400+ Good And Cool Album Names

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In this article, you’ll find some cool and catchy album names. The names that you’ll like and easily use anywhere you want. You can use these album names for your own albums and also suggest them to anyone.

So, let’s dive in.

Album Names

Here you can see some amazing album names, that you can use:

  • Love or lust
  • Beyond repair
  • Old Mate/s
  • I’m wiser now
  • Adult love
  • Ask and receive
  • He took away
  • True friends
  • Wrong Friends
  • Depressed Friend
  • Bag of mysteries
  • Eye of the camera
  • It’s all because of you
  • Backstabbers
  • Why now
  • Expert opinion
  • Dictator lover
  • Adventurous Buddies
  • Bold fortune
  • Beyond infinity
  • Manipulative Mate/s
  • With feeling
  • Life is like a wheel
  • Harmful Company
  • Imperfect love
  • Story of my life
  • Beautiful Killer
  • Childish Love
  • Seasonal friends
  • Prank Mates
  • Apples and oranges
  • Once You Are Attached To Someone
  • Without you
  • Grains of sand
  • Hold the phone
  • Dear Future
  • The Sound of Tears
  • Famous lover
  • Unhealthy Company
  • Still standing
  • Nemesis
  • Future Mates
  • Selfish love

Good Album Names

Enlisted are some good album names, that you’ll like:

  • It had to pass
  • A Friend, A Lover
  • Too tired to cry for you
  • Bad influence
  • Cat eat cat world
  • No choice
  • Famous Friends
  • Quality Of Thoughts
  • Basket case
  • Keep going
  • Calm after the storm
  • Convenience love
  • The Saddest Moments Of My Life
  • Childhood Friend
  • Bank fault
  • I should have
  • A Series Of Disappointments
  • Survivor Child
  • Humble Friend
  • Behind The Scene Mate/s
  • My Old Friend
  • Dime in a half dozen
  • A rare heart beat
  • Golden lining
  • Deep Sight
  • MVP
  • New Friends
  • Battle grounds
  • Crocodile tears
  • Ghost stories
  • Catch twentythree
  • Annoying Friends
  • Its deep
  • Unwanted Company
  • Its An Old Story
  • Red flags
  • An adventurous affair

Cool Album Names

Following are the list of cool album names for you:

  • Love Interest
  • Take cover
  • It’s never easy
  • A Mother’s Love
  • Community Thief
  • Intervention
  • We Lost
  • The blind boy
  • Misfortune love
  • A fire from within
  • A Unison love
  • Fight and flight
  • Drainage system
  • Election perfection
  • Simply us
  • The worst feelings
  • My home
  • Happy Without You
  • Badge of honor
  • Gone But Never Forgotten
  • She was once a saint
  • Double trouble
  • His Story
  • Big bad wolf
  • Feast of nothing
  • Don’t Leave Me Please
  • Here we go again
  • Fake love
  • Tag Along Mates
  • An Ideal Friendship
  • Birthday suit
  • Crazy breakup
  • Sincere Relations
  • The bigger fish
  • God’s advocate
  • Close Enough
  • Know Your Worth
  • For two songs
  • Love has no ending
  • Just a tease
  • A Historical Mountain
  • Bitten bullet
  • Final hour

Album Name Ideas

Enlisted are few album names ideas and suggestions for you:

  • Never Meant To Be
  • Dry Love
  • Immortal heartache
  • All ears
  • When you start to miss me
  • Who Said
  • Love life
  • Disturbed Mate/s
  • Betrayed
  • A Stanger’s love
  • Dream big
  • Sleeping dogs
  • Louder than words
  • My Uncle
  • Dangerous love
  • Cold shoulder
  • Do Not Ask Me Why I Changed
  • Bloodlust
  • A love like mist
  • Memories of you haunts me
  • Apology
  • The Plight Of An Orphan
  • Friends Forever
  • No guarantees
  • Midnight oil
  • Animals
  • I Was Stupid
  • Chaos
  • Bullet bites
  • Fluke
  • Eye for an eye
  • Cat napped
  • Insecure love
  • Dread and horror
  • Infatuation
  • Our Old House
  • Therapeutic humans
  • White Lies
  • Denied failure
  • From insult to injury
  • Distant lover
  • Bent out of shape
  • Deleted

