1200 Cleaning Business Names Ideas

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Have you decided to start your own cleaning business and need help coming up with a good name for it? If so, you’ve landed in the right place. This article contains a huge list of catchy, unique, and creative cleaning business names to help jump-start your brainstorming process and assist you in finding the best name for your new venture.

The name of your business can make or break its success. A good name can help consumers remember your business long after they’ve heard about it and connect with the business’s values, such as what it does, is, or stands for.

But finding the right one can take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, to help you out, we’ve gathered 700+ best cleaning business names suggestions to inspire you. You’ll find some really awesome names that fit your branding needs!

Let’s dive in.

Cleaning Business Names

Cleaning Business Names

Here are some cool and catchy cleaning business names for your inspiration:

  • Mother Earth Maids
  • A Clean Pro
  • Diamond Shine
  • Ultimate Cleaning Service
  • Cyclone Cleaning Services
  • North Coast Cleaning Services Inc.
  • All-Pro Enterprises, Inc.
  • Quality Carpet and Tile Cleaning
  • Five Star House Cleaning & Window Cleaning
  • Blue Coast Cleaning Service
  • House Cleaners Laguna Beach
  • California Steam Clean
  • Signature Fabric Care
  • SeaCrest Services California
  • Clean & Dry Carpet Care
  • Acme Chem-Dry
  • Extreme Carpet Cleaning
  • Rent Me Today Cleaning LLC
  • A1 Carpet Care
  • Rocket Maids
  • BlyClean Carpet Care
  • Great Vibes Cleaning
  • Lane Cleaning Services
  • Lancaster Carpet Cleaning Pro’s
  • Gabe’s Carpet Cleaning
  • The Cooperative Cleaning Company
  • Norcal Air Duct Cleaning
  • Blind Cleaners On Wheels
  • Advanced Cleaning Professionals
  • Pool Service Fresno Ca
  • iNX Commercial Cleaning Solutions
  • Sterling Carpet Cleaning
  • Always Ready Cleaning
  • Barbosas Cleaning
  • Clean All Building Maintenance
  • Slo Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • ServiceMaster Assured Cleaning Services
  • Restif Cleaning Service Cooperative, Inc.
  • Crystal Clear Pool Service
  • Serrano’s Services
  • Sparkling Solar Cleaning
  • Spot On Carpet and Tile Cleaning
  • Lightning Raingutters
  • Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
  • Perfect Clean Inc.
  • Clean Sweep LA
  • M&R Commercial Cleaning
  • Fresh Executive Detail, LLC
  • Momentum Janitorial
  • Dust & Shine Solar Cleaning
  • Cleaning Glow
  • Peak Cleaning
  • The Maids
  • Primetime Services
  • First Class Cleaning Service
  • Complete Carpet and Tile Cleaning
  • Calico Building Services Inc.
  • National Disinfecting
  • Pro Team Carpet Cleaning Folsom

