Halloween Slogans: 200+ Best and Funny Halloween Sayings

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Here we have shared some cool and funny Halloween slogans that will inspire you. All the funny Halloween sayings that we have enlisted will make you smile.

Halloween is the only night to showcase the spookiness inside you, and this time you get to get away with it. It features fun all around. Everywhere you look, the night is fun-packed with unruffled thrill, horror, craziness, and entertainment. It’s celebrated on the 31st of October.

You get to be whoever you want to be. Whether it’s someone from the comics, or the fictional show, the reality-based stories, whatever it is, all you need is to be that person for the night. Well, it’s the party after all. And what’s a party that doesn’t feature theme slogans and taglines.

You must be here looking for slogans and taglines that feature the spookiness and craziness of Halloween. We have put together a list of some creative taglines that you can use for your group.

Some of them are suited to let the kids in your house for treats. We have tried to capture all the features in these 200 slogans, so search through them and find the best slogan that suits your theme. If it does not feature your theme, it’ll give you the idea anyway.

If you don’t find the right slogan for you, there’s a guide down below that will help you generate a catchphrase on your own.

Let’s dive in.

Halloween Slogans

Here’s a list of the best Halloween slogans and taglines that you will like:

  • Time to haunt the people.
  • Haunt, Trick, and Treat.
  • Be a ghastly ghost.
  • Park your brooms here.
  • Trust me, I am a vampire.
  • Zombies on the hunt.
  • Time to crave for the brain.
  • We are zombies who make sense.
  • The justice league out hunting trick and treats.
  • We are part-time vigilantes.
  • Funny Zombies.
  • Time to merge different worlds.
  • Where’s my pumpkin?
  • I don’t want any pumpkin.
  • Zombies in a pumpkin.
  • Being Robin Hood, stealing rich trick and treats.

Halloween Phrases

Here are some of the best Halloween phrases that you will like:

  • Mummy’s little ghoul.
  • Day to be someone you love.
  • Haunting people till midnight.
  • May the witch be with you.
  • The witch that turned to dark-side.
  • I am a demon’s bestie.
  • My warm wishes to you.
  • I am creative and I am scared.
  • It’s not all about the candy.
  • Come in, we don’t bite.
  • Welcoming the creatures from different worlds.
  • Superman took a break from saving people.
  • Time to haunt the people you love.
  • Caution, Black Panther crossing the street.
  • Soul in a zombie.
  • Bunch of Supermen walking down the road.
  • High on tricks and treats.

Halloween Safety Slogans

Following are the best Halloween safety slogans for you:

  • Terrifying, creative, and fun.
  • The night featuring supernatural.
  • It’s the night where people be fictional.
  • Step into the world of your imagination.
  • Pretend you are in the world you love.
  • May you find zombies in this haunting night.
  • Fictional all around.
  • Let’s be Batman and Robin.
  • We are Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Call us the power puff girls.
  • We are the power rangers.
  • Robin Hood sent us, give us your treats.
  • Come in for the treats, we promise we will not eat you.
  • Clark and Loise Lane out for haunting people.

Catchy Halloween Marketing Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy Halloween marketing slogans:

  • I am a nice joker; I don’t hurt Gotham.
  • Make the villains hero and hero villains.
  • I am the treat you’re looking for.
  • Scare and get sacred.
  • Wondering around the city craving brains.
  • It’s a coffin night.
  • Frightening Night.
  • Witches be giving candy this night.
  • Fill my pumpkin with candy.
  • The Devil’s pumpkin should not be empty.
  • Just eat candy and stay away from the monsters.
  • Here you’ll get a free broom ride.
  • We are the greetings ghosts.
  • Ohh spookiness in a Spooktacular night.

Funny Halloween Sayings

Here are some cute and funny Halloween sayings to make you smile:

  • Scobie doo bee doo, here’s my treat for you.
  • Witching all night.
  • I have to listen to you witch about each other.
  • These are the boo boo bites.
  • Scream like Hallo.
  • Ghoul featuring soul.
  • Straight from hell for your treats.
  • I am an angel; I deserve your treats.
  • Get in Robbin, people are waiting for us for treats.
  • and Mrs. Smith here to give you the treats.
  • You got a candy?
  • All I need is candy in my tummy.
  • Riddle for the best treat.
  • Have some goo.
  • We want your brain in exchange for treats.
  • Webbing down the streets in search of treats.
  • This goblin craves treats instead of gold.

Halloween Slogans

If you still can’t find the right slogan for you, a slogan that goes with your party theme. Then we suggest you take a look at the list of tricks and tips down below. These suggestions will assist you in building a Halloween slogan on your own. This guide will also help you in making any slogan generally. Let’s take a look.

Tips and Suggestions to Create Halloween Slogans.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

  • Your slogan should have short and easy words. Never fill your slogans with complex words, they take the essence away.
  • The reader should get the main idea just by looking at it, he or she does not need to wait and understand it.
  • Try to add words that depict and showcase the thrill, craziness, and spookiness.
  • Try to capture the main idea of your theme, if it’s from the comics, capture the superheroes around you and get them in your party.
  • Don’t fill your slogan with complex and hard words, they just don’t fit in a slogan, the main idea here is to give more meaning with fewer and easy words. Just aim for that, and see yourself become a creative person.
  • Everyone has a creative corner; all you need do is look for the one inside you and tickle it.
  • Search for the synonyms of the words that describe the craziness and thrill.
  • The fictional world is endless, there are so many wonderful characters that you can be on this night, so have your words show that.


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