Cat Cafe Names: 400+ Cool and Best Cat Cafe Names

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In this blog post, you will see some of the best and cool cat cafe names. These catchy cafe names can be used anywhere for free.

You can use them personally for yourself and also you can share them with anyone you want. Japan is currently home to an increasing number of cat cafes, where patrons can sip their drinks while cuddling with adoptable cats.

While cat cafes are quite popular in Japan, I’ve found that most of the titles that are associated with them are pretty lame. This is why I decided to research and list some of the most creative names for cat cafes.

There are cat cafe names that are special for some kinds of cats. But, If the cat is small, then it is named like this, If the cat is big, then it is named like this.

And when the cat is funny, then it is named like this. If the cat is cute, then it is named like this. If the cat is not funny, then it is named like this.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the list of cat cafe names.

Cat Cafe Names

Here are some of the best and cool cat cafe names that you will like:

  • Tea City
  • The Caterpillar Cafe
  • Steamer’s
  • Valley Cat Cafe
  • Catastic Coffees!
  • Cheers Cafe
  • Pour Professionals
  • Latte Love
  • Rescue Cat Cafe Meooow!
  • Cat Cafe Leon
  • The Tea Tree
  • Family Cafe
  • Crave Cafe
  • Romeow Cat Bistrot.
  • Grounds Cafe
  • Hot n’ Cold
  • Friends by the Interstate
  • Yahoneko Cat Cafe
  • A Real Meowful
  • Entertain cafe
  • Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium
  • Cat’sTab
  • Cafe Hooray
  • Busy Brews
  • Cat cafe CAT TAIL
  • Like a Latte
  • Divine cafe
  • Enjoyment cafe
  • Nekomaru Cafe
  • Cat Cafe Mocha (Ikebukuro West Exit)
  • Candle Cafe
  • Better Brews
  • Mom and Pop’s
  • Fresh cafe
  • MoCHA Akihabara Store
  • Coffee Contemplations

Catchy Cat Cafe Names

Following are some best and catchy cafe names you can use:

  • Best Brewing
  • Galaxy cafe
  • Tea Town
  • House of fun cafe
  • Cat cafe Morineko
  • Neko Cafe Keurig
  • Grounded
  • Proper Pour
  • Cafe Sweets
  • Neco Republic Ikebukuro
  • Neko no Jikan
  • Cat Lover’s Latte
  • Genius cafe
  • Saucer Spot
  • Happy Cat Coffee
  • Hashbrown Cafe
  • Neighborhood Cat Cafe
  • Teacup Time
  • The Alley Cafe
  • Whiskerun Espresso
  • Pet store & Cat Cafe
  • Cuppla Kittens
  • Scone Select
  • Starship Cafe
  • Goodness Grounds

Unique Cat Cafe Names

These are some best and good unique cafe names for you:

  • Will’s Cat Preserves
  • Cattitude Cafe
  • Cat Fans Corner
  • Coffee Time
  • Pet Pawpose
  • Fido Fiddle
  • Adept cafe
  • Gurugurudo nekocafe
  • Coffee Palace
  • Superstar cafe
  • Lunch Basket
  • Cream n’ Sugar
  • Phat Cat Deli.
  • Coffee Cups
  • Chess Cafe
  • Moonfruit cafe
  • Catty Meals
  • Bold Bites
  • Cat-cafe Smile-Cat
  • The Lovely Cafe
  • Double Pour
  • Comfy Pets
  • Cafe Neko-e-mon
  • Barky’s Eatery.
  • Crime & Coffee
  • Maw and Paw
  • Cat Cafe Nikemin House
  • Brewing Dreams
  • Kitty Hugs & Magic Cups.
  • Best Brew
  • Felines & Lattes
  • Liquideous cafe
  • Tabby Tearoom
  • The Little One Coffee Shop & Roastery
  • Cafe Connections
  • Feline Friendly Cafe.
  • Grounds of Goodness
  • Daisy Cafe
  • Petite Paws Cat Cafe
  • Iced Magic
  • Happy belly Cafe
  • Ryokan & Cat Cafe Minamiya Hakuba

Cat Coffee Names

Below are some best and unique c cat coffee names you can use:

  • A Latte
  • Sweet Whiskers Tea
  • Rooting point cafe
  • Tulsa Kitty Cafe
  • Brewed Dreams
  • Pot Luck
  • Groom and Growl
  • Straycater
  • Cat Cafe Mocha Lounge (Shinjuku)
  • Rescue Cats Bistro
  • Well Roasted
  • Pour Over
  • Companions Cat Cafe
  • Nala Family Cafe
  • Mighty cafe
  • Destination Cat Cafe
  • Catch A Cat
  • Kichijouji Petit Mura
  • Drip Cafe
  • Picnic Basket
  • Tea Palace
  • Cat Cafe Nyankoto
  • Purrfect Cup Cafe
  • Friends by weekend
  • Hot & Cold
  • Pop’s Cafe
  • Dancing Cat Bistro
  • Cat cafe MoCHA (Mocha) Osaka Shinsaibashi
  • Spotty Pet Store
  • Dandelion Cafe
  • Proficient cafe
  • Espresso Yourself
  • Hotshot cafe
  • Pup Hub
  • KittyNBrew
  • Bonding With Furs
  • Cafe Dream
  • Main Street Cafe
  • Neko JaLaLa
  • CafeMeows

What are some famous cat cafe business names?

