Etsy Shop Names: 200+ Cute Shop Names for Etsy

Here we will share with you some cool and attractive etsy shop names that will inspire you. As we are asked again and again “How to Name an Etsy Shop?” So today, we will answer that in a simple way.

Over the last year, we have helped thousands of people choose business names for their shops. Now it’s your turn. Before we get in the list of etsy shop names that we have researched for you, let’s talk about what exactly a good business name is.

A good business name has the following qualities:

Let’s dive in.

Etsy Shop Names

Here are some cool and catchy Etsy shop name ideas to inspire you:

Cute Shop Names for Etsy

Following are some cute shop names for etsy that you may like:

Cool Etsy Store Names

Here are some cool and creativity etsy store names that you may like:

Clever Shop Names

Here are some clever shop names to get ideas from:

ebay Store Name Ideas

Following are some good shop names that will get you more customers:

Creative Shop Names

Here are some of the most creative shop names of all times:

Good Names for Glitter Business

Following are some good names for glitter business:

Etsy Shop Name Generator

Here are five of the best etsy shop name generators to play around with:

How to Name Your Etsy Shop

As we already know that the competition in the market is increasing day by day, it is getting harder and harder for new businesses to make their mark. Unless we have a proper plan and new business ideas, it is always harder to achieve your business goals.

So, how do we overcome such high competition and make some good money?

Well, there is no short-cut to success in business. It is always the smaller things that have big impressions on the customers. One of these things is your business name. If your business name is cool and creative, you will get more and more clients and thus your business will be sky rocking.

On the other hand, if you choose a shop name that isn’t catchy or attractive, you will find it difficult to get customers unless you are selling something really in demand. So, we always work hard on finding a good Etsy shop name before jumping into the business itself.

Here are some cool tips that will make it easy for you to name your Etsy shop:

1. Brainstorm Etsy Shop Name Ideas.

People are always inspired by something. For example, if you see your friend running a successful online business, you will also say to yourself that you want to start that business. If my friend can do it, then I too can to it.

So, basically you are always inspired by someone’s actions or opinions.

The first step toward writing Etsy shop names is your write down all the business names that pop up in your mind. When we are actually thinking about starting our own business as the person we are inspired by, the first thing that we think is the shop name. It’s kind of natural. So, there must be hundreds of shop name ideas in your mind.

Writing down all the name ideas on a piece of paper will help. Later on, you can delete all the names that aren’t catchy and attractive and just leave the ones that you like the most.

2. Keep it short and simple.

Your business name plays an important role in the success of your business. In some cases, we are not so much concerned about the shop names. For example, if you are the only guy in the whole town that is selling clothes. Then you don’t necessarily need a creative shop name to succeed in business.

But if you are surrounded by hundreds of competitors, it’s time that every small step will help. Keeping your business name short and simple making it easy for your customers to remember it. Thus, such names result in a returning customer.

A returning customer is a real king in the success of your shop. Such people start trusting you and your products and thus they recommend it to their friends and families bringing in more and more customers.

On the other hand, if you name your business long and boring, people will forget it and thus you won’t get any of your customers again. Next time the come to buy something, they may not remember you and your business name.

3. Don’t copy others.

In online stores, copying names from other famous brands really mess thing up. Your customers who don’t know about the brand that you have copied the name from may buy from you. But when they come to know that you have copied someone, they will start thinking in their mind that you are also making fake products.

And that you copy others in making products and you don’t come up with anything original by yourself. So, you will lose their trust and they will never buy from you again.

And people who believe that they can make their online shop successful by this way are making a bitter mistake. We have seen thousands of people who copy names from other famous brands and later on, the search for things like how to change etsy shop name.

Like, I don’t get it. Why keeping a store name in the first place that you will change later.

When we start selling products on any online store, it is always harder to get a few starting customers who can leave a five-star review of your business. Such reviews really help in scaling your business and making the trust of other customers.

But what is someone leave a one-star review on the first product that you sell? Yes, it happens. If you copy from others, sooner or later, you will face such kind of issues and later you will regret your own decision.

So, it is always recommended to come up with your own ideas for Etsy shop name.

4. Finalize Your Etsy Shop Name.

This is the most difficult step of naming your Etsy shop. To finalize your business name, first of all, start shortlisting the names that you have already written.

First of all, delete all the name ideas that are difficult to understand. If people aren’t able to understand your business name, how will they buy from you?

Secondly, get ideas from your friends and family. Sometimes people give you shop name suggestions that are really creative and ready to take.

You can also create a Facebook poll to get ideas from your friends there.

Good Luck!


200+ Online Shop Names

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