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Cancer Team Names: 400+ Cancer Fundraiser Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy cancer team names to create awareness among people. You can use these names anywhere you want for free.

If you are one of those people and are looking for creative and fun ways to come up with a name for your cancer team, look no further. Indeed, the process of naming your team is not easy, it is not impossible either. You just have to get a little creative and think outside the box, but not too outside. Before any of it though, you need to understand what type of cancer team you are trying to lead.

Let’s dive in.

Cancer Team Names

Here are some catchy and cute cancer team names ideas and suggestions:

  • Hawaii-Cure-O
  • The Jolly Jigglers
  • Tenacious Double-Ds
  • Screw Cancer
  • Just Beat It
  • Cancer Crusaders
  • Banking on a Cure
  • Areola Borealis
  • Cancer Killers
  • Jog Bra Jezebels
  • Flyers for Fun Bags
  • Bra Stuffer Brigade
  • Friends Forever
  • Boobylicious
  • Treasured Chests
  • Cool Intentions
  • Busty Movers
  • The Rack Pack
  • Tata Trotters
  • Besties
  • Rack Racers
  • Double Timers
  • Hakuna Ma Tatas
  • 2nd Base
  • Answer for Cancer
  • Areola Borealis

Creative Cancer Team Names

Below are some creative cancer team names for you:

  • Bosom Buddies
  • Bra Stuffer Brigade
  • Foot Forward
  • ChemoSabes
  • Chesticle Champs
  • Classy Cleavage
  • Hakuna Ma Tatas
  • Happy Feet
  • Heart and Sole
  • Lost in Pace
  • Main Squeezers
  • Making Strides
  • Notorious C.U.R.E.
  • Pink Ladies
  • Pink Panthers of Death
  • Runners for Racks
  • Save 2nd Base
  • Save the Girls

Cancer Team Names

Cancer Fundraiser Name Ideas

Here are some cancer fundraiser name ideas that you will like:

  • Ta Ta Sisterhood
  • Tata Trotters
  • Team Healthy Hooters
  • The Grand Tetons
  • The Hooters
  • Jolly Jigglers
  • Trudgers for the Twins
  • Tumernators
  • Twin Peaks
  • Homerun Heroes
  • Sons of Pitches
  • Radiation Nation
  • Walking Talkies
  • Team Round-We-Go
  • Dashing Down
  • Team Slow Legs
  • Stomp The Yard

Funny Cancer Team Names

Following are some unique and funny cancer team names:

  • Sylvia’s Angels
  • COUNTRY Financial Cancer Crushers
  • Princesses Against Cancer
  • Community Cancer Center
  • Cancer Crosscheckers
  • Kristi’s Angels
  • Over the Rainbow
  • TCT Donna
  • Associates in Dermatology
  • Warriors Against Cancer
  • Running rebels
  • Slow motion
  • Road trash
  • Run for your life
  • Sole mates
  • School of walk
  • Tramps like us
  • Walk for passion
  • Too inspired to be tired
  • Too stupid to stop

Cancer Support Group Name Ideas

Here are some cancer support group name ideas and suggestions:

  • Blubbery Legs
  • Team Outta
  • Sneaky Feet
  • The Pant-ers
  • Tough Thighs
  • Coastbusters
  • Excess baggage
  • Fatloose
  • Defeaters
  • Every day walkers
  • Next stop
  • Wonder Women
  • Law and odor
  • Motionally challenged
  • Your Pace or Mine?
  • Legs miserables
  • Walk With Pride
  • Walk For A Revolution
  • Project Safe
  • The Daily Wellness March
  • Walking Hand-In-Hand

Breast Cancer Names

Here are some breast cancer names for your awareness:

  • Team All For Love
  • Hugz & Happiness
  • Walking Together
  • Bloodline Walk
  • Team Staying Alive
  • Wonder women
  • The Sane Walk
  • Walka walka
  • Walking fam
  • Stomping Grounds
  • Team Head-In-The-Game
  • Walk Society
  • Healthy Tatas
  • Strolling Mammals
  • Walking Away From Chemo
  • Women That Wander
  • For Healthier Jugs
  • Pink For The Road
  • Team What’s Cancer?

