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Funny Wifi Names: 400+ Funny Names for Your Wifi

Here we have shared some cool and funny wifi names that will make you laugh harder. All the wifi names that we have enlisted are free to use anywhere you want.

One of the very first things people do after buying a new router and setting up their Wi-Fi is setting a cool and funny name for your Wi-Fi. Or it could be the reason that it’s been so long that your Wi-Fi has a generic name and you have finally decided to make a unique and catchy name for the service set identifier.

Making it unique puts you in a comfortable position of getting connected every now and then. The general name was given by the brand usually gets mixed up with a lot of other Wi-Fi and it puts you in trouble of getting the connection back.

Also, it looks cool to have a funny movie-related, or memes-related Wi-Fi name to make it stand out in the Wi-Fi lobby.

Well, we have put together a list of the 200 funny Wifi names for you. You can choose any of the names given below and have the fun of your own, or you can use them to get the idea of making a unique name yourself.

There’s also a list of tips and tricks at the end if you can’t find any funny wifi names for your router. Let’s dive in.

Funny Wifi Names

Here are some funny wifi names that will make you laugh harder:

  • It’s not a good network
  • Enter the Dragon world
  • Dino time
  • Enter the Dino time
  • Traveled back to Dino Time
  • We are the FBI
  • We are watching you
  • Free Public Service
  • It’s a funny Wi-Fi Name
  • Wi-Fi is wireless
  • Free Wi-Fi for all
  • Guardians of the LAN
  • Get away from the LAN
  • Get off my property
  • We are Router Rangers
  • Hack me If you can
  • Catch me if you can
  • I am a router
  • Hide your kids, turned on the Wi-Fi
  • Lost Internet
  • I believe Wi can Fi
  • Is it Wireless?
  • I left the Wi-Fi on
  • I have the Wi-Fi and you got nothing
  • Came again?
  • Beg me for a password
  • LAN is Wireless
  • Get me your Wi-Fi
  • First let me know your Wi-Fi password
  • It’s not for you
  • Get back
  • I ain’t no snitch

Wifi Names

Here are some unique and catchy wifi names that you will like:

  • Get your own Wi-Fi
  • Let me guess, you need a password
  • Join the Disneyland
  • We have the best Wi-Fi
  • Is it me you desire?
  • We have the stuff you need
  • The password you desire
  • Keep your distance
  • Don’t come near
  • The best goods here
  • Find us
  • Find me
  • Guess where we are
  • The cave
  • Modern Cave
  • The best bandwidth
  • Bandwidth from the mile
  • The Long LAN
  • It’s a clever Wi-Fi
  • Join the Jedis
  • Click to get the virus
  • Password Not Found
  • You’re denied
  • Access Denied
  • Authentication Error Occurred
  • Obtaining IP Address
  • It’s a Wi-Fi
  • Connect to see what happens
  • Rub the genie in a bottle
  • Connect to rub the genie
  • Lost Connection
  • Can’t connect to this network
  • It’s your neighbor
  • Password’s on the door
  • Oh My Wi-Fi found you

Good Wifi Names

Below are some good wifi names for you that impress your friends:

  • Please be a Snitch
  • Come along, It’s a free ride
  • Can I have your Wi-Fi password?
  • Drink Tea first
  • Talk with your friends
  • Don’t bother coming here
  • We don’t accept you
  • You’re not here for me, right?
  • Password is Password
  • Truth or Dare for a password?
  • I can have you arrested
  • Private Property, get away
  • You click, I pay
  • I don’t pay for my Wi-Fi
  • Get your own shit
  • Try the new Wi-Fi
  • Hide your Wi-Fi
  • Battle on LAN
  • You’re WiFired
  • Missed your chance
  • My password is…
  • Simon Says No Wi-Fi
  • Modern Times requires Modem

Clever Wifi Names

Here are some amazing and clever wifi names for your inspiration:

  • Password is the name of you know who
  • Avada Kedavra
  • Password is abcd
  • If you steal, I’ll arrest you
  • Setting up the Wi-Fi
  • We are not savages
  • Spying on my shit, eh?
  • It’s the secret Wi-Fi
  • The FBI is here
  • FBI open up
  • Your good neighbor next door
  • Bring the candy first
  • Candy for Password
  • Don’t beg me for the password
  • What’s Wi-Fi?
  • We are spying on you
  • Don’t use this Wi-Fi, we spy
  • Warning Alert: Spy Spotted
  • Assassination
  • Tell your father Hi
  • Got you the password my man
  • Thanks for nothing
  • Thor, the strongest avenger
  • Vladimir Computin
  • The BatLan
  • Wi-Fi coming from the Bat Cave
  • LANisters always pay their debts
  • Too much for you
  • You are too low for our Wi-Fi
  • Hey friend, there’s no Wi-Fi
  • Secret Intelligence
  • Who What When Where Wi-Fi
  • I got the password.

Cool Wifi Names

Here are some cute and cool wifi names that you will like:

  • Password next door
  • I have the thing you need
  • Searching for Wi-Fi
  • Silicon Valley
  • Pay per connection
  • You’ll always fail to connect
  • Stop, it’s not for free
  • Free for the first one hour
  • Speed of Light
  • Even My Grandma is fast
  • The Connection is strong with me
  • May the connection be with you
  • You shall not password
  • House of Murderers
  • rIP Wi-Fi
  • Don’t touch me
  • Hey, Private Wi-Fi
  • It lags too much
  • Better off without it
  • It’s the thing that brings us together
  • Bringing you all to me
  • Let me take your password
  • Secrets for Wi-Fi
  • I am not on the same Wi-Fi
  • I have the high Wi-Fi
  • It’s over Anakin
  • The Speed force
  • OBI WAN Kenobi
  • The Darth WAN
  • They See me Routing, they hating
  • I believe I can Wi-Fi.

Wifi Network Names

Below are some of the best wifi network names that you will like:

  • All friends need Wi-Fi
  • Always in need of a password
  • Only for you
  • I don’t know the password
  • Just stop using my Wi-Fi
  • Not in your range
  • Way out of your league bruh
  • Martin Router King
  • Loading and Loading…
  • You owe us now
  • One Wi-Fi to rule all the Wi-Fi’s
  • Once Connected, you are in our debt
  • LAN Saber.
  • Touch me, I’m horny
  • Router? I hardly knew her!
  • Iron LAN
  • This Is SPARTAAA!!!
  • Loading Virus
  • Angel Dust
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan
  • The Dorni$hman’s Wi-Fi
  • Free virus available
  • Digibeggars
  • Will U Marry Me
  • I hate myself
  • CyberKnights
  • You better funny me!
  • To use, bring boozeJohn Wilkes Bluetooth
  • Go and ask your father for money to purchase wifi
  • 4 Guys 1 Router
  • Reserved for Guests I Hate
  • That 70’s Router
  • Call me @ 69
  • Free wifi coming soon!
  • DHARMA Initiative – Station 4 (for Lost fans)
  • SuckMyNetwork
  • This is not Free
  • Click here to download virus
  • It’s a Small World Wide Web

Funny Wifi Passwords

Here are some funny wifi passwords that you can use for free:

  • Get Your WiFi
  • 1050+ Instagram Captions
  • The Elder Wi_Fi
  • 2Girls1Dorm
  • Let them use it
  • The Night’s PiΠg
  • Love me first
  • You cannot steal the Internet.
  • Pr0tected CEX
  • Parks and Recreation WiFi
  • Mom Use This One
  • Super Thanks For Asking WiFi
  • Slowest Network
  • Tantive IV
  • I’m under you bed
  • Prem Chopda
  • Uncle_Touchys_Game_Room
  • Under FBI surveillance
  • Give her hell from us!
  • Not In Range
  • No internet connectivity
  • Little Angeles
  • Not like you
  • Girls Gone a wireless
  • Doesn’t Matter
  • H0rcrux
  • Enter The Dragon’s Network
  • GET YOUR OWN!!!!
  • I am Barry Allen
  • A Linksys to the Past
  • WiFi Network Name Here
  • Just for you
  • Best WiFi ROuter
  • Your Girlfriend is so ugly
  • Viruses Are Us
  • Blinksys-182
  • Krypton
  • Android vs iOS
  • Very Slow
  • lesbian lover
  • Move on dude
  • Work Hard Play Hard
  • Bitcoin Address
  • Deep Thought
  • Wi-Fi from Mars
  • Arania Exumai

