Flower Shop Slogans: 200+ Florist Advertising Slogans and Taglines

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If you are opening a flower shop and looking for a flower shop slogans that will help you get more customers, we will help you. I am sharing more than two hundred flower shop slogans that will attract more customers and you will achieve great success.

Slogans are a successful advertising technique that gets customer attention and creates a memorable image in their minds. A slogan gives the charm and brand to your business or shop.


Here are a few qualities of a good slogan:

  • Tells about the business.
  • Share a story.
  • Attractive and memorable.
  • Unique and attractive.

Let’s dive in.

Flower Shop Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy flower shop slogans for you:

  1. A symbol of happiness.
  2. Show that you love.
  3. Put happiness in their face.
  4. A moment of love.
  5. A splendid gift for your beloved.
  6. Rose deserve rose.
  7. Feel the blossom.
  8. Happiness delivered.
  9. We deliver a smile.
  10. We show the sign of love.
  11. Say I love you.
  12. Show your love.
  13. We are passionate to make your life beautiful.
  14. No one hate flowers.
  15. We arrange the smiles.

Florist Advertising Slogans

Following are the best florist advertising slogans for you:

  1. Flowers can say it better.
  2. Anywhere we give flowers.
  3. We care for your important moments.
  4. The Heaven of your love.
  5. A flower can say it better.
  6. Smell the happiness.
  7. A flower shows love.
  8. A rose is the dose of love.
  9. Make your life colorful.
  10. A rose rises in love.
  11. We sell happiness.
  12. Flowers are more than words.
  13. We care about your happiness.
  14. We generate smiles.
  15. Flowers experts, we are florists.

Flower Slogans

Here are some cool and creative flower slogans that you will like:

  1. Expert and best florist.
  2. Our flowers create emotions.
  3. We know thoughts of flowers in your mind.
  4. We are the best in the art of flora.
  5. Feel the power of the flower.
  6. Touch the flower and feel it.
  7. Flowers are a nice idea.
  8. A rose does not tell, it shows.
  9. We know nature best.
  10. Never miss the spring.
  11. Symbol of hope and happiness.
  12. We know the language of flowers.
  13. Flowers are a unique message.
  14. The lilies which kiss.
  15. Flowers leaf an impression.

Say It with Flowers Slogans

Here are a few say it with flowers slogans that you may like:

  1. To say I love you better.
  2. Make your special one special today.
  3. We make your event better.
  4. Adorn beautiful memories.
  5. Flowers are unforgettable.
  6. We arrange a smile for you.
  7. We offer, pick the best.
  8. Unique flowers, discount prices, passionate florists.
  9. We show your care.
  10. In flowers, only quality counts.
  11. Emotions dressed with happiness.
  12. We give soul to flowers.
  13. We are passionate about making your life beautiful.
  14. Our company give beautiful ideas of flowering.
  15. Beautify your love with blossom.
  16. 100 % fresh like your love.

Flower Shop Slogans

How to Write a Slogan for Your Flower Shop

A slogan is a memorable phrase used as an expression of a purpose to attract and persuade customers. Every business needs a catchy slogan to tell people about your services.

To spread the services you must need to write a unique and catchy slogan for your business. Cover all the specialty of your business or services in a slogan.

In the stream of flower shops, it is important to write a unique and catchy slogan to attract the customers and motivates them to buy from you. We have shared these slogans.

These are unique and catchy slogans. If you pick a slogan from here, we are sure it will bring more customers. Because the slogans we wrote are memorable and able to persuade the costumers. Pick a slogan according to your desire and services.

Scroll down, I am showing how to write a slogan for your flower shop.

Discover and make a list of flower shop slogans:

Pick some of the creative and best slogans from the list that fits in your flower shop. Make sure you choose easy slogans. The best slogan is that which understand customers what you are selling.

Tell your strong points

Tell people about your specialty. People love special things. Everyone wants to buy the best things. Think why well someone buys from you? Your slogan must cover the strong point and specialty your flower shop has.

Limit your slogan to three or four words

A slogan of three or four words looks professional. Long slogans often bore the customers.

Try to capture the strong point of your flower shop and shine through your slogan. If you are an expert on flowers then you can use “Expert and best florist” instead of “We are expert and sellers of flowers”

Understand Your Competitors Slogans

Knowing your competitors can help you to take advantage of their weaknesses. Get ideas from their slogans. Think about why they are using the slogan. You will pick the best and catchy slogan for your flower shop.

Finalize Your Slogan

It seems easy to finalize your slogan but business owners often get confused.

Let suppose you will have chosen four slogans. And now you are getting confused about how to take one of them. So don’t be confused.

Get reviews from teammates and your family members. Create a pole on social media. Finalize the slogan which gets more claps.


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