890+ DJ Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

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Here we have shared some cool and catchy DJ company names that you will like. All the DJ names that we have shared are unique and can be used anywhere you want for free.

When you’re starting out in the DJ business, it’s important to have a name that stands out. And by stand out, we mostly mean sounds cool and makes you look cool.

With so many different DJ companies trying to do the same thing, you want something memorable. So, here are some of the coolest DJ company names online. Let’s dive in.

DJ Company Names

Here are some cool and catchy DJ company Names that will inspire you:

  • B.Brennan
  • DJ Mix
  • First-Dance DJs
  • Ocean
  • DJ Dubalicious
  • Techno Beats
  • Retro Spins
  • Pump-Up Parties
  • The Audio Anarchist
  • TruGood
  • Volume XXX
  • DJ Bass Badger
  • Electrix
  • Dunkaroos
  • CoolMynk
  • Cromon
  • DJ LegendBox
  • D-Sire
  • Just Rights Entertainment Mobile DJs
  • Valley DJ Service
  • Dj Borrosso
  • The Moving Music
  • Sounds Entertainment Company
  • DJ Cobra
  • DJ Martix
  • Mercy
  • Amp It Up
  • Captain Crescendo
  • Powered by 2 DJs
  • DJ Brothers
  • Fusion
  • Taylor Audio Visual

Best DJ Names

Here are some best, cute, and good DJ names that you will lik

  • The Groove Essentials
  • Gold-Star DJs
  • Victory
  • Dj ThunderVoice
  • Beat This
  • Flynn
  • Traveling Mixtapes
  • DJ Be Live
  • DJ Diss-spinner
  • Access DJs
  • Starz Entertainment
  • AudioMagik
  • Bass Beaterz
  • VioWin
  • Platinum Entertainment
  • Balanced Act
  • BrownDegree
  • FlySHit
  • Southern Style Entertainment
  • DJ Smorgasbord
  • Cortez DJ
  • Dj SoulWire
  • Mystical Mixology
  • Blowout Beats
  • The Beats Prodigy
  • Disc Joy-keys
  • Steel Fingers
  • DJ Clamor
  • Dynamic DJs
  • DJ Phantasmusical
  • Siellest
  • DJ Musica
  • DJ Tresto
  • Musik Corporation

DJ Business Names

Below are some unique and creative DJ business names that you will like:

  • Rampero
  • DJ Tempest
  • Midnight
  • Dj Prono bear
  • Guiseppes
  • Sounds & Smiles
  • EvilKiss
  • Dj Glorra
  • MaxMusic
  • Dj DryCrew
  • Music Masters Mobilized
  • Dash Entertainment
  • SpireSpite
  • Tribe
  • DJ Kaputt
  • NextAvente
  • DJ Paragon
  • Mindfield
  • Dj iron Buddy
  • Music Masters
  • Boogie Entertainment DJ Services
  • Sassa
  • Beats That Move
  • HugoFills
  • DJ Fader Jockey
  • DJ Soiree
  • Existence
  • GetItRight
  • DJ Particle
  • WunderKid
  • Rhythm Titan
  • DJ Miami Vice
  • Kicking Mixes
  • DJ Sounds
  • DJ Relentless
  • Music Machine Entertainment
  • Mighty

Clever DJ Names

Following are some amazing and clever DJ names that will amaze you:

  • Good Karma DJs
  • Atoms
  • Dubulous
  • DJ Hooligan Henry
  • Dj RDB
  • A True Family Affair DJ Entertainment
  • Approachable DJ
  • GoldFox
  • Wicked Dubs
  • The Downtown Sound DJ Service
  • Eye Dia
  • My Party Musicians
  • Mr Mixalot
  • All Digital Mobile Music DJs
  • DJ Limitless
  • Brass DJ
  • DJ rapid jack
  • Sweet Sensation
  • DJ Prime
  • DJ Fortunes
  • Anarhia
  • DJ Pulse
  • Arpeggio Events
  • Dj Dimention
  • CoCObo
  • Dj BungyBro
  • Butler Events DJ Services
  • Glomore
  • Dj CrystleWire
  • Dj Liquid bang
  • Opal
  • Dj Skipper
  • Numark
  • DJ Tempo
  • Dj CocoWash
  • Party Development
  • Dj SaladMint
  • The D’Jay Company Inc.
  • DJ Zing Zombie
  • All That Events DJ Up
  • Fuselink DJs
  • The Perfect Mix
  • DJ Alcool
  • DJ Deejay
  • NudeSing
  • Festive Ensembles

