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77 Catering Company Name Ideas and Suggestions

Here we will discuss some of the catering company names for your business. If you are a food lover and love making delicious dishes at home, opening a catering company is the best choice for you. A lot of entrepreneurs are already doing catering businesses and they are pretty successful just because they have a passion for cooking. Let’s dive in.

Catering Company Names

Catering companies come in all shapes and sizes these days, from corporate dine-in restaurants to full-service catering companies. It can be difficult to figure out what you want your catering company to do.

How large is your company going to be? Do you want a food truck, a large kitchen, a food truck, a gourmet chef or a food truck? What is your name? What will you do? Will you provide the food, a menu of food, a decorator, a room service, a server?

And, the best part of all this process is naming your business. We are here to help you with that.

  • Taste & Fun Catering
  • Duos Workers
  • Max Ultimate Food
  • Crimsom Caters
  • Taste Ming
  • Triangle Love
  • My Catering Company
  • Catering Angels
  • I Do Catering
  • American Service
  • Toast the Host
  • Event Advantage
  • A Touch of Class
  • Golden hands
  • Oak Leaf
  • Superoya Catering
  • Cater Me Mexican
  • Boyz In The Kitchen
  • Enchanting Caterers
  • Ply caterers inc
  • Corporation Cateration
  • My Catering Company
  • Better Cater
  • Have A Seat
  • The Savory Grain
  • YummyMist Foods
  • Simple Fare
  • The Happy Cater
  • Lemons & Olives Catering
  • To Dine for Catering
  • Chef Jean
  • A Matter of Taste Catering
  • Protein Chefs
  • That’s a Toast!
  • Rotisserie Affair Catering
  • Fresh Start
  • Enchanting
  • Food Type
  • Food Fusion
  • Peach Tree
  • The Great Spoon
  • Kiss the Chef
  • Elephants Catering & Events
  • Arista
  • Masterpiece
  • Gourmet Island
  • White Pepper
  • Left Coast

Cute Catering Company Names

One of the questions that turns up in my blog requests is how to name your catering company, and I thought it would be nice to answer that. If you’re in the process of establishing your catering business, you may be in awe of how quickly your business is growing. Your business, your name, it all sounds so official.

But, when you ask yourself what your company’s name is or what it should be, you may feel like you’re stuck in the mud! Thankfully, I can help!

  • Root Cellar
  • Skillet
  • Encore
  • Affordable Affairs
  • Six O
  • Picnic on Third
  • Dishful
  • Blue Willow
  • Split Pea Seduction
  • Elite
  • All-Star
  • Metal & Match
  • Devoted
  • A Chef’s Touch
  • Delicate Dishes
  • Regale outfit inc
  • Best care
  • Ice-craft
  • Client first caterers
  • Be our client
  • Deluxe
  • Marvelous
  • Stellar
  • Right This Way
  • Catering Pool
  • CaterNation
  • Ice-craft caterers
  • Flavor Kitchen
  • Creative minds planners
  • At Your Service Caterers
  • Crave Catering
  • Doing Dishes
  • Pyramid Catering
  • Bread + Butter
  • Crock & Roll
  • MaySpruce Foods
  • Delicious Catering
  • Alex Catering
  • The Ruins Events & Catering
  • Ready to Eat
  • Moby Dish
  • Curry N More
  • Tray for Us
  • Food Edge
  • Banana Peppers
  • Deep Run Catering
  • Sweet and Savory Catering
  • Catering Cove
  • A Night To Remember
  • Crave Caters
  • Finer Diners
  • Fresh Food Generation
  • RSVP Catering
  • Birds of a Feather Catering Service
  • Classic Catering
  • Backyard Barbecue Catering Service
  • Homefoods Catering
  • GoldenBrown Foods
  • Cater Guys
  • Taste of Pace
  • Ultimate deli shop
  • Tasty Foods
  • Yummy Meal

Great Catering Company Names

When asked to name a catering company, most people choose the company they work for or the one that is close to their hearts. However, if you are like most, you will not name your catering company the same thing as the company you work for. Instead, you hire an agency to come up with a name that fits your business model.

