400 Best Dark Souls Names That You Can Use

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Welcome to our blog article on “400 Dark Souls Names.” In this post, we’ll be sharing a collection of creative names inspired by the captivating world of Dark Souls. As the acclaimed video game series continues to capture the imaginations of players, we’ve compiled a diverse list of names that reflect the game’s dark and intriguing atmosphere. As Lord Gwyn himself once said, “In the abyss, the flames grow stronger.” So, let’s delve into this abyss of names and discover the perfect moniker for your next Dark Souls character.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist in the field of fantasy characters, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the depths of imagination to find unique and fitting names. I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact a well-chosen name can have on bringing a character to life. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a new persona or a newcomer embarking on your first Dark Souls adventure, I’m excited to share my expertise and present you with a vast array of names to choose from.

Rest assured, dear reader, that within this article, you will discover a treasure trove of unique names that will set your Dark Souls character apart from the rest. From ancient warriors to ethereal sorcerers, we have meticulously crafted a collection of names that evoke the essence of the game’s haunting world. So prepare to embark on a journey of naming exploration, where each name tells a story and holds the potential to shape your gaming experience. Let’s dive in and unleash the power of these 400 Dark Souls names together.

Dark Souls Names

Dark Souls Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy dark souls names that you will like:

  • Herburga, Master of Beauty
  • Edusa, Gargantuan Tribune of the Night
  • Waerburh, Queen of Blood
  • Cyneberg, Curator of Clouds
  • Wigbert, Euphoric Commander of Envy
  • Ambitious King Alward
  • Aelfred, Exarch of Steel
  • Teowulf, Abbot of the Wicked
  • Colossal High Priestess Herelufu
  • Saeburg, Anguished Minister of Mirrors
  • Cynuise, Lady of Clouds
  • Volatile Novice Ceolmund
  • Alnod, Exarch of Silver
  • Botild, Missionary of Battle
  • Saewynn, Consul of Eternity
  • Heregyth, Preacher of Knowledge
  • Enraged Sage Eadgyd
  • Aggressive Priestess Aethelburg
  • Vigilant Queen Cynwise
  • Saebeorht, Novice of Scales
  • Cynehild, Somber Baronness of the Wicked
  • Maerwynn, Baronness of Canvasses
  • Bathild, Elder of Courage
  • Alfilda, Mother of Storms
  • Macabre Curator Edusa
  • Oswin, Baron of Defeat
  • Ulfrid, Devoted High Priest of Knowledge
  • Wulfrun, Fearless Counselor of Steel
  • Alnoth, Exarch of Misery
  • Germund, Eminence of Charity
  • Rowena, Grounded Liaison of Color
  • Ealhswith, Graceful Priestess of Scales
  • Saegyth, Serene Counselor of Victory
  • Eanswitha, Warrior of Voices
  • Deormod, Prime of Masks
  • Serene Master Freomund
  • Heregyth, Magi of Division
  • Caedmon, Rabid King of Defeat
  • Alkelda, Living Grand Master of the Flock
  • Tired Priestess Edild
  • Ordgar, Warrior of Effigies
  • Adamant Overlord Godfred
  • Cynwise, Dark Grand Master of Mercy
  • Burgwynn, Delegate of Light
  • Abusive Herald Botilda
  • Fremund, Adamant Baron of Elegance
  • Ealdgyth, Ambitious Witch of Ice
  • Demonic Consul Romund
  • Ernulf, Minister of Smoke
  • Aethelind, Mindless Warrior of Dreams
  • Abandoned Magi Aldhun
  • Burchard, Grand Master of Riddles
  • Agnes, Overlady of Spirits
  • Euphoric Missionary Winfrith

Cool Dark Souls Names

Dark Souls Names

Below are some cute and cool dark souls names for you:

  • Ealhhild, Grave Novice of Servants
  • Engeleis, Sage of Scales
  • Ordric, Novice of the Blind
  • Grim Mother Inga
  • Achored Delegate Osmod
  • Sigebald, Corrupted Prime of Rebirth
  • Inga, Reckless Seer of Punishments
  • Burwenna, Magi of Spirits
  • Wild Novice Nothgyth
  • Burchwen, Paladin of Dust
  • Eardwulf, Shallow Magi of the Fire
  • Beornwynn, Exarch of Beauty
  • Odalric, Overlord of Slavery
  • Eadbald, Delegate of Wisdom
  • Stormy Magi Cynebald
  • Cwenburh, Parched Missionary of Courage
  • Germund, Juvenile Apostle of Songs
  • Botild, Grand Master of the Inferno
  • Baldred, Curator of Cold
  • Hilda, Mother of Mirrors
  • Living Curator Eanwin
  • Weynild, Paragon of Champions
  • Eangyth, Matriarch of Prisons
  • Ceonred, Ancient Paladin of Solitude
  • Ekbert, Missionary of Harmony
  • Alwin, Herald of Prisons
  • Grim High Priestess Derehild
  • Rimilde, Minister of Slavery
  • Ulfrid, Apostle of Insanity
  • Achored High Priestess Aelfrun
  • Burwena, Overlady of Hate
  • Acwulf, Prime of Riddles
  • Drunk Preacher Aldwyn
  • Marked Seer Aelwin
  • Eadmer, Overlord of Stone
  • Eanswith, Abbess of Masks
  • Deranged Elder Eadwyn
  • Erwald, Drunk Lord of Blades
  • Rafenild, Delegate of Dreams
  • Elwin, Warrior of Fangs
  • Cyneberg, Stormy Mother of Thunder
  • Indulf, Priest of Gardens
  • Diligent Apostle Eanulf
  • Sighard, Herald of Light
  • Herewynn, Acrid Missionary of Light
  • Anguished Elder Hrodwyn
  • Marked Elder Andhun
  • Delirious Tribune Engeleis
  • Bitter Seer Allric
  • Fearless Lady Burghwenna
  • Burwena, Witch of Lies
  • Colossal Prince Osmund
  • Eadgyth, Eternal Eminence of Thunder

Funny Dark Souls Names

Dark Souls Names

Following are some mind blowing funny dark souls names that you will like:

  • Domneva, Herald of Clouds
  • Marked Lord Aelwin
  • Byrnstan, High Priest of Fire
  • Ealdgifu, Mother of Harmony
  • Everard, Prince of Gold
  • Grieving Seer Aebbe
  • Grieving Missionary Ewald
  • Ethelhild, Mute Missionary of the Flame
  • Beorngyth, Cruel Herald of Misery
  • Herward, Aggressive Abbot of Sorrow
  • Medwin, Prime of Slavery
  • Blind Commander Eawyn
  • Ealdgifu, Aggressive Abbess of Chains
  • Sigebald, Grim Baron of Pride
  • Godfrid, Magi of Pride
  • Aldred, Bitter Magi of Death
  • Ailred, Curator of Crows
  • Wulfred, Serene High Priest of Beauty
  • Calemund, Twin Divinity of Scales
  • Osmod, Eternal Patriarch of Chaos
  • Cynwulf, Warped Priest of Nights
  • Aelfmaer, Warrior of Rebirth
  • Eadmod, Dark Father of the Flame
  • Eadmer, Violent Priest of Solitude
  • Juvenile Lord Godfrid
  • Alric, Reverend of the World
  • Godwine, Anguished Curator of Desire
  • Diligent Warrior Waldere
  • Osthryd, Grim Delegate of the Dark
  • Waerburh, Witch of Death
  • Osmod, Prime of Gardens
  • Alwyn, Radiant Father of the World
  • Teowulf, Putrid Sage of Stone
  • Eadnoth, Disguised Consul of Stone
  • Matilda, Eminence of Hate
  • Aelfwynn, Baronness of Eternity
  • Ethelhild, Lady of Slaves
  • Hallowed Patriarch Bryning
  • Grimbald, Hallowed High Priest of Light
  • Wigmund, Defiant Magi of Wisdom
  • Euphoric Abbot Baldhere
  • Engeleis, Liaison of the Dark
  • Colossal Minister Cyneburg
  • Alfgar, Divinity of Battle
  • Wiermund, King of Effigies
  • Ealdgifu, Delirious Baronness of Nights
  • Grand Counselor Ailnoth
  • Bruning, Preacher of Sunlight
  • Maerec, Delegate of the End
  • Bardolph, Master of Battle
  • Nocturnal Prime Yonwin
  • Alhmund, Paragon of Truths

Female Dark Souls Names

Dark Souls Names

In this list, I have shared some fantastic female dark souls names to impress you:

