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400+ Best and Funny Home Repair Business Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy home repair business names ideas that you will like. All the names that we have enlisted are free to use anywhere you want for free.

But make sure that the name you are selecting and finalizing is simple and catchy. This will help you in attracting more and more customers into your business.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Home Repair Business Names

Here are some creative and unique home repair business names that you will like:

  • Lexington Home and RV Repair
  • Right Handy
  • Handy Helps
  • Green’s Appliance
  • Houston Remodeling Contractors
  • Fix It! Handyman
  • Smart Home Maintenance
  • HomeWorx Remodeling & Handyman
  • Fix Fixation
  • Silver Saints
  • The Fixician
  • Project Handyman
  • EA Home Improvement
  • Yorkville Handyman Solutions
  • N & N Remodeling Company
  • After Hours Handyman Service
  • The Celestial
  • Fixall Mechanical Services
  • Cynthia Findlay Fine Jewellery & Antiques
  • Handyman Services The Annex
  • Absolute Handymen
  • Rocket Solar and Home Repair
  • Appliance Repair Experts
  • Seniors For Seniors
  • PC SHOP computers
  • Gio Home Repairs
  • Excellent Factotum
  • Seamless Home
  • Handsome Hodman
  • Tornado Plumbing & Drains
  • Our Place Air & Home Repair
  • Friendly AC Home Repair
  • Roto-Rooter
  • 8421 Digital Ltd
  • The Handyman Expert
  • Full House Repair and Renovations
  • Build-a-Dream Handyman
  • Appliance Repair in Toronto
  • Gold Star Handyman
  • All Appliance Repair
  • Blue Army Handyman Services

Home Improvement Business Names

Below are some of the best home improvement business names for your inspiration:

  • Roof Repair Man
  • Ardent Home Repair
  • HUB Appliance
  • You Break We Fix
  • Honey Do Home Repair
  • Affordable Appliance Repair
  • Everything Jobs
  • Peoples Jewellers
  • The Handymen
  • The Trusty Wrench
  • Factotum Co
  • All Done Painting and Handyman Company
  • We Do All
  • Honest Hod Carrier
  • Nissa Persian Art Gallery
  • HandyHome – Handyman services in Richmond Hill
  • Handyman From Olympus
  • House Handy
  • That Repair Place
  • Magic Fingers Handy Man Services
  • Americare Appliance Repair
  • Total Home Repairs
  • Tried And True Handyman
  • Temporal Company
  • High Park Handyman
  • Cates Appliance Sales & Repair
  • Big Sky Home Repair
  • American Handyman Service
  • All Pro Maintenance
  • A to Z Handyman
  • Apple Eaton Centre
  • 👷 Mr General Contractors
  • Laser Relevel
  • Big Crew Maintenance
  • Chicks that Fix
  • Rainaldi Home Services
  • Mega Appliance Repair Toronto
  • Good Strong Home Repair
  • Quick Home Maintenance
  • Toolbox Handy Services
  • Miss Fix It
  • Toronto Handyman Service
  • A-1 Service Appliances
  • WeRecoverData Data Recovery Inc.
  • Handy Seniors
  • ca
  • House Master Home Services
  • Home Helpers
  • Installmart Home Products & Services
  • His and Hers Handyman Service
  • Pacific Appliance Repair Services
  • New Looks Home Improvement
  • Appliance Repair Experts Corktown
  • Home Sweet Home Repairs
  • Madison Home Fixers
  • Heroic Handyman
  • Competent Minion
  • Sad Repair Place

Funny Home Repair Business Names

Here are some of the funny home repair business names to make you smile:

  • Fix-It Professor
  • Mr Handyman of Simcoe West
  • 24-Hour Handyman Services
  • Multi-Skilled Handyman
  • NJR Home Services
  • Work All
  • Geek Squad
  • TVhomeService
  • Holy Housepainter
  • Cool Home Repair Business
  • Electrical Toronto Service
  • Ellis Home Repair
  • Innovative Home Repairs
  • May Master Home Repair
  • O.S Handyman Services
  • Workman Home Repairs
  • En Vogue Computers
  • Superior Handyman
  • Advanced Presentation Prod
  • Michael repair service
  • Side Project Handyman Service
  • MAAS COMPUTERS AND Electronics
  • Legacy Appliance Repair
  • Permanent
  • Bay Appliance Repair
  • Home Painters Toronto
  • Appliance Evolution Inc.
  • Odd Styles
  • High Rise Handyman
  • Jobs Round
  • All State Appliance Repair
  • Repair
  • Quality Home Improvements
  • Handy Cronies
  • GTA Restoration Services
  • Just For You Handyman
  • Staples
  • Wesley Home Improvement
  • The House Monkey
  • All Tech Appliance
  • Repairs4U
  • Roebuck’s Complete Home Repair
  • 150k-160k
  • The Star Mend
  • Appliance Service Today
  • Quality Home Repair
  • Black Yugo Repair Company
  • Spectra Repair Company
  • Handlanger
  • Homeline, Inc.
  • Absolute Draining & Plumbing

