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400 Unique Dog Fundraiser Names Ideas That You Can Use

Dog fundraising ideas are one of the most popular categories on After all, who doesn’t love dogs?

You can use the list below to create fun dog fundraisers, raise money for a pet adoption center, support a local animal shelter, or even find sponsors to help fund the cost of training your own pooch!

These dog fundraiser ideas are sure to give your campaign a boost, whether you need to raise money for a service dog or just need a little extra help. After all, dogs always find a way to be there when you need them, no matter what!

Dog Fundraiser Names

Many dog owners will go to great lengths to ensure that their pets are healthy, happy, and cared for. They may spend hundreds of dollars every year on their pets, and they do it because they care.

The question that arises is, how can we encourage people to continue giving generously to their beloved dogs? One way is through dog fundraisers.

  • Rocket Rescue
  • Beastie Bonanza
  • Sprinkle With Joy
  • Paws On Parade
  • Animal Valley
  • Rock, walk and wag
  • Pooch Parade
  • Friends Of Wild
  • FidoFest
  • Fur get me not
  • Family Rescue
  • Critter Crusade
  • Second Chance Animal Shelter
  • Find A Pet
  • Animal Flowers
  • Saver Of Wild
  • Disco For Dogs To Save Funds
  • Critters & Cruisers fundsavers
  • Defenders Of Wildlife
  • Open Doors
  • Camp Dogwood
  • Fuzzy Friends
  • Bark Haven Condo
  • Snuggle Street
  • Portal Pet Pioneers
  • Pure Meows
  • Peace Of Mind Dog Rescue
  • The Flock Donation
  • Chill Critters
  • Concern For Animals
  • Friends of Felines
  • Doggie Dash
  • Companions
  • Baw Paw
  • Furry Wurry
  • New Start Cat Rescue
  • Mucky Pups
  • Paws 4 Art
  • Patty’s Animal Rescue
  • Grooming dales
  • Critters & Cruisers savers
  • Animal Care League
  • Red Door Animal Shelter
  • Balls of fluffs for funds
  • Woodlands Animal Rescue
  • Fur fund University
  • Maw And Paw
  • Friends Of Felines Helping Terms
  • Yuppie Puppy
  • Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary

Dog Fundraiser Names Ideas

Dog fundraisers are designed to raise funds for a cause close to a dog owner’s heart. They might be in the form of walks, adoption events, or other fundraisers. The event is coordinated to bring dog lovers together to make a difference in a cause that’s close to them.

Here’s a list of name ideas for a dog fundraiser, if you want to get inspired by these ideas.

  • Acts Of Grace
  • Paws For Fundraisers
  • emBARKadero
  • Black Cat Ball
  • Foster Care
  • The lily pad
  • Helping Out Pets Everyday
  • Project Wildlife
  • The Fresh Paws
  • Best Friend Rescue
  • Hand in Hand
  • Bark for Life
  • Dine With Your Dog
  • Furry Fixers
  • League City Animal Control
  • Pooch Party Stroll & Splash
  • Animal Ark
  • Homeward Pet Adoption Center
  • Puppy Lover
  • Dog Fund Fest
  • K-9 Fundraiser Karnival
  • Raise the Ruff
  • Tails of the Forgotten fund
  • Raise for the paws
  • 5k9 Walk Run
  • Happy Dog Barkery
  • Make A Difference
  • Happy Tail
  • Wine And Waddle
  • Strut Your Mutts Paws By The River
  • Canine Companions Dogfest
  • Woofapalooza
  • HopeFull
  • Mission Possible
  • K9 Walk/Run
  • Pets and Companions
  • Yappy donation Hour
  • Friendly Beast
  • Racin’ For Rescues
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Fur Get Me Not to raise
  • Helping Paws Animal Shelter
  • Collar Pups
  • Snout Rescue
  • Pet Appreciation Day
  • Dog Days

Best Dog Fundraiser Names

Dogs are very loyal and they love their owners. It is not surprising that a lot of people have gone the extra mile to show their love to their dogs. They give them food, toys, and walks.