  • Pawsome Tea Room
  • Renaissance Cafe
  • Caffeine Machine
  • Cat Cafe Mofu Mofu
  • Waves Cafe
  • Cafe Kind
  • Top Cat
  • Fullest drink cafe
  • Topmost cafe
  • Cat Touch This Cafe
  • Sugar n’ Spice
  • Cafe Cats
  • Coffee Cove
  • Ruff Life
  • Espresso Cafe
  • No Mice Cat Cafe
  • Chimney cafe
  • Wiggly wag
  • True Cat Paradise
  • Cat Cafe MOCHA
  • Feline Great Coffee
  • Prodigious cafe
  • Checkers Cafe
  • Cat Cafe Catch
  • Play Pen
  • Purring Cups Cafe
  • Purringtons Cat Lounge.
  • Hal’s Cat Cafe
  • Coastal Cafe
  • Coffee & Contemplate
  • Cravings Cure
  • Pet Haus
  • Drink With Mews
  • Expert cafe
  • Bark in Style

What are some clever animal cafe business names?

  • Matcha Meow
  • Coffee Cup Cafe
  • Cat Cafe Calico
  • Kittykatz Cafe
  • Pet Crew
  • Clawfinated Coffee
  • Pet Empire
  • Brewing Galore
  • Tamaneko
  • The Little Cat Cafe
  • Poodle Standard
  • Coffee & Punishment
  • Cat Blues Cafe
  • Rescued Kitty Cafe
  • FelineLatte
  • Jazzy Cat Cafe
  • Standby Cats Cafe
  • Cat Cafe MOCHA Shibuya/Koen-dori
  • Feline Wild Cafe
  • Stan Knows Cats
  • Forest Owl
  • Hometown Cafe
  • Corner Cat Cafe
  • Tedious cafe
  • Downtown Cat Bistro
  • Canine Crew
  • Coffee Grinds
  • Pawjama Party Cafe
  • Frisky Felines Cafe
  • The Furs
  • Rocky cafe
  • Friendly Cafe
  • Extra-ordinary cafe
  • Best Brews
  • Hangout cafe
  • Cargo cafe
  • Whiskers & Whipped Cream.

What are some catchy cat cafe business names?

  • Beans and cream
  • Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo 299
  • Kitty Round Up
  • Miagolare
  • Toasted Roasters
  • Cafe Delicioso
  • Coffee Cave
  • Mog on the Tyne.
  • Coffee Town
  • Coffee Cavern
  • Kitty Koffee Korner
  • Claws of Coffee
  • Cutie Kitty Cafe
  • Cattoccino
  • Whiskers N Whole Beans
  • Cats Cafe Gamagori
  • Big Trees Cafe
  • Sip and Snack
  • Cafe Dreams
  • Coffee n’ Chill
  • Lip pick cafe
  • Cafe Ole
  • Cats Hangout
  • Furly Cafe
  • The Casual Kitty
  • Sakuragaoka Cafe
  • Scone City
  • Harbour cafe
  • The Tea Bag
  • Coffee Connoseiurs
  • Nekocafe Rag doll
  • Spectacular cafe

What are some great names for cat cafes?

  • Downtown Cafe
  • Black & Blue Brews
  • Happy Paws Bistro
  • Golden mighty cafe
  • Cat cafe mfmf
  • It’s Just Meow
  • Coastal Cat Tearoom
  • Coffee n’ Contemplate
  • The Purrfect Fix.
  • Cat Cafe MOCHA Takeshita Street
  • Pawsome Tea Room.
  • Red Eye Roasters
  • Neko Cafe Naru
  • Pawsibilities
  • Paradise cafe
  • Cat Cafe Mocha Aeon Lake Town Store
  • B-cats
  • Prodding Profiters
  • Townsquare Kitten Tearoom
  • Balcony Cafe
  • Corner Cafe
  • Tea Tree
  • Nyaoshima
  • Central Cafe
  • Tabby Sisters Tea Shop
  • Cat Cafe Calaugh
  • The Cat & Cucumber Cafe
  • Daylight Cafe
  • Candlelight Café

Cat Cafe Names

How to Name Your Own Cat Cafe Business

Here we have shared some tips and tricks that you can use to name your own cafe business. These are simple and very effective tips. You must give them a try and you will see the results very soon.

These are shared by famous and professional advisors. So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the list of some best tips and tricks.

Keep your name simple and easy

The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is to use simple and easy words. You have to make your name easy and simple so everyone can remember it.

Avoid hard to spell and complicated names, it is because when you start a new business. It takes a lot of time to make a value in the market.

That’s why you have to keep your name simple and easy.

Make it Creative

Another thing that you must have to keep in mind while naming your own business is to be unique. You have to make it creative and unique among all the others.

It is because competition has grown so high so you must have to be creative to make a good impact on the viewer.

If you are not creative enough, you have to take a long time and also a lot of hard work to get a chance to be famous. But if you are creative enough, within months you can turn your small business into a brand.

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