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Computer Company Names: 400+ Computer Repair Business Names

Here we will discuss some catchy computer company names. The computer repairing business is one of the most growing businesses worldwide. So, if you are starting this business, we can help you get some computer repair business names here. While choosing a name for your computer repairing services, make sure that the selected name is catchy.

The selected name should be easy to spell and say aloud. You can use your own name in the business name if you want to. Also, you can use the name of the location you are working in.

For example “Computer Guru of Atlanta”.

But, it can be a challenge to come up with creative computer repair business names because there is already high competition in the market.

There are a lot of companies that are offering computer repairing services and they have put in thousands of dollars investments. But don’t worry because there is always room for new businesses.

To make your business successful the first thing is to come up with a unique name. A tagline connected with your naming conveying a message about your business can also help.

All the Computer company names that we have shared are unique and attractive. You can use them as you wish. Let’s dive in.

Computer Repair Business Names

If you are using a general computer repair name, then you should use a tagline. But if your computer repairing business name is creative, then, you may not need it.

Following are the best computer repair business names that you will ever find:

  • Flex PC Repairs
  • A to Z Computer Services
  • The PC Doctor
  • Spades Computer Clinic
  • Hyperion Works
  • Park Slope Computers
  • Computer Guys
  • Every Last Byte
  • Tech Hut
  • TechnoFighter
  • Bluebar tech Repairing hub
  • The TechShift
  • Three Dot repairing
  • Tech Tricker
  • A2B PC Repair
  • Ultra Techcare
  • Computer Guru
  • Cheapest Computer Fix
  • Emerald Computers
  • Computer Repair Doctor
  • Low-Cost Geeks
  • In Home Computer Repair
  • Solve My PC
  • PC Repair Plus
  • Xpress PC Repair
  • The Computer People
  • Ctrl R 4 Repair
  • PC Repair Plus
  • PC Pro Now
  • Mac Services
  • Those Apple Guys
  • On The Go PC Repairs
  • Ai Computer Surgeons
  • Tweaks by Geeks
  • Affordable Computer Repair
  • The Computer Hospital
  • The Computer Fixer
  • Compute Reboot
  • Total Tech Support
  • Intel Instruments
  • Desktop Doctor
  • A to PC
  • Computer Repair Gurus
  • Computer Repair Co.
  • Budget Computer Repairs
  • On Time Computer Repair
  • To the Rescue Computer Repair
  • The Computer Restorers
  • Repair Station
  • Repair Expertise
  • Leading repair services
  • Digital computer clinic
  • Kill bug
  • Zero 2 hundred repairs
  • PC Fix and Beyond
  • PC Break No More

Computer Company Names

Here are some catchy and creative computer company names that you will like:

  • Geek Shop
  • Gatecom USA
  • Mike’s Tech Shop
  • New York Computer Help
  • D and Q Computer
  • Jewell Computer Shop
  • LaptopMD – Computer Repair & Data Recovery
  • NYU Computer Store
  • Comptechnyc
  • DriveTech, Inc Computer Repair NYC
  • Computer Smart Shop Ltd
  • Flat Rate PC Repair
  • Computer Repair
  • HZ Computer
  • Computer Services
  • B4Computers
  • Macbook Repair NYC
  • Smart PC Repair
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Lincoln Business Machines Inc.
  • Computer Answers
  • Macbook Repair Shop NYC
  • FixAce
  • TheComputerStore
  • Jallah Computer Shop
  • Micro Center
  • Corporate Computers
  • Computu Computers
  • Simple Mac & Phone Repair
  • Brooklyn PC Clinic
  • Techtronics iPhone Laptop and Macbook Repair
  • Village Computer Repair
  • SPR Computer – PC & Mac iPhone Repair
  • SpeedGeek IT
  • Joshmatthpc Computer Repair
  • store shop new york city
  • Mac Geeks NYC
  • Gighatz Computers
  • Laptop Data Repair
  • B-Z John Computer & Electronics
  • JC Compact Computer
  • The Mac Support Store
  • TSS Phones and Computers
  • Computer Overhauls
  • BnyTech Inc
  • 34th St Camera & Computers
  • Computer Repair – AlphaX Tech Inc.
  • Rossmann Repair Group
  • Jack’s Computer Services Center Inc
  • Computer Sam
  • PC Help
  • Manhattan Information Systems
  • Point Tech Computer
  • Repair My Mac NYC
  • Seif the Computer Guy NYC
  • AfrikPC, Corporation

Computer Business Names

Following are the best computer business names that you will ever find:

  • 1st Choice Wireless
  • Genius Computer Solutions, Inc.
  • Geek Squad
  • Fifth Generation Computer
  • DataVision
  • Computer Troubleshooters
  • Brendan Mac Repair
  • Computer Helper
  • Apple Repair Club, Inc.
  • KB Network
  • Great American Computers
  • Jay Shapiro Computers
  • Australian PC Warehouse
  • Microsoft Experience Center
  • Dell Printer Support
  • Laptop and SmartPhone Repair
  • Softpure Solutions
  • Shine Electronic
  • Safenet Computers Inc
  • Computer Workbench Inc
  • 800 Computers Tech Mall Tech Store
  • YAFiX Mobile Specialty and Repair Shop
  • Cyber Electronics
  • New Computech,Inc
  • NYC Laptop iPad iPhone Repairs
  • Business Tech Support
  • Mr Fix Brooklyn
  • New Jersey China Times
  • Best Buy
  • K2 Technics, Inc.
  • TDR – NYC – Tech Device Repair
  • iStore by St Moritz
  • Tech genius NY
  • IPhone & Mac Repair
  • Mikey’s Hook Up
  • uBreakiFix
  • iFixScreens Greenwich Village
  • C. Richard & Son
  • Village Computer Shop
  • NYC Copier Repair Service
  • Apple Fifth Avenue
  • Tek C Tek Tek Repair & Training Facilities
  • iFixScreens 5th Ave Brooklyn
  • Apple Upper West Side
  • SVA Campus Store
  • Newborn wireless inc
  • Mac Phone Repair
  • Manhattan iPhone Repair
  • iFixScreens Williamsburg
  • Fix iPad, Macbook, Galaxy

Repair Company Names

Here are some of the best repair company names to inspire you:

  • xCubicle
  • Staples
  • Hello Nerds
  • Apple SoHo
  • iPhone Screen Repair
  • iFixScreens Astoria Blvd
  • Electronic’s Repair & Maintenance Corp.
  • I Repair Cracked Screens
  • iFixScreens Victory Blvd
  • Systems Shop
  • Michelle’s InterNet Cafe Corporation.
  • EMC IT Solutions
  • Flash Tech Inc
  • Ipad Screen Repair Usa
  • Laptop, PC, Drone & Computer Repair
  • Nassau Electronics
  • Epic Data Recovery
  • Insight Networking
  • Phone Repair Genuine
  • Pc’s Store
  • Apple West 14th Street
  • Mobileflex
  • NYC Mobile Device Doctors
  • Jack’s Place
  • Expo Wireless
  • Sherlock Data Recovery
  • Apple Williamsburg
  • Microtech Computers
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions
  • Starrli Enterprise Inc
  • Computer Solutions East
  • Artificial Machines LLC
  • Insight Enterprises, Inc.
  • Verizon Authorized Retailer, Best Wireless
  • DevShop
  • Dell Service Center
  • ShopKeep
  • Baruch Copies & Mailing Services
  • RDI Solutions
  • MAINGEAR Computers
  • Symantec Corporation
  • Adorama
  • Bay Dynamics
  • Algorithmics An IBM Co
  • Volchok Consulting
  • IBM North America
  • Commack Computer Repair
  • My Computer Shop
  • Tom’s Hardware
  • New Horizons
  • Sirius Computer Solutions

Computer Brand Names

Below are some of the bestselling computer brand names for you:

  • Mattress Gallery at P.C. Richard & Son
  • Office Depot
  • Xerox Corporation
  • Brainstorm Computers & Technology
  • Circuit city
  • BattleGrounds
  • SHoP Architects
  • Insight Associates
  • Sony Electronics
  • Will Power PCs inc.
  • HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number
  • The PC & Wireless Shop
  • Spaulding Computers
  • Brother Printer Technical Support Phone Number
  • Jeff’s Computer Service
  • MPC Electronics, Surveillance, Security, & Computers
  • Alien Technology Computers
  • Micro Center
  • California Micro Computers, Inc.
  • PC Station Inc.
  • Central California Computer
  • Oakhurst Computers
  • E-World Computer
  • Computer Link Inc
  • California Micro Computer
  • The Used Computer Store
  • Jordan Computers & Electronics
  • Mac Star Computers
  • Human Computer
  • New Image of California
  • Alshamm Computer and Electronic repair
  • Mojo Computers INC
  • The Computer Shop 2.0
  • Planet Cyber
  • Best Buy
  • California Business Solutions
  • Cosmic Computers
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • South Valley Computers
  • Flat Rate Discount Computer Service
  • ClickAway Computer + Phone + Network Repair
  • DWN Computer Repair
  • PC Solutions
  • Computer Zone
  • Sage’s Computer
  • Nerds On Call Computer Repair

Computer Shop Names

Here are some catchy, creative, and best computer shop names:

  • Paso Robles Tech
  • Pc Support Computer Shop
  • A V Computers
  • California Business Machines
  • Computers Software & Training
  • J & B Computers
  • Purl Computers
  • Walps Electronics
  • Robinson’s Computer Sales
  • Pacific Computer Supply
  • KIS Computer Center
  • Affordable Computers
  • North Park Computers
  • Visalia Computer Technology
  • Mitec Solutions
  • Priceless Computer, PC & Phone Repairs.
  • Around-Town Computer Repair
  • PC Mobile Techs
  • Raven Computer Sales and Service
  • Mitchell Technologies
  • Quality Macs
  • Microsoft Store
  • computer linx
  • Custom Computer Solutions
  • Tech 2U
  • Computer Works
  • Comtech Enterprises
  • Computers Corner
  • Muritronix
  • California Mentor
  • Total Knowledge Computer Services
  • God Sent Computer Division
  • Leons Computers
  • Eric’s Computers
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • San Diego Computer Help
  • Main Street Computers
  • Mission Electronics
  • CMI Technology – Computer Mania Inc.
  • Icf Systems California
  • Unitek – Apple Premiere Partner
  • DCP Systems
  • Vahn’s Computers
  • California Computer Guys

