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IT Company Names: 200+ Information Technology Names

Here we will share with you some cool and catchy IT company names that will inspire you. All the tech company names that we have researched and collected are just ideas and not yet taken by people. You can these software company names anywhere if you want.

But before you finalize any business name, make sure to check its availability. As it may be taken by people who visited before you.

Over the last year, we have helped thousands of people name their businesses. We have done good research on how people name their IT companies.

Here are a few qualities that your new IT company name should have:

  • Easy to understand and memorable.
  • Short and simple but creative.
  • Unique and available to take.
  • Shares a message about the business

Let’s dive into the list of amazing tech company name ideas.

IT Names

Following are the best IT names that will inspire you:

  • Spreader Technology
  • World Wide Apps
  • Amazing IT Center
  • Vintage Solutions
  • Guidance IT Center
  • Connected Lines
  • Ascension Apps
  • Modern Transition
  • Information Technology House
  • A Plus IT House
  • Galaktik Solutions
  • Salorix Systems
  • Core Cut
  • Oval Solutions
  • Techarius Development
  • Speedlight Solutions

IT Company Names

Here are some cool and creative IT company names that will inspire you:

  • Maxed Out Tech
  • Revelation IT Company
  • Expressway Ecommerce Ltd.
  • Encoders & Apps
  • Mad Tech Geeks
  • Macro IT Solutions
  • High Voltage Technology
  • Interstellar Software
  • Big Giant
  • Farley Technology
  • Sage Solutions
  • Green Stream Software
  • Exodus Development Co.
  • Aurora Apps
  • AutoPilot Software
  • Basis Technology
  • Bass Information Technology
  • Hashtag Web Consultants
  • High Voltage Software

Tech Company Names

Following are the best and catchy tech company names for you:

  • Mouse Marauders
  • Avatar Tech
  • Bar Craft Tech
  • Modern Technologies
  • Fast & Amazing
  • Quick Solutions
  • Files and Firewalls
  • Formula Fantastic
  • Gamma Tech
  • Tony’s Tech Tools
  • Trace Technology
  • Tech Theory
  • Thrive Technology
  • Total Tech
  • Tech Solutions
  • Micro Madness
  • Brain Balance
  • Brain Boost
  • Digital Decoder
  • Sim Tech

Technical Names for Company

Here are some of the best technical names for company that you are starting:

  • Trained in Tech
  • Digital Genius
  • Top Ten Tech
  • Success Tech
  • Neptune & Saturn Tech
  • Horizon PC Experts
  • Hot Wired Web tech
  • Element Shows
  • Nova Web Works
  • Alpha Press Solutions
  • Coders & Computers
  • Quantum Boys
  • Omega Tech House
  • Parallax IT Center
  • Radioactive Web Works
  • Blue light Software
  • Blue Nebula
  • Aubrey Analytics
  • Aurora Apps
  • Hashtag Web Consultants
  • Nautics Technology

Cool Tech Names

Below are some unique, clever and cool tech names that you will like:

  • Quest Web Apps
  • Ring of Fire Tech
  • Info Web House
  • Ringer Codings
  • Cryptware Solutions
  • Tri Tech Apps
  • Pixels Company
  • Launchpad Apps
  • Sub Zero Apps
  • ManageMINT Data Co.
  • Mortar IT Center
  • Code Red
  • Fiscal Analytics
  • OmniSoft Technologies
  • Alien 51 Apps
  • All Covered Inc.
  • AlphaPress App Development
  • BuildieTech
  • Burnt City Software
  • ByteThis App Co

Software Company Names

Here are some software company names that you will like the most:

  • Cryptware Tech International
  • Crytonix Software
  • Data Backup Pros
  • Incredible Tech
  • Cooler Tech
  • Data Probe
  • Debugged Pro
  • Encoders Unlimited
  • Euroclydon Industries Inc.
  • E Vantage Software
  • Little Tech
  • Exceptional IT Services
  • Next Information Systems
  • Nova Web Designers
  • Omega Mobile Co.
  • Omni Soft Technologies
  • Snapshot Tech
  • Sage Solutions
  • Skinner Software
  • Skyline Web Solutions
  • Smart Fuse Inc.

