200+ Cleaning Business Slogans and Taglines

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If you are starting a cleaning business and looking for cleaning business slogans and taglines, you are in the right place. Here we will share with you more than 200 creative, unique and funny cleaning slogans that will inspire you to write your own.

All the cleaning company slogans we have shared are unique and you can use them anywhere you want. But keep in mind that some of these slogans might be taken by people who visited before you.

As we all know that, in order to succeed in a business you need to put effort into every small factor. First, you should choose a unique cleaning business name and then a creative and attention-grabbing slogan. This will help you in getting more clients.

Cleaning Business Slogans

Following are some unique, creative and cool cleaning business slogans:

  • Excellence is our habit.
  • The best cleaning company ever.
  • We can turn the old into new again.
  • Neat and clean office from today.
  • Spotless cleaning on your doorstep.
  • Your home will be cleaned your way.
  • Nobody can clean it better than us.
  • Your weekend should not be wasted on cleaning, we will do it.
  • We clean, daily, a lot.
  • Here is your key to cleanliness.
  • When things need to be cleaned, hire us.
  • We do the best cleaning.
  • Choose the best, leave the rest.
  • A clean home shows your clean personality.
  • Affordable cleaning services for everyone.

Cleaning Company Slogans

Below are the best cleaning company slogans for your inspiration:

  • Professional cleaning, affordable prices.
  • When you need a clean environment, hire our company.
  • The best cleaning service company in the whole city.
  • The only cleaners you can trust.
  • A personal touch proves our professionalism.
  • The unmatched value you are looking for.
  • We are here for a reason.
  • Because cleanliness matters the most.
  • Get cleaning free, get cleaners.
  • Neat cleaning is our bottom-line.
  • Every client needs a clean environment.
  • Cleaning services at their best.

Funny Cleaning Slogans

Here are some funny cleaning business slogans to inspire your ideas:

  • Your one call, we will clean it all.
  • A clean house seems happy.
  • The cleaner the place, the safer the place.
  • Applying the modern concept for cleaning services.
  • When everything is in its place.
  • A touch of perfection you deserve.
  • The fine experience of cleaning.
  • We are cleaning the whole city, house by house.
  • Avoid the dirty scene, get your home clean.
  • That mess needs to be cleaned.
  • Beautifying your home.
  • The funny cleaning squad is here.
  • Clean your house and clean your mind.

Funny Housekeeping Slogans

Here are some funny housekeeping slogans for you:

  • We got maids, need one?
  • Professional cleaning services, fine prices.
  • Cleaning will always lessen your stress. Let me try.
  • We will clean your stress away.
  • Taking cleanliness to the next level.
  • Hire us and consider it clean.
  • Don’t stress, let me handle the mess.
  • We are dust busters.
  • We are here to clean your house.
  • Cleaning services only for smart people.

Professional Cleaning Quotes

Here are some professional cleaning service quotes and saying:

  • Enhance the view, clean the window.
  • Everything looks cool in its place.
  • You need expert house cleaners, just like us.
  • Extreme clean house, is our habit.
  • Fast and efficient cleaning services for everyone.
  • Finally here is a trustworthy housekeeper.
  • Got dirt? Here we go.
  • Hate cleaning? Don’t worry, we don’t hate it.
  • Cleaning makes a lot of difference.
  • Making your tiles shone again.

Cleaning Business Slogans

Funny Cleaning Quotes

Here are some funny cleaning quotes and sayings:

  • I had to clean my house for two hours just to tell guests, “Sorry about the mess.”
  • We do more cleaning in the 10 minutes before the guest comes over than the whole week.
  • Cleaning the house along with kids is like eating Oreos while brushing your teeth.
  • Keep your free time free.
  • Housework won’t kill you but why take a chance.
  • The house should clean itself, as it seems to get dirty by itself.

Duct Cleaning Slogans

  • “Breathe clean, live fresh!”
  • “Clear the air, ducts fair and square!”
  • “Don’t let dust circulate, let us ventilate!”
  • “Ducts in distress? We’ll clean up the mess!”
  • “Fresh air flows, when our team goes!”
  • “Dust-free zone, with our duct cleaning throne!”
  • “Healthy indoors, with our duct cleaning tours!”
  • “Say goodbye to dust, we’ll make your ducts robust!”
  • “For clean air, we’re the ones to care!”
  • “Duct cleaning masters, removing dirt disasters!”

Unique Slogans for Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • “Cleaning and sanitizing, the dynamic duo for your peace of mind!”
  • “A germ-free zone, we make it our own!”
  • “Cleanliness amplified, germs denied!”
  • “Sparkle and shine, with sanitizing divine!”
  • “Cleaning and sanitizing, our secret to harmonizing!”
  • “Hygiene on the scene, our cleaning team!”
  • “Cleaning and sanitizing at its prime, your safety is our paradigm!”
  • “From dirt to disinfect, our services connect!”
  • “A fresh, sanitized space, we’ll embrace!”
  • “No corner untouched, when we clean and sanitize as such!”