How to Name a Cancer Team

Dealing with cancer is not easy, whether it is you who is going through it or it is one of your loved ones. Knowing that someone out there is supporting you and can understand what you are going through always helps. Which is why many people all over the world have taken it upon themselves to help those who are suffering. These people come together to form teams for a good cause.

There are many different types of cancer teams out there, the most common being awareness team and walking teams, etc. However, there are many more teams such as a strike team for fundraising or a simple creative art team dedicated to people with cancer or chronic illness. The name of your team depends on which type of team you have.

You can find many names on the internet for your team but personally, I think that coming up with an original and unique name that is different from others is way better than using generic names on the internet. Think about it! coming up with an original name is much more fun.

Why a Catchy Name?

Every year, there are hundreds of campaigns out there that support people suffering from cancer. If you have one of such events coming up on your calendar and you are looking for creative names for your group, we have many helpful suggestions for you.  Coming up with a name for your cancer team is not much different than naming any other team but there is a major difference when it comes to the theme.

A name has a very big impact on your group. Choosing an unfitting name for your group can actually jeopardize your mission and people can misunderstand your intentions. Especially when you are dealing with a sensitive matter such as cancer.

Anyways, whatever the main motif if your cancer team is and I am sure you will find some very helpful tips here for the process of naming.

Understand Your Motif.

The first and foremost thing that you have to keep in mind is the main purpose of your group. It is important that, if you are tasked with naming your group, you understand what you are trying to show to the public. The topic of cancer is very sensitive especially for the people who have suffered or are suffering from it. Make sure that you are not unintentionally hurting anyone.

The message you are trying to convey as a group must be reflected through the name of your Cancer group. Otherwise, the main purpose of your team might be lost.

Create a Theme And Keep it Simple.

Adding a theme to your name actually makes it more fun. The theme does not have to be very complicated or intricate. You can keep it simple by using just a color theme and that will do. You can even make a list of customized merchandise to go with it. that will also help your hard work to get noticed and make your group more visible.

Involve Others.

You should know that when you are a part of a group you have to work collectively. It is always better when you involve your group and any kind of activity especially when you are doing something as creative as naming your team. After all, the more the merrier, right?

A group is made of individuals with different opinions and a name that you find fitting for your team might not be as much fun for the other parties. So it is always better to involve people from your team. You can even ask for the opinions of your friends and family. More people will bring more distinct and unique ideas to the table. It will also give your group members a sense of belonging.

Make a List of Cancer Team Names

Collect all the good ideas from your peers and then make a list of names that you think are the most suited for your group. You should never settle for one perfect one without considering other suggestions. In fact, you can have your team vote on which name is the best suited for your group and choose the name that is the most voted one. It is the simplest way to keep everyone in your group feel happy and a part of the team.

Delete Offensive Names.

I am sure you understand that cancer is a sensitive and delicate matter. Some names might sound like fun but make sure that none of them are too funny. Of course, there is nothing wrong with fun and cheerful names but remember that cancer is a serious issue and, creating an offensive name actually goes against your cause.

Final Thoughts.

The main purpose is different for each team. Nowadays the most common teams are wither awareness team or walking campaigns. But there are many fundraising, support, and care teams for cancer patients as well. Ultimately the collective purpose of all these teams is to help and support all the people who are suffering from cancer in one way or another. Every year thousands and thousands of people participate in different campaigns. The goal is to help and inspire others to help as well.

That is only possible when you are visible enough to attract the attention of the general public. A name is one of the first things that people associate with yourself and your group. A well-choosen name, that reflects your purpose will help you reach your goal faster and inspire others to join your cause as well.


400+ Nursing Team Names

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