Food Wastage Slogans: 60 Slogans to Prevent Food Wastage

Last Updated on October 22, 2021 by Mubashir Rafique

Here we have shared some food wastage slogans and some creative slogans to prevent food wastage.

Food wastage is one of the most common problems in today’s world. People have made it so common that in the masses it is not even considered a problem.

In reality, this has to be taken care of as this problem is rising at a very rapid pace and if actions are not taken right now, then there is no stopping for it.

The best we could do is, raise awareness among the youngsters as they are the future generation and the world belongs to them. Now how can we raise awareness?

To be smart the best way is by using slogans. Slogans play a very smart role in most cases whether it is for business promotion or some precautionary act.

Slogans are usually small but have the complete sense to them and in most cases, are pretty help full. That is why using slogans would be the best option to prevent everyone from wasting food.

In this article, we will tell you 60 slogans that can be helpful to prevent food wastage. Also, we will give you some tips and tricks on how you can write your own slogans. So without further ado, let us jump into it.

Slogans To Prevent Food Wastage

Civilized countries and civilized citizens should act according to their status and to prevent food wastage should be the first thing they should take care of.

Following are a few slogans to tackle food wastage:-

  • Wasting food is not cool.
  • Think about the food shortage.
  • Today’s wastage can turn out to be worse for your kids.
  • Think wise, act wisely, and save food.
  • Give it away instead of wasting it.
  • The poor deserve your food, don’t waste it!
  • Be thankful till you have food, never waste it.
  • Food is a great blessing from God, act wisely, please.
  • Give proof to be a human, save food!
  • Saving food will do wonders for you.
  • You will regret wasting your food.
  • Food should never go to waste.
  • Save your food for a better future.

Food Wastage Slogans

Do Not Waste Food Slogans in English

Following are the best “don’t waste food” Slogans in English:

  • The best you can do for the future generation, save food.
  • Blessing from God should always be taken good care of.
  • Don’t be rude to save the food.
  • Save food and make a contribution.
  • Do not commit a sin and save food.
  • Food wastage never turns out to be good.
  • Never treat the food in bad manners.
  • Food is a necessity, never waste it.
  • Save food and save others
  • Take an oath to never waste food.
  • Your wasted food could have fed the poor.
  • Do good be good and save food.
  • Your one good deed could make you have wondered.
  • Food wastage will haunt you.
  • Be careful and be responsible, say no to food wastage.

Food Wastage Slogans

Food Wastage Slogans

Here are some food wastage slogans that you can use to create awareness among people:

  • Care for others care for the poor mothers, save food.
  • For the sake of the aimless, save food.
  • May God be with everyone who does not waste food
  • There will never be enough to waste, hence save food.
  • Everything is limited, please do not waste food.
  • Never order more than what you actually eat.
  • Think about the ones who cannot afford food.
  • Your saved food can bring a smile to a poor person’s face.
  • It is beautiful to act as a responsible citizen.
  • Be a giver not a waster
  • You will know the worth of food when you do not have it.
  • Hunger can kill a person, please save food.
  • Food and wastage never connects.
  • Be an example of a good person by saving food.
  • Food wastage haunts for life, please save food.

Food Conservation Slogans

Below are the best food conservation slogans to use anywhere:

  • Think about humanity and save food.
  • Food wastage never makes you look like a bigger person.
  • Save food and you will see how things change around you.
  • Never think about wasting food.
  • Quit wasting start giving.
  • Be the best version of yourself and save food.
  • Food wastage will leave you with a lot of demerits.
  • Your one saved meal could remove the hunger of one person.
  • Your day becomes better if you do not waste food.
  • Food wastage will be removed one day just act responsibly.
  • Millions of people have died of hunger please save food.
  • Food wastage is simply a life’s wastage.
  • Give respect to food and destiny will respect you.
  • You would see striking change with just one meal saved.
  • You have no idea how bad food wastage could turn out to be.
  • Reflect your parent’s teachings by saving food.
  • Don’t waste your food up, have the poor soothe up.

Food Wastage Slogans

HOW to Write Slogans on Food Wastage

Slogans can turn out to be pretty amazing as it is a complete thought packed in a concise group of words. Hence, governments and organizations, and different kind of companies use slogans to provide information about what so ever.

Following are a few tips you can use to make your own slogans:-

1) Brainstorming

The very first step to generate anything on your own has to be in the face of brainstorming. Brainstorming, if explained simply is to jot down your initial thoughts about something on a piece of paper.

These thoughts and rough ideas are extremely important to further take the process to completion. While making slogans think of the causes you are making slogans for and write them down.

2) Think of rhyming words

Rhyme could do two things to your slogans. First, one is the interest it is going to grab from the random people reading it. The second is that they are going to remember your slogan because it was catchy. That is going to do wonders for you as the objective of your slogan would be achieved.

3) Conduct thorough internet research

It is an era of the internet and most everyone can conduct simple research at home. There are a lot of articles where you can find slogans related to your cause and also you can learn how to make them on your own. Just like how this article is working for you.

4) Shortlisting

When you are done with your brainstorming and research and have applied all the tips you may have now a list of different kinds of slogans. Shortlist the best slogans that help portray your cause in the best manner.

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