But luckily, you don’t need that. Because I am here to help you.

  • A Chef’s Touch
  • A Classy Party to Remember
  • Pearl Catering
  • Prestige Caterers
  • A Grand Affaire
  • A Matter of Taste
  • Foodz Catering
  • Like You Made It Catering
  • A Thyme for All Seasons
  • Yum Cater
  • Flavvora Caters
  • Global Cheese
  • ThirtyMinute Foods
  • Best Table Catering
  • Joe’s Grill
  • Knees Up Catering
  • Savory City
  • Choreo Catering
  • Spicy crews
  • Modern Tortilla
  • Open Bar Hospitality
  • Aegronna Catering
  • Spicy Creations Catering
  • A Grand Affaire
  • My Secret Kitchen
  • Five Spice Catering
  • Fresh Grill & Bar
  • That’s a Toast! Wedding Caterers
  • Feast on This
  • Place Setting Professionals
  • Superspace
  • Party flavors inc
  • Bistro To Go
  • Compella
  • The Place at Innsbrook
  • Hungry for Time
  • We Cater
  • Paradise Catering
  • BrownDepot
  • Infinite Catering
  • Clay Oven
  • Real Food Catering
  • FoodSPice
  • Artisan Chef
  • Ask for more inc
  • Global Gourmet Catering
  • Masterpiece Caterers
  • Family Event Foodies
  • Event Advantage Catering
  • Quality Bites
  • YellowBricks Catering
  • WholeMagic
  • 6 Flavors
  • Sensational Foods Catering
  • Dishful Catering
  • Regal outfit inc
  • Event Advantage
  • Tasty N Healthy
  • Ravishing Radish Catering
  • Awesome Bowls
  • Home of foods inc
  • All the Best Catering
  • Johnson Caters
  • Greater Caterers
  • WhitePerk Foods
  • Confident Caterers
  • Duos Workers
  • Shayna Cuisine
  • Food To You Catering Service
  • All-Star Catering
  • String planners inc
  • Cocktail Caterers
  • Gallery of Food
  • Garnish
  • Gate Gourmet
  • Herban Feast
  • Barbary Coast Catering
  • Beyond Bread
  • Twelve Baskets Catering
  • Cater Cares
  • Food ethics
  • Banquet maids inc
  • Green Catering
  • BestBargain
  • Aqua Grill
  • Tasting Delights
  • Zests of the World
  • HotHitt Catering
  • Hungry Monkey
  • Salivating Station
  • Sweet Hospitality Group
  • Honey I’m Home
  • Zee Cooks
  • Food Peprekka
  • Upbeet Caterers
  • Elegent Eye
  • Alice’s Cuisine
  • Park Boulevard Catering
  • Split Pea Seduction
  • Fresh Family
  • The Renaissance
  • Ready Set Eat
  • All Aspects Catering
  • Green Leaf Catering
  • Azalea Catering
  • Bella Catering
  • Black Penguin
  • Burns Catering Group
  • Groovin’ Gourmets
  • Harried & Hungry
  • Behind the Scenes

Catering Business Names Generator

When you start a catering business, it is important to have a good name for your business. The name should be catchy and catchy enough to be remembered by your customers.

It does not have to be difficult to remember, although you can give it a little help if you want to. You can pick a name that has a nice ring to it, that is a bit easy to remember, and that is catchy enough to be remembered easily.

A well-planned and managed catering company can make all the difference in the way you present yourself as a business. The best catering companies understand that catering is a service and they want to make sure that their customers enjoy the experience.

This is why they strive to create a welcoming environment for their customers and it is that comfort that makes them want to come back to their catering business again and again.

