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Flooring Company Names: 400+ Flooring Store Names

If you are starting a flooring business, here are some of the best flooring company names for you that will inspire you.

Over the last year, we helped thousands of people name their businesses with catchy business names. Today, we will take a look at flooring company names ideas and suggestions that will bring you more customers.

We have kept in mind the increasing competition and have listed the flooring business names according to that.

A good name is:

  • Catchy and Attractive.
  • Memorable and unique.
  • Tell a story about your business.

Let’s dive in.

Flooring Company Names

Following is the ultimate list of flooring company names that will inspire your ideas:

  • Global Marble and Stone
  • Sawgrass Floors
  • Carpet Man Flooring
  • Budget Tiles
  • High Quality Flooring
  • Creative Carpet
  • Flooring For The Home
  • Flooring World
  • BrownWave Flooring
  • White mayer Floors
  • The More Floors Store
  • Value Flooring Ideas
  • StepEasy Floors
  • The Tough Flooring Company
  • Melcer Tile Company
  • Wood Floors
  • National Floor Covering Company
  • Northside Floors
  • Original Hardwood Group
  • Pacific Flooring Supply
  • Perfect Flooring
  • Pine Time
  • Pro Floors
  • Quik Floors
  • Old House Flooring
  • Palace Floors Corporation
  • Perfect Concrete Floors
  • Pro Flooring
  • Quality Stone
  • All Floors & Interiors
  • American Epoxy Systems
  • Apex Wood Floors
  • Bast Floors & Staircase
  • Ace Flooring
  • Acme Wood Floors
  • Affordable Flooring
  • Designer Floor Covering
  • Dynamic Flooring
  • Elite Flooring Systems
  • Enhanced Flooring

Wood Flooring Business Names

Here are some wood flooring names that you may like:

  • Kuantum Flooring
  • Lumber Liquidators
  • Magical Wood Flooring
  • Masterpiece Hardwood Floor Company
  • Absolute Hardwood Flooring
  • Alliance of Floor Brokers
  • American Flooring Solutions
  • Flooring Kingdom
  • Floors & More
  • Floors Alive
  • Grain Guys
  • Happy Floors
  • Area Rugs Unlimited
  • AZ Floor Company
  • Big A Floors
  • Island Tile & Marble LLC
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Maxwell Floor Coverings
  • Mohawk Flooring
  • National Floors Direct
  • Favor Travels
  • First Step Hardwood Floors
  • Floor Play
  • Floors Galore
  • Focus on Flooring
  • Global Wood Floors
  • Griffis Tile & Flooring
  • Hollywood Floor Care
  • Daltile Design Studio
  • Dolphin Carpet and Tile
  • Domino Floor Co.
  • RiteRug Flooring
  • Simple Steps
  • Stile Design

Flooring Store Names

  • Williford Flooring Co. Inc.
  • Upper Floor
  • Twin Brothers Floors
  • The Wood Floor Company
  • Island Tile & Marble LLC
  • International Flooring Inc.
  • AZ Floor Company
  • Affordable Flooring
  • Metro Flooring
  • Johnson Flooring Co. Inc.
  • Flooring America
  • Shoreline Flooring Supplies
  • Empire Today
  • Diablo Flooring Inc.
  • Pacific Flooring Supply
  • Naples Flooring Company
  • CentiMark
  • Absolute Hardwood Flooring
  • Flipop Flooring
  • Supereva Flooring
  • Suitofex Flooring Inc.
  • Dynamix Flooring
  • FloorMatrix Flooring

Flooring Company Names

Famous Flooring Company Names in the USA

Here is the list of top 10 flooring companies in the USA:

  • Alabama: Bama Flooring
  • Alaska: Sav-On Flooring
  • Arizona: Paradise Tile & Natural Stone
  • Arkansas: Abbey Carpet & Floor
  • California: Tradeway Flooring, LLC
  • Colorado: Coventry Carpets
  • Connecticut: Schneider’s Flooring America
  • C.: District Floor Depot
  • Delaware: Mike’s Carpet Connection
  • Florida: Pride Flooring

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How to Name Your Flooring Company

As the market is flooded with numerous amount of flooring businesses, it has become quite important for your business to have a catchy name.

That will help you in fighting the competition and also attract more than usual customers. As we all know that name is the first impression on the customers and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. So, your flooring company name should be unique and attractive.

The flooring business names we have shared are unique.

Here is how to name your flooring business:

1. Brainstorm different flooring names.

While coming up with different names for your flooring company, make sure to make a list in the written form on a paper. Write down all the names that you have thought of yourself and also put some of the best names from the above lists of flooring business names.

Make sure to intermix different words related to flooring business to attract more customers and to insert a keyword in the business name. This will help you in getting more visitors online.

2. Tell your specialty.

A lot of people are looking for quality work only. As homes aren’t built daily. People want the flooring work to be creative and unique. And you have to put in the best efforts of yours into the smallest things.

So, tell people about the specialties you have. Maybe you have the most skilled employees in the whole city or maybe you are providing the most affordable prices. What’s your specialty? Why should people choose you over others?

Tell them the answers to these questions within your flooring business name to attract more customers.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

Long names are boring and mostly lack creativity. You have to choose a sweet short name for your company.

Short names have two main benefits. The first one, they are easy to understand. The second one, they are memorable and thus bring returning customers. And returning customers give you the most profits.

4. Shortlist your list.

Start shortlisting your list by deleting all the names that are difficult to understand and don’t relate to your business.

Delete all the names that aren’t memorable. To tell if the name is memorable or not, repeat it three to four times and you will come to know whether it attracts others or not.

You can ask your family members for help in shortlisting your list.

5. Get a domain name for the finalized name.

A domain name is required to make a website. For example, if you have chosen flooring company name “Super Jack Flooring”, the domain you need should be “” which should be available.

If the domain name for your business name isn’t available, you should drop the idea if you want to focus more on the online business.

6. Finalize your company names.

To finalize your company name, get feedback on your selected name from your teammates and family members. You can analyze how your competitors have named their businesses. This will make it easy for you to name your business.


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