Insurance Company Slogans: 200+ Life Insurance Slogans and Taglines

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Here we will share with you some cool and creative insurance company slogans.

Advertisement and marketing play a vital role in every business. A slogan is worth as logo. Splendid slogans can attract more customers and increase profit.

The slogan is important for starting a business especially an Insurance Company. It tells what your insurance company is about. For the Insurance Company, it is vital to have a good marketing campaign. But if you want effective marketing then you need to give value to your slogan.

If you want to write a unique and catchy slogan for your insurance company, we will help you. I am sharing slogans that will attract clients and your company will achieve great success.

Let’s dive in.

Insurance Company Slogans

Here are some creative and catchy insurance company slogans:

  • A moment of protecting the future.
  • The moments full of care.
  • Enjoy life, we care about you.
  • Enjoy your life journey.
  • A power that gives courage.
  • Enjoy an independent life.
  • We just care for you.
  • We cover your life.
  • Our services provide a secure future.
  • We are here to save.
  • Live freedom.
  • We need only your trust.
  • More than protection.
  • You know, we care.
  • Want a new life?
  • Your life is more important.
  • Long live, feel better.
  • You are our priority.

Insurance Slogans

Following are the best insurance slogans for your company:

  • Keep your love protected.
  • We protect not predict.
  • We are charging the future.
  • True love is an insured one.
  • Fly, we give parachute.
  • You trust us, we care.
  • Join us for a better tomorrow.
  • We are here for you.
  • Be prepared.
  • Affordable rates, great services.
  • Live confident.
  • A policy that protects.
  • We are responsible.
  • Fulfill your dream.
  • We protect the unpredicted.
  • We keep your promise.
  • Feel happy and secure.
  • We protect your journey.
  • Health, life, and wealth.
  • Giving life to your vehicle.
  • Enjoy your drive.
  • Royal Insurance, affordable rates.

Life Insurance Slogans

Here are some cool and catchy life insurance slogans:

  • We are for everybody.
  • We serve you.
  • Unlimited protection.
  • Add joy to your life.
  • We are your allies.
  • We are for a healthier life.
  • The home of life insurance.
  • Together we are powerful.
  • We build your dreams.
  • You are in safe hands.
  • It’s time to think about insurance.
  • Insurance, to feel free.
  • Live your way.
  • We make everything simple.
  • We only work for your future.
  • You can trust us.
  • We care for your important kinds of stuff.
  • Live with peace of mind.
  • Relax, we are with you.
  • Feel free and secure.
  • We raise your confidence.
  • A better decision of life.

Insurance Company Slogans

How to Write Slogans for your Insurance Company

Writing a slogan is important as the start-up process of your Insurance Company.

Slogans are a successful advertising technique which not only attracts customer but also gives success to the company. People only remember those companies which have catchy and unique slogans.

How will you spread the services of your Insurance Company? There are lots of ways.

And one of these ways is writing a good and catchy slogan. You can spread your services by writing a unique and meaningful slogan for your Insurance Company.

You will think about why the slogan is important and how it gives success to a company. But it is de facto; a slogan can give great success to a company because it covers all the specialties of the company. It tells the strong point about the company to the people.

Amid the exceeding Insurance Companies, you can attract and persuade people by unique and catchy slogans. We have shared 60 + Insurance company slogans. These are meaningful and splendid slogans.

Just pick a slogan from above and creates a memorable image on the people’s mind.

Here we are to show you “How to write a slogan for your insurance company”

Bring to Light and Make a List of Slogans

We have provided 60+ catchy slogans. Make a list of your favorite slogans. And choose a slogan that fits best to your Insurance Company. An easy slogan can be effective as compared to a lengthy one.

Try to write the slogan which is easy to understand. Try to cover your specialty in a slogan you want to write.

What you Offer, ‘the Most’

Allstate is the best auto insurance company that offers great coverage for high-risk drivers. The slogan of Allstate is “You are in Good Hands with Allstate.” See, the relation between what they offer and slogan.

Harmony is present in the slogan and services of the Allstate.

To write a slogan, you need to mention your company specialty and strong point in the slogan. Focus on what you offer ‘the most’.

Short Slogans are Memorable

MacDonald and Nick’s have three words slogan. They are the most selling companies in the world. Why successful companies have short slogans? It is because short slogans are memorable.

And only a memorable slogan can attract and persuade the people. To write a slogan for your insurance company keep the words four or five.

The slogan must be Easy to Pronounce

Tedious and hard words bore the people. Write a slogan which is easy to say. Easy words are memorable and attractive. From slogan one can find what they are selling if the slogan is easy to say and easy to understand.

Why they Use this “Slogan”

Look at your competitors. Why they use this “slogan”. Get ideas from their slogans and services. Let’s suppose a company has a slogan “A Moments of Caring Future.”

And you offer the same services as them then you will write your slogan like this “we care about your future”.  Understand why your competitors use this slogan. It will help you to pick a catchy slogan for your Insurance Company.

Finalize Your Slogan

The team of the top companies which have written catchy and unique slogans for their companies is not born with a slogan. It takes time and a small effort to finalize your slogan.

You are looking for a unique and catchy slogan for your Insurance Company. Pick your favorite slogans and discuss it with your family members and teammates.

They will help to find out the attractive slogan for your company. Also, create a poll on social media. Let people decide which slogan will fit to your company. People will help in a better way because you offer services to people.


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