But all that starts with a great business name. These are some catering business names suggested by a name generator that will help you name your catering business:

  • Classic Catering
  • Convivial Catering
  • A Sharper Palate
  • American Catering
  • Bu Catering
  • Cat Head’s BBQ
  • Catering Everyday
  • Green Catering
  • Foodhop
  • Kaspar’s Catering
  • Better Cater
  • Blue Plate
  • King’s Korner Catering
  • Green Mansions Catering
  • Itis Catering
  • Madres Kitchen
  • Crown Point Catering
  • Taste of Pace
  • The Big Kitchen
  • Side of ‘Slaw Catering
  • Refreshment Necessities
  • Corporate
  • Glossie Glitz
  • Homestyle Catering
  • The Kitchen
  • Duos Catering
  • All Aspects Catering
  • HappyHoos Catering
  • Seasoned in Seattle
  • HappyCave
  • Delightful tantalizers
  • Pickups Plus Catering
  • CookStyle Catering
  • Salivate City
  • Crimsom Caters
  • Celerybration Catering
  • Fresh Start
  • Blue Ribbon Cooking
  • Porkyland
  • Done Right Catering
  • Elegant Affairs
  • Fabulous Food

Funny Catering Names

  • FoodEdge
  • Gourmet Caterers
  • Cater 2 Me
  • Cater Me Mexican
  • Citron Catering
  • Kiss the Chef
  • Kitchenette
  • Max Ultimate Food
  • Ask for more Inc.
  • Banquet maids Inc.
  • Cater Creators
  • Cream & Flutter
  • Event Catering
  • Banquet maids Inc.
  • Innovation Catering
  • Red Table Catering
  • Mirra’s Place
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Park Avenue Catering
  • Daily Dose
  • Cater Cave
  • Kraving Catering
  • Greenell Foods
  • Harried & Hungry
  • Relish Caterers
  • Planners & Foodies inc
  • Victual caterers inc
  • Service Senders
  • Doing Dishes
  • Finest China Caterers
  • Catering Queens
  • Cater Co.
  • Party nannies Inc.
  • Classic Catering
  • Through Dessert
  • Cater and Clean
  • Crisp Catering
  • Finer Diners
  • Cloth Napkin Caterers
  • Food blockers inc
  • Ace chefs inc
  • Chef’s corner inc
  • Cater Me
  • Escotta Foods
  • YouPick Foods
  • Elegant Affairs
  • Luxury Caterers
  • Yellow Tomato Catering
  • TasteMing
  • Cater and Clean
  • Woodhaven Manor Caterers
  • Excellent cook & outfit
  • Gourmet Island
  • Take Your Seat
  • Clever Chefs
  • Dare to Taste
  • Happy Taste Catering
  • Knights Catering
  • Eat At Will
  • Beyond Imagination Catering
  • Foodz Catering
  • MidTwist Catering
  • Wilford Foods
  • Event Catering
  • Special Events Catering
  • Cater Waiters
  • Hand and Foot
  • Cater Care
  • Crispy Catering
  • Fresh Fiends

