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Crochet Business Names: 300+ Crochet and Yarn Name Ideas

If you are starting a crochet business and looking for a good name for it, we will help you with that. We have enlisted more than 300 crochet business names that will inspire you.

You can use the names anywhere you want.

Before finalizing any business name, make sure to check its availability.

Let’s go.

Crochet Business Names

Following are the most creative and cute crochet business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Newbury Yarns
  • Bead + Fiber
  • Stitch House Dorchester
  • Third Piece
  • Mind’s Eye Yarns
  • gather here
  • JP Knit & Stitch
  • Knit Collage
  • Michaels
  • Knits & Pieces
  • Stitch Boutique
  • Black Sheep Knitting
  • Lucky Cat Yarns
  • Another Yarn
  • Van’s Fabrics
  • Everything Crocheted
  • C. Moore Arts and Crafts
  • Putting On the Knitz
  • Another Yarn
  • Island Yarn Company
  • Yarns in the Farms
  • Circle of Stitches
  • Coveted Yarn

Crochet Company Names

Below is the list of crochet company names to get inspiration from:

  • Yarns in the Square
  • Yarn’s End
  • Elissa’s Creative Warehouse
  • Marblehead Knits
  • Sewfisticated Discount Fabrics
  • Yarn Shoppe
  • Edwina’s Knitch
  • Yarn It All
  • Wicked Good Yarns
  • Staci’s Stitches and Skeins
  • Merrimack Yarn
  • C. Moore Arts and Crafts
  • Black Purls Yarn Shop
  • Ball and Skein and More
  • The Knitting Tree
  • Stitches In Time
  • Fillory Yarn
  • Alamitos Bay Yarn Co
  • ImagiKnit
  • Yarn Designers Boutique
  • Skein
  • Cast Away Yarn Shop
  • Yarn and Paper Artistry

Catchy Knitting Names

Following are the best and catchy knitting names you can ever find:

  • Apricot Yarn & Supply
  • Firebird Yarns
  • Gather DTLA
  • The Twisted Skein
  • Wollhaus
  • Hands On Knitting Center
  • Monarch Knitting
  • Yarn Shop Santa Cruz
  • Velona Needle Craft
  • Yarnitudes
  • Sheared Sheep
  • Purls of Joy
  • Twist Yarns of Intrigue
  • Make One Yarn Company
  • Alamitos Bay Yarn Company
  • Newton’s Yarn Country
  • Piedmont Yarn & Apparel
  • Ramona Country Yarn Store
  • Swift Stitch
  • Mendocino Yarn Shop
  • Wildfiber Studio
  • The Altered Stitch

Cricut Business Names

Here is the list of cricut business names for you:

  • Needle In A Haystack
  • Atelier Yarns
  • Knit Schtick
  • HeartStrings Yarn Studio
  • Janna’s Needle Art
  • Yarning for You
  • Dharma Trading Co
  • Black Sheep
  • Uncommon Threads
  • The Little Knittery
  • Heather’s Yarn Barn
  • California Sales
  • Avenue Yarns
  • Beverly’s Fabric & Crafts
  • Busy Stix
  • Sierra Cottons & Wools
  • Nancys Knits
  • Merribee Needlearts & Crafts
  • Yarn Store Boutique
  • Park Avenue Yarns

Yarn Names

Here are the most cool and attractive yarn names:

  • Got Your Goat Yarn Studio
  • Knit This, Purl That!
  • Maisieblue Inc
  • Lofty Lou’s
  • Knit Creations
  • Babetta’s Yarn & Gifts
  • Purl Soho Warehouse
  • Yarn & Thread Expressions
  • Yarn Basket
  • Mama Fig Yarn
  • Fanciwerks Yarn Shoppe
  • Zoe’s Knit Studio
  • Knits & Knots Tahoe
  • Auburn Needleworks
  • Yarns on First
  • Needlecraft Cottage
  • Knitique
  • The Black Squirrel
  • Amazing Yarns
  • Heidi’s Yarn Haven
  • Phebie’s NeedleArt
  • Ewe -Baa Street Yarns
  • The Royal Bee Yarn Company
  • Bubbles Crazy Crochet
  • Red Barn Yarn

Crocheting Names

Here are some crocheting names that will help you name your business:

  • Lone Star Loom Room
  • Chaparral Needlework & Supplies
  • Texas Art Asylum
  • The Social Knitwork
  • Knitting Sisters
  • Fine Crochet Gals
  • Rapid Hookers
  • The Fine Yarn Stitch
  • Chandail Needlework
  • Needle House
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Art Cove
  • Bad Woman Yarn
  • Beyond Threads
  • High Fashion Fabric Center
  • Texas Art Supply
  • Buttons-N-Bows Fabrics
  • Universal Fabric Center
  • Roop Sari Palace
  • Hooker’s Box
  • Jax Joon
  • Knight Knot
  • Billie Jean’s
  • Rainbow Shops
  • Beauty Galaxy

Crochet Website Names

These are the best crochet website names suggestions:

  • Soft Threads
  • Crochet by Sarah
  • Crochet Touche
  • Sincere Stitches
  • Loop By Loop
  • Lucious Loops
  • Luxurious Loops
  • Serious Stitches
  • Yearn For Yarn
  • Yarn Barn
  • Yarn Farm
  • Creative Crochet
  • Crochet Creations
  • Lightning Fast Needles
  • Neighborhood Crochet
  • Corner Crochet
  • Crochet Dreams
  • Creative Crochet
  • The Crochet Gurus
  • Yarn And Needle
  • Yarn Haus
  • Crochet House
  • Tea Cozy and Beyond

Crochet Business Names

How to Name Your Crochet Business

Naming your business in the right way is really important for your business to get more customers.

To attract more customers you need a business name that will convey a message about your business.

Here is how to name your crochet business easily:

Brainstorm ideas

Make a list of ideas. What kind of business name are you looking for? What should be the style of your business name?

Write down all the names that you liked from the above list of crochet company names.

The next step is to start shortlisting them.

Keep it short, simple but creative

If your business name is short and simple, it will be easier to understand. And if your business name is easy to understand then it should be memorable. And memorable business names get more customers than the difficult names that we forget in minutes.

Don’t copy others

If you want to get inspired by your competitors, it’s okay. But you don’t have to copy their crochet business names.

If you copy others, you may face legal consequences.

Get your domain name

If you are looking to get customers from the web then you may need a website. To make a website you will need a domain name.

Buy yourself a domain name that is matching with your business name.

Finalize your crochet business name.

To finalize your business name, get feedback on the selected name from friends and family.

Good Luck!


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