  • Pets Care Corner
  • Horsing Around for funds
  • Dog Bowl
  • Roll Over Animal Rescue
  • Dog Bowl – food for help
  • Canine Companions For Independence
  • Waggin’ Wagon
  • Save A Pet
  • Felines & Canines
  • Betsy and beasties
  • Proper Woofs
  • A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue
  • Pawfect Tail
  • Critter Craziness animal savers
  • Furry Tales
  • Heart of Gold
  • A Chance To Bloom
  • Rock, Walk, & Wag
  • Doggy Divine
  • Pawsitively
  • Action For Animals Lifes
  • Pet Walk
  • The Animal Foundation
  • Pet Assistance Foundation
  • Native Animal Rescue
  • Adorable Animal Abode
  • Paws And Relax
  • All Natural Pet Event
  • Canine Social
  • The Happy Wag Fund
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Raise The Woof
  • Fiddo Fest
  • Heartland Animal Shelter
  • Paws Relax And Donate
  • Rocket Dog Rescue
  • Big Bear Animal Shelter
  • Precious Paws
  • Fur Ball
  • Happy Home
  • Animal Welfare League
  • Furry Fiesta Fundraisers
  • Paw Playground
  • Critter Craziness
  • The Pet Emporium

Cute Dog Fundraiser Names

If you are planning to run a dog fundraising campaign, there are a number of ways you can go about it. You can sell dog toys, dog accessories, and food. If you have a dog training academy, you could ask people to donate money so that you can buy more toys and supplies for your students

  • Little Valley Animal Shelter
  • Wags And Whiskers Pet Rescue
  • Sounds for Hounds
  • Pierce County Animal Control
  • Pic The Littles
  • Check Out My Human
  • Good Deeds Fundraiser
  • Fundtasia
  • Paws For Effect And Funds
  • The wet nose
  • Pet Rescue Welfare Association
  • FidoFest funds
  • Scoobie Corner
  • Metro Pup
  • Puptown Girls raise more
  • The Poodle’s Strudle
  • Lucky Pup Dog Rescue
  • Harmony House For Cats
  • Helpful Hands Fundraiser
  • Pets Perfection
  • Prevent A Litter
  • Dog Wash Fundraiser
  • Animal Care And Control
  • Pawsitive Attitude
  • Paws For Celebration
  • Blue Cross Centre
  • Family Dog Rescue
  • Second Chance Dog Rescue
  • Doggie Funds To Save All
  • Adopt A Paw
  • Playful Petters
  • Pet Funds Project
  • See Spot Run and donate
  • Raise The Ruff For Funds
  • Aww Paws Shelter
  • Poodle Animal Rescue
  • Horsing Around
  • Animal Rescue & Kindness Service
  • Pet Rescue
  • Seattle Pet Network
  • Fur Ball Funds
  • Conroe Animal Shelter
  • Pups And Ponies
  • The Animal House Rescue
  • Beauty And The Beasts
  • Healthy Happiness
  • Pampered
  • Fantastic Fluff
  • White Paws
  • Paw Tree
  • Creep And Crawl

Catchy Dog Fundraiser Names

If you don’t have a dog training academy, you could sell dog food at the event or organize a dog walkathon.

Whatever way you decide to go about it, you will need to consider a dog fundraising business name. Below are some of the best ideas you can choose from.

  • Pet Carnival
  • Critter Costume Contest For Animals
  • Hair of the Dog
  • Lange Foundation
  • Wildlife Center
  • Dine with Your Dog lifesavers
  • Mucky Raisers Pups
  • For Pet’s Sake help
  • Pretty Paws
  • The Furry Family
  • Glory Circle Five Star
  • Rescue me
  • Camp Bow Wow
  • Patriot Paws Service Dogs
  • Tri-City Animal Shelter
  • Breakfast At Kitteny’s
  • Everyday Blessings
  • Tails of the Forgotten
  • Sound For The Hounds
  • Patio Pawty
  • Eastside Pet Adoption Center
  • Angel Ferret Shelter Services
  • Spring Animal And Bird Sanctuary
  • Paw Playground Savings
  • Doggie Beach Bash
  • Vanity Fur
  • Puptown Girls Raise
  • Adopt And Adore
  • Affordable Animal Hospital
  • Doggie Costume Contest Funds
  • Luxuries Paws Welfare
  • Pooch Parlour
  • Feline Foster
  • Reason To Bloom
  • embarcadero petgoals
  • Dog Jog
  • Puppy Bussy
  • Blind Cat Rescue
  • Animal Rescue
  • Dine With Your Dog and Collect
  • Big Inspirations
  • The Day Long Donation
  • Furry Fiesta
  • Bark in the boro

Pet Fundraiser Names

There are many ways to help others, but fundraising is one of the best methods. People can choose to give small amounts of money or large amounts. However, if you are thinking about starting a fundraiser, consider these tips first.