Good Name for a Cleaning Business

Good Name for a Cleaning Business

  • GoodWave Construction Cleaning
  • Spring Clean
  • Duct Essentials Cleaning
  • Jet Super Clean
  • We Do Window
  • Professional Inspection And Repair
  • Dusting Medic
  • Washed Up Cleaning Solutions
  • Cleaner Upward
  • Names for a Cleaning Company
  • Gleam and Glisten Cleaning
  • Cliff Cleaners
  • Intermix LLC
  • MagicalMaids
  • Trusted Cleaners
  • A Sparkle Home
  • On The Spot!
  • Detailing Din
  • Ship To Shore Detailing
  • John’s Window Cleaning
  • Sparkline Cleaning Services
  • Just in Time Maid Service
  • The Clean Sweep
  • Meaning Crest Cleaners
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Dust Bunny Busters
  • Purple Hose Cleaning
  • Grime Dusty
  • Squeaky Pristine Group
  • Clean Insanity
  • Squat Washed Pro
  • Trusted Home Care
  • Companion Maids
  • Raggedy Ann’s Maid Service
  • Gleam Team
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Concurrent Cleanse
  • SpotCrew
  • Shine-On Cleaning
  • Compulsory Serve Co
  • Dependable Washers
  • Save On Services
  • My Cleanup Boss
  • Cleaning Cub
  • Tidy Tryout
  • Shiny Efficacy
  • Modern Maids
  • Squeaky Clean Office
  • Clean Like You Mean It
  • Sole Cleaners Co.
  • Polka Dot Cleaning
  • Kwik Kleaning
  • Envoy Cleaners
  • Hygiene Machine
  • Semidesert Unimproved Collective
  • Mirror Maids
  • Maggie’s Cleaning Service
  • BetterFlora
  • The Singularly
  • Deep Duct Cleaning
  • 5 to 9 Cleaners
  • Doctor Steamer
  • Housekeeping Buggy
  • Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
  • Neat Freaks Housekeeping
  • Perfect Polish
  • Dream Clean Machine
  • Club Clean Office Cleaning
  • Loving Care Cleaners
  • Filth Fighters – Cleaning and Maintenance
  • In the Groove Cleaning Service
  • ContinuousService
  • Just Clean It
  • The Clean Solution
  • Aquatic Edge Pool Care
  • CleanMate Cleaning Services
  • GoodAce Cleaner Co.
  • Zen Cleanse Home Cleaners
  • The Soap Team Inc.
  • Flash Cleaning Business
  • Cassidy’s Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Overhauling
  • Jolly Green Cleaning
  • Maid Pro
  • Cleaning Pups
  • Shine Station
  • Dirty Cleaning
  • Doctor Rooftop
  • Help Group
  • Clean Green Maid Company
  • No Dust R Us
  • Shaker Just Rite Cleaners
  • All Seasons Shining
  • Fine Touch
  • Two Men and a Bucket
  • Seastone Construction Cleaning
  • A-PLUS
  • Competing Dusting
  • Brilliant Shine Cleaners
  • Spotless Agile
  • JR’s Custom Clean
  • MeanClean Cleaner Co.

Cleaning Business Names

Catchy Cleaning Business Names

  • Masterful Myriad
  • Alexa Cleaning Services
  • Happy Clean
  • Cleanse Cottage
  • Cleaning Wizards
  • Maggie Maids Cleaning
  • The Interior
  • Spring Cleaning Everyday
  • MagicWhite Cleaner Co.
  • Clean Owl
  • Pest Pros
  • The Cleaning Authority
  • Inside and Out Cleaning Business
  • Northern Crossbred Co
  • Kind Earth Cleaning
  • Mark’s cleaning services
  • Thorouh Vanish
  • Urban Fresh Cleaning
  • Duty Cleaners
  • Cleaning Wonders
  • DiplomaticService
  • Cleanovelty
  • Green Maids
  • Hot Mess Assess
  • Fresh Scent Maids
  • Cleaning Dash
  • Speedy Cleaning Services
  • Cleaning Coarse
  • Realguard Cleaning
  • Bush Co
  • Stable Scrubbed Co
  • UsefulService
  • The Joy of Cleaning
  • ExtraClean
  • Makeover Magic
  • Krystal Klear Cleaning Service
  • Chew Housekeeping
  • Contrary Clear
  • Flicks Housekeeping
  • Cleaning Thinks
  • Greet Cleanse
  • Sunrise-Cleaning
  • Nooks & Crannies Cleaning Co.
  • Nevada Cleaners
  • Spotless Urban
  • Crystal Clear
  • The Clean Queen Maid Service
  • Fantastic Cleaners
  • Sexy Shine
  • Scouring Collective
  • Shine All
  • The Pine
  • Detailing Dramatic
  • House Cleaning Spouses
  • Do Right Cleaning
  • Anytime 24-Hour Maids
  • Gutter Doctor Gutter Cleaning
  • Green Laser Services
  • Orbitz House Cleaning
  • Spotless Sweep
  • Clean Power
  • Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service
  • The Facial
  • Top Spotless
  • Spotless Strides
  • Vegas Maids
  • Carpet Medic
  • The Mopsters
  • Pray Away Dust
  • Fairy God Mother Cleaners
  • Dirtbusters Co.
  • The Dazzle Cleaning Company
  • Cool Breeze
  • Maid My Day
  • The Dream Team Cleaners
  • Fresh Start Home Cleaners
  • Hyperclean
  • Quick Clean Co.
  • Crystal Clear Reflections
  • We Maid It!
  • Let Us Launder
  • Cleaning Fairy
  • The Clean Hustle
  • The Lip Help
  • The Clever Cleaners
  • MegaHyper Cleaning
  • Reservist Service
  • Shiny Shingles Roof Cleaners
  • Clean jet
  • Spotless Squad
  • Cleanly Pro
  • Arsis Service

