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Guild Names: 400+ Funny & Cool Fantasy Guild Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy guild names that you will like. All the fantasy guild names that we enlisted are unique and attractive.

You are lacking if you still do not know about video games, especially free fire. Free fire is one of the games in 2021, doing pretty well among the young generation. Now if you do know a little bit about these games you must know that there are characters in the games and having catchy names for that character make you sound and look very cool while playing the game.

Before going ahead you must know what guild is. A guild in free fire is a group of players that compete with another group of players. Now, these groups must have names that make them stand out and reflect their qualities of fighting.

Now in this article, we will provide you with the list of 400 plus guild names that leave everyone in awe. Not just that but we will also be giving tips and tricks on how you can generate names on your own without much effort.

So, we will not delay it much, and let us jump in it together.

Guild Names

Here are some cool and catchy guild names to inspire your ideas:

  • Ordained End
  • Tempest Moguls
  • Awful Discipline
  • Villains of the Claw
  • Tradition of the Nefarious
  • Struggle of the Dove
  • Thunder of Fortune
  • Splitstriders
  • Wreckingmanes
  • Boulderbeards
  • Unseen Plague
  • Golden Vultures
  • Ugly Executors
  • Ban of Forests
  • Beasts of the Spider
  • Strangers of the Crocodile
  • Silence of the Buffalo
  • Sunswords
  • Thunderthorn
  • Hellbow
  • Humble Helix
  • Burning Nightmare
  • Grouchy Power
  • Voices of the Demonic
  • Redemption of Shadows
  • Killers of the Lion
  • Harmony of the Strong
  • Moonglades

Funny Guild Names

Below are some cute and funny guild names that you may like:

  • Low Lust
  • Lowflags
  • Itchy Assailant
  • Closed Strategy
  • Holy Embers
  • End of Defiance
  • Bond of the Dark
  • Contract of Death
  • Recruits of Patience
  • Earthroses
  • Twinbeards
  • Bronzesins
  • Roaring Discipline
  • Jumpy Illusions
  • Trusted Alliance
  • Hate of Tricks
  • Demons of the Desired
  • Home of the Shield
  • Wards of Abandonment
  • Iron Wolves

Anime Guild Names

Here are some cool and catchy anime guild names that will work for you:

  • Battleguards
  • Blackfists
  • Honored Vultures
  • Open Regiment
  • Ill Moguls
  • Tradition of the Crumbled
  • Harbingers of the Rhino
  • Recruits of Mystery
  • Thugs of the Pristine
  • Firewell
  • Marbleflayers
  • Lightningstriders
  • Immoral Thunder
  • Funny Thugs
  • Heroic Admirals
  • Harbingers of Might
  • Division of the Righteous
  • Allies of the Forbidden
  • Cry of Nature
  • Snowstriders
  • Rumblestand
  • Quickford
  • Rejected Devils
  • Enraged Gangsters
  • Living Plague
  • Champions of the Earth
  • Shepherds of the Shark
  • Scourge of the Dove
  • Anger of Impurity
  • Frostskulls
  • Burning Lust

One Word Guild Names

This list contains some of the impressive one word guild names for you:

  • Forgeguard
  • Corrupt Dust
  • Scourge Plague
  • Vulgar Vigorous
  • Refugees of Mountains
  • Keepers of the Fox
  • Women of the Serene
  • Traitors of the Living
  • Low Wolves
  • Bouldervale
  • Blackroses
  • Black Devils
  • Fearless Pergatory
  • Bold Butchers
  • Agony of the Universe
  • Thunder of the Eagle
  • Peace of the Cosmos
  • Grace of the Despicable
  • Hollowlanders
  • Stormswords
  • Marble Eagles
  • High Legacy
  • Demolition Vanguardians
  • Mysterious Vikings
  • Keepers of the Tricked
  • Shamans of Virtue
  • Shadows of the Rich
  • Executioners of the Pristine
  • Lightningfall
  • Redarrows
  • Shimmercloaks
  • Faded Vitality
  • Jolly Maggots
  • Jumpy Gunslingers
  • Rangers of the Dog
  • Blessing of Desire
  • Damnation of the Passive
  • Quiet of the Ambitious
  • Rainfield
  • Bluearrows
  • Shadow Foxes
  • Tainted Pergatory

Fantasy Guild Names

Here are some fantasy guild names that you will like the most:

  • Ordinary Apocalypse
  • Awful Oblivion
  • Archers of the Revenant
  • Monsters of the Reckless
  • Immortals of the Shark
  • Affliction of the Mighty
  • Shimmercloaks
  • Solarlaws
  • Redbeards
  • Forbidden Chaos
  • Ominous Vanguardians
  • Joyous Vigor
  • Entities of the Mystical
  • Survivors of the Sacrificed
  • Curse of the Rhino
  • Sinners of the Vicious
  • Blackdawn
  • Dashingbreaker
  • Shatterbane
  • Despicable Widowmakers
  • Iron Enemy
  • Delicate Punks
  • Vengeance of Darkness
  • Pact of the Reckless
  • Allies from the Woods
  • Fiends of Ending
  • Silverblades
  • Quick Foxes
  • Nightthorn
  • Alpha Genesis
  • Tyranny Pergatory
  • Contract Maggots
  • Hate of the Wolf

Thieves Guild Names

Following are the best thieves guild names that will impress others:

  • Raiders of the Claw
  • Tears of Faith
  • Demons of the Joyous
  • Bronzemight
  • Drumsmiths
  • Steelmight
  • Withered Voltiac
  • Dishonest Vigor
  • Defiant Champions
  • Illusions of the Hateful
  • Mystery of Serenity
  • Traitors of the Fierce
  • Voice of the Wasted
  • Charshifters
  • Charfield
  • Metalblades
  • Contract Butchers
  • Obscure Nightmare
  • Omega End
  • Hammers of the Shield
  • Bane of the Night
  • Workers of Disease
  • Anguish of Faith
  • Lightning Lust
  • Cunningtalons
  • Shimmerpikes
  • Ill Illusions
  • Ordinary Illusions
  • Bold Domination
  • Stewards of the Feeble
  • Swarm of the Serene
  • Squad of the Dragon
  • Messengers of the Lynx

Assassins Guild Names

Below are some cute and creative guild names for assassins:

  • Maddeath
  • Bonebrows
  • Hallowgarde
  • Sealed Moguls
  • Heroic Tyranny
  • Honored Widowmakers
  • Myth of the Mace
  • Relics of Betrayal
  • Tears of the Ocean
  • Knights of the Vigorous
  • Bannerglades
  • Raincrushers
  • Twinshade
  • Deceased Rebels
  • Phobic Punks
  • Arcane Force
  • Desire of Fury
  • Deceivers of the Rotten
  • Tranquillity of the Forsaken
  • Horde of the Shield
  • Goldensmiths
  • Lightningguard
  • Aquagarde
  • Burning Killers
  • Heavens Feast
  • Contract Killers
  • Mysteries of the Resolute
  • Killers of the Joyous
  • Silence of Shadows
  • Mystics of the Departed
  • Firehoods
  • Bright Rats
  • Felcrushers

Guild Names

How to Write Guild Names for Yourself

Following are a few tips that will make you have the best names no matter for what purpose: –

1) Brainstorming:-

If you ask us to sum up all the tips in one tip we would ask you to just pay attention in the brainstorming. This shows how much importance it holds. Brainstorming is collecting all your rough thoughts and ideas on one piece of paper. Piece of paper is just used metaphorically since its 21st century, and we all have storage devices or phones with us. Just jot down your thoughts and ideas on your phone, laptop wherever you want and the rest of the things are automatically easier for you.

2) Try name generators:-

Name generators can easily be found all over the internet and are pretty easy and fun. In this case, you can easily search on Google for guild name generators and you can easily have a lot of name generators on the 1st page. Go for the one which has the most traffic because that shows the power it. This way you can easily have thousands of names with just a few clicks.

3) Discuss with your friends and family:-

Your friends and friends are integral parts of your life. They are the ones always close to you so it will be better for you to discuss your planning and working with them. They can guide you as well as give you their suggestion on whether they like the names you generated or not or even come up with their names which you may even consider adding to your list of names.

4) Make sure you are satisfied with the names:-

Your satisfaction is extremely important and as long as you are satisfied there are no problems what so ever. Say out loud the names you generated and see if they sound good to listen and speak. There is nothing better than personal satisfaction.

5) Do not be afraid to be edgy:-

When people hear the tip about being simple, they forget about the maintenance of interest in the names. What they do is they go extremely mundane and the names sound boring and monotonous this is something you need to stay away from. Do not be afraid to be edgy, in fact just go for it and look for yourself as to how it works for you.

6) Shortlisting:-

The last step is of course shortlisting. This is also extremely important as in the end, you have the names collected in one place. Read them out loud and ask for the suggestion from others and keep the ones that suit the characters or the teams the best and start removing those that do not fit perfectly and get your list ready. You can also do Facebook polls over names that make you confuse on which one to keep and which one to discard. Facebook polls can be very beneficial.

400+ Dragon Names

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