  • Little Paws Savers
  • Doggie Doo life savers
  • Critter Cabin
  • Pet Caring
  • Barking A Lot
  • Canine Variety Show donations
  • Valley Animal Center
  • Lost Animal Home
  • Santa Paws
  • Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary
  • City Animal Services
  • Rainbow’s Promise
  • Run Waddle Wag Mile Run/Walk
  • Cosmopawliton
  • The Flock
  • Petsmart Charities
  • City Of Pearland Animal Services
  • Canine Shelter
  • Here We Go
  • For Pet’s Sake
  • Wonder Dog
  • The Pet Run
  • Saving Our Companion Animals
  • Blue Wagger
  • Many Tears Animal Rescue
  • World Animal Protection
  • Blue Collor
  • East Animal Shelter
  • Animal And Pets Rescue
  • Mucky Pups savings
  • The Pack raised
  • All Creatures Small & Tall
  • The Tattooed Dog Rescue
  • Furkind Foundation
  • Critter Caddy Club
  • Sounds For Hounds And Funds
  • Saving Pets One At A Time
  • Rock Walk And Wag
  • Posh Paws
  • Doggy Do Fundraiser
  • North Beach Paws
  • Canine Variety Show
  • Doggy Walk
  • Critters & Cruisers
  • Widespread Relief
  • FURgeddabbouit

Cute Pet Fundraiser Names

If you have been thinking about starting a pet fundraising business, you have come to the right place! I will show you how to make a big impact with your very first fundraiser for a nonprofit organization.

  • Dog Jog raisers
  • Check Out My Human pet savings
  • Doggie Beach Bash And A Chance
  • The Pet Maven
  • Creature Coop
  • Furry Scurry
  • Furtastic
  • Puptown Girls
  • The Itty bitty kitty committee
  • Doggy Styles
  • Fur University
  • Furrytales
  • Furgeddaboutit
  • Wags To Riches To Save Life
  • Bright Future
  • Adoptapet Animal Sanctuary
  • Cat Guardians
  • Community Animal Rescue
  • I Haz Skillz
  • Wild Wagging
  • K-9 Karnival
  • The Happy Wag
  • Cause for Paws
  • Doggie Day Spa
  • Pet Family Project
  • Paws For Effect
  • Fur And Fluff
  • Canine Pool Party
  • Paws and Crawls
  • Second Chance
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Wine And Waddle To Raise
  • Animal Control Shelter
  • House For Fur
  • Pups & Yups
  • Blue Collor Raisers
  • All Creatures Big And Small
  • Cats And Critters
  • Shear Critters
  • Endless Love
  • Pet Parade
  • The Collar Club

Animal Fundraiser Name Ideas

The pet fundraising business is one of the best ways to build a network of contacts, get noticed, and gain new customers. With more than 1,400 pet fundraising companies online, it has never been easier to get your feet wet in the pet fundraising industry.

  • Spotted Furry
  • Little Paws
  • Tales Of Tais
  • Critter Save Crusade
  • Mayflower Sanctuary
  • Wag it Games and donate
  • Happy Fund Raiser Tail
  • Angels Rescue
  • Endless Pawsabilities
  • Rescued Pets Movement
  • Paws for the Cause
  • Petco Dog Grooming
  • Fur the herd
  • Furnificent Shelter
  • Fur Friends
  • Old Dog Haven
  • Caged Critters
  • Pet Rescue Meet & Greet
  • Quincy Animal Shelter
  • Bark In The Park
  • My Pet Money raiser Project
  • Stepping Stones
  • WideAnimals
  • Dreamtime Animal Sanctuary
  • Citizens For Animal Protection
  • Bark in the House
  • For You
  • Seabrook Animal Shelter
  • Dogsville Shelter
  • Woofwich Pet Show for funds
  • Pets 4 Life
  • Pawsite Love
  • The Nightowl
  • Pretty Pets
  • Building Brides
  • Wright-Way Rescue
  • Pick of the litter
  • Black Tie & Tails
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Pawardise
  • Doggie funds to save all.
  • Farm Sanctuary