Cleaning Business Names

Classy Names for Cleaning Business

  • Gentle Scrub
  • Polish and Shine House Cleaning
  • Commercial Clean
  • Fresh Collective
  • Xtreme Cleaning
  • United Power Washing
  • WestSafe Cleaner Co.
  • Satisfactory Support
  • Organize, Clean, Repeat
  • Township Cleaners
  • Happy Nappy Cleaning Co.
  • Zen Pool Cleaners
  • Swept Way
  • Housekeeping Litz
  • Sweet Dreams Maids Services
  • Opti Fresh Trading Co
  • Simply Clean
  • Duct Solution Masters
  • Baseline Clean
  • The Essential
  • Geo Clean
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning
  • All Clean and Clear
  • Featherlady Construction Cleaning
  • ExquisitelyClean
  • Clean Zen
  • For All Seasons Clean
  • Maid in Chicago
  • Valuable Inspection And Repair
  • Golden Reflection Cleaning Services
  • Dustopedia
  • The Daily
  • Dallas Maids
  • Cleaner Stealer
  • Gifting Dusting
  • Peptide Cleaning
  • Scrubaciously Clean
  • The Sparse
  • Clean Break Office Cleaning Solutions
  • We Clean It
  • The Better
  • Fresh Trading Co
  • Actual Divine Service
  • Login Detailing
  • The Cleaning Doctor
  • Rainbow Clean
  • Citrus Bright
  • Dusty Might
  • A-1 Cleaning Company
  • HydroCare Services
  • Janitors of the Night
  • Emerald City Cleaning
  • A Sparkle Home Cleaning Service
  • Wipe It Away
  • Product Values
  • Spot ’N Shine
  • Heaven Broom
  • The Come Spotless
  • Design Cleaning Business
  • Spotless Spurts
  • Dustscape
  • Sleek Spotless
  • Patient Scrubbed
  • Clean Corner
  • Vilest Cleansed Spot
  • Crystal Cleanable
  • Blue Mist Cleaning
  • Cleaner Arbitrators
  • Bird Cleaning
  • The Dust Detail
  • Light up Scrub
  • Pretty Washed
  • Tidy Course
  • As Good As New
  • Cleanse Spot
  • Cobble ; Clean
  • Time For You cleaners
  • Sage Scrub Brush
  • Rid of It
  • Purple Elephant
  • Religious Service Collective
  • Super Shine
  • Capitol Cleaning
  • CleanSpan Construction Cleaning
  • Fervid Service
  • Clean Brite
  • In & Out Cleaning Services
  • Survise Service
  • Rain or Shine!
  • Hot Mops Co.
  • Dazzle Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Services
  • New Day Organizing
  • Credo Cleaners
  • Cleaning by Default
  • Dust Busters
  • ConcurrentClean
  • Porch Cleaners
  • LoveYourZoinks
  • Clean Tastic
  • We Clean
  • True Shine
  • All Shine Restoration
  • The Clean Clan
  • Dust & Dash Cleaning
  • Shine Time Cleaning Services
  • Softtouch Supremeklene

