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400 Catchy Coffee Shop Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you’re planning on opening a coffee shop of your own, it might be a good idea to come up with some great coffee shop names. After all, your business name will be the first thing people see when they visit your establishment.

If you want to give people a positive impression of your business, choose a name that reflects its vibe. Think about the types of coffee shops you like to visit.

Your coffee shop business name should reflect your company’s values and personality. If you have a more laidback approach to life, then your business name will probably be a little less formal. On the other hand, if you’re more of a hard-working individual who likes to get things done, then you’ll need a more professional-sounding name.

In addition, if you want your coffee shop business to stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to choose a name that’s memorable and unique. This will enable your brand to catch the attention of potential customers and ensure that they will be more likely to return for more of your amazing coffee.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that there are certain rules you must follow when naming your coffee shop business. This is because every word used in your business name needs to have a meaning.

Coffee Shop Names

Here are some cool and catchy coffee shop names to inspire your ideas:

  • Steamy Beans Coffee
  • The Busy Bean
  • Boston Barista
  • Jumpin’ Beans Cafe
  • Jumpstart Coffee
  • Mugs Coffee
  • The Steam Room
  • Espresso Express
  • Spiced Chai Cafe
  • Smooth Brew
  • Its a Grind
  • All City Coffee
  • Fluid Coffee
  • Retro Coffee
  • King’s Row Coffee
  • The Java Break
  • Wide Awake Cafe
  • Brew Culture
  • Elemental Coffee
  • Sight glass
  • The Molecule Effect
  • Brewed Awakening
  • Flywheel Coffee
  • Manhattan Mocha
  • Hot & Fresh
  • Beauty Mug
  • Modern Leaf
  • Hot Beans
  • Dancing Cup
  • Grinded Smoke
  • The love Point
  • Coffee Point
  • National Beans
  • Honey Coffee

Inspiring Cafe Names

Here are some catchy and inspiring cafe names for you:

  • Ritual Coffee
  • The Coffee Joint
  • Caffe KiLim
  • The Spring Cafe
  • Gracenote Coffee
  • Java House
  • Red Barn Coffee Roasters
  • The Family Bean
  • Beach Bum Cafe
  • Commonwealth Cafe
  • Java Joes Coffeehouse
  • Session Coffee
  • Fancy Coffee Shop
  • Convoy Coffee
  • Happy Lemon
  • Rojo’s Roastery
  • The Well Coffee House
  • Corner Cafe Bakery
  • Porchlight Coffee
  • Witty Coffee Shop
  • Dream Bean Cafe
  • Runcible Spoon
  • Storyville Coffee
  • Third Rail

Hipster Coffee Shop Names

Below are some cool and attractive hipster coffee shop names:

  • Crema Coffee House
  • Honor Coffee and Tea
  • Queen Anne Coffee
  • Little Owl Coffee
  • Spiced Chai Cafe
  • Torpedo Coffee
  • Beans ‘n Cream Cafe
  • Jumpin’ Beans Cafe
  • The Coffee Club
  • Manhattan Mocha
  • The Grind
  • The Split Bean
  • Screamin’ Beans
  • Steamin’ Mugs
  • Hugs with Mugs
  • Molten Cream Jars
  • Stylish Kafe
  • Candle Cafe
  • Sip and Snack
  • Impresso Espresso

Coffee Company Names

These are the best coffee company names you will ever find:

  • Lava Java
  • Cup o’ Joe
  • No Doze Cafe
  • Wide Awake Cafe
  • Bikini Beans
  • Homegrown
  • Black Eye Coffee
  • Coffee at the Point
  • Hub Cafe
  • Sacred Grounds
  • The Steam Room
  • Coffee Express
  • Grind House
  • Ground Up Cafe
  • Rise & Shine
  • Topped Off
  • Analog Coffee
  • Cuppa Coffee
  • Gypsy Place Coffee
  • Seaport Cafe
  • Anchorhead Coffee
  • Jacked Up Coffee

Names Related to Coffee

Here are some cool names that are related to coffee:

  • Holsem Coffee
  • James Coffee Co.
  • Coava Coffee Roasters
  • Heartwork Coffee Bar
  • Communal Coffee
  • The WestBean Coffee Roasters
  • Scrimshaw Coffee
  • Spill the Beans Coffee
  • Bay Park Coffee
  • S3 Coffee Bar
  • Lestat’s on Park
  • Cafe Virtuoso
  • Genteel Coffee Co.
  • Dark Horse Coffee
  • Moniker Coffee Co
  • Cafe Moto
  • Mostra Coffee
  • The Grounds Bean Bar
  • Hawthorn Coffee
  • Cafe Bassam
  • Zumbar Coffee & Tea
  • Duet Coffee
  • Por Vida

French Cafe Names

Consider these names for your French cafe:

  • Maison Blanche
  • Cocotte
  • Crazy About You
  • Les Deux Magots
  • Voila French Bistro
  • Zinc Bistro
  • Café de la Paix
  • Maison Akira
  • Four O Nine
  • The Hemingway Bar
  • Figaro
  • Cercle Rouge
  • Le Cassa
  • Rue Pierre
  • Le Café Tournon
  • Morell Maze