Animal And Pet Fundraiser Names

If you’re a pet lover, you must be aware that every pet has its own special needs. From food and care to regular veterinary checkups, your pet requires proper attention. One way you can show your love for your pet is by providing them with a better life.

  • Pet Project
  • Golden Beginnings
  • Homeward Bound Dog Rescue
  • Pawever Sanctuary
  • Rescue Me With Funds
  • HopePets
  • Doggie raisers Dash
  • Doggy Do
  • LetsLive
  • Pet Play Day
  • Mutt Strut
  • Walk With Paws
  • All Parrot Rescue
  • Blue Mountain Humane Society
  • Heaven Can Wait
  • Pets For The Elderly
  • Endless Flurr
  • Every Life Matters
  • The Pack
  • Little Diva Rescue
  • Balls Of Fluffs
  • Global Pet
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
  • Last Chance Animal Rescue
  • Animal Antics
  • FeeltheFurr
  • CareofAll
  • Wag It Games
  • Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter

Catchy Animal Fundraiser Names

You may opt for a pet adoption, pet training, and other pet related ventures. However, it’s not always easy to raise funds for your pet. That’s why you should consider starting a pet fundraising event.

Pets are usually very friendly animals. They also tend to have a good memory and love when they are greeted and cuddled. This makes them perfect candidates for charity fundraisers. They can be used to draw attention for charity organizations.

  • Animal Pawness
  • Green Acres Animal Rescue
  • Animal Adoption Center
  • Scratchies Sanctuary
  • Four Little Paws
  • Tula Bird Rescue
  • Endless Pawsabilities Life Savings
  • YouwillSave
  • Critter Costume Contest
  • One More Chance
  • Strut Your Mutt Parade & Doggie
  • Dog Bowl And Save Donations
  • National Cat Protection Society
  • Fluff balls
  • Jungle Dog & Cat Board
  • Social Paws
  • New Animal Rescue
  • Disco For Dogs
  • Black tie and tails
  • Pet Paradise
  • Country Pup Shelter
  • Canine Classic Walk/Run
  • Pet Connect
  • Caring Hands Foundation
  • The Pet Adoption Center
  • Canine Companions Dog fest
  • K9’s for Kids
  • Pet-A-Palooza
  • Donate Dog Day Afternoon
  • Paws Collectors
  • Rocky Mountain Rescues
  • Trio Animal Foundation
  • Life’s Mewty
  • Paws For Applause

Dog Fundraiser Names

How To Name Your Dog Fundraiser

This article will provide you with all the helpful tips to help you settle on a catchy and cute name for your dog fundraiser.

Determine What Kind of Dog Fundraiser Do You Need

Before you start naming your dog fundraiser, you need to determine what type of dog fundraising you want. There are many types of dog fundraisers including the ones which are used by veterinarians, animal shelters, and animal clinics. It is also very important to note the size of your fundraiser.

Consider the Size of Your Fundraiser

The first thing to consider when naming your dog fundraiser is the size. This is one of the most important considerations.

In addition, make sure your dog fundraiser is easily pronounceable and catchy.

Do some Research

You should always look for a name that is catchy and eye-catching. You may find a dog fundraiser name that is catchy and eye-catching at the same time. You will find that you will find a name that will appeal to everyone.

Avoid Choosing Names That Are Common

Choosing a name that is common is a good choice. However, make sure it’s not something that could be considered rude or vulgar.

Get Help

You need to choose a name that is catchy, fun, and eye-catching. It is not easy to come up with a catchy and eye-catching name. This is why you should seek the help of professionals.

In addition to choosing a name, you will also need to consider a slogan and a logo for your fundraiser.


400 Fundraiser Names

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