Cleaning Business Names

Cleaning Company Name Ideas

  • WhattaRelief
  • Clean As A Whistle
  • Cleaning Fairy!
  • Squeegee Masters Window Cleaning
  • Subalpine Scrubboard
  • Pure House Cleaning
  • Cleaners Ford
  • The Shoe Crew Shoe Cleaners
  • Dusting Daddy’s
  • Green Cleaners
  • Action Plan Co.
  • Cleaning Term
  • Well Polished
  • Detailing Blooming
  • Deep Clean Office Team
  • CleanRite Construction Cleaning
  • CleaningPros
  • Right Shine
  • Maid to the Rescue
  • Green Ladies
  • Blue Bird
  • The Growing
  • Two Girls and A Bucket
  • Squeaky Clean Mobile Yacht
  • The Neat
  • Crystal Cleanse
  • Sweep You Off Your Feet
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Anchor Cleaning
  • Speedy Clean
  • Washed Trading Co
  • Bubble Cleaning Business
  • We Mean To Clean
  • Extra Cleanse
  • Dirt Busters House Cleaning
  • Twinkle House Cleaning Service
  • Selling Detailing
  • Bath Emporium
  • The Cleaning Fairy
  • Feather Lady
  • Molly Maid
  • You’ve Got Maids
  • The Sparkling House Cleaning
  • SwedeMaids
  • Tidy Guys
  • Spotless Stroll
  • Happy House Cleaners
  • Fresh Home
  • Tidy Foundry
  • The Actual Religious Service
  • Vacuum Masters
  • Shine-Tastic Car Cleaners
  • Get-Away Cleaners
  • VibeShine Cleaner Co.
  • Pig Pen Cleaning Crew
  • Cleaner Bay
  • Aqua-Z-Star Eco Care
  • Scouring Co
  • Active Military Service Collective
  • Reality Source Cleaning
  • Cardinal Co.
  • Oak Scrub Up Trading Co
  • Koala Klean Services
  • Turn Pros
  • The Bushy Mixed
  • Standardless
  • Busy Bee House
  • Head up Scrub
  • Chaparral Unimproved Collective
  • YOurWish Cleaning
  • Clean 360
  • 1 Man 2 Hands
  • The Chimney Masters
  • MissionStreet
  • Cleaning Kings
  • Cleaning Rethink
  • Clean Mean
  • Sandy Sponge Down
  • 360 Precision Cleaning
  • The Brighter Side
  • Imagination Maids
  • Even Mek
  • Wonder Ducts
  • Clean Spree
  • Junior Cleaner
  • Online Military Service
  • Hood Cleaning
  • Subalpine Scrubbing Brush
  • Quality Clean
  • We Clean Co.

10 Best Cleaning Business Names Ideas

If you’re thinking about starting a new cleaning business, here are some great cleaning business names along with some logos that you can use as inspiration:

All Clean Restoration

This is the perfect name for a cleaning company. It talks about the kind of cleaning you offer, which is very comprehensive. As the name suggests that there is a master’s touch involved in your cleaning services.

All Clean Restoration- Cleaning Business Name Ideas #1

It also conveys the idea that your customers need not worry about any problem they might face in the house or the office because you will take care of it all for them. This name has the potential to be a strong one.

Fine-Line Cleaners

You can give this name to your business if you want to give it an eco-friendly approach. “All Clean Restoration” will be the company that does all the cleaning for your home or business, while you are busy doing the important things in life.

fine line cleaners

This is a great name for a business that will be eco-friendly and will do its best to make sure that you are always living a clean life.

Anytime 24-Hour Maids

This is the most used business name in the United States. This is because people don’t have enough time to clean their homes on their own, so they need someone to come in and do the job for them.

Anytime 24-Hour Maids- Cleaning Business Name

This name has been used by more than one company. So you can definitely try using this name if you are not sure about it.

