Escape Room Names: 400+ Best Escape Room Team Names

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Here we have shared some cool and catchy escape room names that you will like. All the escape room names that we have enlisted are free to use anywhere you want.

The best way to differentiate your escape room from the competition is to come up with a unique name for it. And you can bet that your name is going to be scrutinized by customers.

How many escape room owners have you heard complain about customers rolling their eyes at the name of their escape room? You think your customers are going to love your name? Think again! Customers have very specific tastes when it comes to names.

Let’s dive into the list of such ideas.

Escape Room Names

Here are some cool and catchy escape room names to inspire you:

  • Clue Police
  • The A-Team Run
  • Breakout Session Adventures
  • Run Away
  • Perfect Plot
  • Puzzle Breakout
  • Resolvement Breakouts
  • The Way Out
  • Boogieman Games Room
  • Brainy Escape
  • Cryptic Escapes
  • 5th Street Escape Room
  • Catch You Later!
  • Coders
  • Let Me Out Escape Rooms
  • Creative Minds
  • Fearsome Feat
  • Last Chance
  • Isolation
  • Very Scary
  • Locks of Fun Co.
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Door Sherlock Room
  • Find Me
  • Watch Over Us
  • Hinted House
  • Make a Getaway

Escape Room Team Names

Below are some creative and unique escape room team names:

  • Phone Booth
  • Lost Escape Room
  • Escapeurs
  • Bad Joke
  • Dreamcatcher Escape
  • Bayou Escape Rooms
  • Secret Stashes
  • The Vanishing Act
  • Minotaur’s Labyrinth
  • A Disappearing Act
  • Riddled With Riddles
  • Low Key ComplEXITy
  • Bull City Escape
  • Puzzlescape
  • Solved Walls
  • Puzzling Plot
  • Alternate Reality Escape Room
  • Skeleton Key
  • Room Run
  • Blindness
  • The Renegade Team
  • Nightmares Alive
  • Solve And Succeed
  • Trap Door Escape Room
  • Escape Mystery Rooms
  • The Farewell Force

Haunted House Names

Here are some cool haunted house names that you will like:

  • House Of Riddles
  • Adequate Escape
  • Brainstorm Escape Games
  • Timed Mystery Quests
  • Prison Break
  • Magic Word
  • Passcode Escape
  • Save The Princess
  • Ninjas
  • Safe Harbor Escape Rooms
  • Collateral Spaces
  • Race To Escape
  • Taking a Powder
  • Run For It!
  • The Crew Rooms
  • Baltimaze Escape
  • Exciting Escapades & Escapes
  • Truth Finders
  • Three Doors
  • Old Key
  • Setting Sail
  • Adventure Escape
  • Until Dawn
  • Escape Room Louisiana
  • ICU
  • Great Escape Of Central Texas
  • Exit This Way
  • Amazing Escape Room
  • Finding Freedom
  • Ctrl Alt Esc Rooms
  • Nut House Escape Rooms
  • Hint Hunter Puzzle Rooms
  • Locked & Loaded
  • Teamplayers

Escape Room Company Names

Here are some escape room company names that you will like:

  • The Greatest Escapers
  • Clueless Escape Rooms
  • Industrial Escape Rooms
  • Last Hour
  • Challenge Accepted
  • Out of Sight
  • Puzzlephant
  • Riddle Escape
  • Escape Experts
  • The Baffled Experience
  • Sharp Finders
  • De-Crypt It
  • Running Along
  • The Runaway
  • Clue Hunters
  • Epic Escape
  • Cryptix Escape Rooms
  • Ready to Bolt
  • Hammer Home Hints
  • Apex Creators
  • Breakins
  • Traffic
  • Lost Key Escape Rooms
  • Fast Break
  • Shelterhouse Rooms
  • The Planned Escapes

Escape Room Names

How to Create Escape Room Names

Are you thinking about developing an attractive name for your escape room business? Following are some important tips that can help you to create a catchy networking company name.


Developing a name for a business or company is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, it can be a daunting task to accomplish. If you find it difficult to form a fascinating business name, you may start this process with brainstorming which is considered an essential step of the naming process.

Take a pencil and paper, scratch your head and start thinking about the ideas and names bearing a resemblance with networking company names. Don’t hesitate, write all the random keywords and ideas coming into your mind. Try to develop a list of the ideas and keywords.

After you have formed a long list of related keywords, narrow down it to 2 to 3 ideas and start working on it to form a perfect business name.

You can also mash two or more ideas to develop a creative name for your newly born business.

Make it honest and original

Some entrepreneurs pay a lot of time and effort while designing an advertising and marketing strategy for their newly born business. They don’t take interest in developing a perfect name for their business but prefer to copy the business name of their well-established or well-reputed competitor. They think that it will give them a boost in a very short period.

Keep in mind that such tactics work rarely. If you are going to copy the name of another business, you are going to confuse your customers with other businesses. Moreover, you will not be able to create your identity among the others.

You can also face legal action from a company you copied. So, try to bring originality to your business name by creating a unique name. The more your escape room business is unique, the more it will be able to attract a large number of customers.

Why you are going to start this business

“Why you are going to start a fabric business” normally acts as a mission statement that reminds you of the purpose of this business.

You have to mention this fact in your business name which in turn makes you able to answer the questions like who are you? Why you are here? What is special about you? And what makes you different from the others.

Keep it short and simple

While searching for a perfect escape room business name, people usually prefer a classy, unique, creative name. Make sure you have created a simple name possessing the ability to demonstrate its uniqueness.

How can you expect that your business will grow and when your business name is not easy to pronounce and remember? If your business name is not easy to spell how it would refer your products or services to others. You can get rid of this risk by adding innovation to it.

Keep in mind that a simple name is easy to spell, remember and pronounce. Your business will only grow if your business name is easy to pronounce and spell.

If you have mistakenly chosen the wrong name, you will have to change it or re-design your business name. Don’t forget that developing a new business name is not as easy as it sounds. it demands the same amount of effort and time that you normally invest in designing a new name.

Unluckily, the bad image or impression you have made with the poor business name will remain with you for a long time.

Must have energy in it

It doesn’t matter that what kind of company or business you are going to start; it should have some energy. Most of the time, people prefer the business name when they feel comfortable with it. A business name having energy in it; will make people refer your business to others. If you get successful in doing all these processes, you will be able to boost your business.

Think about the appearance

The appearance of your company name is of great importance in branding strategy. You need to think about how it looks when it is displayed on a TV screen or a billboard and written on paper. Don’t forget that a business name must have a good resemblance with a business Logo.

Look at others names

This is also considered the most effective way to develop a catchy business name. When you find it difficult to create a catchy name for your new escape room business, you can take ideas from other networking business names. You may start this process by taking 5 to 10 names of other networking companies.

After you have formed a shortlist of these business names, start discovering the aspects which help them to flourish in the industry and make them earn a handsome amount of money. If you do effective research, you will have a perfect at the end.


After developing a perfect name for your escape room business, you may test it or take feedback from your family and friends. You can ask them to give their suggestion regarding their business name.

If you get successful in doing so, you will be able to know whether your business name is easy to understand, spell and pronounce.

Remember that you don’t need to give them any explanation regarding your business or its name. Let them understand what they know after reading the company name.

You can also create a poll on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Conducting a survey is another best way to take feedback from the audience.

You may follow this technique if you have some budget to invest in. For this purpose, you will have to design a related questionnaire and distribute it in the community living near your business. On the other hand, if you don’t have a budget you can send the questionnaire through email.


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