Funny Router Names

Below are some funny router names to make you laugh:

  • Hilltoppers
  • Switch off
  • Wham Bam
  • R00m 0f Requirement
  • hey its me ur wifi
  • Martin Router King
  • Forgot Password?
  • Usa Usa Usa Usa
  • Gone Catfishing
  • WANessa
  • I Slept With Your WiFi
  • iGareeb how eyeronic!
  • Open N/W preference
  • EPennypacker
  • N0 Pant$ N0 Problem$
  • The Notorious R.P.G.
  • Missed Connections
  • My Life My Wifi
  • To the Moon
  • Do or die
  • Vladimir Routin
  • Dance and get my wifi
  • Yell “Pene$” 4 Password
  • You Shall Not Password
  • Websteros
  • A Long Time Ago…
  • NiceTryNeighbor
  • Unregistered Hypercam
  • Please Connect for Identity Theft
  • Hungry For Shopping
  • Life on the Line
  • Love you
  • My WiFI is sleeping
  • Because a LANnister Never Forgets
  • Insert coin [] to access WiFi
  • Salman-ka-fan
  • Life In The Fast LAN
  • Pump it. ROUTER!
  • You Load Nothing
  • Scary Sporty Posh Ginger Baby
  • LAN connector
  • Free WiFiJust Kidding
  • Break your bones

Funny Internet Names

Following are some of the best and funny internet names of all time:

  • This is lIfe
  • Wandless Magic
  • Phillip JWiFry
  • Pay and use
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Dark Knet
  • Gadget Internet
  • H0gsmeade
  • Thanks Obama
  • Connect for identity theft
  • Locked
  • SpiderLAN
  • CorruptSignal
  • Music Soccer Wifi
  • Nande beka
  • Nope, not this one either
  • Crack Me if You Can
  • None of your business
  • Stop using our network, Steve
  • Error: Please Contact Your ISD
  • Carabiner
  • FBI Surveillance Van
  • Wifi Market
  • If I Had Your Wi-Fi Wouldn’t Need Internet
  • Super Thanks For Asking
  • UOS_secure
  • The illusion of free internet
  • Teen Idle
  • Stop staring
  • problems, but WiFi ain’t one
  • Hermi0ne Grinder
  • Porque-Fi
  • You are under CCTV surveillance
  • I am IRON LAN
  • Bad Error 101: Disconnect
  • Attack !
  • Fidelu$
  • Undercover Police Car #751
  • Wi-Fi, do you love me?
  • RavenClaw Com_mon R00m WiFi
  • Pay 1$ Per Hour To Use Wifi
  • 8hz WAN IP
  • Save Wifi Use Lan…
  • Icanseeyourightnow
  • The Password is…
  • 100 problems but WiFi ain’t one
  • Desperate House WiFi
  • We Use Sly22981 To Download Pron
  • I trade drugs
  • Disconnected
  • Master of Wi-Fi

Hotspot Names

Here are some funny and cute hotspot names for your inspiration:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Hey, don’t use it
  • Give me Something in return
  • Cameras Everywhere
  • COVID–positive
  • Area
  • Brave little Modem
  • Router Rangers
  • Fight on LAN
  • Drop your Password
  • Cash First
  • Password on Delivery
  • My Wi-Fi master
  • Gone with the wind
  • You are not getting the password
  • May the web be with you
  • LAN is strong with me
  • The world of the Matrix, connect to enter
  • Got Something for me?
  • Goodnight, No Wi-Fi
  • Don’t Connect, it’s toxic
  • The Lethal Weapon
  • All eyes on me
  • Luke, I am your Wi-Fi
  • Don’t cheat on your Wi-Fi
  • Your Wi-Fi Deserves better
  • You deserve better Wi-Fi
  • Serve your master
  • Connect or Die
  • One last Connection
  • Get you the goods you need
  • Don’t say his name
  • You know Who

Funny Wifi Names

How to Create Unique and Funny Wifi Names

If you still could not find a name you desire for your Wi-Fi, don’t worry we have come up with a list of tips and tricks that could give you what you need.

