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Candy Store Names: 300+ Sweet Candy Shop Names Ideas

In this article, you will find more than 477 candy store names and ideas for your business. All the name ideas are cool, cute, unique and simple. As we all know that name is the first impression in your business. So you should make your candy business name sweet. Here is how a sweet name looks like:

  • Short and Simple 😍
  • Memorable
  • Unique ( Not taken)
  • Easy to understand.

Let’s dive in.

Candy Store Names

Fannie May Candy Store Vosges Haut-Chocolate
Mexico Distributor Nuts ‘N More
Villa’s Nuts & Candy Store You’re Sweet! Candy Store
Sarah’s Candies Superior Nut Candy Store
Old Fashioned Candies Sweet Freaks Chocolates
Godiva Chocolatier Organic Candy
Kosher Candy Man Yummies Candy & Nuts
Cupid Candies Shop See’s Candies

Candy Shop Names

Mexicandy Distributor World’s Finest Chocolate Inc
Yeyas Candy Lolli and Pops
Toya’s Candy Shop Dylan’s Candy Bar
Windy City Sweets Economy Candy Shop
Philips Candy Williams Candy Shop
77th  Candy & Fun Shop Jacques Torres
Patel Candy Ks 50 Lotto & Candy Shop
Chocolate Bliss Sundae Palace

Short and Sweet Business Name Ideas

Toffee Cellar Sweet Shop Toys & Candy On the Park
Dylan’s Candy Bar Windy City Sweets
Candyality Whimsical Sweet Candy Shop
Kite’s The Sweet Shop Fudge Pot
Katherine Anne Confections Dizzy Cow Sweet Shop
Mello’s Peanut We Love Sweets & Chocolate
Ye Olde Pepper Companie Yoli Inc
Terry’s Toffee Shop Illinois Nut & Candy Store

Dessert Shop Names

Mondel Dessert Shop Stick With Me
Nick’s Candy & Grocery Choc-Oh! Lot Plus
Ideal News & Snack Shop Tulip Sweet Shoppe
Oh! Nuts Blue Stripes Cacao Shop
The Dessert Nation 2-Beans Dessert Shop
Harlem Chocolate Factory Max Brenner Dessert Shop
Sweet Tooth Desserts Elmuwellad Candy Store
Spring Iconic Sweet Shop Chi Snack Sweet Shop

Clever Chocolate Shop Names

Lulu’s Sweet & Chocolate Shoppe Spindler Confections
Cabot’s Candy Natalie’s Chocolate Jar
Cadberry’s Candy Buffets Purdys Chocolatier
Olivier’s Chocolate Store Laxmi Sagar Sweets
Coppeneur Chocolatier Calgary Choklate & more!
Sweet Delights Sugar Buzz
Epiphanie Chocolate Shop The Chocolate Lab
Sweet Surprise Farm Candy Shop

Candy Team Names

The Meadow Herald Smoke Shop
Dylan Candy team Fun & More Bach
It’Sugar Superior Nut & Candy
Sugarfina Guys Li-Lac Chocolates Workers
Candy & Chocolate Band Sparkles Candy Team
Sucre Bleu Dragon Beard Candy Group
Gourmet Boutique Squad Squish Candy Team
Beacon Hill Chocolates Olde Dutch Cottage Candy

Candy Store Names

How to Name Your Candy Store

Naming your candy store in the right way will bring you more customers and more love from customers.

Also, if there is high competition in the market in your area, your candy business name can help you overcome that. Here is how to name your candy store step by step.

Choose your naming style

By naming style we mean what type of business name you should choose. Before you think about that just ask yourself this:

  • What am I going to sell?
  • How broad mu business idea is?
  • Who will buy my products?
  • What products will my shop have?
  • Is it a good idea to name my store after someone?

After that, you can choose your naming style. It can include:

  • A name with the founder’s name.
  • Name it before your loved one.
  • Choose a name that is out of context. E.g. apple and Google.
  • Double naming. E.g. Breadbread

Brainstorm and make a list of candy store name ideas

After choosing your style make a list of all the ideas that you have thought of. Also, write down the names that you loved from the above list of name ideas for a candy store.

Don’t delete any name idea yet. We will shortlist that list later.

Avoid hard-to-spell and hard to remember names

If your store name is difficult, it will not be memorable and it will not bring you returning customers.

So make sure that you haven’t added any difficult to read or understand words in your store name.

Don’t pick a name that limits your business growth

If you are selling more than just candies then you should not add the word “candy”. You should go for a name that tells customers that you are offering more than just candies.

For example, Amy’s candy, joy, and fun.

Conduct a thorough internet search.

You can find a bunch of name ideas through searching the internet. Just go to Google maps and you will get ideas for your store.

Convey a message

Your business name should tell a story. For example, Old Mom’s Candy. The store name tells that there is an old lady selling candies.

Conduct a trademark search

Conducting trademark research will help you to not face any legal consequences in the future.

Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud

Such names have great potential to be popular very easily. If your business name is hard to say loud or looks odd, you are missing something.

Keep it short & Simple

Short and simple names are more likely to get famous in a very short period of time.

Shortlist your list to five names according to the above points.

Make sure to choose the best looking names.

Check to see if you can get social media handles

To promote your store on social media you will need social pages.


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