Coffee Names

Here are some cool, unique, creative and unique coffee names:

  • The Grind
  • Coffee House
  • Lava Java
  • Cafe Grumpy
  • Cherry Bean Coffee
  • Common Coffee Co.
  • Flywheel Coffee
  • Hotbox Roasters
  • Jacked Up Coffee
  • Broadcast Coffee Roasters
  • Caffe KiLim
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Beach Bum Cafe
  • Blue Bottle
  • Capital One Café
  • Star Lounge
  • Steaming Mugs
  • Symphony Cafe

Funny Coffee Shop Names

Here are some funny names for coffee shops and bars:

  • Topped Off
  • Espresso Express
  • Spiced Chai Cafe
  • Wake Up Café
  • Cafe Linger
  • Wired Puppy
  • Its a Grind
  • Equal Exchange Cafe
  • Fluid Coffee Bar
  • Good Coffee Co.
  • Backstage Coffee
  • Club Coffee
  • Coffee Express
  • Mugs Coffee
  • On the Road Coffee
  • Rise & Shine
  • Flame Cafe
  • Happy Lemon
  • Jack’s Stir Brew
  • Brew HaHa!
  • Coffee Street
  • Corner Cafe Bakery

Cute Nicknames for Coffee Drinkers

Below are some cute nicknames for coffee drinkers:

  • Novo Coffee
  • Porchlight Coffee
  • Reign Drink Lab
  • Courier Coffee
  • Dream Bean Cafe
  • Espresso Vivace
  • The Kitchen Cafe
  • Third Rail
  • Wired Puppy
  • Intermission Cafe
  • Jumpin’ Beans Coffee
  • Little Owl Coffee
  • Bite of Life
  • Cheers Cafe
  • Cravings Café
  • Double Shot
  • Red Eye Roasters
  • Espresso Express
  • Lunch Basket
  • Picnic Basket
  • The Picnic Cafe

Italian Cafe Names

Here are some cute and unique Italian café names:

  • Ground Up Cafe
  • Tatiana’s Cafe
  • Beans ‘n Cream Café
  • Mom and Pop’s
  • Pop’s Cafe
  • The Curious Cat
  • Sugar n’ Spice
  • Cream n’ Sugar
  • Coffee Connoseiurs
  • The Tea Trap
  • Crime & Coffee
  • Coffee & Punishment
  • Aroma Mocha
  • The Friendly Bean
  • The Roasted Bean
  • Tatiana’s Cafe
  • The Hideout
  • Rich and Pour
  • Jack’s Stir Brew
  • King’s Row
  • Jacked Up Bistro
  • Fluid Tea Bar
  • Happy Lemon
  • Jitterbug Café

Cute Cafe Names

Below are some unique and cute café names:

  • Common Coffee Co.
  • Map Room Tea Lounge
  • Convoy Tea
  • Tea Linger
  • Cafe Du Monde
  • Brew Together
  • Hotbox Roasters
  • The Caffeine Fix
  • Coffee n’ Chill
  • Tea Tent
  • Small Plate Cafe
  • Capital One Café
  • Coffee Sanctuary cafe
  • Backstage Cafe
  • Beany Business
  • Smooth Brew
  • Mornings in Paris

Creative Coffee Shop Names

Here are some attractive and creative coffee shop names:

  • Coastal Café
  • Cafe Sweets
  • Daily Grind
  • Cafe Delicioso
  • Cafe Connections
  • Crema Coffee House
  • French Crepe Co.
  • Le Petit Bistro
  • Normandie Café
  • Capitol Coffee House
  • Union Coffee
  • Topped Off
  • Ancient Sip
  • Central Café
  • Main Street Café
  • Hub Coffee Roasters
  • Expressions
  • Caffeine Café
  • Rendezvous Cafe
  • Octane Coffee
  • Bulletproof Coffee

Aesthetic Cafe Names

Here are some cool aesthetic café names to inspire you:

  • Black Eye Coffee
  • Aroma Mocha
  • Grinders Café
  • Tatiana’s Cafe
  • The Coffee Club
  • The Split Bean
  • Vintage Bee Coffee House
  • Daily bean Perk
  • Egoeast Latte
  • Steaming Cups
  • Proper Pour
  • Sip And Snack
  • Awaken Coffee
  • Groove Coffee
  • Bean style
  • Happy Bean
  • The Nippy Bean
  • The Pleasant Bean
  • Wake Up Beans

Funny Cafe Names

Here are some funny café names to make you smile:

  • Well-Read Coffee Shop
  • Urban Library
  • Secret Library
  • Collective Coffee Shop
  • The Daily Drip
  • Mastering the Drip
  • The Big Bean Café
  • Altered State
  • Perfect Wake Up
  • Seeing The Horizon
  • Faithful Blend
  • His Word
  • The Pastor’s Cup
  • The Quiet Path
  • A Cup of Christianity
  • Thy Brother’s House
  • Hobby Coffee
  • Tsunami Coffee
  • Kamikaze Coffee Shop

