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Gym Names: 300+ Gym Name Ideas and fitness Centre Names

Well! Gym not only makes you fit physically but also mentally. Starting a gym or fitness club needs a handful of investment along with some research on gym names idea.

In 2017, there were 38,477 gyms in the U.S. So, we can assume that fitness clubs have become an important part of our business community.

Here you will find ideas for naming your first gym. We will also discuss name ideas for fitness clubs in different countries.

Naming your first gym can be a hard task. You may be stressed out right now. But don’t worry by the end of this page you will have your gym name in your mind ready to market.

It is quite important to pay proper attention to your business name as thousands of people will look at your gym name daily. And you have to make it catchy and attractive so that you can attract more customers. But there are a lot of options and confusion. Where to start? Let’s begin with the list of gym name ideas.

What are Good Gym Names?

Before we dive into the ultimate list of name ideas we have collected for you, let’s first talk about what makes a good name. Here are some of the factors that can tell if your fitness club name is good and attractive or not. A good name:

Gym Names:

Following are the best transformational gym names:

Funny Gym Names

Following are some funny gym names:

Health and wellness business name ideas

Here are some cool and catchy health and wellness business name ideas:

Female Gym Names

Following is the list of gym names for females:

Gym names in America

Here is the list of gym names in USA:

Fitness Centre Names

These are the best names for fitness centres:

Gym Names in Canada

Here is the list of best gym names in Canada:

Fitness Club Names

These are the best fitness club names of all times:

CrossFit Gym Name Ideas

Here are some cool and catchy crossfit gym name ideas:

Gym Class Name Ideas

Following are the best names for gym class:

Fitness Studio Names

These are the best names for fitness studios:

Gym Names in Australia

Here are the names of gym clubs in Australia:

Clever Gym Names Ideas

Here are some cute and clever gym names for you:

Gym Names in India

Here is the ultimate list of name ideas for your fitness club in India:

World’s Best Gym Names:

Here are the top gym names in the world:

How to Name Your Gym and Fitness Club

What should I name my gym? This is the question we get asked by a lot of the people. Well, naming your fitness club isn’t hard. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

What’s Your Branding Strategy?

All the successful businesses in the world have a pre-written branding strategy. What’s your branding strategy to get your business to the next level?

The First step in your branding strategy of a gym business should be your business name. The business name should be funny, clever and unique. To attract more customers into your business you must promote your gym name. Promotion can be of any type. For example, promoting through social media or just offline promotion.

But the thing is to add this necessary step in your branding strategy that you have to invest some serious time and money into naming your first gym.

Brainstorm and make a list of gym names idea.

Make a list of all the gym names that are popping up in your mind. We will start shortlisting them later. You have to write them down. Later on, we will select only five name ideas from them and delete the rest.

Here is an example of the list we want you to make:

Delete all the names that are difficult to read and say aloud.

Business names that are difficult to say are not memorable. And if your business name isn’t memorable there is a good chance that you are losing customers on a daily basis.

What to do then? Find fitness club names that are easy to say, short and sweet. Here are examples of cool gym names:

Choose five gym names that aren’t taken.

Before you finalize a name for your Fitness Centre make sure that it isn’t taken. How? Go to the trademark availability test page by the government. And do a proper search as mentioned by the officials. In case, you skip this part you may have to face legal consequences later on.

Here is the list of names for a fitness studio that aren’t taken yet:

Get the domain name for your finalized name.

Make sure that the domain name is available. If it’s not, you better drop that name idea.

Also, make sure to check all the social handles. Good Luck!


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