Indian Catering Business Names

  • Sage & Zest
  • Sorrento Catering
  • Special Events Catering
  • My Catering Company
  • Premier Catering
  • Rita’s Catering
  • River Edge Café
  • Curiosity Catering
  • Divine Café
  • Pearl Catering
  • Javajoe Foods
  • Call the Caterer
  • Elite Event Staffing
  • Belly Bliss Catering
  • MotiveMores
  • Smoked & Cracked
  • Metal & Match
  • Every Need
  • Cowgirl Catering
  • lonely Apricot
  • Cater 2 Events
  • Call on Caterers
  • Urban Solace Catering
  • Catering Outfit
  • Convivial Catering
  • Tree of hearts
  • Corporate Catering
  • Gold Plate Catering
  • Arista Catering
  • Plato Catering
  • Gold Leaf caters
  • Good To Go
  • Grand Affairs
  • I Do Catering
  • Crave Catering
  • Day Darmet Catering
  • Delectables Catering
  • Six O Catering
  • State Room
  • TasteMin
  • The Great Spoon
  • Catering City
  • Cater Station
  • Together Catering
  • Hot Kitchen
  • FlavorBrain
  • Feed the Need
  • Classic Catering
  • Delicate Dishes
  • Best Table
  • Corporate
  • Cater with Class
  • Can Do Catering
  • Taste Seduction
  • Catering with Style
  • SilverStar Foods
  • Food Passion Catering
  • The Catering People
  • Caterereurs
  • Craft Kitchen
  • Yummy Catering
  • Seasons Gourmet Catering
  • New Flame
  • GoodZest Foods
  • Forbefest Foods
  • Special Moment Catering
  • Regale outfit inc
  • Salivate Situation
  • WesternBuy Foods
  • Fresh Flavor Catering
  • The Edible Life
  • Indulge Contemporary Catering
  • Calling All
  • Cater Waiters
  • Call on
  • Confident
  • Invitation
  • Occasions Only
  • Greater
  • Careful
  • Mouth waterers
  • TasteBuds
  • The Kitchen
  • Veggie Love
  • A Night To Remember
  • Clever Catering
  • Taste Delights
  • Fresh Fanatics
  • Food for Festivities
  • Oyster Boy
  • Forage
  • Cut and Taste
  • Honey Moon Sweets
  • Food Type Caters
  • Catering Calls
  • White Pepper
  • Pepprifik Caters
  • Caterer Collective
  • Corner House
  • MapleSpring
  • Company Tonight
  • Bliss Catering Co.
  • Mobile Plates
  • Intimate Dinner Catering
  • A Chef’s Touch
  • Dean’s Place
  • Simply Greek
  • Cater Station
  • Vibrant events
  • Six O Catering
  • Eventfoodies
  • All Catering
  • Savory Moments
  • Culinary Concepts
  • Best Table
  • The Green Kitchen
  • Magnificent Munch
  • Root Cellar Catering Co.
  • Maiden Lane Hospitality
  • Matter of Taste
  • Unadulterated catering service
  • Catering Masters
  • purpleVital
  • Eco Caterers
  • Guru the Caterer
  • Simply Elegant
  • Italian Food Friends
  • Wild Fig Catering
  • Tasteful Affairs Catering
  • Tasty Catering
  • FlavorBrain Catering
  • His & Her Catering
  • Kings clap Catering
  • Herban Feast
  • NiceNebu Catering
  • Well Catered
  • Alternative Chef
  • Finesse Cuisine Catering
  • Party Time
  • Events & Everyday
  • Kiss the Chef
  • Foodies first inc
  • Cater Waiters
  • DellaValley
  • Peach Tree Caters
  • Tonic Beverage Catering
  • Fresh Fiends
  • Devour – The Catering Co.
  • Careful
  • AegonMart
  • That’s a Toast! Wedding Caterers
  • TinyPleasures
  • NutriRich
  • Glorious Food
  • Rainbow Pacific Gourmet
  • Grand Affairs
  • TasteQueen
  • Supreme Service
  • Flying Food Group
  • Left Coast
  • Springoo
  • The Corporate Caterers
  • WE Kitchen
  • The Great Stork Catering
  • WaveFest Foods
  • Chef On The Road
  • Cater Me
  • RiverDrive
  • Food Hugger
  • Max Ultimate Food
  • Industry Catering
  • Triangle Catering
  • The Grill Pit
  • A Matter of Taste
  • Green Mansions Catering
  • Pickled Pink Event Caterers
  • CaterCalls
  • Above and Beyond Catering
  • Epic Catering
  • Marvelous
  • Picnic People
  • State Room
  • Delicate Dishes
  • Curiosity Catering
  • Chef Creations Catering
  • Cuisine Ventures Co.
  • Urbana hand Foods
  • happyMade Foods
  • Elegant Edge
  • Olde Triangle Caterers
  • Passionista Caters
  • Choice Productions
  • Steady Hand Catering
  • Organic Chef Catering
  • Choreographed Caterers
  • MightySavers
  • Luxury Party Catering
  • On The Menu Catering Services
  • Amity Foods
  • Enjoyable Catering
  • White Glove Caterers
  • As You Wish Catering
  • Food Type
  • Urban Hands
  • FlavorLove Caterers
  • Sunloft Foods
  • Chef @ Your Home
  • The Catered Affair
  • Perfect meals inc
  • Creative Hands Cuisine
  • Croakers Spot
  • Tiny Surprises caters
  • Masala Kitchen
  • From the Heart
  • A Catered Affair
  • InstaServe
  • Grandma’s House
  • Catering Queens
  • May meet Catering
  • Occasions Catering
  • Tasty Food
  • Smith Family Delectables
  • Bar None
  • CookingFuel Catering
  • Humble Beginnings
  • Fig and Pig Catering
  • Siesta Food Group
  • Classic Cooking
  • Delight cuisine inc
  • Pacific Cafe & Catering
  • FoodEdge
  • FarmRelics Foods
  • Basil Tree Catering
  • The Epic planners inc
  • Ready Set Eat
  • Fare Start
  • Burns Catering Group
  • Personal Caterers
  • BlueWave Catering
  • Food Trends
  • The Fix Bistro
  • Three Little Words
  • Food Safe inc
  • Savory Catery
  • Hunt & Gather Catering
  • Enchanting
  • Great Performances
  • Into The Fire
  • Classic Fare Catering
  • Sweet Sensation Catering Services
  • Wrap It Up
  • Tatsy buds Cuisine
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Happily ever after planners
  • Cloud Catering and Events
  • Camille’s Kitchen
  • A Classy Party to Remember
  • The Catering Experts
  • The Happy Plate
  • Urban Kitchen Catering
  • Rita’s Catering
  • Divine Café
  • Dragonfly Caterers
  • Savor It Catering

