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400+ Cool Catchy Superhero Team Names

In this article, you can see some amazing and inspiring Superhero Team Names. you can use these names for free and anywhere you want.

If you’re looking for all the best quality, most great names, so you are in the right place because here you can easily find the best collections of Superhero Team Names so that you can easily find some good collections of team and group names from the below list and collection.

Let’s dive in.

Superhero Team Names

Here you’ll see some cool and catchy superhero team names, that you’ll like:

  • Gen 13
  • The Archetypes
  • Peace Emancipators
  • The Oracle Battalion
  • The Mutant Warriors
  • The Crimson Guardians
  • The Marvels
  • The Savage Squad
  • The Covert Unit
  • The Crimson Marvels
  • Nova Unit
  • The Future League
  • The Paramount Custodians
  • The Raptors
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Illusions
  • The Sanguine Oracles
  • The Cardinal Marvels
  • The Visionary Marvels
  • The Mirage Troopers
  • The Hazard Troopers
  • Four Real Friends
  • Squadron Supreme
  • The Eternity Patrol
  • The Sovereign Patrol
  • The Silent Ones
  • The Inhuman Knights
  • The Behemoth Heroes
  • The Defenders
  • The Feral Squad
  • The Divines
  • The Wings
  • The Flux Fighters

Cool Superhero Team Names

Enlisted are some of the best and cool superhero team names, that you can use:

  • Quantum of samaritan
  • The Grim Force
  • The Trinities
  • Alpha Flight
  • The Cursed
  • The Terra Outcasts
  • The Designs
  • The Flux Legion
  • The Blood Wings
  • Covert Alliance Exiles
  • Platinum
  • The Hounds
  • The Vigilantes
  • The Silent Force
  • The Infinities
  • The Aberrations
  • Doom Patrol
  • The Crux Pack
  • The Mystery Fighters
  • The Shepherd Pack
  • The Remedy Marvels
  • The Cardinals
  • Darkstars Freex
  • The Maestros
  • Force Works
  • The Revelation Rangers
  • Freex
  • The Freak Brawlers
  • The Cosmos Knights
  • Young Justice
  • The Vindicators
  • The Divine Allies
  • The Chaperon Unit
  • The Demon Fighters
  • The Tricksters
  • Supreme Force

Superhero Team Names Ideas

Following are superhero team names ideas and suggestions for you:

  • The Vipers
  • Darkstars
  • Chief Rebels
  • The Banshee Fighters
  • The Malevolents
  • The Arcane Patrol
  • The Ancestors
  • Gen 13 Force Works
  • Troops of marvel superheroes
  • The Impact Heroes
  • The Cobra Soldiers
  • Destroyers of the Devils
  • Generation X
  • Commandos of the saviors
  • The Paramount Brawlers
  • The Centurions
  • Daredevils
  • arvellous Magistrators
  • The Wildlings
  • Herd of superheroes
  • The Crux Force
  • The Assault Guards
  • The Eternals
  • The Masters
  • The Carnage Clan
  • The Paramount Watch
  • The Thunder Wings
  • The New Law League
  • The Whisper Brawlers
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • The Extreme Custodians
  • The Exile Guards
  • The Singularity Paxk

Super Hero Squad Names

Below are some of the amazing super hero squad names, that you’ll like:

  • The Blitz Guards
  • The Battalion
  • The Phoenixes
  • The Nemeses
  • The Paramounts
  • The Riot Wings
  • The Thunders
  • The Primitives
  • The Demon Watch
  • Planetary
  • Universal Saviours
  • World Watch
  • Fantastic Force
  • Platinum Warriors
  • X-Men
  • The Nebulas
  • The Gizmos
  • The Crusaders
  • Ultimate Forc
  • The Memento Allies
  • The Angels
  • The Avengers
  • The Remedy Heroes
  • Lantern Corps
  • Power Pack
  • The Feral Crusaders
  • Four Corners
  • The Sovereign Soldiers
  • The Demon Squad
  • The Thunder Heroes
  • The Banshee Troopers

Villain Superhero Names

Here is the list of villain names, that you’ll like:

  • The Barrage Knights
  • The Quad Squad
  • The Singularities
  • The Nightmares
  • The New Vision Custodians
  • The Maniacs
  • The Epitome Brawlers
  • The Phoenix Force
  • Teen Titans
  • The Pioneers
  • The Shadow Wings
  • The Nebula Flight
  • The Crackerjacks
  • Quartet Threat
  • The Mad Dogs
  • The Animals
  • The Supreme Rebels
  • The Storm Knights
  • The Rascals
  • The Miracle Marvels
  • Justice Machine
  • The Golden Heroes
  • The Insurgence Legion
  • The Fugitives

Female Superhero Teams

Below are some of the best female superhero team names, that you can use:

  • The Nova Crusaders
  • The Void Unit
  • Marvel emancipator
  • The Spectral Unit
  • Rescuers Commandoes
  • The Divine League
  • The Primals
  • The Vagrants
  • The Invasion Rebels
  • The Miracles
  • The Enigma Crew
  • The Jackal Squad
  • The Aurora Squad
  • Amazing four
  • The Rogue Watch
  • The Guardians
  • The Global Guardians
  • The Shepherd Watch
  • Wild C.A.T.S
  • The Silent Wings
  • The Aurora Guardians
  • The Hazard Centurions
  • Maestro Soldiers
  • The Wretched
  • The Visionary League
  • The Golden Force
  • The Quantum Masters
  • The Anomaly Clan
  • The Paradox Knights
  • Oh My Quad!


How to Create Hero names by Yourself

Following are some tips and tricks that will help you to name the hero without any help from others:

Brainstorm And Make A List Of Super Hero Team Names

Think about the things that are very special for you and things that have a great impact on the people and things that the hero likes the most.

Think about the movie character names and something related to the character specialty, or other very special things that are very valuable, and make a list of all these then make a list of all the names that come to your mind.

Choose the name that you like the most and suits the team with effect to the members. The name that you have given to the team, must be very special just like the thing which upon you naming the hero or the specialty of the team.

Avoid Hard-To-Spell And Hard To Remember Names

Try to keep the name shorter, a shorter term will be easy to call up. If you want o to create the best Superhero Team Names, then go with this trick and you’ll see people will like the name very much.

Hard to pronounced name is always difficult to remember. So, it becomes essential to go with an easy name that other members can easily call.

Conduct A Thorough Internet Search

If you want to name the team unique and impressive and want something cool but don’t have any idea to name the superhero team. So, you have an internet connection at your home or on your mobile phone.

You can search most popular names for heroes and choose one of the best for the your team. Nowadays, the internet is a very easy and simple thing, that is available everywhere. There are hundreds of sites on the internet from which you can choose the best names.

Make Sure The Name Sounds Good When Said Aloud

When you name the superhero team, first make sure that the name has given to the hero makes a good sound when you or someone calls the team name in public. The name must have a good impression on the listener and as well as caller. The name should be very attractive and have a great impact on the people.

Do A Facebook Pool

If you don’t have any idea to name superhero team, so you can do a Facebook pool to get a different idea from other reviews. You can easily choose a best name for superhero team.

Different people have different point of view, if we get ideas from others, so we can have hundreds of ideas and make a special and inspiring name.

I hope that you like all the names that we have shared with you, and hope that you have found that, what you are looking for.


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