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Landscaping Company Names: 400+ Names for Landscape Company

Here we will share with you some cool and creative landscaping company names that will inspire you. We have also mentioned some general landscaping business names that will help you in naming your business correctly.

All the lawn care business names we have shared are unique and available and can be taken. But before finalizing any business name, you must check if it is available or not. As some of the names might be taken by people who visited before you.

As we already know that the competition in the lawn care business is sky rocking. Nowadays, you will need to create a strong branding strategy and apply special techniques to make your business successful. And naming your business in the right way is one of them. Here are a few qualities of a god lawn moving business name:

  • It should be short and simple.
  • Easy to understand and memorable.
  • Shares a message about the business.
  • Create a good impression on the readers.

Let’s dive in.

Landscaping Company Names

Following are the best landscaping company names that you will ever find:

  • All Natural Landscape
  • Ground Control
  • House to House
  • Above & Beyond
  • Ace Lawn Care
  • Prime Cuts
  • Pure Solutions
  • Restoring Roots
  • Aspen Creek Landscaping
  • Best Buds
  • Blades of Grass Lawn Care
  • Innovative Tree Care
  • Landscape Express
  • Lawn & Order
  • Pure Solutions
  • Red Dirt Landscaping
  • Sandpiper Gardens

Lawn Care Business Names

Following are some cool and catchy lawn care business names:

  • Veteran Lawn Care
  • Westside Landscaping
  • Yard House
  • Yardman Cuttings
  • Archer Grass Control
  • Avalon Lawn Mower
  • Blade Runners
  • Blue Sky Landscape
  • Frank’s Landscape
  • Go Green Gardeners
  • Gothic Landscape
  • Grass Works Lawn Care
  • Acres Group
  • Alamo Lawns
  • All American Turf Beauty
  • All Pro Lawn Care

Landscaper Names

Here are some cute and attractive landscaper names for you:

  • Distinctive Landscaping
  • Earth Design
  • Eveready Lawn Service
  • Gardens of Babylon
  • Finley’s Tree and Landcare
  • Pac Green Landscape
  • Crown Hill Supply
  • Designscapes
  • EcoGrass
  • Emerald Green
  • Pacific Sunscapes
  • Peach Tree
  • Perez Landscaping
  • Watersavers Turf
  • Wood’s Lawn Care
  • Young Landscaping

Grass Cutting Business Names

Below are the best grass cutting business names for you:

  • Greenworx
  • Gro Lawn
  • Integra Lawns
  • Landscape FX
  • Adams Landscaping
  • Advanced Lawn & Landscape
  • Advanced Cuts
  • Denton Lawn Care
  • Desert Classic Landscaping
  • Dora Landscaping
  • Outback Landscape
  • Outside Limited
  • Palmer’s Lawn Care
  • Paragon Landscaping
  • Stout Design Build
  • Sunshine Lawn Care
  • Supergreen Landscape

Lawn Mower Company Names

Here are some cool and clever lawn mower company names:

  • Green Op
  • Grizzly Turf
  • Hybrid Lawns
  • Lawn Impact
  • Lawn Love Lawn Care
  • Queen Bee Lawn
  • Terra Works Landscape
  • Tropical View Care
  • Gregory Davis & Associates
  • Guardian Pest Control
  • Heroes Lawn
  • Highway Light
  • Home Rangers
  • Seasonal Vision
  • Smart Landscape Management

Creative Lawn Care Names

Here are some unique and creative lawn care names:

  • Solano’s Tree Service
  • Southern Scapes Nursery
  • Stoneworks Landscaping
  • Morning Glory
  • Backyard Services
  • Mother Earth
  • Sacred Garden
  • Mother Nature
  • Plant the Seed
  • Blades of Glory
  • Where the Sun Shines
  • Cut Masters
  • A New Life
  • MowTown
  • Amazin’ Grazing

Landscaping Company Names

How to Name Your Landscaping Company

As I mentioned earlier, the competition in the field has grown to a very high value. It is almost impossible to succeed in a business when you are not following all the steps properly.

You need to work on smaller and smaller things to make it work the best. One of these small things is to name your landscaping company in the right way. If we look at the successful brands around us, we will come to know that they have spent thousands of dollars on marketing their brand names.

If you are good at your work and you have amazing equipment, you will surely get the attention of the clients. But your business name will play a very vital role here. It will help you in getting the attention of the customers.

As we already know that there will be hundreds of landscaping companies in your area, but you have to do something different and catchy to get attention. Here are some tips that will help you in naming your landscaping business:

1. Make a list of landscaping business name ideas.

The first step is to brainstorm names.  Take a piece of paper and write down all the names that are popping up in your mind. Before you write your names, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of landscaping business am I going to start?
  • Who will be my clients?
  • Why will people choose my company over others?
  • What’s so special about our company?

When you ask yourself these questions, it will become easier for you to start writing your name. Your names should be specific if you are starting a specific business for a small community. And it should be general and broad if you are starting a big company.

Here are a few questions that will clarify your future goals in case you are starting a big company:

  • What are my future goals and dreams?
  • What kind of company will be in the future?
  • How many people would I hire?
  • What’s my plan to make this business successful?

When you make a list of your goals and dreams, you will choose a name that will stay relevant to the business even if you scale it to the next level.

2. Delete all the difficult lawn care company names.

After making a list of names ideas and suggestions, it is time to start shortlisting it. One of the most important things here is to delete all the names that are difficult to understand.

There are a few reasons behind it. When your business name is difficult to understand because it has some difficult words, you are making it difficult for yourself to get clients.

When people won’t be able to understand your business name, how would they like to hire you?

So, it is quite important to make your business name easy to understand.

3. Choose funny landscaping names.

People are working hard nowadays. Especially people who are not moving their lawns themselves are really busy. In such a busy schedule that people have, they find a little time to hire a company to start mowing the lawn.

If you can put a smile on the face of such frustrated people, they are more likely to hire you.

But how do you do that? Well, you have to choose funny landscaping names that will make them smile and hire you.

You can use the words play and puns to make your business name funny.

4. Try a lawn care name generator.

If you don’t have a lot of ideas and you want to generate hundreds of landscaping company names at once, there is a solution. Try a landscape company name generator.

There are a bunch of online generators that will help you in naming your landscaping business. But the ideas from the name generators aren’t good. As they are just words combined with artificial intelligence that cannot compete with the intelligence of humans.

Still, you get hundreds of words to play around with and create a unique name.

5. Get suggestions and landscaping name ideas from friends and family.

You should try this out. Sometimes we get ideas from the people that we don’t expect from them.

You should talk to your family about this. Especially if someone from your family is already experienced in the field.

They will not only help you in getting some ideas, but they can also help you in finalizing your name.

6. Finalize your business name.

To finalize your landscaping business name, you can try the following:

  • Use your own name in your business name.
  • Consider adding your location name.
  • Choose a name with proper meaning.
  • Register your domain name.
  • Check if social media handles are available.

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