. Feed your slogan with encouragement

For a cancer patient hope, faith and encouragement is all. So, try to add words which can pour some strength, faith and hope.

Support, admire and honor them in their struggle against this evil disease. Compel them to say ‘YES’ to hope. Here, your slogans should be fraught with motivation and heartwarming mantras.

4. Help your fundraising Event or a Campaign

Cancer slogans are normally used during fundraising events and campaign. These events are organized to meet the patients’ financial needs. In such campaigns, an amount of money is raised in very short time. Here, your slogan should have a momentum to meet the objective of the event.

A successful Crowd pins its hope on successful advertising strategy which in turn relies on a fascinating cancer slogan.

5. Try to make it funny

Conveying a message through fun is another way to attract the audience. Through fun you can draw attention of large number of people towards a serious issue.  A funny message creates a long-lasting effect on the readers.

The more the reader get the soul of a message, the more you’ll be successful.


200+ Breast Cancer Slogans