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Jewelry Store Names: 400+ Jewelry Business Names

Throughout the last year, we have helped dozens of Jewelers to find unique and clever jewelry store names. And within the next five minutes, you will be able to find cute jewelry names for your business.

Jewelry stores are all the rage these days. They’re fun, stylish, and can make a great gift for any occasion. However, there are several types of jewelry stores, from small boutiques to larger retail chains. Therefore, it’s important to choose a name that will make your new business stand out.

After all, the name of your business is the first thing people see when they visit. Therefore, you need to make sure it’s catchy, memorable, and conveys your brand’s personality.

If you plan to open a jewelry store, it’s essential to choose a name that will resonate with your target audience. After all, a catchy and unique name will help you stand out among your competitors. It will also ensure that you get more attention from your existing customers, who will remember your business and shop at it again.

A name for a jewelry store should include a few words that describe the products that you sell, such as jewelry, gems, pearls, bracelets, etc. The catchier the name, the more attention you’ll receive from shoppers.

While your name should reflect your brand’s identity, it should also be unique and catchy. That’s why you should start by brainstorming ideas.

jewelry store names

In the end, we have shared step by step process to name your jewelry business easily. Let’s dive in.

Jewelry Store Names

Here are some cool, catchy, and creative jewelry store names:

  • VVS Jewelry
  • Goldmine Jewelry
  • Old Town Jewels
  • The Blue Snowflake
  • Classics Jewelry
  • Handmade Love
  • Lady Bug Jewelry
  • Sound Gold Buyers
  • Art Chic
  • Vaqueros Boutique
  • Fox’s Gem Shop
  • Diamond
  • Sugar Rush
  • Baltic Beauty
  • A-1 Jewelry
  • Fresh Purple
  • Palace Jewelry
  • Crane Jewelers
  • Silver Cherry
  • Charming Crafts
  • Fanny’s Jewelry
  • Hillside Jewelry Store
  • CountryClub Jewelry
  • RedApple Jewelry
  • SkyHigh Jewelry
  • Peach Jewels
  • Sunflower Jewelry

Quirky Names for Jewelry Business

Here are some unique and quirky names for jewelry business:

  • Jewelry Port
  • River Jewelry
  • Magical Jewels
  • Jazzy Jewels
  • Jazzed Up Jewelry
  • Elegant Layers
  • Elegant Essence
  • Added Sparkle
  • Pile On Pearls
  • Piles Of Pearls
  • Gemstone Gallery
  • Gorgeous Gems
  • Gems Galore
  • Jewel Tone Gems
  • Added Dazzle
  • Dazzle Dreams
  • Dream Of Dazzle
  • Diamond Duty
  • Endless Diamonds
  • Forever Gems
  • Forever Jewels
  • Garnet Lane

Names for Jewelry Line

Here are some cute and clever names for jewelry line:

  • Originals-Jewelry & Fine Gifts
  • Avant Garde Jewelers
  • Diamonds Direct
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Regard Jewelry
  • Five Star Jewelry
  • Lux Bond & Green
  • Skylight Jewelers
  • Brilliant Earth
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Sisters Jewelry, Inc
  • Local Charm
  • Khan Diamonds
  • Gold Palace
  • Jewelry Plus
  • Twentieth Century Ltd.
  • Dune Jewelry
  • Small Pleasures
  • Freedman Jewelers
  • Exclusive Jewelry
  • So Good Jewelry
  • Ara Jewelers Inc
  • Select Jewelers
  • Jewelry Express Works
  • Zinnia Jewelry
  • Market Square Jewelers
  • Gigian Jewelers
  • The Diamond Spot

Jewelry Store Names

Paparazzi Jewelry Names

Following are the best paparazzi jewelry names for your inspiration:

  • Bagués Masriera
  • Chez Paulette Barcelona
  • Chez Paulette Barcelona
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Thomas Sabo
  • El Tronc Del Born
  • Livit Trading S. L.
  • Joieria RABAT
  • The Diamond Palace
  • Joyería Clemència Peris
  • KOETANIA atelier & shop
  • Moska
  • Chopard Boutique
  • Gypsy Winds Bcn, Tribal Jewelry
  • ale y ole

Handmade Jewelry Business Names

Here are some handmade jewelry business names for you:

  • Stun Blinds
  • Fashow
  • Cuttewears
  • Pingbling
  • Luxumoon
  • Treasbling
  • Diamoon
  • Zeetreasures
  • Cutelook
  • Stunning Jewelry Store
  • Diamond Nest
  • Girl’S Adore
  • Classic Crystal

Jewelry Shop Names

Here are some catchy and creative jewelry shop names to inspire you:

  • Rings and Bling
  • The Sparkle Sisters
  • Gems Galore
  • Broken Leaf
  • Graceful Oath
  • Precious Pendants
  • Joyful Jewels
  • Just Add Dazzle
  • Enchanting Globe
  • The Gold Lodge
  • Holidaze Jewelry
  • Diamond Sea
  • Touch of Gold
  • Sunkissed Jewelry
  • Sterling Co. Jewelry
  • Johnson Jewelers
  • Sparkles Shop
  • The Velvet Box
  • The Platinum People
  • Spring Jewelers
  • Jewelry Palace

Paparazzi Business Names

Here are some cool and catchy paparazzi business names:

  • House of Diamonds
  • Pretty Little Things
  • Rich Relics
  • Chains & Charms
  • The Gallery
  • Smith Jewelers & Co.
  • The Galleria of Gems
  • Infinite Grace
  • Jewel illuminate
  • Jewelicious
  • Classics Jewelry
  • Infinity Jewelers
  • Local Charm
  • Love Adorned
  • Retro Chic
  • Sparkles Shop
  • The Southern Nest
  • Trinity Jewelers & Co.
  • Travelers Jewelers
  • Pot of Gold

Earring Business Names

Below are the best earring business names that will inspire you:

  • Halo Precision
  • Infinity Jewelry
  • Jewelers Choice
  • We Make You Sparkle
  • Jewelry Empire
  • Special Engagements Jewelers
  • Jewelry Patch
  • Custom Designs
  • Decal Jewelry
  • Deluxe Diamonds
  • Special Stones
  • Dare to Dazzle
  • BJeweled Design
  • Candy Crystals
  • Classics Jewelry
  • Diamond Connection
  • The Strand
  • Mellow Valor Ornament
  • Pristine Resolve Necklace
  • Elated Globe Ring
  • Travelers Jewelers
  • Valley Goldmine
  • Value Pawn & Jewelry

Jewelry Names

Here are some cool, creative, unique, and clever jewelry names:

  • Get Them Gems
  • Days with Sparkle
  • A Life That Dazzles
  • Five Star Jewelers
  • Gold Wiser
  • Hearts Forever
  • Deep Roots
  • Elements
  • Fast Fix Jewelry
  • Gem Set Love
  • Gritty Jewelry
  • Hanau Works
  • Locket Designs
  • Bullion & Company
  • Enamel Essence
  • Beadazzled Beauty
  • Beaded Beginnings
  • All About Beads
  • Made With Jade
  • Precious Pearls
  • Beaded Beauty
  • Stylish Strands
  • Grand Strands
  • Jeweler’S Gems

Jewelry Business Names

Here are some unique and catchy jewelry business names:

  • Diamond Dreams
  • Cool Jewels
  • Give Me Gems
  • Botanical Bird Jewelry
  • Buttons & Beads
  • Concept Designs
  • Discoveries
  • The Dazzle Factor
  • Stones for Lovers
  • Embellishments
  • Fossil Store
  • Gold Touch Jewelry
  • Goldmine Design
  • Jewels Of Joy
  • Joyful Jewels
  • Joyful Jeweler
  • Goodness Gems
  • Glitter+ Gold Jeweler
  • Iced Gold Jewelry Store
  • Sweet Silver Jewelers
  • Jewelry Haven
  • Diamond Depot
  • Diamonds Deluxe
  • Deluxe Diamonds

