400+ Employee Recognition Program Names & Award Names

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Here we will share with you some cool and creative employee recognition program names ideas and suggestions. We have also listed some funny award names which you will like the most.

In the end, there is a step-by-step process on how to name your employee recognition program and awards.

Let’s dive in.

Employee Recognition Program Names

Here are some cool and catchy employee recognition program names:

  • High Five Award
  • Tip your Hat
  • Stellar Success
  • Galatic Gratitude
  • Team Player Award
  • On Point Award
  • Permanent Recess
  • Farewell Friend
  • Exiting in Excellence
  • Cloud 9 Collaborator
  • High Five Award
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Honor Club
  • Welcome Aboard
  • Rockstar Rookie
  • Good Addition Award
  • Circle of joy Award
  • Customer Whisperer
  • Diamond Service Award
  • Happy Everyday Award
  • Count You In
  • Never Missed a Beat

Rewards Program Names

Here are some reward program names that you will like:

  • Superstar
  • Prime Player
  • Shining Star
  • Fast Starter
  • Bright Beginner
  • Dashing Debut
  • Positive Participator
  • Ripple Effect Award
  • Sidekick Salute
  • Amazing Addition
  • Budding Star
  • All for One, One for all
  • Associate Appreciation
  • Constant Contributor
  • Chief Closer
  • Cloud 9 Collaborator
  • Diamond Club
  • Good Addition Award
  • Prospect Award
  • Rockstar Rookie

Funny Award Names for Employee Recognition

Here are some funny award names for employee recognition:

  • Perfect Presence
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Retirement Awards
  • Superb Showing
  • Aces all Day
  • All Day Everyday
  • Excellent Addition Award
  • Welcome to our World
  • Volunteer Awards
  • Team Recognition
  • Top Banana Award
  • Like a Boss Award
  • Spotlight Award
  • Standing Ovation
  • Golden Coconut Award
  • Awesome Sauce Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Client Comforter
  • Service and Dedication
  • Star Service
  • Amazing Dedication
  • Highest of High Fives
  • Consider it Done Award
  • Welcome to Awesome
  • New Contributor
  • Initiated
  • Welcome and wanted
  • We bid you Adieu
  • Incredible dedication
  • Exiting in Excellence

Loyalty Program Names

Below are some cool and catchy loyalty program names suggestions:

  • Stellar Success
  • Tip Your Hat
  • Sidekick salute
  • Ripple Effect Award
  • You’re a Gem Awards
  • On point Award
  • Round of Applause
  • Perfect Presence
  • Superb showing
  • Cruising and Crushing it
  • Exceeding Everest
  • Bringing it Beyond
  • Absolute Attendance
  • All day every day
  • Chief Closer
  • Outstanding Salesmanship
  • Above and Beyond recognition
  • Custom Whisperer
  • Customer Hello Award
  • First Class Service
  • Hall of Fame
  • Honor Club
  • Diamond Club
  • Leaderboard Award

Award Ceremony Name Ideas

Here are some cool and creative award ceremony name ideas:

  • Pinnacle Award Ceremony
  • Summit Awards
  • Positive Participator
  • Making a Difference
  • World Changer
  • Limelight Award
  • Five stars Honor
  • Superbly Safe
  • Silver Shield Award
  • Big Kahuna Award
  • Chief Closer
  • V12 Award
  • Constant Caution
  • Expert Accuracy
  • Rockstar Rookie
  • Good Addition Award
  • Bright Beginning
  • Fast Starter
  • Safety Star Award

Employee Award Names

Below are the best employee award names for you:

  • You’re a Gem
  • Ripple Effect Award
  • Key Contributor
  • Leadership Award
  • Pinnacle Award
  • Biggest Applause Award
  • Victory Lap Program
  • Long Haul award
  • Spotlight Award
  • Standing Ovation
  • 3 Cheers
  • Diamond Club
  • Five Stars
  • Employee Excellence Club
  • The Wow Factor
  • Galactic Gratitude
  • Employee’s Choice Awards
  • Gold Star Awards
  • High Five Club

Creative Level Names

Here are some cool and creative level names for you:

  • Well Done!
  • Overachiever’s Club
  • President’s Club
  • Dedication Award
  • Stuck Like Glue Program
  • Legendary
  • Jolly Good Idea
  • Bee’s Knees
  • Headliner Award
  • Onboarding
  • Sales Incentives
  • Safety Awards
  • Capital Achievement
  • Hero Award
  • Leadership Impact
  • Shining Star
  • Associate Appreciation
  • You’re a Gem
  • Key Contributor
  • Departing Dignified
  • Safety Awards
  • Constant Caution
  • Expert Accuracy

Employee Recognition Program Names

How to Name an Employee Recognition Program

Today the work environment of the companies is extremely competitive. And every successful company depends upon the quality of work that the employees provide.