  • Alward, Consul of Hate
  • Cyniburg, Divinity of Sunlight
  • Herburga, Ancient Minister of Misery
  • Baldwine, Hallowed High Priest of Riddles
  • Elwyn, Overlord of Silver
  • Acwald, Corrupt Counselor of Health
  • Hiltrude, Luminous Seer of Funerals
  • Angry Novice Cyniburg
  • Euphoric Exarch Eadward
  • Edoma, Zealous Eminence of the Blind
  • Macabre Magi Aedbald
  • Heagyth, Grim Baronness of Punishments
  • Byrnhorn, Novice of Courage
  • Agenilda, High Priestess of Liberty
  • Godlefe, Luminous Paladin of Ghosts
  • Brictiva, Minister of Harmony
  • Earnmund, Abbot of Solitude
  • Freomund, Paragon of Voices
  • Aelfgar, Divinity of Change
  • Luminous Counselor Eluric
  • Saeburg, Anguished Exarch of the Night
  • Heahmund, Exalted Priest of the Inferno
  • Aggressive Overlady Mathilda
  • Volatile Curator Burghal
  • Fearless Sage Bathild
  • Enraged Grand Master Ailwin
  • Hallowed Divinity Goldyna
  • Aedilberg, Apostle of Thunder
  • Everard, Warped Novice of Justice
  • Warped Overlord Berenwald
  • Saebeorht, Grand Master of Health
  • Bryning, Righteous Delegate of Clouds
  • Acwald, Magi of Iron
  • Ealhild, Adamant Grand Master of Sunlight
  • Waldhere, Preacher of Judgment
  • Hiltrude, Mother of the End
  • Shallow Eminence Baldric
  • Macabre Lady Cynewise
  • Adney, Devoted Preacher of the Cold
  • Twin Minister Ceolmaer
  • Careless Counselor Eadwig
  • Aedwen, Graceful Paragon of Feasts
  • Wilheard, Tribune of Misery
  • Macabre Exarch Deormund
  • Eanswyth, Graceful Mother of Canvasses
  • Eadbald, Elder of Mirrors
  • Rimilde, Reckless Divinity of Deceit
  • Deormod, Righteous Paladin of Sunlight
  • Aged Eminence Godefrid
  • Osbeorn, Divinity of Hate
  • Burghwenna, Deranged Queen of Flesh

Male Dark Souls Names

Dark Souls Names

In this list, you will see some catchy male dark souls names that you will like:

  • Cyneberg, Overlady of Slaves
  • Inga, Tribune of Champions
  • Beornwynn, Lady of Beauty
  • Harding, Prince of Canvasses
  • Eadild, Matriarch of the Garden
  • Colman, Abbot of Snow
  • Byrnwold, Violent Master of Silver
  • Indulf, Paragon of Dust
  • Asulf, Acrid Novice of Lies
  • Indulf, Death Warrior of Delights
  • Osgyth, Liaison of the Flock
  • Aelbehrt, Eminence of the Garden
  • Kenward, Paladin of Darkness
  • Noxious Baronness Agnes
  • Enraged Queen Matilda
  • Ealhild, Minister of Voices
  • Hardred, Wild Commander of Omens
  • Ethereal Commander Cynewise
  • Ceolfrid, Paragon of Pride
  • Eanswitha, Rabid Exarch of Glass
  • Achae, Eternal Overlady of the Flock
  • Haeferic, Paragon of Chains
  • Agnes, Radiant Sage of Envy
  • Cynwulf, Paladin of Battle
  • Saegyth, Seer of Justice
  • Violent Preacher Earnmund
  • Godbert, Corrupt Prime of Poison
  • Angry Master Botilda
  • Leofric, Novice of Heat
  • Godwine, Radiant Prince of Delights
  • Eadwyn, Violent Herald of Deceit
  • Wulfrun, Wretched Exarch of the Inferno
  • Ordmaer, Delegate of Harmony
  • Mute Mother Engeled
  • Turec, Mindless Abbot of Crows
  • Stormy Magi Aldreda
  • Colossal Delegate Grimbald
  • Alnoth, Noxious Prime of Stone
  • Haunild, Consul of Darkness
  • Deaf Apostle Bertram
  • Aloc, Delegate of Voices
  • Bathild, Paragon of Champions
  • Godbert, Paragon of Sorrow
  • Death Exarch Bertrade
  • Waerhild, Nocturnal Consul of Effigies
  • Abusive Abbess Beyhild
  • Beyhild, Deranged Tribune of Smiles
  • Eadild, Abbess of Thunder
  • Aggressive Lord Ailred

