Dog Rescue Slogans: 200+ Catchy Animal Shelter Slogans

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Here we have shared some cool and catchy dog rescue slogans and phrases. Over the last year, we have helped thousands of businessmen find unique slogans for their businesses. And now, we will share some of the best animal shelter slogans and pet rescue sayings with you.

Let’s dive into the list.

Dog Rescue Slogans

Following is the list of some catchy dog rescue slogan slogans.

  • I love the rescued breed
  • Make a big room for the little creatures in your heart.
  • If you purchase your love, please protect it
  • All is vital, no matter how little it is
  • Dog kisses are the only happiness in life
  • Work for creature safety, build an Animal shelter
  • Second-hand pets are a seven-star creature
  • Adoption- the only best thing.
  • It’s hard to be homeless and hungry at the same time.
  • These dogs experience a great deal.
  • Love and save the paws of the world.

Animal Shelter Fundraising Slogans

  • Don’t let this wonderful animal down, just Love it!
  • Petting a little dog, a little soul gives you good fortune.
  • Help us to give more dogs a good life and a better time.
  • Please do something good for them.
  • Care animal rights like human fundamental rights
  • Must appreciate animal life.
  • Help us to save the human’s best friend
  • Give them a warm house, they always dreamed of!
  • Every creature deserves a second chance.

Animal Rescue Sayings

  • Save the paws of the world
  • They need us to be their voices
  • Shelter they require, care they need, love they deserve.
  • Let them know how to care for dogs
  • Save the paws, serve the creature, save the humanity
  • Abandoned dogs need some care and shelter.
  • Build a warm and adorable home for dogs
  • No one is ignored if love lives alive
  • Unite animals and get satisfaction in turn.
  • Treat dogs the way they actually deserve.

Animal Shelter Slogans

  • Give them a shelter where they turn out to be a family.
  • Be a pathway to another creature, another life.
  • Saving a single paw can even change the whole world.
  • Give them an Ideal life.
  • Let them live on the earth as you and I deserve.
  • You would lose nothing, just be kind to this poor creature
  • Keep sheltering this beautiful creature.
  • Shelter houses are everything to them as your house is to you.
  • Build a little home in the corner of your lawn and get love in turn.

Catchy Dog Adoption Phrases

  • Give them a safeguard from monsters, from the bad human.
  • Give that puppy turn out to be a part of your family.
  • Judge the core of the man by his treatment of the animals.
  • Don’t damage the paws, aim for an honest life.
  • Say no to the violence against animals.
  • Make these poor little souls your best companion.
  • Be a legend, Give a home to an abandoned dog
  • Rescue them, love them, protect them till they die.
  • Listen to their tears, hear their cry, give them love.

Pet Adoption Slogans

  • We will not quit this war until we won.
  • Men slaughter all creature, they will them also.
  • Change the whole world for that little creature.
  • Build the cages, not for the animals but for the monsters
  • Give them a warm shelter, it’s a blessing for them.
  • Save their life, let them live alive with happiness
  • Love the animal, get God’s love in turn.
  • Do something productive for this creature.
  • Treat them better because God advocates them.
  • Your love and affection will keep them alive.
  • Save a pet, save a creature
  • Let them live freely.

Dog Rescue Slogans

How to Write Dog Rescue Slogans?

Animals are also living creatures; they have feelings and also feel pain when they are left abandoned or mistreated. There are many dogs living in the streets in hot and cold. In this course, the animal shelter is the safest place for these abandoned dogs. Some animal shelters look like shelter places while others seem like dumps.

Animal shelters are the places where lost or abandoned stray dogs and cats got some shelter and care. In these shelters, sick or wounded animals are also rehabilitated. Best animal shelters use music to decrease the pressure rescued pets feel.

These animals shelter design catchy and interesting slogans to build awareness among the masses and reveal their services. These slogans advise the animal caregivers that they need to be responsible regarding ownership and care of their pets.

Here are some tips to write dog rescue slogans for your new startup.

Loud and clear

Before coming up with a dog rescue slogan, you must know that your slogan should speak your message loud and clear among the targeted audience.  The clarity in the slogan will attract more audience as compared to the confusing one.

Don’t rush

Be patient and do ample research, try to learn as much as you can about your topic. Don’t forget to know about your target audience and competitors in that specific field. Once you have completed all your research, write a slogan.

Add some humor

A funny slogan carries a capacity to build a good relationship between you and your audience.  Humor adds some wit in your tagline. The more you add wit and humor to your slogan, the more it will be easier for an audience to understand and remember. Remember, add humor in your slogan if you can do that smartly. Don’t turn your slogan into a comedy or a joke.

Be Unique and different

Some people don’t pay heed to the slogan writing process. They copy the slogan of another business which in turn destroys your campaign, business, or brand. Even if you get successful in attracting the audience, they will not stay forever. On other hand, you may found in troubled waters, you may face a legal battle over it. If it happens, it could damage your reputation.

Be honest

Don’t promise the things that you can’t deliver in the future. Avoid the sugar-coated adjectives in your slogans. It creates the impression of too-good-to-be-true even you are saying true in your slogan.

Make sure it can stand alone

Your slogan should carry the capacity to reveal all about your business without giving additional information. It will make able you to stand out among the others.


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