Clever DJ Company Names

  • Memory Makers
  • Levelly
  • Idea Marvell
  • Frontline Entertainment
  • Devoe Media LLC
  • Knob Berry Production
  • Night Film
  • Choice Entertainment
  • Driftwood Films
  • Falcon
  • First Fesitval
  • The Continental Players.
  • Kingclip Casting
  • Brave Wheel.
  • Icemakers
  • Compass Point Media
  • BlackSmith Entertainment World Inc.
  • Feature Media
  • Channel One Russia.
  • Golden Thread Productions.
  • West 88 Management
  • Epic Media Inc.
  • 2 and a half D.
  • Dashing Models
  • Spin City Films
  • Anima Productions
  • Legendary Pictures.
  • Eye to Eye
  • Loaded Film
  • Center for Media & Democracy
  • Gannett Company
  • Financial One Corp.
  • Lions Gate Entertainment.
  • Commix Pixel
  • halfTicket Films
  • Interaction Fusion
  • Academy Press Plc.
  • Song and Dance
  • Eccentric Media
  • Spinning Wheel Studios
  • HenceMiller
  • Anchor Bay
  • Stone Age Film Studio
  • Apple Tree Productions
  • Inbound Media
  • AlphaWood
  • Black Mountain.
  • FutureFlip
  • Ascend Integrated Media LLC
  • Mud Smith
  • Gimbal Productions
  • Horizon Studio
  • Dream watching
  • Joseph Edwards Films
  • J and D Entertainment
  • EliteEast
  • Spartan Entertainmen
  • Expressions Entertainment
  • Good Ants
  • DSP Media
  • Brickfish
  • Hyper Muscle
  • Drive Time Media
  • Delbetter Entertainment Co.
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures.
  • Prado
  • Media General Inc.
  • Lift Productions
  • Secret Sync Films
  • Off the Spectrum Productions
  • Skyrocket Ink Productions LLC.
  • Constant Current
  • krayon Entertainment
  • Federated Media
  • Amuse Inc.
  • Cocoanut Grove
  • Edgy Entertainment
  • Ian Dickens.
  • A&E Television Network.
  • Media Insider
  • Vivid Canyon Studios
  • Happy Clips

Catchy DJ Company Names

  • Clivo
  • Choose Wise
  • 59 Productions.
  • EverestFun
  • Logical Production
  • Party Digital Entertainment
  • Beyond International Ltd
  • All for One Theater.
  • Why Blank
  • VistaMan Entertainmen
  • Jazina
  • Mountain Monk
  • Klassik Radio AG.
  • Empire Production.
  • It’s About People
  • Ivy League Studios
  • Digital Pyramid
  • Fluffy Media Production
  • Banjax Studios
  • Dualstar
  • BrownDegree
  • BBC America.
  • DZ Productions
  • D’Front Entertainment
  • Top Notch Entertainment
  • Blackmotion Production
  • ThirdEye Pictures
  • Nineteen Twenty Post.
  • Herbert Entertainment Co.
  • Giggle Animation Studio
  • Medieval Fun
  • Moxella Entertainment Co.
  • Rap Entertaining
  • Broadcast Live
  • Stardust Films
  • Arnaut Video Productions
  • CORE Media Group
  • oceanland Entertainment
  • Jerry Bruckheimer Films.
  • Octagon Production
  • Fisheye Productions
  • Pink Kiss Studios
  • Lonely planet
  • Atomo VFX.
  • magma Studios
  • Movie Boom
  • Green Roots Records
  • Your Entertainment Place
  • Epitome Entertainment
  • The Cow Company.
  • Funky Feet Productions
  • The Tieknot Studios
  • Universal Pictures.
  • Channels Media
  • Central Park Media.
  • Wonderland Agency
  • O.S. Films
  • Making Memories
  • Fortunate Follows
  • Viral Loop
  • Ace Productions
  • Blue Sky
  • Razors Edge Ent Publishers
  • Digital Distilling
  • The Entertainment Era
  • Want Media Group
  • Beset Production
  • ACME Communications.
  • Entertaining Delight
  • 19 Entertainment
  • Origami Digital.
  • Dickinson Theatre
  • Woodorett
  • Carnival Corporation
  • Empire Media
  • Ecstatic Entertainment
  • Caption Media
  • The Now Corporation.
  • Bandito Brothers LLC
  • Novel
  • Pyramid Films
  • Finest Films
  • Blatant Media
  • Eden Production
  • YoYocity Productions
  • Horror House Entertainment
  • Crescent Moon Entertainment
  • Avident Entertainment Co.
  • Gallivan tricks
  • Pureplay Productions