Dark Souls Names Reddit

Dark Souls Names

  • The Abyss Watchers
  • Chaos Servant
  • Ashen One
  • Soul of Cinder
  • Praise the Sun
  • Artorias the Abysswalker
  • Sunbro
  • Lordran Chronicles
  • Estus Flask Emporium
  • Gwyn’s Legacy
  • Firelink Shrine Traders
  • Bloodborne Beasts
  • Solaire’s Jolly Cooperation
  • Ornstein and Smough
  • The Four Kings
  • Havel the Rock
  • Siegmeyer’s Questline
  • Blades of the Darkmoon
  • Graveyard Shifters
  • Sunlight Warriors
  • Anor Londo Trading Co.
  • Darkwraith Covenant
  • Way of the White
  • Painted World Merchants
  • The Chosen Undead
  • Vagrant Souls
  • Great Hollow Explorers
  • Darkroot Garden Treasures
  • The Catacombs Cartel
  • Abyssal Artifacts
  • Cursed Souls Trading

Best Dark Souls Names

  • Ascended Aegis
  • Shadowborne
  • Ebonbane
  • Obsidian Order
  • Arcane Vanguard
  • Draconic Requiem
  • Celestial Crusaders
  • Eternal Ember
  • Valorborne
  • Abyssal Aegis
  • Infernal Legacy
  • Lunar Knights
  • Mythic Maelstrom
  • Sovereign Sentinels
  • Seraphic Slayers
  • Resolute Revenants
  • Radiant Regalia
  • Enigma Exiles
  • Vanguard of the Void
  • Thunderheart Tribe
  • Phoenix’s Resurgence
  • Ironblood Battalion
  • Eldritch Elite
  • Ivory Inquisitors
  • Death’s Embrace
  • Crimson Covenant
  • Nightfall Nexus
  • Frostbound Legion
  • Dawnbringer Dynasty
  • Solaris Syndicate

Dark Souls Names List

  • Ebonshade
  • Vesperium
  • Stygian Citadel
  • Seraph’s Grace
  • Cimmerian Valor
  • Nocturne’s Whisper
  • Umbral Sanctum
  • Solarian Archive
  • Aetherium Conclave
  • Voidborne Dominion
  • Emberfall Enclave
  • Eclipse Vanguard
  • Celestial Ascendants
  • Sanctified Solstice
  • Astral Essence
  • Nebula’s Embrace
  • Azure Enigma
  • Shadowtide Sanctum
  • Luminous Hierarchy
  • Obsidian Oculus
  • Astral Forge
  • Twilight Tribunal
  • Lunar Specter
  • Infernal Nexus
  • Sanctified Scepter
  • Ethereal Expanse
  • Celestial Court
  • Abyssal Dominion
  • Radiant Respite
  • Sable Citadel

Dark Souls Names For Pets

  • Ashen Paws
  • Emberclaw
  • Shadowtail
  • Inferno Whiskers
  • Obsidian Fangs
  • Moonlight Mane
  • Abyssal Scales
  • Flickering Feathers
  • Grim Gaze
  • Solstice Snout
  • Voidwalker
  • Emberpelt
  • Shadeclaw
  • Crimson Collar
  • Lunar Whiskers
  • Spirit Stare
  • Stormscale
  • Ashen Tails
  • Nightfire
  • Twilight Tusk
  • Infernal Eyes
  • Obsidian Pawprints
  • Moonlit Purr
  • Abyssal Hiss
  • Sunspot
  • Emberfang
  • Shadowpounce
  • Celestial Cuddle
  • Ashen Muzzle
  • Voidbound Bark