Computer Names

Here are some cool, catchy, unique, and cute computer names:

  • Staples
  • Precision Phone & Computer Repair
  • U-tec RiverPark
  • Century Computers
  • Office Depot
  • General Computer Systems
  • Computer Booter Repair & Video Games
  • U-tec Clovis
  • Computer Geek 911
  • Medical Manager West
  • ScreenWorks
  • The Compucare
  • Central Valley Geeks
  • U-tec Madera
  • Kiosk Operations
  • CellFix
  • Renew Computers Inc.
  • iFiXx Broken Phone & Computer Repairs
  • Valley Support
  • Bakersfield Cell Phone Repair
  • R-Computer
  • Pc outlet Tijuana
  • Blastronix IT
  • AntTech Repair Center
  • Best Buy Outlet
  • U-tec Blackstone
  • Geek Squad
  • OfficeMax
  • PcsKuradas
  • LexJet Southern California
  • Hacking Bim
  • St Joseph Gardens
  • Fix it Now Electronics Repair
  • Cam Guard Systems Inc
  • Midtown Tech
  • BeachMac
  • PCV Computers and Electronics
  • Unistar Computer Store
  • Inmax Computer
  • Canada Computers & Electronics
  • ASK Computers & Cellphone Repair
  • Computer Store Toronto
  • The Guy Who Fixes Computers
  • George Brown College Computer Store
  • Carbon Computing
  • Notebook Empire

Laptop Names Ideas

Here are some cool, catchy, funny, unique, and attractive names for laptop:

  • Celtic Computers, Parts and Service
  • LaptoPCanada
  • One Stop Computer & Phones
  • Infotech Computers
  • Hi-Five Computer Plus
  • ATS Systems
  • Jim’s Computer Shop
  • Roger’s Computer Technology
  • Computer Store
  • Contemporary Computers
  • Maple Leaf Computers
  • Modcom
  • Computer & Electronic Toy Store
  • Laptop Specialist
  • Computronic
  • Toronto Computer
  • Electron Computer Laptop
  • Laptop Expert
  • Simmply Macs
  • Infonec Computers
  • PC Farm Inc
  • Closed business
  • iRepair Danforth
  • Rosedale Computers
  • PC Service On Site -Toronto
  • reBOOT Canada
  • Faxtech Inc
  • RiverdaleMac
  • Maclibrary Technology Inc
  • Roncesvalles Apple Specialist
  • City Cloud Cell Phone & Computer Repair
  • Softpro Computer Systems
  • Techbrain Computer solutions
  • Data Integrity
  • sonnam
  • TechSource Canada
  • Reach Data Technology
  • Gigapex Computer
  • Mobil Computer Center
  • WinMac Inc
  • Tech Zone
  • Certccie
  • Free Geek Toronto
  • Beach Impression Inc
  • Tech Xperts computer and phones sale
  • Neighbourhood Computer Doctor
  • Cyberworldcanada Inc.
  • TM Computers
  • Computer Squad

computer repair names ideas

How to Name Your Computer Repair Business

To name your computer repair business, follow these tips:

Consider Your Own Name

Adding your own name in your computer repair business name isn’t a bad idea. Especially if you are looking to turn your name into a brand. Adding your name makes it easy for your customers to trust you. This is because people usually trust individuals more than companies when it comes to businesses. So, if you have some passion for the computer repair business, go for your own name.

Add Your Location Name

Adding the name of your location in your business name makes it easy for your customers to search you online and offline. As people can’t forget where they live. Can they?

So make sure to add your location name into your business if you are starting the business on a small scale. But if you are looking to start a good investment company then you should not limit your audience.

Adding your location name makes it easy for your business name to turn into a brand in that specific location. Also, people can search online and your services can be found easily.

Be Unique

There is a good chance of turning your computer repair name into a brand if your name is unique. So make sure that you choose a unique name from the above lists of computer company names.

Choosing a unique name helps you stand out in the market. You can get more customers than the already established businesses if your name is unique and attractive. Also if you copy from others you can face legal consequences.

So it is better to come up with unique name ideas for a computer repair shop.

Choose Creative Computer Company Names

Think outside the box and come up with name ideas that are creative.

Find the Target Audience

Find the people who will hire you. Where would people come from to get your services? Once you knew it, name your business according to that.

Find the Domain Name for your company

As more than fifty percent of your customers come from the internet. So after finalizing a name for your computer shop, get a domain name.

Connect a Tagline

Connecting a tagline with your business name, make it easy to convey a message about your business and services.


Mubashir Rafique

Mubashir Rafique, founder of Worth Start, a young and energetic entrepreneur. He has been working as a Branding Specialist On different platforms. He shared a lot of Business Name Ideas and Slogans on this site.

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