 Brothers Cleaners

This name is a great one because it is the first name of the company that you are trying to start. It is also a very easy name to remember. If you add a word to this, then it could be a good idea.

Brothers Cleaners

For example, I use the word “Maids” for my cleaning business and I changed it to “Anytime Maids”. You should make sure that your company name is catchy and not too long.

Clean Cut

This is a name that lets your customers know that you are a professional in the industry of cleaning. It also gives them assurance that they are hiring someone who is not only good at their job, but they are also going to be safe and well-maintained.

Clean cut

It is one of those names that has been in use by businesses for years in many parts of the world.

Cleaning Master

This is a name that says that you are the best in your field. People who are in this field of work will definitely trust you when you tell them that you are the best in your field.

cleaning master-cleaning business name idea

You are not just saying that, but you are also able to prove it to them. This is a name that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Dirt Be Gone

This is a name that tells the audience that you are in business to do the dirt for you. Not only is it a fun name but it also says that you are going to eliminate dirt and grime from people’s homes and make them happy again.

dirt be done

You can use this name for your cleaning business or you can use it as the name of your blog. This is one of those names that is very easy to remember and easy to spell.

Dirt Devils

You can use this name to build your own cleaning business if you have some knowledge about the cleaning business.

dirt devils- This one is my favorite of all the cleaning business names I have shared.

I would recommend you to use this name because it tells your customers that you are the most qualified person to do the work in the industry.

Express 24 Clean

This is a name that would let your customers know that you are there to clean their houses. This name is great for any business that does the cleaning.

express 24 clean

But it is especially good for a business that focuses on the housekeeping aspect of cleaning.

Extreme Clean

The name says it all. The name tells your readers that you are doing dirt and filth removal services. If you have a cleaning business, you should consider using this name for your business.

extreme clean- A good name for your cleaning business

Cleaning service name ideas list

How To Name Your Cleaning Business

To name your cleaning service, you need to follow some of the below basics:

01. What’s Your Niche?

The first thing that you need to do is to make your mind clear. Define the niche you want to work in. cleaning businesses are offering a vast amount of services from home cleaning to dry cleaning.

So the first step is to consider your niche. Decide the type of niche you love. Make a future plan.

Would you do home cleaning or dry cleaning?

Once you decide your niche it becomes easier for you to choose a name from the above list of cleaning company name ideas.

02. Analyze Your Competition.

Before you decide your business name for a cleaning business, check the competition in the market. Also, check the competitor’s business name.

You can get an idea from there too.

There must be dozen already working cleaning companies. You have to write down all the names. Now focus on them and you will come to know which words you should add.

This can help you in finding a cute name for a cleaning company.

03. Make It Short & Easy.

Short names for cleaning companies perform better than long names. This is because long names are usually boring and thus not attractive.

So to make your name attractive and cool, make it short.  Short names are also easy to remember.

This is a big plus of short names that they are memorable. Because this will help you bring more customers from your website.

How? People would love to hire you again if they are satisfied with your services. So if your cleaning business name is easy to remember, they will find you online easily and hire you again when they need you.

04. Intermix Words.

Playing with words gives you unique and creative business names.

Intermix different words together and come up with creative ideas.

05. Check The Domain Availability.

As we all know that more than fifty percent of your clients will hire you online. So what would you do to attract more people to get your services?

You need a website. To make a website you need to buy a domain name first. So you finalize make sure the availability of the domain.

If the domain name isn’t available, you can drop the idea. Come up with a list of more than five names and check the domain names of all of them.

You will easily get one of them.

Tips To Finalize Your Cleaning Service Name:

To finalize your cleaning company name, do these things:

  • Check social handles.
  • Choose five different names.
  • Make it short and include a keyword if necessary.
  • Check how competitors named their businesses.
  • Ask your family members for help.
  • Add teammates to name brainstorming tasks.

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