990+ Fabric Store Names Ideas and Suggestions

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Mubashir Rafique

Here we have shared some of the best textile names and fabric store names that you will like the most. All the fabric company names that we have enlisted are ready to be used.

Make sure to check the availability of the business name before using it.

Let’s dive in.

Textile Names

Here are some cool and catchy textile names that you will like:

  • Fine Weaves
  • GroovIt Fabrics & More
  • Apparelly
  • Textile Team
  • Claremont Furnishing and Fabrics Company
  • Textile Kingdom
  • House of Fabrics
  • Lushstiles
  • Vital Textile
  • Freedom Fabric
  • abel Fabric
  • Stitching it Up
  • Fabric City
  • Corn Wagon Quilt Co.
  • Fabric nova
  • Consonant Textile
  • Space Textile
  • Ace Textiles
  • Curated Cloth
  • New Rainbow Fabrics
  • sun shine Fabric
  • Textuffects
  • black pearl Fabric
  • Sparton Fabrics & More
  • Adelen Fabrics & More
  • Fabric in Style
  • mantion Fabric
  • Printed,&,Patterned

Fabric Company Names

Textile Names

Below are the best fabric company names that you will ever find:

  • Flaggon Fabrics & More
  • MyTextile
  • Fine Fabric
  • Fabric Outlet
  • Brickwall Textiles
  • Silver Yarn Textiles
  • Texile
  • aspire Fabric
  • Coated Fabrics
  • Shine hood Fabric
  • Fabric Art Shop
  • MyLook
  • SpurnSuite
  • Design Company Fabrics
  • Tusconna
  • World Linen & Textile Company
  • Coral Fabric
  • Queen Dress
  • Regalia Textiles
  • Design Tex Inc
  • Ben Textiles Inc.
  • Any Bird Fabric
  • Freedom dot
  • Zarmin
  • crema Fabric
  • NexWynk
  • Halo cloude

Textile Company Names

Following are the best textile company names that you will like:

  • Fashin Mission
  • MettleMest Fabrics & More
  • Textile Traders
  • Cotton Connection
  • Ember Embrace
  • Cinderella
  • Luxpology Fabric
  • Interior Define
  • Saphron Tiles
  • Textiles Unlimited
  • Cupcake Quilts
  • Fabric
  • Wandering Stitches
  • Fabric Traditions
  • All Size Foam and Fabrics
  • Standard Fabric International
  • Caring Clothing
  • Cloth And Stitch Co.
  • Textiler
  • Fustafest Fabrics & More
  • Dream Textile
  • Vogue Fabrics
  • World Textile and Bag
  • SheSpire
  • Carnegie Fabrics
  • FashionFabrications
  • FabFusion
  • Weave,Works

Linen Company Names

Following are the best linen company names that you will ever find:

  • Envy Textile
  • Sacred Textiles
  • Youth Clothiers
  • Ospro
  • LifeShades Fabrics & More
  • Kamla Textiles
  • High Textiles
  • Franklin Fabric
  • Nature Textile
  • Blue Star Silk Corp
  • Luxuriate
  • Family Fabrics
  • Future Fashion
  • Williamson Supply
  • Fredo Fabric
  • Made Better Textiles
  • WeavarsWonder
  • Triangle stitch Fabric
  • Velvo Fabrics & More
  • Advanced Fabric Technologies
  • Fiberlet
  • Thread Finesse
  • needle Queen
  • Patterend Prints
  • Stitched,Style
  • Threaded,Tales
  • UniqueTextiles
  • QuiltQueen
  • FiberFashion
  • Textile,Studio
  • Fibers,&,More
  • PatternParade

Fabric Store Names

Here are some creative and unique fabric store names for your inspiration:

  • Touchetopia
  • Anabell Fabric
  • Carven Fabrics & More
  • Magic thread
  • Rock Clothes
  • inferno Fabric
  • Fabric Folly
  • Design Tex Inc.
  • Arena Design
  • Fabric milla
  • EliteCrew
  • Deluxe LuxWares
  • Fentasia Fabric
  • Textile Help
  • madeeasy Fabric
  • Mesa Laminated Fabrics
  • Keep Me in Stitches
  • Trentex Fabric Co.
  • Grubb Fabrics & More
  • Confidence Textile
  • Dynamic Depot
  • Aidtextile
  • TexStyle

Fabric Shop Names

Here are some cute and clever fabric shop names that you will like:

  • BeMother
  • Brozzio Fabrics & More
  • Bazaarites
  • four monk Fabric
  • JoyTwist
  • Phine Divine
  • Tixtily
  • Textile Warehouse
  • Curtain, Capes, & Custom Pieces
  • softshine Fabric
  • dark edge Fabric
  • XDress
  • Forward Fabrics
  • close Fabric
  • Discount Fabrics
  • Sew Houston
  • dreamstine Fabric
  • Twice By
  • Sublime Textiles
  • Top Shelf Textiles
  • Tales of Toile
  • Blue Crab Quilt Co.
  • SuperMark
  • Top Needle Fabric
  • Richlinen
  • Swathext

Fancy Fabric Names

Below are some of the cutest and fancy fabric names that will inspire you:

  • All Star Fabric
  • FabricMilla
  • Fabric Foundation
  • New River Fiber Co.
  • Imperra Fabric
  • Veuxxo Fabrics & More
  • Savvy Fabric
  • Harts Fabric
  • Asher Fabric Concepts
  • Wearly Fabric
  • Trading Textiles
  • brickwell Fabric
  • Highstone
  • Mommy Clothes
  • Choice Textiles
  • Us Medco
  • Gentleman Textile
  • Sheer Shenanigans
  • Rainbow Textile
  • Perfect Finish
  • Fabric Art
  • Thread Opulence

Handloom Shop Names

Here are some of the best handloom shop names for you:

  • Edge Textile
  • Hoffman California Fabrics
  • All Source Textiles
  • Momentum Group
  • Sepeno Fabrics & More
  • Envy queen Fabric
  • Alexander Henry Fabrics
  • Creta Cloaths Fabric
  • Stitched & Delivered
  • Quality Fibre Textiles
  • Court Textile
  • Top Flora
  • wish Monk Fabric
  • Mynnx Fabrics & More
  • Charbonneau Interiors
  • Andreu Fabric
  • Sacred Fabric
  • Blue Needle Fabric
  • Stitchman Fabric
  • Violete Fabric
  • dove shine Fabric
  • leage Needle
  • Industrial Fabris Inc.
  • Magic Material
  • Asphalt Fabric
  • Willow tree Weaves
  • Prime Textiles
  • Materialistic

Fabric Store Names

How To Create A Fabric Company Name

Are you going to start your fabric or cloth company?  To make it recognize among the customers, you need to develop a catchy fabric company name. Creating a name for a newly born business is not an easy thing. It demands a lot of time and effort. So, if you find it a daunting task to accomplish, you can consult the following tips.

Start with brainstorming

Developing a business name is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, it becomes the most daunting task to accomplish. So, you should start a naming process from brainstorming which is considered an essential step to develop an attractive fabric company name.

Keep in mind that brainstorming is not a short process that you can complete in minutes. It requires hours to encourage a person to come up with creative ideas and thoughts. At first, it looks like something crazy or useless but in the end, gives you an amazing thing.

Take a pencil and pen, scratch your head and start thinking about the creative ideas and words that can help you to form a fascinated business name.

Don’t stop your pen, write each random idea that comes to your mind. Make sure you have formed a list of creative words and ideas. After you have enlisted all the things, narrow down it to 4 to 5 ideas and start working on them to form an attractive company or brand name.

You can also combine or mash two or more related words or ideas to form a fabric company name. After incorporating two or more words into each other, you can form a creative name for your new business.

Use a thesaurus

After you have done effective brainstorming, what you need to do is adding more words to it. You can make your list more creative by searching the synonyms of these creative words. In this way, you can say that you have left no stone unturned in developing an attractive name for your business.

You may start this process by taking each word and searching for a related synonym with help of a thesaurus. In this process, you can leave a process if you don’t find it relevant. After you have completed this step, you will have a long list of creative words.

Don’t make it offensive

Make sure you have not created an offensive fabric company name. Keep in mind that an offensive name can offend or hurt an individual or a group of people belonging to a specific race, religion, or ethnic community.

Before making a final decision regarding your cloth business name, you need to consider the culture, tradition, religion, race, and opinions of your target audience.

If you have created an offensive name mistakenly, think about another business name. Remember that changing a business name is not an easy process. It requires the same effort and time that you normally invest in forming a new name. The more you developed an attractive and catchy name, the more it will be a lucrative business.

Look at others name

Sometimes, forming a business name can be the most difficult task. If you are also finding it difficult to develop a unique business name, you can take help from other well-reputed and well-established cloth business names.

Make a list of the names of the most successful fabric business names and discover the aspects making them able to work efficiently in the market. Try to incorporate some facts in your fabric store names. in this way, you will be able to form an amazing name.

Should not be too general

Make sure you have chosen a cloth business name that is not too general or vague in nature. Also, it should not be too meaningful carrying the capacity to create confusion or misinterpretation among your target audience.

Remember, generic names are very easy to spell and pronounce. The more it is easy and simple the more it will be an easy word to remember. On the contrary, how can you expect that your customer will refer to your business name is not easy to remember. Secondly, such business names can stand out to you among the others.

Name is the first thing customers see

Your brand or company name is a key part of your business. No other thing can play an important role in establishing a well-developed company. Customers care a lot about what you are called in the market. They also think about your offline and online presence.

A business name also helps you to build the marketing and advertising strategy. It is also a headline of your branding procedure. Your potential customers search you on Google and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So, try to make your first impression good by creating a perfect business name. how can your customers search you online when they are not able to remember or type your business name?

Sums up everything about your business

A perfect business name carries the capacity to reveal all about your business. it should also be able to answer the questions like who are you? Why you are here? How your products and services are different from the others? And how your products can facilitate the potential customers.

Make sure your business name can speak loud and clear about your business. Also, it should be able to tell the customers that why they should prefer you on the other well-reputed businesses.

Moreover, your brand name is the only source that can persuade the customers to think that you are the only company made for them

Keep it short and simple

Avoid choosing a long or complicated name. Keep in mind that your business name needs to evoke the emotions of customers. It should also be an appealing word to your consumers.

Simplicity in your business name can stand strong among the other competitors which in turn makes you earn a good amount of profit.

It should also sound good and pleasant conjuring up the positive emotion among your target audience. I hope you liked all the fabric store names that we have shared.


700 Unique Textiles Business Names