Creative Names for Selling Jewelry

These are the most creative names for selling jewelry:

  • The Ring That Fits
  • Gorgeous Gems
  • Jazzy Jewels
  • Frozen Jewelers
  • Pieces Of Me
  • Pretty In Jewels
  • Promise Jewelry Store
  • Gorgeous Gems
  • Dazzle Dreams
  • Forever Gems
  • Statement Pieces
  • Delicate Diamonds
  • Glistening Diamonds
  • Deluxe Jewels
  • Extreme Jewels
  • Glittering Stones
  • Precious Stones
  • Happy Gold
  • Jewelry Hub
  • Jewelry Collections

Jewellery Company Names

Here are some unique and catchy jewellery company names:

  • Gems for Her
  • The Carats
  • Designs and Fits
  • Smiles and Sparkles
  • Creative Incarnations
  • Relics to Riches
  • ABC Beads & Things
  • Blooming Furnace Jewelry
  • Ireland Gold
  • Illuminated Accessories
  • A Strand Above
  • Chains & Charms
  • Johnson Jewely Team
  • Handmade Love
  • Thrifty Trinkets
  • Bead Alternique
  • Elegant Words Jewelry
  • Treasure Chest
  • Redeux
  • The Crystal Blooms
  • Torrid
  • Chic Rage
  • Gold N Ideas
  • Bee Trinket
  • Something Original

Bracelet Business Names

Following are the best bracelet business names ideas and suggestions:

  • Beadiful Things
  • New Life Designs
  • Rhinestone Rosie
  • Pure Shield Necklace
  • Pearl Passion Necklace
  • Azure Blessing Bracelet
  • Jewel illuminate
  • Jewelry Design
  • Deja Jewel
  • Cultured Curio
  • Luxury Gold
  • Junky Jewel
  • Embellishments
  • Classics Jewelry
  • Metamorphic Creations
  • Jewelry Box
  • Tabletop Dressing
  • Jewelry Connection
  • Jewelry Empire
  • Peacock Beads
  • Incomparabile
  • Hematite Petal
  • Crisp Drop
  • Agate Resolve

Handmade Jewellery Names

Here are some handmade jewellery names that you will like:

  • Playful Items
  • Sinful Droplet
  • Idle Dewdrop
  • Bright Gold
  • Jewelry Jones
  • Jewelry Palace
  • Diamond Palace
  • Jewelry Heaven
  • Precious Pieces
  • Ice Stone Jewelry Store
  • Gem’S Stones
  • Endless Beauty
  • Born Pretty
  • Pretty In Jewels
  • Jaded Jewelry
  • Jumpstart Jewelry
  • Diy Designs
  • Subtle Statements
  • Wrist Stacks
  • Bracelets And Brooches

Bling Business Name Ideas

Below are some cool bling business name ideas:

  • Gorgeous Gems
  • Gems Galore
  • Pasta Designs
  • Handmade Love
  • Glamour Girl Beads
  • Jewel Tone Gems
  • Lady Bug Jewelry
  • LaLa Crystal
  • Lovely Mosaic
  • Lulu Bug Jewels
  • Added Dazzle
  • The Sparkle Sisters
  • The Dazzle Factor
  • Stones for Lovers
  • Beauty Cave
  • Angel Crest
  • Secret Desire
  • Golden Trails
  • Everling Jewelry
  • Fanny’s Jewelry
  • Five Souls
  • Laura Bee Designs

Jewelry Brand Names

Following are the best jewelry brand names of all time:

  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Genuine Sparkles
  • Happy Gold
  • Harry Winston.
  • Oh Gracious
  • Studs And Dangles
  • Kings And Queens
  • The Royalties
  • Belle Metal
  • Exquisite Stores
  • Van Cleef & Arpels.
  • Dramatic Jewels
  • Deluxe Jewels
  • Jewelry Magic
  • Outer Space Gems
  • David Yurman.
  • Sun And Moon Jewelry
  • Sunkissed Jewelry
  • The Blue Snowflake

Jewelry Boutique Names

Below are some cool and creative jewelry boutique names:

  • Precious Metal Works
  • Jet Chronicles
  • Box & Company
  • Rings Designs
  • Elegant Essence
  • Gemstone Gallery
  • Added Dazzle
  • Endless Diamonds
  • Beauty+Bling
  • Jazzin’ Jewelry
  • Jewelry Heaven
  • Deluxe Diamonds
  • Dramatic Diamonds
  • All About Sparkles
  • Oh Gracious
  • Elegante
  • Kings And Queens
  • Velorus Entrepôt
  • Trinkhub
  • Facial Adorn
  • Exquisite Joyería

How to Name Your Jewelry Store

Owning a jewelry store is sweet, you can put smiles on the faces of thousands of people daily, and memories in their hearts! After all, people buy jewelry on special occasions only like, weddings, birthday, and major holidays.

If your jewelry designs are unique and amazing, it will not only make people look amazing but also do advertising for you free of cost. How? Your name will be a conversion piece when your customers go out and hang out with their friends and relatives.

So, the name that will be discussed by so many people should be classy and professional. It should be catchy enough to be remembered.

Here is the step by step process to come up with creative names for selling jewelry:

Brainstorm ideas

While choosing your business name, you should be clear about your Stones and Jewelry, including:

  • What kind of Jewelry will you sell?
  • Who will buy from you?
  • Why will they buy your Stones?
  • What’s your strategy for selling more Designs?

Think about the image that your customers will design you in their minds. Here are some of the ideas that will help to make a rich design:

Think of a professional name. You know that people are putting a lot of money into jewelry. So, they should be confident that they are dealing with the right people. To look professional, your business name should be stunning and professional too.

Think Luxury. Jewelry is a luxury item, and customers should feel proud of them for buying that unique stone from you that you put hours of hard work in. So, tell them that you serve luxury through your business name.

Use industry-related words. You can use the names of famous and expensive stones, like platinum, pearls, gold, diamonds, etc. Your name will tell your value and quality.

Use your own name. Nothing bad in using your name in your business name, more than fifty percent of jewelers have already done that. You are an artist! Put your name there.

Using the above tips make a list of paparazzi jewelry business names. But keep in mind that you have to compete with the already existing jewelry stores. So, keeping that competition in your mind, you will come up with more creative and clever names.

Expand your list

To expand your list with some good names, try name generators. Online generators will help you in getting a lot of ideas in a few seconds.

Here are some of the names suggested by the jewelry business name generator:

  • The Diamond Band
  • Ireland Gold
  • Magic Clasp Jewelry
  • Goldmine Jewelry
  • The Golden Goose
  • Gold Galore
  • Lux Fine Jewelry
  • Diamond Sea
  • Set to Shine
  • Gemisphere
  • Steel and Shine
  • Love & Promise
  • House of Diamonds
  • Pretty Little Things
  • Rich Relics
  • Infinite Grace
  • Jewel illuminate
  • Jewelicious
  • Local Charm

Start shortlisting

Delete all the names that are not worth it from your list. Cut all the names that are difficult to say aloud and pronounce.

Make sure that the name should be:

  • Short and memorable.
  • Attractive and creative.
  • Tells a story.

Preliminary checks

Check all of the following stuff:

  • Domain name availability.
  • Trademark availability.
  • Social media handles.

Test it out and finalize

To check your name you can ask for feedback.

  • Ask your family and friends for feedback.
  • Consider hiring a branding expert.
  • Ask for feedback from other jewelers.
  • Compare to your competitors.
  • Finalize and promote your business name.

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