Funny Wifi Names: 400+ Funny Names for Your Wifi

Here we have shared some cool and funny wifi names that will make you laugh harder. All the wifi names that we have enlisted are free to use anywhere you want.

One of the very first things people do after buying a new router and setting up their Wi-Fi is setting a cool and funny name for your Wi-Fi. Or it could be the reason that it’s been so long that your Wi-Fi has a generic name and you have finally decided to make a unique and catchy name for the service set identifier.

Making it unique puts you in a comfortable position of getting connected every now and then. The general name was given by the brand usually gets mixed up with a lot of other Wi-Fi and it puts you in trouble of getting the connection back.

Also, it looks cool to have a funny movie-related, or memes-related Wi-Fi name to make it stand out in the Wi-Fi lobby.

Well, we have put together a list of the 200 funny Wifi names for you. You can choose any of the names given below and have the fun of your own, or you can use them to get the idea of making a unique name yourself.

There’s also a list of tips and tricks at the end if you can’t find any funny wifi names for your router. Let’s dive in.

Funny Wifi Names

Here are some funny wifi names that will make you laugh harder:

Wifi Names

Here are some unique and catchy wifi names that you will like:

Good Wifi Names

Below are some good wifi names for you that impress your friends:

Clever Wifi Names

Here are some amazing and clever wifi names for your inspiration:

Cool Wifi Names

Here are some cute and cool wifi names that you will like:

Wifi Network Names

Below are some of the best wifi network names that you will like:

Funny Wifi Passwords

Here are some funny wifi passwords that you can use for free:

Funny Router Names

Below are some funny router names to make you laugh:

Funny Internet Names

Following are some of the best and funny internet names of all time:

Hotspot Names

Here are some funny and cute hotspot names for your inspiration:

How to Create Unique and Funny Wifi Names

If you still could not find a name you desire for your Wi-Fi, don’t worry we have come up with a list of tips and tricks that could give you what you need.

Use these suggestions and tickle your creative corner and make a name of your own. These tips will surely assist you in getting what you need. Let’s take a look.

Though it’s not necessary to set a unique name for your Wi-Fi but it would not hurt if you do it anyway. In fact, it’s a lot of fun to give your SSID a funny and personalized name.

As we previously discussed, a decent Wi-Fi name not just makes your internet connection stand apart among different networks within the reach.

In any case, it additionally makes it extremely simple to discover your own network from others. And companies give the same name to almost all Wi-Fi users.

It may get mixed up with them and that will make it hard for you to identify and connect with your Wi-Fi. And above all that, it’s no fun and it’s really boring to leave your Wi-Fi name not so unique.

Aim for Uniqueness and Memorability

This is the main thought while picking a Wi-Fi name for your connection/router. It’s just a remarkable/unique name that can recognize your Wi-Fi from comparative networks within the reach. Other than uniqueness, a Wi-Fi name should be memorable.

A memorable Wi-Fi name can really give a cool and strong vibe whenever you will see the name. And above all that whenever you are connecting the new device to your Wi-Fi, you don’t need to scratch your head attempting to recall the name of your own Wi-Fi.

To guarantee your Wi-Fi name is essential, limit the use of exceptional characters. There are a great many kinds of names you can produce just by messing with ordinary letters. Blending UPPERCASE and lowercase is fine.

Additionally, you may consolidate an image or two inside the name, for example, a spot (.), an exclamation mark (!), or question mark (?). The objective is to guarantee the Wi-Fi name you pick is both special and essential.

Avoid Incorporating Personal Information

There’s always some force that tells you to make your Wi-Fi really personal. For instance, they’ll add their private and personal information just for the sake of uniqueness.

That’s now how it works. One must not add his or her personal information like ID number, address, phone number, real name, apartment number, birth date, or any other personal information.

Today, the world is modern and advanced. It’s very easy for malicious entities to hack your system and track you. So, we highly recommend avoiding that.

Wi-Fi Name Should Be Different from Wi-Fi Password

Your Wi-Fi name should not have a hint of a password in it. It’s just normal and common advice and one can easily understand why is it important to do so.

For instance, if your Wi-Fi name is “Batcave”, then avoid making the password like “Batcave1234”, or “Batcave0000”. Though it is the way, it is not a secure way.

One can easily crack the password because the name is where they always go first in order to hack someone’s password. So, it is highly recommended not to make a password that one can get a hint from the name.

Avoid Annoying Names

You can add a funny and cute touch to your Wi-Fi name, but try to avoid adding a provocative and annoying name that could draw unnecessary attention towards you.

There are two ways that one can avoid making annoying names. Don’t make your name too mainstream. For instance, making a name that suggests that you have public Wi-Fi.

And the other thing that you must look after is not to add explicit words in your Wi-Fi Name. Such names catch the attention of the law enforcement authorities and you are certainly not looking for that.

Final Thoughts

There go our tips and tricks for making a good, funny, and unique Wi-Fi name along with 200 of them. It depends on you to decide, whether to choose a name from the list above or use these tips to make on your own. Just don’t take it too seriously, try to have fun doing it.

Keep the above discussion in mind. Make a name unique, and don’t overdo it by using provocative and annoying words that would just draw unnecessary attention towards you and could create a situation for you that you are not expecting.

And let us know your thoughts on this, tickle your creative corner and let us know what comes out. You can help others in selecting the name for their Wi-Fi.

Let’s be creative together. Let’s talk in the comment section down below.



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