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Italian restaurant Names: 400+ Names for Italian Restaurant & Cafe

Here we have shared some cool and catchy Italian restaurant names ideas and suggestions. We have also included some Italian café names and Italian bar names into the list to make the list more comprehensive.

You can get ideas from the below names and start writing your own names. Or you can simply pick a name from the list here and use it anywhere you want.

Let’s dive in.

Italian Restaurant Names

Here are some catchy and creative Italian restaurant names ideas:

  • Pasta Maniac Italian
  • Hot Tomatoes
  • Twisted Pasta
  • Bella Bella Mozzarella
  • The Tasty Tortellini
  • The Spicey Meatball
  • The P’sghetti Bar
  • Asiago Italian
  • Andriana’s Italian Cuisine
  • Taste of Rome
  • On the Grapevine Italian Food
  • Venice Italian Cuisine
  • The Pasta People
  • Bello Italian
  • That’s Amore Pasta
  • Pizzasy
  • Italy Juicy
  • Italypad
  • Presto Pomodoro
  • Pomordor Served
  • Sizzling Pomodoro
  • La Bella Cucina
  • Fatti a Mano
  • Bella Vita

Italian Cafe Names

Following are the best Italian café names ideas and suggestions:

  • Avaro della Torta
  • Il Mercante di Venezia
  • Golositá
  • Neapolitan Nights
  • Twelve Tables
  • Ribollita
  • The Tuscan Tomato
  • Chiacchierare
  • Crostata
  • Lasagna Flats
  • Saucy Girls
  • Devilish Pies
  • Greenanic Smoothies
  • Freddy’s Stove
  • Grandma’s Sweets
  • Pizza Mania
  • Bocca Felice
  • Hot Tomatoes
  • My Supremo Italiano
  • Pasta con Bagna Cauda
  • The Devilish Pesto

Funny Italian Restaurant Names

Here are some clever and funny Italian restaurant names:

  • All Around Pizza
  • American Pie
  • Angry Pan Pizza
  • Spaghetti alla carbonara
  • Pollo alla Diavola
  • Dishy Pizza (funny!)
  • Eatalian Pizza
  • Firehouse Pizza Shop
  • Macaroni Parmesan
  • Formaggio e Vino
  • Fingerlicking Pies
  • Happytown Pizza
  • Pizze Fritte
  • Sale e Pepe
  • Hotline Pizza
  • Mad Toppings
  • NYC Pie Makers
  • Mike’s Pizzeria
  • Mini Pasta Rolls
  • Pipin Hot Pizza
  • Mission Pizza
  • Pizza Peddler

Italian Bar Names

Below are the best Italian Bar names for you:

  • Mac and Cheese
  • Penne with A Twist
  • Rigatoni Flavors
  • The Butcher’s Ragũ
  • Paninoteca
  • The Sommelier
  • Island Grill
  • Flavoroso
  • Green Curry
  • Mediterra Seafood
  • Street Deli
  • Whispering Bamboo
  • El Pirata Porch
  • Port of Call
  • Paninaro
  • The Sardinian Sage
  • Oliveio
  • Smash Olive
  • Herbed Olive
  • Feast Pomodoro

Italian restaurant Names

Tips to Name Your Italian Restaurant?

So, if you have decided to come up with your own business, must think about a food point or a restaurant. People’s lust for delicious cuisines is a never-ending phenomenon. They will always crave for palatable food. So, starting a food business could be the best idea to earn a handsome amount of profit in no time.

As far as delicious food is concerned, nothing is more genuine like Italian food. Going to a restaurant where they found the actual Italian food is a big wish of food lovers. Italian food has conquered many hearts. It is extremely popular among the masses around the globe. Every major city has an Italian restaurant.

Starting an Italian restaurant is an amazing idea but you can face hard competition from some mediocre Italian restaurants. You can beat them if you are serving a variety of Italian dishes with low light ambiance and a relaxing atmosphere.

How to Name your Italian Restaurant?

Coming up with a food business is not that simple as it looks. There are some important rules and regulation to be followed because nothing excel without rules. So, if you are facing any query in finding a good name for your Italian restaurant, consider the following points.

Importance of a good name

First, you should be aware of the importance of a good business name. It recognizes your services among the customers and reveals what you are selling. It projects your personality and decides the type of customer you want. The selected name should possess the capacity to lure a potential customer to taste your food.

Remember, naming a business is not a big deal. You need a business name to work on. Try to link your restaurant’s name to any popular Italian food to attract foodies. There are many other things you have to look before finalizing a name.

Do some brainstorming

The human mind is highly expert at doing all that you want from it. Just order it that you need some fascinating and amazing Italian restaurant name and concentrate on it for a while. Your mind will start giving you a number of names.

Take a pen and a piece of paper, scratch your head, and make a long list of all the related ideas that come to mind. Pick some interesting names from the list, start the process of elimination until you finalize a name.

You should take ideas from your family, friends, and colleagues. Sit with your teammates and share your ideas with them. You can create a poll on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can ger cool and expert ideas from those who are running successful food business entities.

KISS (Keep it short and simple)

Keep your business’s name short, simple, and sweet. You need to write a name (consisting of one to two catchy words) not a sentence. A short name creates a good understanding among the consumers. It saves you from future upheavals.

People always remember short and sweet names. There are many businesses that changed their names long and boring names didn’t work better.

In case, you are using a food dish as your business name, make sure to use an adjective. It will describe that food more efficiently_ much more appealing to consumers.

Make it catchy and memorable

Other than ‘advertising and marketing strategy’ and ‘great services and product’, it is a name that carries the potential to make your business successful. Your services also play a vital role but what if a customer doesn’t remember your name?

If a company name is hard to remember then its time to think about it. Your business should eye-grabbing and memorable to attract customers.

A bad name can limit your business growth

Don’t pick a name having the potential to limit your business. This is an important point for all those who want to expand their business in the future. Using a specific name will cease your business. And, in the future, you’ll have to change your business name.

Make Sure You are Personally happy with the name

make sure that you are personally happy with your business name because you have to live with this name for long. That’s why it matters a lot that are you personally happy with it.


300+ Fancy Restaurant Names

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