Funny Album Names

Below are some funny album names, that you can use:

  • My Mind Says, My Hearts Says
  • Creative director
  • Stingy Man
  • Facts Of Life
  • Meant To Be Broken
  • Drunk in pain
  • A letter of love
  • The drawing board
  • Dedication to the cause
  • True friendships refreshes the soul
  • Unchained
  • Beasts of beauty
  • In My Heart
  • Bursting out of my skin
  • Twisted affair
  • Friends of Conspiracy
  • It Was…
  • Seasonal love
  • Papa Taught Me To Work Hard
  • So much hurt
  • A Mutual Love
  • A Love letter
  • Owner of my Heart
  • Deep in hurt
  • March of ants
  • A Dubious Lover
  • Highest difficulty
  • No ambition
  • No strings attached affair
  • We are tom and jerry
  • She was a dreamer
  • Knowledge bomb
  • Real love can’t be stolen
  • Around the bush
  • Extra Friends
  • Glass house
  • Its for the good
  • Typical of Friends
  • Jealous friend
  • The Kind Mate/s
  • Demanding Friendships
  • Tough Life

Clever Album Names

Here are some of the clever album names, that you’ll like:

  • Once bitten
  • Cheerleaders
  • When They Were Still Alive
  • Pain Makes You Stronger
  • Crazy Mate/s
  • Mistakes I Made
  • Haunted Farm
  • Chaos theory
  • Psycho Friends
  • Impulse reaction
  • Hand selected
  • A Strange Breakup
  • Forever alone
  • Gate Keeper
  • Collar of bones
  • A rare kind of love
  • It was just…
  • Cabinet of fools
  • I wish we never met
  • A Gold Diary
  • I Still Choose To Stay
  • Dedication
  • It finds a way
  • Methodical madness
  • Advantage
  • No history
  • Love is true when…
  • Forgotten feelings
  • X marks the spot
  • Starting Over
  • My Present
  • Reply me
  • Innocent Cheater
  • The World Is Cold
  • Perfect Friendships
  • Blissful ignorance
  • Village Thief
  • Preaching choir
  • Cutting corners
  • It hurts

Album Names

How to Create Album Names by Yourself

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to name the Album without any help from others:

Brainstorm And Make A List Of  Album Names

The first step to create an album name is, brainstorming. The album name is based on the pictures that are present in the album.

At first, you have to think about the names that come to your mind for your photo album. Then you have to choose some names that you like very much. Make a list of all the names that you have chosen. After making a list of the names, now choose a specific and special name for your album that suits your pictures.

 Avoid Hard-To-Spell And Hard To Remember Names

The second step is to avoid hard to spell and hard to remember names in your album names. Before choosing an album name, you have to select a name that is very easy to remember and easy to spell. A name that all the people remember and spell very easily.

If you choose an easy name all the people remember the name very easily without any difficulty.

Conduct A Thorough Internet Search

The third step is to conduct a thorough internet search. If you don’t have any idea to name an album, then you can search for a special variety of album names on the internet.

You can find some special variety of names on the internet that you’ll like and you can use them for your album.

 Make Sure The Name Sounds Good When Said Aloud

The fourth step is to make sure the name sounds good when said aloud. You should have to choose a name that sounds good when someone calls it. In a crowd when someone calls the name, it seems very pretty and makes a good sound, that all the people love it.

Try Name Generators

The fifth and final step to name an album is to try name generators. When you having trouble choosing a name for your album. You can try name generators, to find a suitable name for your pictures album. You can find a great variety of names and you can choose an inspiring name for your album.

I hope that you like all the names that we have shared with you, and hope that you have found that, what you are looking for.


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