Home Improvement Names

Following are some of the best home improvement names for your inspiration:

  • Hancock Mobile Home Repair
  • Moses Appliance
  • Master Appliance Repair
  • Handyman 4 Hire
  • TV Installation Toronto
  • The Curly Carpenter
  • You Break We Fix
  • The Handyman Helper
  • Call me the Handy Woman
  • Harmony Handywoman
  • Total Home Protection
  • Theoretical Toolkits
  • CARSTAR Express Toronto Eastern Avenue
  • Technical Toolkit
  • Right Away Handyman Service
  • Urban Appliance Repair
  • The Astronomical
  • CARSTAR Toronto Millwick
  • Decorating-Handyman
  • Drain Master Toronto
  • ES Computer Technology & Training
  • Vega Sons Home Repair
  • Home Pro Home Services
  • DeliveryTo
  • Exclusive Home Remodeling
  • All Day Handyman
  • To-Do List Handyman
  • GE Appliance Repair
  • Jacob’s Repair Services
  • The Jobmate
  • Pro Home and Business Restoration Services
  • #1 Handyman Co.
  • The Honey-Do Service
  • Ace Washer & Appliance Services
  • ProMen Company
  • All Jobs
  • Home Work Remodeling
  • Premier Home Repair
  • H & R Repair Company
  • Living Services – Plumbing Repair Fix-It
  • Bush’s Appliance Repair
  • After Hours Handyman Service
  • El Manitas
  • Appliance Repair Forever
  • Repair My Appliance
  • Flood Ready
  • Howard Home Improvement
  • The Service Center
  • Final Repair Spot
  • Accomplished
  • Rob the handyman
  • All Pro Maintenance
  • Go Appliance Repair
  • Techo jobs US
  • Anything Around the House
  • Pebble Instrument Spot
  • Handy Staffs
  • Tongue and Groove Handyman Service
  • Jobs Around
  • The Traveling Toolbox
  • Speedysams Home Repair
  • The Definite Sterilize
  • 7 Day Handyman
  • Fix-it
  • Pro Remodeling
  • Midtown Handyman Services
  • Rise Fit Small projects team
  • The Conceptual Joyride
  • Hammes Appliance Repair
  • Anytime Appliance Repair
  • Fort York Handyman Toronto
  • Same Day Home Repair
  • Home Pros Painting
  • EPiQVision Inc
  • Andy OnCall
  • Family Man Handyman Services
  • Modern Appliance Repair
  • Smallwood Home Repairs
  • Budget Right Handyman
  • Hamme and Nail Home Repair

Unique Names for Maintenance Company

Below are some unique names for maintenance company names that you will like:

  • Handyman FX
  • The Good Guys Home Repair and Remodeling
  • Fix-all
  • CJ Drain & Plumbing
  • Whole Odds
  • Low Big Home Repairs
  • The Family Handyman
  • The Family Handyman
  • Valuable Tool Around Spot
  • ACS Home Services
  • Yellow Van Handyman
  • Honey-Do Handywoman
  • Do All
  • The Repair Squad
  • Andy On Call
  • Bear Canyon Home Improvement and Repair
  • Handywoman Construction
  • Joe’s Handyman Service
  • LineTools
  • Jobs Around
  • Thacker Refrigeration & Home
  • The Traveling Toolbox
  • Perfection Home Solutions
  • Around Factotum Collective
  • The Fix It Wizard
  • Harmony Improvements
  • Dogwood Home Repair Improvement
  • Home Again Handyman Services
  • Craft Work Home Remodeling
  • Right Away Handyman Service
  • Parr’s Home Repair
  • Home Trade Standards – Condo HVAC Specialists
  • New Life Handyman Services
  • The Beadery
  • The Trusty Handyman
  • Minnesota Real Estate Repair
  • Renaissance Handyman & Painting
  • Bob Handyman
  • 👷 Mr Contractor HVAC & Plumbing Danforth
  • Astronomical Fixate
  • Quality Appliance Repair
  • West Toronto Handyman
  • Better Tools US
  • Friendly Fixers
  • Fixit
  • Patriot Appliance Repair
  • Punchlist Handyman
  • Perfect IT Solutions
  • The Repair People
  • All Brand Appliance Repair
  • Hands-On Handyman
  • Principal Home Repair
  • Bob The Handyman
  • The Flexible Handyman
  • Fix Home Services
  • Facility Plus
  • Home Maintenance
  • Jiffy Handyman
  • Right Crew Handyman
  • Perfectionist Handy Woman
  • All Repairs
  • Master Frame Home Repair
  • Fix-It Dudes
  • Vacuums Plus
  • Pete & Sons Home Repair
  • Theoretical Toolset
  • A-1 Home Repair
  • Home Task Handyman Services
  • Sophisticated
  • Freeman Remodeling and Home Repair
  • Power Pro Handyman
  • Cheap Get
  • No Job Too Odd
  • Floorboards to Lightbulbs Handyman
  • DNA Handyman
  • Pella Windows & Doors of Toronto
  • Fast Muddle Pro
  • The Thrifty Fixer
  • Rap’s Repairs
  • At-Home Services
  • Quality Kitchen Renovations
  • EZ Appliance Repair
  • Handyman Connection of Vaughan
  • Handyman 4 Hire
  • Important Shaft Co
  • Spencer’s Appliances
  • Triple T’s Home Repair
  • Boyer Heating & Cooling

Repair Company Names

Here are some of the best repair company names to inspire your ideas:

  • Broke Jobs
  • The Handyman Home Repair Service
  • Carolina Improvements
  • Appliance Doctor
  • Drive Group
  • Proper Instrument Place
  • The Odd Job Guy
  • Honey-Do Handyman
  • All in One Plumbing
  • New Life Service Company
  • All Service Home Repair
  • Work Across Lanes
  • Modelo
  • The Home Improvement Group
  • Jack’s Trades
  • Knights Remodeling
  • Not Your Average Handyman
  • Handyman LLC
  • The Grease Monkey
  • AAA Appliance Repair
  • Quick Fix Handyman
  • Aljan Cleaning & Handyman Services
  • The Fix It Wizard
  • Repairs on the Run
  • The Grease Monkey
  • Nordic Refrigeration
  • Handywoman Home Repair
  • Home Again Handyman Services
  • Genetic Fixate Trading Co
  • Super Span Home Repair
  • Pike’s Place Appliance & Repair
  • The Common Plumber
  • Call me Handyman
  • The Traveling Workshop
  • Evergreen Home Heating and Energy
  • Victory Home Repair
  • Automated
  • On The Spot Home Improvements
  • Pops Home Maintenance and Handyman Service
  • Perfectionist Handyman
  • Best Appliance Repair
  • Traditional Treaties
  • Super Handiman Toronto
  • Dream Home Handyman
  • Central One Service
  • The Handyman Guru
  • HS Tom S Reno
  • Eyeglass Repair Centre
  • Technological Toolkits

Catchy Property Maintenance Names

These are some of the best and catchy property maintenance names for you:

  • Steadfast Handyman
  • The Snappy Handyman
  • Home Maintenance
  • Appliance Solutions
  • USA Home Improvement Solutions
  • Serras Home Repair
  • Arctic Cool Air Conditioning
  • A1 Home Maintenance
  • Nordic Services
  • The Nifty Fixer
  • Citywide Handyman Services
  • All-Occasion Handyman
  • Just Right Home Repairs
  • Aquamaster Drain
  • Appliance Heroes
  • Bucktown Home Maintenance
  • USA Homes
  • Worklands
  • Steadfast Handyman
  • Hired Hairdresser
  • Economy Appliances
  • Handy Seniors
  • Useful Puppet Group
  • IN-HOUSE Maintenance and Renovation
  • Spare Husband Mobile Repair
  • Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Repair
  • A-1 Construction Remodeling
  • Everlast Handyman Services
  • Berkeley Mechanical Contrng
  • The Repairmen
  • The Fixician Handywoman
  • All Type Home Improvement
  • Home Maintenance Solution
  • Smile HVAC Service and Installation
  • MAXPower Services
  • Pinewood Appliance Repair
  • Fix Appliances CA
  • And Sterilize Co
  • Tool Time Handyman Services Inc.
  • Honest Hodman
  • The Experienced
  • Fixit Solutions
  • Administrative Drive Group
  • Best Home Repair Business Names
  • Platinum Handyman
  • Epic Technical Solutions Inc.
  • Found and Fixed
  • House Doctors Handyman Services
  • Homeowner Helpers
  • Speedy Patch
  • Computer Repair Store
  • The Handy Bee
  • Knights Jobs
  • Resident Factotum
  • Tekfix Inc
  • Tropic Air
  • Fixed on Service
  • ABC Home & Commercial Services
  • Atech Appliance Parts & Service
  • Wonderful Repairman
  • Vistek Toronto
  • Quality Improvements
  • Big Blue Air & Home Repair
  • Modern PC Repairs – Same Day Repair
  • Timely Work
  • Fix
  • Rent-A-Wife Home Services
  • Commercial HVAC Inc. Heating & Cooling
  • Fantasy Handyman
  • Charlie’s Pro Handyman
  • Boise Home Solutions
  • Tri-county Handyman Service
  • Help Ur Home Home Repair
  • The Curly Carpenter
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Handyman Experts
  • The Longtime Janitor
  • The Handyman Helper
  • 24/7 Handyman Services
  • Fix it Fast
  • Iron Handyman
  • Meyer Home Repair
  • Jobsmith
  • Overhaul Handyman
  • Your Home Team Advantage
  • Fusion Twist Maintenance
  • Just Screw It! Handyman Services
  • Tyson Home Repair Network
  • The Fast
  • Terrible Fix
  • Handy Andy
  • Do All Home Repairs

Home Repair Business Names

How to Name a Home Repair Business Names

Whether you’re starting a home repair business or considering a new career path in the field, you can’t start without a name for your business.

There are so many ways a home repair business name can be named. It can be company name, brand name, and a home repair business name can be anything.

It can be based on the industry or location, with a name that includes a word from the industry or location, and you can have a combination of both.

Here are some tips to name your home repair business easily.

Brainstorm and Make a List of Home Repair Business Names

As your business grows, you’ll likely have to generate more and more product names for your business. It’s hard to keep track of all of those when you’re starting out, and they’re a pain to remember.

If you’re already running your own business, it’s even more important to have a system that you can follow.

Did you know that every day the average person will use more than 40,000 names? That’s a lot of names! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to naming your business. It’s important to remember that your name is more than just the name. This is because it is the symbol of your company and your brand.

When you brainstorm and make a list of your favorite business names, you are improving your chances of success. You may be a business owner or a writer or a stay-at-home mom, but you have to admit it – naming your business or business name is an important part of running your business.

Choosing a good name is actually a lot of work and it takes a lot of time and energy. It’s important because your business name defines who you are and what you do.

It’s a good idea to save time by using an existing domain name or a domain name that is similar to an existing one.

You don’t want to go through the trouble of choosing a good business name only to find out it’s already been chosen. Make a list of names you like and then shortlist it. This will make it easy for you.

Keep It Short & Simple

When you decide to start a business, you will essentially be building your brand. It is important to have a unique yet distinctive name to match the brand.

If you pick a name that is easy to remember but hard to spell, you’re not going to get the brand recognition you want.

A name that is hard to spell or pronounce will also make it more difficult for people to find you online. On the other hand, a name that is easy to spell makes it easier to find and remember.

Use ‘short and simple’ names if you want to make your brand easily recognizable.

Choosing a business name nowadays is more complicated than it used to be. Given the laws of the land, a business name must be unique, not too long and not too short.

So, how do you choose a short and simple business name which can be uniquely identifiable? Simple: think about the industry your business is competing in. Also, the target audience and the nature of your business.

Make Sure You Are Personally Happy with Your Business Name

When you name your business, you have to decide what kind of name you want. Some companies want a catchy name that will get people talking. On the other hand, others just want a name that represents the business.

Before you choose a name that won’t stand out, you want to make sure that your name actually reflects the way your business makes you feel.

It’s important to pick a name that doesn’t make you uncomfortable when you hear it.

Maybe you just want to come up with something new, or you want to make a change to your old name to reflect the direction of your business. Whatever the reason, you can’t do it alone.

There are legal issues, potential trademark infringement opportunities, and even financial concerns that you may not be aware of. If you want a name, you’re going to be happy with, here are some things to consider.

Always listen to the professionals.


400+ Best Handyman Business Names

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Mubashir Rafique, founder of Worth Start, a young and energetic entrepreneur. He has been working as a Branding Specialist On different platforms. He shared a lot of Business Name Ideas and Slogans on this site.

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