Coffee Company Names

Below are the best coffee company names:

  • From the Ground up
  • Billy Jean Beans
  • Keen on Beans
  • Hipsters Love Coffee
  • I Heart Hipsters
  • The Hipster House
  • Bad Ass Barista
  • Bobby & Bentley
  • The Old Tree House
  • The French Coffee Bar
  • French Do It Best
  • Memories of France
  • Take Me to Paris
  • Seine Cafe
  • Moulin Rouge Café
  • The Morning Vibe
  • The Fresh Roaster
  • My Cup Overflows

Unique Coffee Shop Names

Here are some unique coffee shop names to inspire your ideas:

  • The Busy Bean
  • Beany Business
  • Impresso Espresso
  • The Friendly Bean
  • Coffee Express
  • Jumpstart Coffee Shop
  • No Doze Cafe
  • The Steam Room
  • Espresso Café
  • Ancient Grounds
  • Black Eye Coffee
  • City Stacks Coffee
  • Fuel Coffee
  • Grind House
  • Ground Up Café
  • Flour Bakery & Cafe
  • Gypsy Place Coffee
  • The Coffee Club
  • Molecule Effect
  • Tradesman Coffee Shop

How to Name Your Coffee Shop

Naming your coffee shop can be a stressful task.  You want a name that conveys a message about your business. You need a name that can help you stand out in the crowd of competitors.  Most of all, you need a name that will remain relevant to future expansion. No wonder they are difficult to find BUT not impossible.

People usually love coffee shop names that are cute and unique. So you need a catchy and unique name for your coffee shop.

Here are some of the tips to follow while naming your coffee shop:

1. Keep it Short, Sweet & Simple

Short and simple name ideas for the coffee shops are the best ones. Because short names are easy to spell. Also, they are memorable. When someone visits your coffee shop and really loves your coffee and other products, they may think of coming back next time. Maybe they came from another city. If this is the case, they will forget your coffee shop name when they come back. Because your coffee shop name is not memorable.

So in order to choose a memorable name, you have to keep it short and sweet. If you choose long and lengthy names, they are boring. The chances of turning such names into a brand are quite impossible.

While on the other hand, short and sweet names can be easily turned into a brand. So make sure to add the first point in your branding strategy that your coffee shop name should be short and sweet.

2. What’s your specialty?

If you are serving something special make sure to add that into your coffee shop name. This will help in bringing more traffic.

This type of good business name doesn’t need any explanations. So your customers have a good idea of what you are serving. So they won’t get confused and this will help generate more sales.

3. Add your name.

Adding your own name to your coffee shop name can be the best idea. This will work best if you have a passion for making and serving coffee. You have a chance to turn your name into a brand.

The only condition that applies here is that your product should be of high quality and unique. No one should dare say anything bad about your quality. Your site should be filled with positive reviews.

And you must be thinking that how is that possible? Yes, it is very possible. What you have to do is to hire a professional coffee expert. If you are a coffee expert yourself that is great. So this is your chance of turning your name into a brand.

4. Consider adding the location name

A lot of people add the location name to their business name. Does it help? Yes, when you have a location added to your name, people easily understand where you are located.

Thus it is quite easy for people visiting your area. As more and more people are using the internet so there is a good chance that you will get more traffic this way. And if the quality of your coffee is good, the people living near you will become your permanent customers. They can’t forget where they live, can they?

5. Intermix Words.

To come up with a unique coffee shop name, try to play with words. Intermix different words to come up with unique names and ideas. You can make a list of different ideas coming into your mind.

Don’t delete any ideas yet. Just write them down on a piece of paper. Once you are done with them start shortlisting them and delete the bad ones.

6. Don’t copy from others.

A lot of entrepreneurs make this mistake. They copy name ideas from other famous brands. This won’t help you. But it will surely ruin your business. You can also face legal consequences.

So it is a better idea to come up with unique coffee shop name ideas.

7. Name according to the target audience.

This is quite essential in any business. Whenever you start a new business, it is important to find your target audience. Once you find the name of your coffee shop according to that traffic and you will come up with some cool names for your coffee shop.

8. Keep future plans in mind.

What are your future plans? How will you expand your business? Will this name remain relevant with all future expansions?

Tips while Finalizing a Coffee Shop Name:

Consider doing the following before finalizing your coffee shop name:

  1. Put effort into researching the best names for your coffee shop.
  2. Consider the name’s meaning and suitability for your business.
  3. Think about what keywords your name could potentially rank for in search engine results.
  4. Consider trademarking your name if you want to guarantee exclusive use.
  5. Choose a name that is appropriate for your location and target audience.
  6. Keep your name simple and easy to remember.
  7. Avoid common coffee shop names that are already taken.
  8. Try to come up with a name that is unique and will stand out from the competition.
  9. Use social media to promote your new coffee shop name and attract customers.
  10. Make sure your coffee shop’s name is spelled correctly and includes all the letters of the alphabet.

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