Hair Extension Names: 400+ Best Hair Business And Brand Names

Last Updated on July 5, 2021 by Mubashir Rafique

Here I have shared some of the best and cool hair extension names. You can use these hair extension company names anywhere for yourself and also you can share them with anyone you want.

Hair Extension Names

Here are some of the best and catchy hair extension names for you:

  • Ultimate Hair
  • Hair ‘n the Hood
  • Hot Heads
  • Salon Lace Me
  • Lavishing Locks
  • Anointed Hands
  • Hair Affair Weaves
  • Magnificent Weaves
  • CustoMore
  • Snips Salon
  • Glazone
  • Today’s Styles
  • The Curly Lady
  • Niecy’s
  • Weaves Etc.
  • Campus Barber & Beauty Salon
  • Bre’Nae Weaves
  • The Hair After
  • Charm’s African Hair Braiding & Weaving
  • Hair of the Dog
  • Virgin Hair Company
  • Well-Dressed Tresses
  • Goody’s Wig Shop
  • Tress Shop
  • Divinity Salon
  • Braids Weaves and Things
  • Bella Locks Weaves
  • Weave On Edge
  • Weave It 2 Us
  • Shades Of Success
  • Great Tint Weaving
  • The Salon Naturals
  • Luxury Curls
  • Cut it Out
  • Custom Kreations Boutique

Hair Business Names

These are some of the best and clever hair business names for you:

  • Blessed Beauty Lounge Hair Salon
  • Tressence Weaves
  • Custom Hair Trends
  • Ruthie’s Weaving Studio
  • New Wave Hair Salon
  • Super Styles
  • The Cut Hut
  • Mane Locks
  • Glameria Weaving
  • Mane Suite
  • Snips N Tips
  • Blessed Hands Salon
  • The Hair Gals
  • Barbarella Salon
  • Modernfantacy
  • Innovative Hair
  • The Trendy Cut
  • Beauty Empire
  • The Budget Hairdresser
  • Swivel
  • Hair R Us
  • Good Tress
  • MissTress Weaves
  • Endless Beauty
  • Focus
  • She’s Happy Hair
  • Mane Masters
  • HairOne
  • HiDef Hair
  • Profstyle
  • Beauty Lock
  • Just Extensions
  • Shaker Hair and Beauty Supply
  • Hair Tactician
  • Addiction Cut

Hair Brand Names

Following are the best and inspiring hair brand names that you can use:

  • The Razor’s Edge
  • Tressed Up Hair
  • Sassy Trends
  • head clipper
  • Elegant Braiding and Weaves Palace
  • Lady B’s Salon
  • Hairbot
  • Blonde
  • Decent Hair Salon
  • Essence of Braiding
  • Mane Elegance
  • All Natural Hair Treatments
  • Stylist Lee Hair Studio
  • Delight Shape
  • Bellacraze
  • Lindex Trimster
  • Cross hairs
  • Flawluxe Hair Studio
  • In Style Hair
  • Maintained Manes
  • Hair Heaven
  • Aura Tress
  • Celebrity Sew Ins
  • Hair by Jazz
  • Formal Tress
  • Mane Course
  • Vanity Hair
  • Glamazon Weaves
  • Prime Cuts
  • Color Bar
  • Fusion Hair Studio
  • Nearly Famous & Totally Glamorous
  • CurlyQuos Weaves
  • Royal Cut
  • High Class Hair

Wig Business Names

Enlisted are the best and catchy wig business names list you can use:

  • Grand Space
  • Wigsentro
  • Posse’s Styling Emporium
  • Given’s Hair Braiding and Weaving
  • Divine Clippers
  • The Weave Express
  • United Hair Salon
  • Xcess Flow Weaving
  • Pamper Hair Salon
  • The Weave Hive
  • Mystic Locks
  • Inya Hair Salon
  • Stay Adorn Weaves
  • Labellas Salon
  • Cut And Color Hair
  • Comb Together
  • Au Natural
  • The Hair Guru
  • Jennie Beauty Salon
  • Clean Cut
  • The Braidy Bunch
  • Threadz Weave Salon
  • The Creative Hairdresser
  • ScaleSpires
  • Elegant Comb
  • Razor Shave
  • Hair Society
  • Hair Beat Hair Collection
  • Salon Worx Hair Studio
  • Weave Company
  • Tresses By Design
  • Xilix
  • Twenty Shades
  • Frank herdzdog
  • House of Extensions

Hair Instagram Name Ideas

This is the list of some best and unique hair Instagram name ideas for company:

  • Flair Fizz Weaving
  • High Quality Human Hair
  • Neighbourhood Hair Shoppe
  • Head Case
  • Zeddle Weaving
  • Tress Temptation
  • Main Manes
  • Hair Clippers
  • Hedonistic
  • Mane Experience
  • Ko’Re Super Cut
  • Infinite Twist Weaves
  • Perfect Locks
  • Clip Joint
  • Mynx Weaves
  • Divine Strands
  • Simply a Lady Virgin Hair
  • Integra Weaving
  • A1 Expression
  • Weave a Divas
  • Spektren Weaving co.
  • Creative Creations
  • Bad hair day
  • Glam Suite
  • Let Me Braid
  • Mohican
  • The Specialist
  • Split Enders
  • Glamour Hair
  • Headed High
  • City Slick Hair
  • Prepared Hair
  • Kérastase
  • The Hair Experts
  • Frizzy Palace

Natural Hair Product Name Ideas

Following are some best and creative natural hair product name ideas for you:

  • Living Viva Weaving
  • Stylistic Cut
  • Goddess Hair Extensions
  • Hair Cutlets
  • Beauty Unleashed
  • Coronna Weaving
  • I Am Natural Beauty
  • Stone Weaving
  • Heavenly Hair and Body Salon
  • Simonds Salon
  • Butch
  • The Fix
  • Hair Helpers
  • Designer Hair
  • Happy Hair
  • Miss Stylo Weaves
  • Salon Therapy
  • Hair Moguls
  • Supercuts
  • Princess Hair Palace
  • Hair People
  • Glamour Extensions and Weaves
  • Walk in Weaves
  • Weave It
  • Salon Q
  • The Weave Doctors Salon
  • King’S Curl
  • Stella Wigs
  • Time Shavers
  • Short Cuts
  • Colobrite Weaving
  • Haute Hair
  • Playing Tress Up
  • Prestigious Hair Co.
  • Glammed Up Hair

Hair Extension Company Names

Here are some of the best and catchy hair extension company names for you:

  • Angel Hair Care
  • Curled Capella
  • Star Fury Weaves
  • Curly Boy
  • Touched by Eve
  • Dreadlocks
  • The Color Room
  • Square Roots
  • Inglese Trim
  • Bad Apple Salon
  • Crown Glory
  • Teen Spritz Salon
  • MayPetals Weaving
  • Best Sew Ins
  • Virgin Cut
  • Supple Strands
  • Creative Styles Braids Weaves
  • Hair Parade
  • The Kingdom Comb
  • The Diva Den Salon
  • Split Second
  • Cut Cube
  • Next To Throne
  • Quality Braids and Weaves
  • Lovely Locks
  • On Point Hair
  • The Hair Babes
  • Sister to Sister
  • Tresscape Weaving
  • On Trend Hair
  • Style Studio
  • Pretty Locks
  • Simple a Lady Virgin Hair
  • Fox and Jane Salon
  • Wig Spirations

Hair Extension Names

How to Name Your Own Hair Business

Here we have shared some cool tips and tricks that you can use to set your own hair business names. These are the simplest and easiest tips and tricks that will help you to set your own name.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

Brainstorm and make a list of Hair Business Names

The first and main step to keep in mind before you are going to set your own Hair Business name is to use mind. You have to use your mind and focus on what you are looking for.

You have to make a list of 50 to 60 Hair Business names in your mind. No matter where you get them, you can use the internet, movies, and even search for them in your surroundings.

After that, you have to mix them up with each other and that’s how you can get some new names in no time.

Avoid hard-to-spell and hard to remember names

The second thing you have to keep in mind is to avoid lengthy names. You must have to avoid hard to spell and hard to remember names.

It is because most people can’t remember hard names and can’t even spell them. So it will look unattractive and just a waste of money.

So you have to choose a name that is pretty simple and easy to spell. Even a kid can pronounce it easily.

Don’t Copy Others

The third thing you have to keep in mind is to be unique and different from the others. Don’t copy anyone, even from the internet and also from any other place.

Don’t copy others and make your own and unique names.

Assess if the name is catchy

The fourth thing is to search for the name you choose. You have to see if the name is catchy or not.

Search about it and see what people think about it.

Get feedback on the name

The last tip is to view people’s comments and reviews about your name. You must have to see what people think about it.

If you see that people are loving and enjoying it, carry on with just like that but, if you see that it is not getting enough attention. You must have to change it as soon as possible.

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