Post Construction Cleaning Slogans

  • “Construction complete, cleaning’s our treat!”
  • “After the build, we’ll make it thrill!”
  • “From debris to pristine, we’re the post-construction cleaning team!”
  • “Construction mess, we address with finesse!”
  • “From sawdust to spotless, we’re the cleanup goddess!”
  • “Post-construction delight, we make everything bright!”
  • “Building’s done, let the cleaning fun begin!”
  • “Cleanup pros, post-construction woes!”
  • “New space, clean embrace, with our post-construction grace!”
  • “Construction’s past, we’ll clean it fast!”

Funny Cleaning Slogans

  • “Cleaning with a grin, let the laughter begin!”
  • “Dust, you must leave, ’cause we’ve got tricks up our sleeve!”
  • “Cleaning like a boss, we’ll tickle your funny floss!”
  • “Dirt, prepare to meet your comic defeat!”
  • “Cleaning and chuckles, our specialty knuckles!”
  • “Messy no more, with our cleaning uproar!”
  • “Sweeping and jokes, we’re the cleaning folks!”
  • “Laughs and mops, we’ll clean till it drops!”
  • “Funny faces, sparkling spaces!”
  • “Cleaning comedy show, dirt’s got to go!”

Funny Cleaning Slogans

Green Cleaning Slogans

  • “Cleaning the green way, for a brighter day!”
  • “Nature-friendly clean, our motto’s gleam!”
  • “Eco-conscious cleaning, for a healthier living!”
  • “Green solutions, cleaning revolutions!”
  • “Eco-sparkle and shine, keeping nature in line!”
  • “Cleaning with care, for a planet so rare!”
  • “Going green, the cleanest you’ve ever seen!”
  • “Clean and sustainable, our practices unbeatable!”
  • “Green cleaning warriors, eliminating toxins and worries!”
  • “Mother Earth approved, our green cleaning attitude!”

Catchy Carpet Cleaning Slogans

  • “Carpets reborn, with our cleaning adorn!”
  • “A fresh start for your carpet’s heart!”
  • “Carpet love, from grime to above!”
  • “Clean carpets, happy hearts!”
  • “Dust’s nemesis, our carpet cleaning genesis!”
  • “Unleash the beauty within, with our carpet cleaning spin!”
  • “Spotless floors, we’re the carpet cleaning corps!”
  • “Carpet magic, removing stains so tragic!”
  • “Walk on clouds, with our carpet cleaning shrouds!”
  • “From dirty to flirty, we’ll make your carpet purty!”

Bathroom Cleaning Slogans

  • “Bathroom shine, cleanliness defined!”
  • “Say goodbye to grime, we’ll make your bathroom sublime!”
  • “Spotless lavatories, our cleaning stories!”
  • “Bathroom beautification, we’re the cleaning sensation!”
  • “From floor to ceiling, our bathroom cleaning revealing!”
  • “Scrub-a-dub with a smile, we’ll make your bathroom beguile!”
  • “Clean and fresh, your bathroom’s best!”
  • “Cleaning showers and sinks, our bathroom duty winks!”
  • “Bathroom sparkle, no more hassle!”
  • “Dirt dissipation, our bathroom cleaning dedication!”

Cleaning Product Slogans

  • “Cleaning made easy, with our product so breezy!”
  • “Powerful cleaning at your fingertips, our products eclipse!”
  • “Spotless wonders, our cleaning products thunder!”
  • “Effortless shine, with our product line!”
  • “Cleaning made simple, with our product temple!”
  • “Stains, beware! Our products declare!”
  • “From messy to tidy, our products are mighty!”
  • “Cleaning solutions, our products’ evolutions!”
  • “A cleaner future, with our product nurture!”
  • “Innovative cleaning, our products are beaming!”

How to Write a Cleaning Business Slogan for Your Company

Finding a unique and creative cleaning company slogans and finalizing the best one is necessary for your business. As the competition in the market is increasing day by day, more and more startups come into existence every day. It has become an important step to choose a unique slogan that will grab the attention of the audience as every small thing matters in a super- competitive market.

Here we will share with you step by step process of writing your own cleaning business slogans. Here is how to write a slogan for your cleaning business:

1. Tell what you do.

To get more and more clients, you will need to tell people what exactly are you offering? If you have a cleaning company that offers windows and glass cleaning of large companies and buildings, you need to tell that in your slogan. If you are a small business and you are just focusing on house cleaning, tell that in your slogan.

When people know what exactly they will get, you will have more chances of getting hired.

2. Keep your company slogan short and simple.

Short and simple slogans are easy to understand and remember. Thus they will get you more clients than the long and boring slogans.

Also, if your slogan is memorable, you will get more returning customers. This will help a lot in scaling your business.

3. Avoid difficult words.

You should not use any difficult words in your slogan. If you do so, people may not be able to understand it. Which is the opposite of your goals.

4. Tell a story or share your expertise.

Telling people a story about your company is a great way to get hired. Or you should tell about your experience. Let say you have a 10 years of experience in cleaning windows, tell that in your slogan.

5. Get suggestions from friends and family.

A lot of successful people have just done that. People usually get ideas from their friends and family. You can also make a list of your competitors and then analyze what they have done that you should also do. This will help you in understanding the process.


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