Amazing DJ Company Names

  • Reliable Staffing
  • Mardi Graz
  • hellin Entertainment Co.
  • Forward Media.
  • Your Holistic World.
  • Ocean Productions
  • Jolt Media
  • 3 Arts Entertainment.
  • 3C Revolution Enterprice LLC
  • Beverly Hills
  • Angry Channels
  • heaven Drop
  • Overland Entertainment
  • Crowd
  • Allen Boren
  • Mossis Films
  • Media Education Foundation
  • Runaway Entertainment
  • Dance Hall Productions Inc.
  • Audience Group
  • Eagle Eye Media
  • Trance Entertainmen
  • Milestone Video
  • The Butchery.
  • Stormex Entertainmen
  • Eclipse Animation Studio
  • Red CircleFilms
  • Elemental Team
  • Total Entertainment
  • BowenBoyd Entertainment
  • Working Title Films.
  • SkyWIngs Entertainment Co.
  • Eclipse Entertainment
  • Accuracy in Media
  • Forming Follows
  • First United
  • The Media Blasters
  • Nixon Production
  • EvilKiss
  • Buzz Envelope
  • Silver Pictures.
  • CassaFun
  • Acts and Entertainment
  • Decoding the Shift
  • Rocking Comedy
  • Mochi Media Inc.
  • Finer Pictures
  • Tomahawk Theatre
  • Columbia Pictures.
  • Magnolia Pictures
  • Punchdrunk International.
  • Adventure Stage
  • DreamTeam Talent Agency
  • Everyday TV
  • Broadcast Bureau
  • Siellest
  • Creative Tree branch
  • Bravo
  • Metropolis Artists Agency
  • Discover
  • Editor
  • Divide
  • Charter Media
  • Fly on the Wall Films
  • Innovative Entertainment
  • Comedy Posse
  • Asylum FX.
  • B2b Media
  • Movement Maker
  • Aspire Amusement
  • Carlton Communications.
  • Media Magic
  • TruGood
  • EnWheel Entertainment
  • Well Quest Productions
  • American Zoetrope.
  • Kinect News
  • Spike Films
  • Tribe Entertainmen
  • Rocking Horse Productions
  • Mesocratic
  • Metro Films
  • Flow Media
  • Founding Platform
  • Fragga
  • Cull Entertainment LLC.
  • Greengether Entertainment
  • Splatz productions.
  • First Look Studios
  • EpicLeen
  • Enable Media
  • Liveright
  • Maxhome
  • Honor Bridge
  • Sony Pictures.
  • Keystone
  • Daily Clap Films
  • Dimension Films.
  • Element Films

Cool DJ Names

Here is the comprehensive list of cool DJ names that you can use anywhere you want:

  • Mnemonic
  • Let’s Make a Memory
  • DJ Motion
  • DJ Apex
  • DJone
  • Aquatrix
  • FR3SH
  • Mad Den
  • DJ Xenolith
  • Clivo
  • Musical Love Co.
  • Building Beats
  • Masterfly
  • Dj Tottori
  • Fantom
  • Adult Diaper
  • Clubbing 4 Real
  • Beat Inspector
  • DJ Minion
  • DJ Mellow Moods
  • Hard Beats
  • DJ Mad Den
  • DJ Switch
  • The ClubMaster
  • Spartan
  • Enigma
  • Morella
  • Splingo
  • Song Dawg Productions
  • Sounds of Music DJs
  • Question Mark
  • DJ Ballistic
  • TeenBoost
  • Big Hits DJ Entertainment
  • Seabright
  • Pure Entertainment DJ
  • DJ You Know Who

Funny DJ Names

Here are some hilarious and funny DJ names that will make you smile:

  • DJ RixMix
  • Robbien
  • Dj Poopie Pual
  • Impulse
  • DJ Ravlon
  • MC Beverly
  • We Dub Your Club
  • DJ Dreamer
  • DJ Quicksticks
  • Ace Entertainment
  • Tater Tots
  • DJ Tapthebeat
  • Dj Holy Hang
  • Nicoletta
  • Pointe Digital
  • Stormex
  • Virus
  • Dj PixelBeats
  • Venom
  • A Good Time DJ
  • Pizzaiolo
  • Dj Karma
  • DJ Killjoy
  • Stolen Moments
  • GreatEagle
  • DJ Coolhand
  • Bumble Bass
  • All Occasion DJ
  • The Music Guys
  • Titanium
  • Sights and Sound Events
  • Something DJ
  • Dj Fropbloat

Cool DJ Names for Males

Following are some creative and cool DJ names for males:

  • DJ Fracas
  • Martin Walker
  • LVproDJ
  • DJ sl4sh
  • DJ Beat Inspector
  • Let’s Beat
  • DJ Courage
  • Dj OssmBoy
  • The Beat Boy
  • DJ Eddie Echo
  • Locomotion DJ Productions
  • DJ Divertido
  • DJ Heartbeat
  • Best Music DJ
  • DJ Bumble Bass
  • The Great Music Company DJs
  • All American DJ Company
  • Airtistry
  • Amaziya
  • Dj Sinsinity
  • DJ Motif
  • Dreamer
  • NewBug
  • Good Times DJ
  • EdenEdee
  • Party Guys Inc
  • Solarix
  • Dj Yorkbang
  • Wandering Tunes
  • Staccato Sounds
  • Dj RessQ
  • Yangbang
  • DJ Gov’ner
  • DJ Cacophony
  • Coastabay
  • Pizzeria Bianco
  • Elev8 Entertainment
  • DJ Matrix
  • Punch Pizza

DJ Company Names

How To Name a DJ Company

In this world of tensions, insecurity, and conflicts, people are searching the sources of entertainment around them.

That’s why DJ music is getting great importance which provides a wide range of Music. There are different types of DJs, some of them perform in clubs and lounges while other acts as the source of entertainment at wedding, parties or other events.

Starting a DJ business can be the best idea to earn a good amount of money. On other hand, it can also a challenging business. You can start this business without having a specific office.

In different countries, being a DJ is the most perfect and coolest profession regarding its earning.

If you have decided to start your own DJ company, you need to develop an attractive DJ business name. And, before designing a marketing and advertising strategy, you should have a catchy business name on paper.

Keep in mind that without the right business name, branding and marketing strategies are of no use.

A bad business name can kill your perfect advertising and marketing strategy to zero. So, you have to create a name that can stand out your business among the others.

Given are some tips that can be useful in creating a right business

Keep It Classy

Designing a DJ business name is not an easy process because such names are not general, plain, or too simple. Therefore, you need to choose a classy name that should not be short or simple. While designing a name for your DJ company or business, make sure that it has some class and matches the standard of your business.

In the DJ business, a class name is the only fact that can stand out your company among the other competitors in the market.

Consider the type of DJ Music

To develop the perfect name for your DJ business, it is of great importance to know the type of DJ business you have. Are you a club DJ, radio DJ, or Mobile DJ?

Club DJs are those who provide specific Music at dance Clubs whereas Mobile DJs entertain at a wedding or private party. And, radio DJs host radio shows and play music there. Some well-reputed DJs produce their music.

It would be the best idea if your business can reveal what type of DJ you are or what type of music you can provide.

Don’t Use the Word DJ in Your Name

While brainstorming about DJ business name ideas, keep in mind that you are not going to use the word DJ in your business name. It can make your business name boring.

Secondly, most companies have the same word in their names. If you are using the word DJ, you can lose the uniqueness in your business name. The name lacking uniqueness is not more than a group of some useless words or characters.

Remember, Uniqueness is the only thing that identifies you among the consumer. It is another name of brand identity.

Easy to Pronounce

Make sure that the business name you have generated is easy to pronounce. Some entrepreneurs choose difficult to impress the audience or to build a good impression but it is not so.

A hard to speak a word is always hard to remember. If a customer can’t remember your business name then how he can remember your business.

Many business names look good written on paper but sounds awkward when you speak them with a loud voice. So, try to choose a business name that doesn’t create embarrassment when it is said aloud. The more your DJ Business name is easy to pronounce, the more it will have the potential to earn a good profit.

Add the Right Emotions

Music is another name of the emotion. It evokes the emotion of a listener. If you are a DJ, then it is important to think about the emotions his music should target. Does your music express the feeling of calm or anger?  Does your music create an environment full of fun or does your music has a resemblance to something like hip-hop or Pop?

Choose A Universal Name

Your business will grow with the times. You will have to play different types of music at different events as per the demand of the audience.

So, choose the name of your business wisely. Your business name should not carry the capacity to limit or cease your business. it should not create hurdles in your future business plan.

For example, if you have chosen a business name related to any specific music then what if you want to expand your business by adding some other types of music to it.

Get Ideas from Social Media

You can also get the brilliant DJ business names ideas from social media. People who love music keep wandering on social media websites like, Twitter, and Facebook.

You should develop a page on Facebook where you can share the music you have played at different events or parties. You can ask your followers to suggest some DJ business names.

In this, you will get a long list of DJ company names related that you will like. You use these names to get some idea. You can also mix two or three words from a list to create a new catchy DJ business name.

Choose Something Original

in the business world, Originality is something that gives you a special power to compete for your business in the market. There can be hundreds of DJ businesses in your city or country where it is very difficult to bring the fact of originality in DJ company names.

Nonetheless, it is very important to have a name that no other DJ business has taken or created for itself.

Make sure that the name you have created has no resemblance with any other business name. your business name should be unique enough that people must take notice after reading it on a paper, signboard, newspaper, or at the door of your company.

I hope you liked all the DJ company names that we have shared.


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