Use these suggestions and tickle your creative corner and make a name of your own. These tips will surely assist you in getting what you need. Let’s take a look.

Though it’s not necessary to set a unique name for your Wi-Fi but it would not hurt if you do it anyway. In fact, it’s a lot of fun to give your SSID a funny and personalized name.

As we previously discussed, a decent Wi-Fi name not just makes your internet connection stand apart among different networks within the reach.

In any case, it additionally makes it extremely simple to discover your own network from others. And companies give the same name to almost all Wi-Fi users.

It may get mixed up with them and that will make it hard for you to identify and connect with your Wi-Fi. And above all that, it’s no fun and it’s really boring to leave your Wi-Fi name not so unique.

Aim for Uniqueness and Memorability

This is the main thought while picking a Wi-Fi name for your connection/router. It’s just a remarkable/unique name that can recognize your Wi-Fi from comparative networks within the reach. Other than uniqueness, a Wi-Fi name should be memorable.

A memorable Wi-Fi name can really give a cool and strong vibe whenever you will see the name. And above all that whenever you are connecting the new device to your Wi-Fi, you don’t need to scratch your head attempting to recall the name of your own Wi-Fi.

To guarantee your Wi-Fi name is essential, limit the use of exceptional characters. There are a great many kinds of names you can produce just by messing with ordinary letters. Blending UPPERCASE and lowercase is fine.

Additionally, you may consolidate an image or two inside the name, for example, a spot (.), an exclamation mark (!), or question mark (?). The objective is to guarantee the Wi-Fi name you pick is both special and essential.

Avoid Incorporating Personal Information

There’s always some force that tells you to make your Wi-Fi really personal. For instance, they’ll add their private and personal information just for the sake of uniqueness.

That’s now how it works. One must not add his or her personal information like ID number, address, phone number, real name, apartment number, birth date, or any other personal information.

Today, the world is modern and advanced. It’s very easy for malicious entities to hack your system and track you. So, we highly recommend avoiding that.

Wi-Fi Name Should Be Different from Wi-Fi Password

Your Wi-Fi name should not have a hint of a password in it. It’s just normal and common advice and one can easily understand why is it important to do so.

For instance, if your Wi-Fi name is “Batcave”, then avoid making the password like “Batcave1234”, or “Batcave0000”. Though it is the way, it is not a secure way.

One can easily crack the password because the name is where they always go first in order to hack someone’s password. So, it is highly recommended not to make a password that one can get a hint from the name.

Avoid Annoying Names

You can add a funny and cute touch to your Wi-Fi name, but try to avoid adding a provocative and annoying name that could draw unnecessary attention towards you.

There are two ways that one can avoid making annoying names. Don’t make your name too mainstream. For instance, making a name that suggests that you have public Wi-Fi.

And the other thing that you must look after is not to add explicit words in your Wi-Fi Name. Such names catch the attention of the law enforcement authorities and you are certainly not looking for that.

Final Thoughts

There go our tips and tricks for making a good, funny, and unique Wi-Fi name along with 200 of them. It depends on you to decide, whether to choose a name from the list above or use these tips to make on your own. Just don’t take it too seriously, try to have fun doing it.

Keep the above discussion in mind. Make a name unique, and don’t overdo it by using provocative and annoying words that would just draw unnecessary attention towards you and could create a situation for you that you are not expecting.

And let us know your thoughts on this, tickle your creative corner and let us know what comes out. You can help others in selecting the name for their Wi-Fi.

Let’s be creative together. Let’s talk in the comment section down below.



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