Creative Names for Software Companies

These are the best and creative names for software companies:

  • Except Software
  • In Motion
  • In Design
  • Metrilogic Solutions
  • Fusion Tech
  • Technokings
  • Invictus Technology
  • Source Code Software Co.
  • TechniData Software
  • Titan Tech Developers
  • TopHat Software
  • Quantique Corp
  • Flow Follow
  • Betage Studios
  • Basic Batches
  • Binary Bosses
  • Bytes and Bots Chip Checkers
  • Cookies and Cryptos
  • A Talent for Tech
  • Ticket to Techland
  • Turner’s Tech Helpers

Generic Company Names

Following are the best generic company names that will inspire you:

  • Metric Systems Corporation
  • Momentum Information Technology
  • Solarius Technology
  • Renewergy Technology
  • Green Solutions
  • Mortar Software
  • Mountain Peak Software
  • Coral Information Technology
  • Phil’s Plug and Play
  • Safe Mode Selections
  • Tech Tamers
  • Cornerstone Information Technologies
  • Great Gigs
  • Genius Tech
  • Creative Information Tech
  • Fragile Technologies
  • Giant Tech
  • Top Tech
  • Micro strategies
  • Movements Mobile Software
  • Golden Analytical Software

IT Company Names

How to Name Your IT Company

In this modern world, where every second person is talking about skipping their 9-5 job and starting a new business. The competition has grown a lot.

Now, in order to succeed in your business, you need to make a very strong branding strategy. In your marketing strategies, you will need to take a look at every small thing.

Naming your business is one of the small steps. You need to pay good attention to name your business in the right way. For that, first, you will need to brainstorm ideas and suggestions and then you will finalize one of the ideas.

Here is the step by step process to name your IT Company:

1. Brainstorm IT business names.

Whenever we do something, the first thing that we do is thinking. Thus, our minds need to work first. When we tell our mind that we need a business name for our new and professional IT center, our mind starts thinking about it.

The human mind is made very complex. It not only knows all that happened in the future but also it can sense what will happen in the near future. When we put our minds to work, it reminds us of all the businesses that we admire.

Write down all the names that your mind suggests to you on a piece of paper.

2. Try the IT company name generator.

There are a bunch of generators online that can help you in brainstorming name ideas and suggestions. A simple google search will give you more than a dozen of them to start getting ideas from.

Here are a few IT company name ideas from the name generator:

  • Pulse Tech
  • Tech Aware
  • Trek Tech
  • IT Professional
  • definitely
  • The Blue Bird
  • surectly
  • Start Tech
  • Nerd Knowledge
  • Compu Connect
  • Web SEO
  • sometely

Here is the thing about the name suggestions from the generators. They are not as good as you can think of yourself. But the generators are good at words play. They give you hundreds of words to play around with.

Here is a famous generator named as NameLix.

3. Get ideas from friends and family.

Your friends who have experienced in the same field that you are starting can be of great benefit. Call them if they can help you out in getting some cool and creative IT company names.

Ask your family members if they can give you any ideas. Sometimes, we get really amazing ideas and suggestions from people that we can’t expect from.

4. Don’t copy others.

People usually copy famous brands in order to get a few initial customers fast. It’s obvious that people will think you are somehow associated with the famous brand that you have copied the business name from.

But when you aren’t. They will come to know that, sooner or later. And once they come to know that you are just a local business trying to copy others, you will lose all the customers you have and their trust too.

5. Keep your IT company name short and simple.

When it comes to business, short and simple names perform better than long and boring names. If we look at the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of information technology, we will come to know that all of them have short and simple company names.

For example, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. All of them have short and simple names.

6. Finalize your business name.

Make sure to choose a business name that reflects your goals and dreams. Make a list of your goals and then name your business that will stay relevant to these goals when your company grows.

Also, don’t go for any difficult words in the name that people may not be able to understand.

Good Luck!


370 Tech Company Names

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