What Are Some Good Names for A Catering Business?

  • MagicTwin
  • Tasty Foods
  • Joyful catering service
  • Party nannies inc
  • Gourmet Delights
  • ViableFood
  • Lovely Caterers
  • A Sharper Palate
  • Helping Hands Catering Service
  • Best Beverage Catering
  • Good Flavors Catering
  • Cater Care
  • Friends Catering
  • Happy Fingers
  • Arizona Taste Catering
  • City Catering
  • Foodies Catering
  • Nextbuy Foods
  • Food in Motion
  • Lunch Bag
  • MayerGood
  • Sweet Style Catering
  • Pot Luck Catering
  • Shade Lounge
  • Invitation
  • Liberty Catering
  • Dinner Party Catering
  • Calling All Caters
  • LuckyHands
  • FrozoFun Catering
  • Firehouse Grilling
  • WholeBloom
  • Whimsical Wedding Provisions
  • Spice Catering
  • Clean Cuisine
  • FlavorBrain
  • City Catering Company
  • Sterling Affair
  • Viva Events & Catering
  • Dragonfly caters
  • EatieMate Foods
  • Saaj Grill
  • Camilla’s Catering
  • Go Catering
  • Bistro Caterers
  • Pickle Jar
  • Stellar caterers
  • Decidely Better
  • Gate Gourmet
  • The Baltimore House

Catering Company Names

What’s in the Name?

A good business name is really important for your company to be successful. The name should be unique and trendy so that it can help you drive more traffic into your business.

A good catering company name will make a good first impression on your potential customers and thus help you increase your sales and also turn your name into a brand.

Characteristics of a Good Catering Company Name

Before diving into the catering names list, first let’s discuss some of characteristics that make a name good:

  • A catchy business name is always short and simple.
  • Make it easy to pronounce and also easy to spell.
  • Think outside the box and make your names unique.
  • Catering company names usually don’t lead to abbreviations.
  • It doesn’t age too quickly. For this avoid too trendy names.