Bosses Dark Souls Names

  • Abyssal Monarch
  • Scorching Goliath
  • Infernal Overlord
  • Undying Colossus
  • Celestial Tyrant
  • Embered Behemoth
  • Malevolent Seraph
  • Ebon Knight
  • Spectral Warlord
  • Cursed Dragonlord
  • Radiant Demigod
  • Voidborn Leviathan
  • Fury of the Abyss
  • Blazing Titan
  • Frostbound Revenant
  • Shadowborn Dreadnought
  • Thundering Incarnate
  • Enigmatic Warlock
  • Prowling Behemoth
  • Luminous Devourer
  • Inferno Serpent
  • Obsidian Wraith
  • Celestial Executioner
  • Embered Specter
  • Abyssal Guardian
  • Scorching Warbringer
  • Undying Colossus
  • Malevolent Seraph
  • Ebon Knight
  • Spectral Warlord

Dark Souls Names

How to Choose a Good Dark Souls Name

In the vast realm of Dark Souls, a video game series renowned for its challenging gameplay and atmospheric storytelling, every detail matters. From the haunting landscapes to the formidable enemies, the game immerses players in a dark and intricate universe. One often-overlooked aspect that can greatly contribute to this immersion is the name you choose for your character. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a fitting and memorable name for your Dark Souls character, delving into the factors that make a name truly resonate within the game’s world.

Understanding the Dark Souls Universe

To embark on a journey toward a well-crafted character name, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the rich lore and themes that define the Dark Souls universe. Dark Souls is renowned for its deep and interconnected narrative, where every character and location holds significance. By understanding this intricate tapestry, you can create a name that not only fits within the game’s context but also contributes to the overall experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Dark Souls and let its mystique guide your name selection process.

Reflecting on Your Character’s Identity

Your character’s name is a reflection of their identity within the Dark Souls universe. As you embark on this creative endeavor, consider the personality traits and backstory of your character. Are they valiant and honorable, or perhaps mysterious and enigmatic? Let these defining qualities shape your name choice, ensuring it aligns with the essence of your character. Additionally, delve into the alignment and motivations of your character, as they can serve as valuable inspiration when crafting a name that truly captures their essence.

Symbolism and Subtlety

In the realm of Dark Souls, symbolism runs deep. By incorporating symbolism into your character’s name, you can enhance their narrative significance within the game. Consider referencing Dark Souls lore and mythology, drawing upon the game’s deep well of stories and legends. Balancing subtlety and explicitness in your name choices can also add depth to your character, inviting curiosity and intrigue from other players. A well-crafted name can evoke emotions and spark connections, creating a richer gaming experience.

Originality and Uniqueness

In a world teeming with countless characters, originality is key. Avoid falling into the trap of overused and clichéd names that fail to stand out. Instead, embrace the opportunity for creativity and personalization. Brainstorm unique and distinctive names that capture the essence of your character while standing apart from the masses. Let your imagination roam free, exploring uncharted territories to discover that perfect name that reflects your character’s individuality.

Pronunciation and Aesthetic Appeal

While the written form of a name holds significance, considering the phonetics and pronunciation can further enhance its impact. Crafting a name that sounds powerful and evocative when spoken can add an extra layer of immersion to your Dark Souls experience. Strike a balance between aesthetics and readability, ensuring that your chosen name not only looks appealing but is also easily remembered and recognized by other players. Let your character’s name become a rallying cry that resounds throughout the game’s vast landscapes.

Testing and Feedback

As you venture deeper into the process of name creation, don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from character name generators or consult the Dark Souls community. These resources can provide valuable insights and ignite your imagination, allowing you to explore new avenues for name selection. Additionally, consider seeking feedback from fellow players, as their perspectives can help you refine and iterate your character’s name. Embrace the iterative process, as it often leads to the most remarkable and resonant names.


We have compiled the ultimate list of Dark Souls names to help you create a memorable character in this challenging and immersive game. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a fresh start or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of Lordran, these names will surely add depth and personality to your chosen hero or villain.

With options ranging from fierce and ominous to mysterious and arcane, our list offers a wide array of naming possibilities. Choose from ancient mythological figures, fearsome creatures, or even evoke the essence of the dark and brooding atmosphere of Dark Souls itself. Each name has been carefully curated to fit seamlessly into the game’s lore and capture the essence of its dark and unforgiving world.

Remember, the name you choose for your character can greatly impact your immersion and connection to the game. So take your time, explore the list, and select a name that resonates with you. May it serve as a reminder of your epic adventures and battles within the treacherous lands of Dark Souls. Prepare to embark on a journey that will test your skills, perseverance, and determination, and let your chosen name become a legend in the annals of Dark Souls history.


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