However, without motivation and recognition of their hard work, even the best of employees cannot perform to the best of their abilities.

In short, the employee recognition program should be an essential part of a company’s culture. The motif of the program is to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and admirable performance of the staff.

As a profit, the event also encourages positive behavior and activities which lead to better performance.

So, it is important to note that the recognition program does not need to be extravagant and expensive.

Generally, it can be as simple as an appreciation letter through email but a work-place with a creative recognition program that reflects the unique style of the company provides the employees with a sense of belonging which motivates them to perform even better.

In short, for the employees to embrace the program with excitement the name of the recognition event matters a lot. As, the name is the first thing that your employee will associate with the event.

All the negative and positive opinions of the recognition program are highly dependent on the name.

It is not easy to choose a name for the event so you have to choose very carefully because the success or failure of the event highly depends on the name that you associate the event with.

Here are some suggestions that you should keep in mind when naming a recognition event for your company.

1. Providing meaning.

You need to think strategically about how you are going to relate the name of the recognition program with the company products, services as well as the employees.

Keep in mind that the name should stay true to the cultural uniqueness of the company so the employees can feel the meaning and sentiment behind the event.

A name that holds a deeper meaning for the workers will be accepted easily in their workflow.

There are many clever and funny recognition program names out there which you can choose for your recognition event but you cannot attract the employee’s attention if they do not hold any special meaning.

2. Make it Unique.

You do not want a bland name for the event that is organized in the appreciation of your employees as it will remove all of the excitement. Thus, choosing a creative name will make it stand out and appeal to the audience.

Moreover, It is very important to choose a name that will attract the attention of the employees and not be ignored is very crucial for the success of the program.

Generally, a name that stands out creates ‘stickiness’ which essentially means that your employees will be pulled towards it again and again.

Also, you should try to find employee recognition program names that reflect the company brand and workplace tradition.

3. Keep it simple.

You should note whichever name that you choose for the event, you will be saying it over and over again. Which is why it is very important to create a name that can be easily pronounced and understood.

Especially when working with a global audience, you should keep in mind that different words have different meanings in different languages.

Since the name of the event is repeated weekly, monthly, or even annually, a complex and meaningless ‘fancy’ name can potentially jeopardize your initiative and affect participation.

Before choosing a name you should try it out and see how it sounds to you and to your test audience.

4. Branding.

Applying a theme or a logo or any kind of branding to your name will make it more impactful and create excitement and anticipation for the program in your staff.

Thus, strong branding can bring a strong emotional response and involvement. A color scheme or a theme can provide longevity to the program especially when it has the emotional involvement of the employees.

But you should keep in mind that the name of your event should go hand in hand with the branding. Generally, a name that goes against the theme can jeopardize the program and kill the mood.

Setting a theme or any kind of branding measure provides a great deal to your workplace culture as well.

5. Involve others.

By involving your employees in the naming you provide them with a sense of participation. Involving others when organizing an event not only brings new and diverse names and suggestions to choose from but also create an atmosphere of excitement in which your employees feel personally involved.

You should also involve senior consultants and keep an open mind to the suggestions of your client. Keep in mind that the best effort is a team effort.

6. Think Long term.

Once you have decided on a name, changing it will be impossible and will cause a lot of confusion among the employees. This is why it is important not to rush in.

In short, selecting a name based on the ideas and feedback of your employees will increase the potential of the name lasting longer.

However, You should select a name that can stay around for a long time and not be forgotten. Also, the name should have enough flexibility to grow with the company and be able to adapt to the changes over time. It is essential to think beyond the ‘now’.

7. Add a bit of spice.

Adding emoticons and avatars can be just as impactful as branding. Generally, adding emotions not only spices up the atmosphere but they also add another deeper layer to the meaning behind the name.

In short, the prime purpose of emoticons and avatars is to deliver an immediate meaning and give soul to the plain text.

Also, another way to spice up the atmosphere is to add levels to the program and create an atmosphere of healthy competition. Positive rivalry can go a long way in the field of intense competition.

Final Thoughts.

In the end, I would like to suggest that you should keep many aspects under your consideration when naming your new Employee recognition program.

Thus, a right name can be the success of your initiative and a wrong name can jeopardize all your planning.


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