Note: The below list of catering company names contains names, some of which are already taken. So it is highly recommended that you use this table of catering names just to get an idea of how to name your catering business.

So, here we are sharing a comprehensive list of catering company names that you can choose from. Also, we will be sharing an ultimate guide on choosing your first catering company name. Keep in mind that the name ideas we are sharing are just ideas and some of them are already taken. So make sure to check the availability of your favorite ones.

How to Name Your Catering Company

A catering company name is not all that difficult to work out, but it does take time to find an ideal solution. It is important to choose a name that is simple enough to remember, but not too common.

Also, consider including a word that will help your clients remember what your business does. For example, writing your business name in all caps may not be the best idea if it has the potential to cause confusion.

To name your catering business, think about the following points:

What’s Your Specialty?

The business name you choose for your business must give a hint about what you do. For example, words like “Catering Services” make your name thematic. Looking at your name people should be clear about your work. You will get more sales when your name is sweet and clear.

Does Adding Your Place Name Helps?

You can add the name of your place to your catering business name.  For example, if you are located in “Riverwood” then you can use “Riverwood Catering Company” or “Riverwood caterers”. A lot of entrepreneurs prefer choosing catering company names that have the name of the place added in it. This is because it helps to drive more customers into the business because people love the relation of business with place. More people will trust you this way.

Another big advantage is people will easily remember your business name, as they can’t forget their place where they live.

Market your own Name.

Entrepreneurs prefer adding their own names while naming a catering company. It’s all about making your good reputation in the market and turning your name into a brand.

Make sure that you use any of the following words along with your first/last name. For example (Your name+ type of service)

Catering Catering Services
Caterers Catering company

Also, make sure that there is no other catering service with the same name in your area. If this is, then you have to change your plan.

Keep the Type Of Service In Your Mind.

Most business founders look for unique and creative ways to describe their business. Businesses like to be as unique as they can to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to start a catering company, you might want to keep that in mind and choose a business name that will be unique and creative, and certainly not something generic.

If you are catering for weddings, what should be the name of your catering company? Include the word wedding in it. For example Weddings Caterers.

Express the feeling of people about Food.

Sweet, tasty, mouth waterers, taste Buds, these types of words define the feeling of customers and tell them about the taste of food. Adding words like these can be a helpful tip.

 Keep it Simple.

There is a lot of research that shows that a unique name can be a real asset to a company. You may not think your business will ever be as famous as those famous companies with unique names, but you may be surprised to learn that some of the world’s most famous companies were started by less famous people.

In fact, many famous companies started as a grassroots movement, with a few friends creating a business as a hobby or a side-hustle.

Simple catering company names perform better than long boring names. So it should be your first priority to keep your name simple and easy.

Connect a Tagline.

The most effective slogan is the one that communicates the most with a small amount of capital. An effective slogan can be a single word or a short phrase, but it has to be unique. It needs to be catchy, memorable, and it has to be able to convey the essence of the company.

Adding slogans or taglines helps a lot to bring charm in the catering business name. However, it’s not that essential.

Saying that “Food is a passion” is a very common phrase that one would hear from a catering company. It sounds as if this company is trying as much as possible to make their business as creative as possible!

In order to make sure that the customers of the catering company are happy, it is essential for them to ensure that the catering they provide is of the highest quality. In this section, we will discuss some of the most creative and memorable slogans that a catering company could use.

Slogans for a Catering Company

Here is the list of slogans and tagline that people choose along with their catering service names:

A rocking grill Award of Excellence
Celebrate flavor. Celebrate life Delicious food on time
Experience tastes of Europe Feeding Dreams
Food in your budget Grill, Frill, Chill
More than just food Seriously good food
We’re your party people Where tasteful creations begin
Making food special It’s flavor explosion


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